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Amway eSpring

Amway eSpring

3.8 from 20 reviews

Lasted 7 years then developed a leak

I can't remember what I paid for mine but I see on their website they are retailing for around $1500. At the time, I was comparing it to Culligan equivalent and it was similar price but I now realise Culligan is also overpriced. For under $1000 you can get a reverse osmosis system (including installation costs) that will remove a lot more contaminants to a far greater degree, than a carbon system such as this one. For what it does, I think it is overpriced.

When I change the filter it tastes great but that only lasts for a month or so. I was told this is because when the carbon filters wear out they can't take out the chlorine any more. After that, it starts to taste bitter, like tap water.

I get the non UV filter from Clarence waters for about $225. This is also expensive, because a good reverse osmosis system can be around $150 per year for filters, and as I said before, works better. I live in Melbourne and so the UV functionality is not needed. It does comply with NSF standards for taste and removal of impurities, and I guess that counts for something. Obviously, when it comes to taste, NSF doesn't take longevity into account. Perhaps I just have poor quality water because I live next to a train line.

It is easy enough to change over the cartridges.

In some ways I am glad it has developed a leak. I am considering a reverse osmosis system from PSI. They are high rated on this site if you read the reviews, and looking at his website, they seem to have a passion for providing great products and service.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Perfect water personified

Our experience with eSpring has been excellent. We bought it because after making videos for the water board I realised that the addige, "use a filter or be one," was correct.
As professional as water companies are they can't stop dirt, corrosion, chemicals, bacteria carcasses etc being in the water. Your body has to filter all of that out. My mum died of kidney disease, not connected to water but makes you appreciate how wonderful your body is, protect it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

The best and reliable clean water that you can have

I have been using this eSpring for 5 years and it gave me no issue except once with the beep sound after changing the filter on the 2nd year. I have no idea what's going wrong and I just continue to use it until the time to change the filter. After changed the new one, I starter to understand that previously I didn't lock it well which caused to the error beep sound. From that moment, it gave me no issue. I find this is one of the great technology which I don't need to rely on agent to tell me when to change cartridge (which may cheated on me) with other brand. And this is totally safe to drink water without smell. My whole family (big and small) is drinking it everyday with full confident. We love eSpring. Thanks Amway.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

dont waste your money

The electronics on these units are terrible. Many people...including me...have problems with the unit beeping after you replace the filter. We have installed it several times...still beeping. DONT GET ONE. Once it starts beeping...it will drive you crazy. You dont need electronics to filter water. Get a low tech filter.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


I have been using amway products and changed to espring May 17. Just realised that I have to replace cartridge completely. I felt that espring is good but would it be better for the environment to just replace the pre filter? It is wasteful and environmentally unfriendly to just discard.
Thanks for the consideration.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Really fresh and pure mineral water at home

We have saved lot of money, even though we have initially invested in this purifying system. we have never worried about any contamination and we have given our baby this water without boiling or going through the long process. we could clearly make the different in the softness of the water and taste too. Recommend for families and affordable purified water for everyone.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Worst purchase ever

We have read a lot of good reviews for this filter but thought we should advise that our experience has been anything but good. Water coming from the eSpring has a iodine/metallic taste so bad we have even had to throw away tea made on this water. We complained immediately after purchase and were given a replacement filter but 18 months down the track and on our 3rd filter the horrible taste is still there. We approached Amway and were told you have already had one replacement filter and basically too bad, so sad. No other refund or replacement was offered.
We had water from both kitchen tap and eSpring tested 2 weeks ago. pH of tap water 8.3 - pH of eSpring 7.8. Total dissolved salts in tap water 280 mg/L and eSpring 290 mg/L. Chloride in tap water 55 mg/L and eSpring 56 mg/L. Total alkalinity as CaCO3 of tap water 93 mg/L and eSpring 83 mg/L. eSpring water has less turbidy and better colour but all in all we have found the taste so bad we are going to disconnect this unit so that we don't use it accidentally.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Best Water Purifier Ever.

Been researching water purifier for a while now and Espring is definitely the best I found yet. It's simple of use and great value. For the same technology system like that take 3 time more place and are costing 5 times more. The quality of the water is unbeatable and changing the filter is so easy!!!! So much saving since I bought it $0,25 per litre the first year then $0,06 after that...

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

This is the best water purifier on the market

I’m an Engineer (Water) and have more than 40 years in the industry. I’m one of the few people who know what Melbourne tapwater contains, including THMs (look it up, it’s carcinogenic). I calculated the requirement for our family and each of our kids’ families: a media filter for particulates, a high quality carbon filter to remove chemicals, toxins and other dissolved compounds, an a UV steriliser to kill cryptospiridium, macteria, viruses and other unwanted organisms. It also needed to signal when filters and the UV tube needed changing. After looking at all the options available we settled on the extraordinary quality of the eSpring. It displays a message when the filter unit and UV bulb need changing. Highly recommended. Stay healthy.

Date PurchasedJul 2011

Expensive and hard to find filters

I inherited a spring system from a friend who at the time didn't tell me how much the replacement filters were and to my surprise they are over $300. Seems to work ok and function as a filter itself but I'm not sure if i would actually buy it if i was looking for a filter system. I ended up replacing the unit with something different.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Unreliable, expensive to run

Has amazingly bright blue LEDs on it that waste power and illuminate your whole kitchen in the dark. Oh and you can't turn it off, otherwise it'll continuously tell you the $380 filter requires replacement. When you contact the Amway "customer service" team this is apparently a "feature". The spring loaded tap fitting broke within a few weeks of installation. Just simply not good enough for a $1300 item you pay $380 a year to run filters through.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Excellent quality water, but questionable mechanics

I simply cannot question the ability of this unit to produce quality purified water; the smell, clarity and taste of the water is markedly different from a glass of unfiltered water. To the extent that we cannot drink water straight from the tap any longer.

I do, however, have issues with the mechanics of the unit. In particular, the 'automatic' shut off system. Because we didn't purchase the dedicated tap (an extra expense we couldn't justify given the cost of the unit itself), our system is run through the kitchen tap. The flow of filtered water is activated manually and should, according to the manufacturer, cause the automatic shut off to self-retract once the flow of filtered water stops.

We have found this not to be the case. The automatic functionality is faulty on our unit, and also anecdotally on the units of friends and acquaintances too. Very disappointing given the cost of the unit.

Whilst a dedicated tap would alleviate the issue, it is marketed as an 'optional extra' and adds even more cost to an already significant investment.

My opinion - Amway either needs to include the dedicated tap as an essential part of the package, or else invest some time & effort into rectifying what I consider to be a faulty 'automatic' shut off.

Miracle Marvel Water Filter

At first I thought this expensive luxury water filter was just an expensive advertisement junkpile, but after several years of using it since 2009 I think it was back then I bought it, almost like buying a BMW luxury sports car equivalent, I have to say that this marvellous invention in the long run would save you a lot of medical bills in doctor visits, seeing that I am relying on healthy foods besides clean bacteria-free tapwater to keep me fit and healthy in my middle age, and also besides walking exercise to burn off sugar calories excess weight baggage. When it comes to fruit juice, always dilute it with filtered water to avoid instant fast fat gain. When it comes to cooking like boiling potatoes or boiling water for a cup of cocoa, always use filtered tapwater. Sometimes I wonder if health is greater than wealth, and that being in homeless-like survival mode with a casual part-time job while living with my parents' rental home - has greatly strengthened my focus on being safety-conscious and health-conscious intelligently as an Amway member. October 2018, replaced leaky plastic white tube with new replacement tube from Amway Australia. Although fairly long, had to cut it in half so that I can use the spare half for future use. Best to position the filter next to the tap to keep the short-distant hose from straining pressure as the hose must be free from stretching or pulling force. Also not to accidentally turn the hot water tap on too often as it can split the hose over time. No problem replacing the tube, and yet be careful not to drop the metallic valves while replacing next to the kitchen sink because there are no replacement valves that come with the plastic tube.

Date PurchasedOct 2009

I would pay $400 per year for this quality of water.

I've been using an espring water purifier, continually, since 1969. My first one sat on the counter. Now, every time that I move, I take it with me. Well, not really. I left the filter in my Florida when I moved to NY. Then, I bought a new one when I began traveling in a motor home. I'm now selling the mh after 5 years and installing it in my new home. FYI, YouTube has a great video on how to install/uninstall one. Knock on wood...never ever had a leak. Water is very alkaline. I still love it!

Love our e-Spring!

My family and I live in an old house and just had my home water tested as morning water is tainted orange. Well the results came back and is positive for metals and am not impressed. However, have been using Amway water filter for 3 years now and had a sample of the water filter tested too. What can I say, but am so ecstatic that the Amway water filter sample came back perfectly clean and healthy. It removes 99.9% of all the unsafe nasties. It's really refreshing and tastes great too!

Espring and the previous unit also

We have used e spring in our home for about 4 years and prior to that the earlier model. The colour of the filter when needed in replacement which is based on litres through the unit not date wise is always brown so good to know our bodies are not ingesting that. Still way cheaper than bottled water and know what you are getting

Awesome filter

When we first arrived to Sydney Australia, a friend of us lent us a eSpring water filter for 2 months, then she took it waway... and right after she took it away my whole family felt ill with different symptoms. As a result of this experience, we bought a filter which has been a great blessing for the last 4 years. I do agree that the replacement filter might be a bit expensive but when we do the maths on how much water we get out of the life of a filter, then we realize all the savings. You can buy 10 litres of "spring water" for $3.80 at Aldi so for a family of 5 we would spend about $1300 a year, so we save about a thousand a year in water, plus we know that we are getting excellent water.

Mixed feelings, great filter, but you pay for it!

We have had an Amway eSpring water filter for about three years now. The water quality I believe is first class, no complaints.
I do have a problem with the below sink tap unit though. It cost a ridiculous amount of money $230 for what is essentially a plastic tap with 3 plastic hoses on it. The unit worked well for 12 months bit then began to leak around the crimped metal seals on the tunes and cannot be fixed. Not Happy.
The other issue is the cost of the filter, almost $300 annually for the filter replacement I think is a bit steep.
Good filter but the ongoing costs are too much. I wouldn't buy it again.
Compact, looks good.
Cheap tap unit, expensive ongoing annual costs.

I have started drinking water again

For years I stopped drinking tap water because it tasted awful and made me feel sick and even more thirsty. The tap water was making me feel more dehydrated than drinking beer. The cost of bottled water was adding up so I tried several filters and never had a solution.

Until I tried eSpring water at a friends place and it was simply the best, better than bottled water. Due to this I got one for myself and have had it for 5 months now. I am drinking more water and still loving this filter, it is simply the best water filter I have ever used and I will never look at anything else.

My health has improved since installing this filter and that water is great. My cat would not even touch tap water, but my cat loves the water from this filter. This has been the best investment I have made in my household and for my family in many years. This filter is simply the best, I could not recommend it enough.
Clean and Hydrating Water.
Takes up a bit of bench space in a small kitchen.

Hi, when I was researching and comparing filters, I looked at the Amway eSpring and compared to what's out there, I didn't think it was any good, it was too expensive and I didn't want to join Amway and it produced 'dead' water, can I ask how has it improved your health, I am still buying bottled water because I can't find any filter that can produce water like the one I'm drinking. I'm keen to know how it changed your health. thank youThe carbon filter is extremely tiny, 300 times smaller than the width of your hair, plus the unit has UV light to zap all unwanted toxins. My husband hated to drink water before, but now is drinking the e-spring water more than ever. Great product.Its the number 1 selling filter in the world. what information did you get that said it was no good? Also you dont need to join the business to get the product, even though its worth your while to sign up as you get it significantly cheaper if you have an IBO number. My friend is allergic to everything and she benefited considerably with the proper filtered water, no bacteria or viruses to attack her system, ex ma improved. After doing some research I found that bottled water is not necessarily as pure as what everyone thinks. Some bacteria can still be present and the good minerals like calcium and fluoride are not always present either. Plus cost and environmental issues that come with bottled water.

Excellent filter

We have used this filter for more than 7 years now and it is still excellent. It is worth every cent. We were sold on the ultraviolet filter, its ability to filter out most of the smallets particles...while still ensuring vitamins and minerals in the water were still present in the water. The alert for when the filters need to be replaced is excellent. We have used it everyday for more than seven years and it is still excellent. Would highly recommend.
UVlight filter was a big plus.

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The best on the market..... agreed. Its small easy to install. The water tastes great while keeping the good stuff like fluoride and calcium in it. The guy above said dead water???? hmm dunno what he means by that but anyway

Questions & Answers

how come my eSpring still sound "beep" even I just replaced a new filter. It never happen before. (all lights turn blue after replaced)
1 answer
Most likely you didn't push or lock properly the filter to the black top cover. You may try to turn and lock the filter to it. Then you try again.

I have an E-spring. We moved so I did not use it for 6 years. We are living on a farm and buy water in town. I would like to use my e-spring again. Filters are so expensive. If I buy a filter and my spring doesnt work.. Do I loose the money?
2 answers
I think your best bet would be to contact Espring directly, as I don't know.I think there is a 90 day money back guarantee on all purchased products with amway. If it doesn't work after buying it, return it and get your money back. Remember receipts and packaging, I think thats what you need.

My Espring is only 4 days newly installed. Tap water has a strong pressure, but when switched to the purifier, water pressure is so much less, the droplets in the indicator doesnt even move. What might be wrong?
1 answer
Might want to pop pf the tubes in the back, chesk the tubes themselves for flow and debris, as well as the tube docks. There are filters in the large tube side for large debris. Also check the conection to the cold water and the separate valve shutoff if you have one as that can get bumped and moved by things in the cabinet. Also check the feed lines to the separate tap if you have one as debris upon install can get in and block flow if not careful.


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