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Angelcare AC420

Angelcare AC420

4.3 from 36 reviews

Perfect value for money.

I have this monitor set up stairs in the nursery and the sound Quality is maintained even with increased distance. The sound is not so clear, however the light function is useful to eliminate 'noise' and still know when baby is crying or awake. The movement pad is invaluable. Having had premi babies, knowing the pad would sense decreased movement was a big relief. I was able to leave baby in another room without feeling the need to check every 10 mins or so! it wild be great to have an additional sound monitor so you could use one in a cot for day sleeps and another in the bassinet at night.

Great product

I have had this product for a number of years. It is easy to use and set up. It has the longest range in reception compared to others. It is clear and has multiple functions available. We loved this one after returning 2 others. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.


We bought this model for our second child and found the quality to be scratchy and range not as effective as the deluxe model we bought for our 1st child.

The deluxe model has a better quality sound - although we never used the sensor mats that just frustrated me.
In hindsight I would have spent a little more for a better quality monitor.

Over priced nothing special

Over priced nothing special

"Angelcare AC420 Sound Monitor offers crystal-clear sound quality "

Clear as what ? AM radio?

The unit is in the next room. Its scratchy when it works and makes a constant HISS noise that drives me up the wall. I though it used DECT or some other radio technology but cannot find the actually "specs" only features...

"so you hear every peep, every cry, every laugh that your baby makes when you're out of the room. "

No this unit has a noise detection threshold.
And on the back of the baby unit there is analogue noise sensitivity adjustment. Should be call house much hiss? A tiny bit or to much.
The baby needs to make a noise louder than this threshold for it to be heard.
Once they make the noise the instant HISS almost wakes me up instantly.

"Up to 250 meters/820 ft. (open field); between 80 meters/262 ft. and 100 meters/328 ft. (indoor)."

My back door is 20 meters away the unit will not work form there.
Also as an experiment unplugged the baby unit and re-plugged it at the back door. I can get maybe 25M away before it stops working and the out of range noise comes on. This might work in a magical fairy land but wont work at my house.

"Crystal Clear Transmission

This system operates on a 2.4 GHZ frequency. Transmission from the Nursery Unit to the Parent Unit is made on the 864 MHZ frequency for Europe/Asia/Africa and 927 MHz for North America/Ecuador/Oceania."

This is utter nonsense. The sound is very analogue and Hissy. Its about as Clear as AM radio. Even once you change one of all 8 channels it makes no difference.

Another reviewer has also commented on the over complicated and non logical steps to change the channel.

First you stand on one leg, the moon needs to be full. The stars must align then you need to press the sequence of buttons. And prey they it might work on another channel.

Also I find it misleading there are only 5 start reviews on the Angelcare website.

Would NOT I recommend Angelcare products to friends and family no.
IMO they are not worth the money.

Very reliable and definitely worth more than what they cost

We got this when it was on Sale.
Very sensitive, so sensitive that it picked up the wind and very reliable. This is actually our second unit. We now have 2 units at home. All reliable and worth more than they cost. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit what you want.

Fantastic customer service

We have had the AC420 for 2 years now. It worked perfectly up until recently when the parent unit was intermittently charging then suddenly stopped charging all together. We called the customer service and they were fantastic. The lady that assisted us went through both the parent and nursing unit and identified the problem (the parent unit cradle) and sent us a new one.

Another great product

This is our second Angelcare monitor. Used in our toddlers room, (we have AC401 in our newborns room) I'm a huge fan of these monitors. The AC420 is very easy to set up and very easy to use. Having two monitors of the same brand there has been no interference between them as they are on different channels. The sound is clear and the temperature easy to read. One of our best choices for baby monitor for both our boys.

Works great through soundproof walls

I picked up this unit from Baby Savings (the staff let me take it home to try it because our house is quite long and the baby area is in a different upstairs part to the parent's retreat). We've just had the nursery done with soundproofing in the walls because it's next to a teen play room and I tested the monitor with a youtube sound of baby crying at various levels. The baby unit was on the floor 4 meters away from where the cot will be (the only power point connected to power currently) and worked well at various sound levels of 25%-100% volume on the iphone. The parent unit had no issues picking up the crying from the parent's retreat at one end of the house, study at the other or the kitchen near the middle.
Very happy with the quality of sound. Now I need to workout the other functions like talkback, etc.

Excellent quality monitor that works simply

My wife and I use the Angelcare AC420 monitor at home with our bub. I have to commend the build quality and performance of the unit as it feels and performs robustly. We would roam around our two storey house and venture outside and the unit continues to work flawlessly.

Excellent monitor, great customer service

I've had this monitor for just under a year. It has been great - picks up my little one when she is crying and talking loudly, but does not pick up every tiny noise (which would drive me insane). We live in a very old, double brick house and generally have no issue in terms of reception. The real value, however, is in the customer service. About a week ago we found that the hand set had turned itself off a couple of times for no reason. I contacted the Angelcare customer service, feeling very frustrated with the situation and expecting to have to go through hell to get some assistance (particularly as it is right before Christmas). Much to my surprise, I got a fast, courteous response and a new hand set delivered withing three days. I love the monitor and this kind of experience has just converted me into a loyal customer. Highly recommended.

awesome , excellent range

works very well. has atleast 150 m range after going through 3 walls. doesnt seem to go through tin shed walls. this is great if you just want a sound monitor and it has the room temperature. The sound is very clear. It beeps if you get out of range from base unit. Very easy to use and set up. also has a soft night light. Havnt had a problem with interference from wifi or cordless phone or telstra booster. this is highly recommended.

Good product

Very happy with this product, easy to use and love the temperature display. I did however find out that the range is not as quoted in the manual. The only way to achieve the range is to be in an open field or massive warehouse - confirmed by AngelCare in Australia and Canada.
I did find out that - Brick house, steel framed houses and verandahs/patios with steel frames and WiFi devices all interfere with the range of the device! Something for people to be aware of as I live on 2.5 acres and I can't go 10m from my house.
Great product for inside the house
Range interference

Pretty good

This is a basic function essentially to alert parent or carer of noise in babies nursery which the monitor does quite well. Love that the temperature is monitored and displayed so clearly on the portable unit - however only downside is I find the channels and display of a bit ridiculous how they change to some sort of error - this aspect is not logical or easy to use especially for a sleep deprived parent even though I am tech savvy.
Temperature, design

Easy to use

Im not a software developer I'm a mum and I found this product easy to use and set up !
I used it for my daughter and now my son, I have had this product for over four years once my daughter was old enough I just used the halo light as night light which lit the room perfectly

Rubbish - avoid.

I'm a professional software developer of ten years. I could set a digital clock at the age of 5. I could program a VCR at the age of 10. I like to think I'm somewhat proficient in completing technical tasks. This monitor is Impossible to use. The buttons to sync the base unit with the receiver don't just lack ordered or logical labeling. They are disguised as 'cute' little angel wings and halos and such... You know what I find cute? Ensuring my kid doesn't die in his sleep.

The device randomly resets itself to different channels and needs to be resynced each time. It offers no warning that it is no longer connected to the base unit so you have no idea if your kid is asleep or dead or if the device is just broken again.

Resyncing is a very, very, Very long and involved process of holding down miscellaneous and unmarked buttons in a very specific and unforgiving sequence on both base unit and receiver simultaneously. Not just one button... but a series of buttons... with no prompting of any kind on the screen to guide you.

Without the manual, this process is impossible to remember as it bares no semblance to logic or common sense. If you have misplaced the manual you should abandon all hope of ever using your device again.

The online manual is found here: http://www.angelcare-monitor.com/pdf_manuals/AC420_eng.pdf - as you can see, it consists of a single page, with a photo of the product. Not exactly informative reading.

Note the adorable angel wings in the photo... awww... aren't they cute? These do not actually work as wings - I learnt this after flinging the device across the room at high velocity.

The most frustrating thing about this device is that a simple Baby Monitor Shouldn't be this complicated. It listens in to your baby's room... that's it. It's a microphone, and speaker. Why does it even need to be resynced? I'm not trying to communicate with the International Space Station. I just want to check my kid isn't choking on his own vomit every once in a while. Never in my life have I hated an appliance as much as I hate this baby monitor.

Please.... don't listen to what these other people are saying.

Do yourself a favor and go buy something else.

Unreliable, impossible to use, very short on features.


Before I made the purchase, I read all the reviews from the product review's web and found that there were good feedbacks and ratings from users so I bought this when its on sale and it works great. I even asked the shop assistant and they fully recommend this. I was told that Angelcare is reliable and the top range compares to other brand.

I love the temperature indicator and the halo night light where you can turned on/off. Too bad the battery on handset is easily drained. But overall its a good product to buy , no regrets :)
Temperature indicator, no sound interference from nearby wireless phone or other sound monitors, less radiation
The handset battery easily drained.


We originally purchased a Fisher Price as I didn't want to spend that much on a monitor, but was fed up with the static noise that kept me up all night. Then I decided to try Angelcare to ease my mind, and don't regret it at all. Should have spent that extra money in the first place.
Very very quiet, no static noise or interference, very happy with the product!
It was too quiet that I thought the parent unit wasn't working!


We have been using Angel Care (Model # AC420) for two years now, and it proved to be a reliable one.
interference (accept for one/two days, and was solved with changing the chanel), excellent battery life, soft blue night light.
I think it was expensive, that's the only con I have against it.

It's all you really need

It's a great monitor. We didn't want the sensors as it would only make us nervous parents even more on edge! We got the sound only monitor as it's supposed to be lower in radiation. It's supposed to be activated only when there is a sound....unfortunately, it's just on all the time. It would be nice if you can manually switch between the room temperature and channel. You have to wait a few minutes before you can see what temperature it is in bub's room. We love how easy it was to set up and to use. A++ and would recommend it to friends/family.
Inexpensive, basic, less radiation, temperature monitor, easy to use
supposed to only turn on when there's sound but it's on all the time, can't switch between temperature and channel manually, static when near mobile phone

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You can adjust the sensetivity with the knob on the back of the room unit if you have it turned up all the way it will be a continuous transmutation but if you turn it down if wont

Love it!

This was money well spent!! I have had this monitor for 2 weeks and I am in love!! I previously had the AngelCare Deluxe but I often wished it had video and this monitor does it all.

My only negative thing is I wish it had a 2nd handset!
reliable, great peace of mind!

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It beeps intermittently. Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Pete, thanks for getting in touch :) Please contact the customer service team, they will help you troubleshoot this over the phone. Our phone number is 03 9581 8000 :)

Do you think the problem might be that you're a software developer and you're trying to approach the problem with logic? Think about it... most parents needing baby monitors are new parents and deprived of sleep, and the last thing they will be is logical. (Well, the last thing they will actually be is 'intimate with each other because of lack of sleep' - the second-last thing they will be is logical.) Perhaps the design of this baby monitor is so ingenious that they made the controls so utterly illogical that their target market (sleepless first time parents) find it simple and easy to use. Just my illogical thoughts...
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