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APIA Home Insurance

APIA Home Insurance

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Had 175mm of rain over 1 day here and suffered significant damage to the interior walls of the house. Offered $1755 compensation with a $1000 excess. I am totally appalled and am looking at changing who I am insured with.

Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeNo

Home Insurance perfection

We were flooded in december and apia have been fantastic on every level. Paul our manager has been so considereate even extending accomodation. They paid out quickly and disputed nothing. Highly highly recommend. We are so grateful that we had insuracne with them for this disaster

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Type of ClaimStorm and Rainwater
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim ApprovedYes

Took payments when policy cancelled

I got a rewal for my car insurance in January. I had gone up, suprise suprise. When i called them i asked them why it had gone up, they told me it was because of the lack of spare parts for older vehicles, i have Totoyota Landcruiser and the parts are everywhere.

I told them NOT to renew my policy as had found one cheaper elsewhere. As you may have guessed, they ignored this and took a payment anyway. This is the same company that is supposed to look after older Australians, this is a down right lie, they are the most expensive when it comes insurance cover.

Something needs to be done about the lies this company tells.

Insurance claim madeNo


tenants damaged my new bathroom apia sent down a plumber to check and came back and tried to blame the builders so as house was only a couple years old i had the builder go around with his plumber to check damage and the tenants had done the damage but claim was refused .Im pulling all my insurances from them and returning to aami as they were wonderful apia twice the price as a lot of them as well so i do not recommend them at all

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst insurance poor

Ten years made a claim and got worst tradesmen apia gave to do work. Took 3 months to get a kitchen thru their tradesmen..then lowest quality of work..so they use the seniors and give us long delays and poorest quality of tradesmen.
Please do not get caught like i did.

Insurance claim madeYes


You think you are covered for 11 years paying over $50 per month finally have a claim for an $850 TV, $200 of which I have to pay, and yes, you guessed it.THEY WONT PAY. They tell me my policy does not cover me for accidents, which it wasn't anyway, just a freaky breakage, the glass stand which you attach to the tv when you assemble it exploded. (check you don't have glass stands, looked like the tv surround, plastic) Very frightening, and then you have to deal with Apia. Cancelled contents and will find a decent insurer (I hope) then house and contents will have a new cover. I'm devastated, still can't believe what absolute pigs they are and how little their customers mean to them.
Good luck in the future,
CJ Boston
PS Question below asks "Did you make a claim" WELL I TRIED my rating would be a huge minus but no choice!!! surprise surprise

Insurance claim madeNo

"Happy Holidays". Whatever happened to Christmas

Was quite happy with APIA. But today received a so called Happy Holiday message. If they do not want to say Merry CHRISTMAS they have lost me. I will pay twice as much to get away from a mob that do not recognise the Christmas Holidays.

Insurance claim madeNo

Okay until you want to make a claim

Been with them for many years. Damage caused by a tenant's (or owner's )dog not claimable. It has to be damage caused by a dog who runs into your house & causes damage. How often does this happen? It's totally ludicrous & ridiculous.. Took out Landlord insurance to cover any damage caused by a tenant. Asked for this insurance to be cancelled once the tenant left & I had returned to live in the property.(retaining the original House & Contents insurance) They did not only cancel the Landlord Insurance but cancelled ALL the insurance which I discovered months later when I realised that no payments had been taken from my account via Direct Debit. If the house had burnt down during that time I would have lost everything. Not even an apology except to say that House & Contents Insurance is now called Landlord Insurance as is any other insurance taken out by an Owner to cover Buildings while a tenant is present. Totally confusing as far as Plain English is concerned difficult for this company BUT they are not confused about grabbing one's money when they need to. Why not just stick to House & Contents wording? It's pretty simple. Another lot of confusion with them. They said that Bond money left should be used for unpaid rent (this in complete opposition to what Tenancy Law says.) letting them out of accepting claims for unpaid rent . Also they do not accept any claim for unpaid rent for the 1st four weeks without giving a valid reason for this whilst stating that they would accept claims for up to 15 week's of unpaid rent..

Insurance claim madeYes

Double the cost of insurance compared to 8 OTHERS we got quotes with.

We shopped around online 8 different insurance company's for home and contents insurance most all based on the same information and quotes where between $800 to $1100 but APIA quoted $1842 so I called them thinking I had entered the wrong information online the girl rechecked everything and said no it was correct I asked her how it could be more than double the price of 8 other insurers she told me the cost to rebuild our home was $850,000 we only paid $630,000 for home and land mind you, then she continued to say APIA where different and they cover more and rebuild a home better than other insurers and a whole lot of waffle on like this! I said you claim to be here for pensioners? and yet charge more than double than any other company? she just kept repeating her script she was obviously reading how they do things better and how they are very different from the other insurers and yes I have to say they certainly are different a BIG RIP OFF, I can't see who would pay more than double for an insurance premium especially a pensioner. We went with Budget Direct they were only $868 fully covered.

Insurance claim madeNo

Contest insurance

Worst company .They don’t believe you even you have proof .They not helping you to get things fix so you can continue your life. Being good customer record paying every month so nothing happened.

Insurance claim madeYes

Apia customer Service is the best

Have been with APIA for a few years.
In March 2018 our home was damaged by a bushfire. There was extensive damage in the ceiling and half of the house which all needed replacing.
From the moment I phoned APIA about our claim to the day we moved back into our home 6 months later we could not fault this insurance company.
The Apia staff made a traumatic experience not so traumatic. Our thanks to all the staff and have to especially mention Nicole from head office who was always very helpful and professional. thankyou.

Insurance claim madeYes

Thank you

Thank you for your staff's kindness, patience and understanding. I spoke to several staff (Louise, Carmel but cannot remember all names) but all were very polite. Everything was sorted, changes made-all done. I have been a member for about 10 years (I think) and have always been treated with polite and friendly service. Congratulations to all your staff.

Insurance claim madeNo

Careful - they 'double dip'

Just received annual home and contents policy. Premium has jumped by 20%. Contacted them to enquire as to the reason. It seems it's because our boundary fence was blown over during strong winds earlier this year, which we resultantly claimed for. I explained that we'd already been penalised with our payment of the excess. I was informed by their representative that it seems harsh, but that's APIA's policy. Hang on to your wallet!

Insurance claim madeYes

APIA Customer Service - 5*****+

I myself have been a member for about 12 months my partner has been for about 8 years. We have had a few changes with policies and a claim. i don't think i have ever dealt with a company that has always been helpful honest and deals with whatever we have asked and sorted out the changes etc. Your staff a credit to you - take care of them as they do your business!

Insurance claim madeYes

Road Assist

On Saturday morning I encompassed a flat battery.I was in a fairly isolated area staying with a friend on acreage. I called road assist which is part of my car insurance and from the commencement of the call I received friendly and helpful service. Within an hour I had a very friendly RACQ man (whom they obviously liaise with) to attend.
Most Impressed.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great response to water damage

I bought a home in the Victoria high country and took out household/contents insurance with APIA when I signed the contract. I moved in two weeks after settlement to find that a hail storm had blocked gutters causing flood damage. APIA had contractor in immediately who pulled out carpet and removed sections of plasterboard. There was then a little confusion about the APIA contractor who was going to quote the repairs. This was sorted out and I ended up accepting the offer for a cash settlement so I could undertake the repairs with my own contractor. I was planning to modify the area so that worked well for me.

Apart from the minor communications glitch their claims staff were very helpful and their contractors were very professional. I have recently priced cover with Alianz which are almost half but I'll stick with APIA.

Insurance claim madeYes

All good until you make a claim

For years we have paid them and when we need them they go though a series of “professional” assesses to find any excuse whether true or not to not pay up.
They are untouchable and aloft to us normal working people. We had a valid claim we had prof that it was not previous old damage but still nothing was paid out. It is a truely pathetic company designed to take vulnerable persons money .
If you are researching whether or not to use them?i say walk away while you can you would better of not paying insurance at all instead of relying on a false promise.

Insurance claim madeYes

Useful, as long as you don’t make claims

We’ve been APIA members for 15 years. For the first 10 years we may have made one claim. In the last couple, we’ve had all sorts of miss fortunate home & contents incidents. We recently had a (6yr old) patio gutter fall. At first we were told that they’d fix the damage, and then they refused to fix it despite obvious weather damage. They tried the ‘not built to standard’ excuse and the ‘no storm on the day’ excuse despite independent assessment clearly showing the gutter fell because of heavy rain. The claims consultants spoke in a rude, threatening and raised undertone.

Insurance claim madeYes

Criminals set you up

Made up Dario to refuse claim. Can't see damage then offered a payout minimal and I fix everything.. Knowing it was serious throw you a couple of $ s.. to Fos.. And more leaks they knew exactly what was wrong or is fraud. Now harass me. Say will only inspect cupboard cause I said I smell mould in cupboard.. Mould to the backof house. The cause from storm water.. Same as prior review trying to blame water ending up just in a cupboard.. Not the whole floor... They asked for a mould report got it and hid it... Cause it made clear the cause... I got the report... Now they refuse to comply with Fos... Also hid the prior reports from Fos.. Harassed me... Won't come to phone.. And collude with their inspectors.. Repairers. It is criminal.. So scared of water entering. Termites etc 2 yeas of this... Still going now more water... Suncorp underwriters and for nearly lol Insurers... AAmi etc so same problem.. Changing companies.. Be careful.. Hell on earth.

Insurance claim madeYes

Pensioners let down.

APIA for pensioners i don't think so. I cancelled 4 policies today after 10 years. Insured 2 cars with Bingle. House and contents with Budget. Saved $1,400 for the year. You need to shop around. Shame on you APIA...

Insurance claim madeNo

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Good luck peoplesThe apia are worst ...criminals behaviour to.seniors

I had damage to our property in Feb 2017 Storm & at the time they said we needed new roof & big cost so told us it was maintence...so I looked into it & Apia said if you have had work in 10 yrs then we cover it...so found acc for work done 8 yrs ago but when i rang back they said i was told wrong information that we werent covered...They have after fighting the last yr fixed damage to the house but left it so long we got mould in. But now claim is nearly finished I’m wondering if I’m in the right & they should be replacing our roof as we had spent $16,000 in 2008 . They also sent roof guys out to tarp roof but they used screws into the roof & around roof to hold it down....yet they argued they didnt do that yet our roofer found the screws & i still have them. So do i have a leg to stand on before its too late, is spending that amount in the last 8yrs sufficient ....this was a huge storm....Need Help please ??
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