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Applaws Nature's Calling

Applaws Nature's Calling

4.3 from 34 reviews

Dont waste your money it's literally crap.

Is gets stuck on the bottom and is gross to get off after 2 days - it's not the best odor suppressor.
To expensive - if it was like 5$ it's worth it but nothing more. Pretty poor product. My thoughts are that the reviews are paid reviews because it's crap.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $13.99.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion

Best litter I've tried

I have two cats and also foster rescue cats/kittens. I've tried quite a few litters and this is the winner for me.

- odour control is second to none. It seriously doesn't let any nasty smells escape. It does have an odour of its own, but it's like a woody, natural smell.
- clumps quite well, so economical and easy to clean. Also doesn't stick to the tray as much as some clay litters.
- the cats quite like it. I tried the pellets with sieve tray a couple of times and all the cats hated it. They will all happily scratch around in this one.
- It's flushable. I really find this the easiest way to dispose of litter. The clumping does not make it the easiest to flush (you have to break up the clumps), but that's logical. It's also compostable.
- it's lightweight. I hate how heavy clay litter is, both in the bags and in the tray.

- it's quite expensive and none of the major supermarkets sell it. I order mine online in bulk.
- it does track, but I find all effective litters do.

The best cat litter I have used so far

Since adopting my rescue cat just over 12 months ago I have mainly used clumping clay litter. I did on one occasion try a corn clumping litter which was dreadful and I took it back to the store. One of the clay litters, whilst keeping odour under control, was too dusty and the other supposedly had the dust removed however there was always so much dust around the rim of his litter tray. Recently the Applaws Nature's Calling was passed on to me by a lady who no longer needed it for her cat so it was a great opportunity for me to try it. I have to say it has exceeded my expectations and it REALLY DOES combat litter tray odour with it's earthy, nutty smell. I also notice far less, in fact, almost no tracking on the litter mat and surrounding floorboards. Not a sign of dust either and my cat took to it straightaway (well after sniffing it out for a little while anyway!) I did mix it in with some of his usual clumping clay also but I think he will be happy to use it on it's own from now. Yet another plus is I find he doesn't dig as much with the Applaws Nature's Calling. With the clay I can hear him dig, dig, dig, dig, dig for ages. Now he just gets in, has a quick dig, does what he needs to and then he's out! The fact it is a natural product is also a huge plus. I'm not understanding the problems people have shown regarding clumping as it clumps just as well as the clay litter. I always leave it for up to 30 minutes before scooping it out though. A good idea also is to use a scoop with small round holes in it as it sifts perfectly and if the clump does fall apart, all of the wet bits are contained in the scoop. Don't use one of those scoops with long gaps in them if you are using the Applaws Nature's Calling. Try one with the small round holes. I purchased mine from Mt Pet Warehouse. I scoop out his tray once a day and it seems to work well for the both of us. I have never had any accidents outside of the litter box by keeping it clean. I would highly recommend this product.

Great Stuff

we'd actually grabbed a bag a few months ago as a "backup" in case we ran out of the usual stuff, and welp, that happened. Immediately noticed this stuff clings far less than catalux, much easier to clean up if tracked (and tracking is massively reduced as well) and drops the fecal odour. Definitely moving now to make this our main litter - cats seem to enjoy digging around in it more.

I was surprised to read some complaints about it not clumping - usually that means you have too much pee and not enough litter. About 12cm depth does our three cats very well, and it clumps absolutely beautifully.

So-so performance

I have been trying a few different litters the last few months, ranging from cheap to expensive. Applaws was my experiment in buying mid-tier priced cat litter.

Applaws has a nice, fluffy texture and a pleasant woody scent when first opened. However I found this product did not clump particularly well in the sense that when clumps formed they had to be picked up VERY carefully indeed, otherwise the whole thing would just crumble. To this end, odour control was a bit hit and miss as obviously if crumbly bits of 'used' litter remain the box isn't going to stay too fresh.

This is a more 'psychological' point, but the product is also dark brown which might put some people off. On a more practical note, this can also make it hard to spot used litter.

Of the five litters I have tried so far, Applaws was by far the worse performing in terms of tracking and this is coming from a litter box set up which has 3 anti-tracking mats around the box. I guess this is owing to Applaws' light, fluffy texture.

I would be very unlikely to use this product again.The reality is at the current price point, I did not find that Applaws significantly out performed their cheaper rivals and if you want to pay a bit more, things improve enough to justify the cost.

Best Kitty Litter ever!!

This is the best kitty litter I have found by far! Clumps really well and ABSOLUTELY NO ODOUR!
Lasts forever with just a top up every now and then, composts well in the garden. There's a bit of brown tracking but there's tracking with all litter.
I'm happy to have found a natural littler for my kitties.

Hands down the best litter ever!

We switched from a recycled newspaper product to this one and we haven't looked back.

It's a natural product so no worries about nasty chemicals near my cats or in the environment.

I'm amazed by how well it absorbs odours. We have an elderly cat living out her final months in the family room and there is no smell at all. The clumping is easy to remover and can be flushed or put into the compost bin (or straight onto the garden). The whole tray only needs a complete change once a month so even though the up front cost is more than our old product it works out a lot cheaper.

There's a little bit of tracking (I'm yet to find a track-free kitty litter and given the design of a cat's paw it's probably impossible) but way less than with a clay, crystal or paper product. Tracking is easy to sweep up, and unlike crystals it won't get swollen and stick to your floor.

I'd recommend avoiding the smaller sized packets and buying it in big bags because the small size seems to be much dustier. This isn't a problem with the larger packs.

Best Litter We've Ever Had

Used to use a crystal litter which my cat didn't enjoy, and it wasn't so great for their health. We switched to a clumping clay litter, which was good and the clumping was great, but it held urine odours like nobody's business.

This litter is awesome, its the only one we get any more, and we have to buy it online now. I wish Coles would stock it again. It doesn't clump quite like clay-- not as good. But it does form clumps and the clumps are flushable too. And it does a great job at absorbing and controlling urine odour and pee. I'm not sure why some other people said it didn't absorb odours, if anything, this is the main reason why I like it-- the cat litter box smell is a lot better now -- we go through way less litter and have noticed that we change it way less often than the other brands. Even when we do swap litter, we find we can easily mix some of the old litter and barely any smells transfer. Maybe some people's kitties pee have a weird reaction to walnut husks? I don't know. But for me personally, its the strongest odour control litter my cat has ever had. I definitely think its worth a try at least once.

It does track-- but I found all litters track (except crystal, but even then). Most of all my cat really likes it, he uses it very readily. I think he enjoys it because it's 'dirt' and it reminds him of outside.

The only downside is that if you need to monitor their urine color or such, this isn't a great choice for that thing. Over all, I love it, and I'd be really upset if it wasn't available.

Wins over all other products hands down!

I've tried every litter on the market but this tops them! No product is perfect but this comes close and what's more it's the most green product on the market. With few issues that I'm sure the manufacturer could easily resolve if consumers were proactive enough to provide them with direct feedback instead of whinging online, I would bet this product would become perfect. The supermarkets have stopped selling this product because they claim it wasn't selling as well as others. It also proves how supermarkets only care about sale profits not environmentally friendly products that work or what their customers want as they continue to limit their ranges forcing customers to buy product sizes and brands that give them $. They are too lazy to ask customers for product feedback only observing what's left on the shelf. In this instance this is due to the fact that this product lasts longer and consumers have no need to buy it regularly. One bag of either size lasts one cat for one month. It has a beautiful nutty smell because that is the material. People who complain of odour are obviously using it wrong. Scoop out waste daily, wash the litter tray weekly/use liners and place a bath mat/cat litter at the front for the cat to wipe its feet. Mats minimise tracking, can be washed too and assist in cleaning. It takes me 5mins and I use the dust pan or vacuum to get any strays. Unlike other products, it fully absorbs moisture from waste and why it can stick to moist little paws. If it were made with bigger particles it probably would resolve this issue. This product can be flushed down bio-septic tanks or into sewerage systems as I have lived in cities and a rainforest reserve where bio's have to be used. You can throw it in your garden or be assured that it will biodegrade at your local waste management station. It can be found at Petstock who state 'this product is good because it does what it's meant to and lasts'. Shame it's a bit dearer than Coles had it but as long as they keep selling it my cat and I will be happy. My cat loves it and doesn't have to dig to China to cover her odour each toilet visit. Even as a boarder in a cattery last year, she spent ages covering her mess with their litter choice (recycled newspaper pellets- ferral) and they too found this product outlasted it once they tried it. The crystal litters can dry and crack cat paws, don't last and are not degradable, the clays and newspaper stink and stay wet, the laundry one stinks and unbiodegradable, the rice tracks through your house, the flushable wood tracks and leaves dust. SO there you have it.

I wouldn't use again

I bought this product at Coles as it was a new line and I thought i would give it a try. It was $10 a bag. It is the first litter i have used that i could actually smell cat pee. It was horrible. I have never had this issue with other kitty litter and I've used a lot of different brands. I also noted that when i emptied it into the bin and then went to empty the bin later that day, the bin absolutely reeked!

Very Bad Tracking Problems

This Applaws cat litter is good at controlling urine odour and is long lasting.

DO NOT believe the packaging claims in regards to NO tracking or minimal tracking of cat litter.

My cat managed to track this cat litter everywhere in the bathroom up to 2 metres away from his cat litter tray and did this with NO vigourous pawing or kicking of the litter.

Because of this serious problem I will never buy Applaws cat litter again.

The best cat litter

This is the best cat litter, it doesn't smell & it lasts for ages, we have 3 cats & it is very cost effective.

Best litter ever and tried them all.

I hope they always make this litter as it is the best i have ever gotten for my cat. I used to almost pass out with the urine smell of other litters but this one lasts for ages. Despite the cost which actually works out cheaper in the end, i really hope that they bring out a bigger bag. Also wish that more retailers would stock it as I have to drive around a bit to find it.

Best kitty litter I've ever used

Excellent odour control & clumping. Cleaning with a scoop is super easy and there's no waste. You only have to get rid of the clumps and top up with a small amount of fresh litter. I have 3 cats and 2 litter trays in a special enclosed cupboard. I only need to clean the litter every 2nd day. I have never had to throw out the whole trayful and replace completely - always just top up.
The price seems expensive at first glance but I've found it cheaper than the really basic "home brand" clay litters because you use so little.

Best litter ever!

I haven’t found it to be dusty, on one occasion one of the bags had slightly more dust than the others. No tracking past my mat or towel I have down. Really effective odour control, I scoop every few days. Awesome clumping, just don’t be super rough with the clumps, obv. One cat, I buy two bags each top up and it lasts ages. Well worth price, Coles is the cheapest place to get it for anyone interested, unfortunately they only have small bags now - still cheaper than other places though.

Disappointing considering all the good reviews.

I thought I would try something that is available in the supermarkets, although it is very expensive considering it doesn't last very long! I expected better from all the reviews that I have read. Just the colour and the dust alone is horrible and it tracks brown stuff all over the house. Clumping is not very good either. Odour removal is only just a little better than clay, as I can still smell the urine when I walk into the laundry. Yes I used it as instructed. No, I won't be bothering with this again. I am going back to WonderWheat cat litter which is better value after using this, and totally gets rid of the odour, it's flushable and made from wheat grain.

I'm in heaven!!!

Ok, it's not dust-free but that is also not what they promise. After trying it I don't know what the low-raters mean. Yes, you can see a bit of a brownish hue on my cats white paws when they've just used the restroom, and the litterboxes walls have the same amount of dust. But NOT as much as you get with the regular bentonite-clay sand. I do not experience any inhalation of dust when I clean and I can't see any trails of dust in the apartment either. (And I really like a nice clean home!!)
I have two longhaired cats and I'm surprised how little they carry with them between their paws. A couple of steps and it's gone! Except from the dust but I really can't see the problem if your house isn't all white and clinically clean and you have a hell of a digger witch also has a cover on the litterbox (then the dust hasn't got anywhere to go when they dig so it ends up in the fur), THEN I might understand that you think it's dusty ;P
It has a nice "nature-smell", and when they do their business you can hardly tell. It smells even less than with bentonite-clay. Environment-friendly and you can if you want flush the product down the toilet. (A maximum of 290gr per flush)
If you hesitate: It's not expensive and it's really worth a try cause I guess the dust-thing needs to be experienced by yourself. But I think you won't regret it ;)

Worth the price!

My criteria for the cat litter was that it has to be natural and does not have any bentonite clay or any silica particles in it. After my 6month old Ragdoll had an acute asthma attack episode at 5months of age, I figured it was time to switch from CatLux to something more friendly for her, my other cat (1y/o male Domestic), and of course my family too.

After two days of intense searching I stumbled upon Applaws Nature's Calling and Cat's Best Oko Plus. I bought both to see which ones the cats prefer more and surprise surprise, my little princess Ragdoll, whom is just so picky, loves the applaws! So much that that's the only tray she'd go in, and my domestic loves it as well! I was a little apprehensive about the price for such a small bag (I bought a 6kg bag for $28 at My Pet Warehouse now they sell it for $33 - Pet Stock currently sells it for $22), but have no fear, since the clumping action is so good, two 6kg bag lasts just abit over 5 weeks for my two cats. I honestly do not have any negative things to say for this cat litter! I will tell you what I have loved about it after using it for two months:

- 100% natural
- Odour control (urine and poo) is far superior than the other cat litters I've tried (Cat's Best has a nice pine/wood smell to it after urination, as for pooing my cat's don't like pooing in cat's best. They only urinate in it as a last resort!)
- Really great clumping action - so great that 12kg (two 6kg bags) lasts me abit over 5 weeks, for two cats with three cat litters!
- Easy to scoop since the particles are so small that when you scoop it up, the parts that aren't clumped just falls through
- Not dusty (well for my cats - they aren't big diggers), makes it great for my asthmatic Ragdoll
- There's a small amount of tracking but it's pretty small compared to my previous cat littler (CatLux was ALOT and cat's best has abit too)
- Doesn't stick on my kitties fur or their feet either. Since my Ragdoll is fluffy, our previous cat litter use to stick on her fur quite abit

So if you're on the fence about this cat litter, I'd say make the plunge and buy it!

The best cat litter we have tried

We were using Green Cat corn based litter, but the smell was a bit... farmy and it tracked all over our little apartment. Plus we weren't sure how safe corn based litters are. Applaws is absolutely fantastic. The smell is great, and the odour control qualities are incredible, we hardly get a whiff of anything nasty, except when we are scooping the box. I paid $24.95 for a big 6kg bag - incredible value for the quality of the product. Highly recommend.

Makes sharing a tiny flat with a litter tray bearable

This litter is the best - clumps really well, smells nice (and stops the smell of cat poo), my cat loves it, and it doesn't track much. The dark colour is also a bonus for me - I was going crazy seeing little bits of pale litter against my dark floors to the point where I was really depressed by it and vacuuming every two days. This stuff doesn't track much and the bits are really small and I can't see them against the floor so I don't feel like I'm living in a litter tray at all times. If you had pale floors though the dark colour might be less good.

It's also flushable, and the clumps are easy to remove and just throw in the toilet, which saves me from treking to the bins twice a day from my second floor flat. It's saved me a few minutes for each tray clean out which matters to me first thing in the morning just because the clumps come out so easily. It also lasts much longer than I thought and each bag goes a lot further - you're not throwing out a lot of extra loose litter with each clump because it falls through the scoop easily, and you're not chasing little bits everywhere so you don't have to empty the litter tray fully to get it clean, so it's actually pretty affordable in the long term. My cat is fine with regular top ups and 2-3x a day scooping.

The only downside is the dust - it's *very* dusty - I now avoid shaking it up too much when I scoop it. But as a trade off I can live with it. Oh and Coles seems to have just stopped stocking it which is terrible! Noooo! I'm ordering it online now - I hope it's not discontinued because it's solved a litter crisis that was making me perpetually angry with my cat for something she couldn't help. :-/

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Is it really that dusty?
3 answers
Hi Mary - in my review I mentioned "I don't notice any tendency towards dustiness" because one of the other reviewers felt that the bag of litter she tried was rather dusty. You do get a little bit of tracking of the litter around the vicinity of the tray due to little pieces sticking to the cat's paws, but I think that would apply to any type of litter you used. Some of the granules are small, so the other reviewer may have viewed the tracking of those small particles as dustiness. Hope that helps with your query.I find that there's a fine brown dust that builds up on every surface in my bathroom (it's not tracking - it's dust). I'm experiencing this less now that I'm careful not to shake it up too much when I scoop it, and also I feel like since I wrote my review I've noticed the product become less dusty. Perhaps I had an unusually dusty batch early on? Anyway - it's a very good cat litter IMO and that's the only downside. It doesn't track much, it contains odours, it's easy to use - I recommend trying it.Hi Mary, I'd recommend sticking to the larger sized bag. I find the dust is really only a problem with the smaller sized bag. It's possible to diminish the amount of dust by standing outside in a breeze and giving the tray a good shake (but don't stand down wind!). I think the dust varies enormously between the big bags and the small bags. See what you think.

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