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Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter

Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter

4.4 from 45 reviews

Not 'Dust Free'

Tried this litter as it gets great reviews. At first I thought this litter was great, clumps well, easy to clean and reduces smells. However, after a few days, dust starts to build up on the bottom and creates a dust cloud each time my cats use it. They have actually started sneezing more often since using it. I now scoop out the dust to avoid them breathing it in. I will be changing to another brand.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion
Clumping Ability

Great for the first few days, terrible after that.

I, like most others, tried this due to all the reviews. The first few days were great, I got used to the weird corn smell, although wasn't thrilled with it, if it was going to do what it claimed I was happy to put up with it.

- First issue was the amount of dust. My black cat was starting to come out COVERED in beige dust and upon inspecting the litter the entire bottom of the tray has around 1cm deep of dust.

- Odour: It is supposed to neutralise odours within 5 minutes. For the first 2 days it was ok. By the third day and more on the 4th & 5th day, I actually checked my unit for some 'accidents' as I thought perhaps with the transition, one of my cats may have had an accident as the smell was that bad. My litter box is hooded, not even open, and I went searching for both accidental wee's and poop's as the smell was so strong. I have had to clean the litter up to 3 times a day to stop my unit smelling like an animal shelter.

- Tracking: It is all over my unit. the cats aren't kickers, it sticks on their feet, to their fur, it isn't just outside of the litter entrance, I have pellets everywhere and when stood on accidentally, they crumble and disintegrate to a powder. It is much worse than my previous crystal litter, I now take back all the times I thought that 'tracked' with a few crystals here and there.

- Longevity: It is supposed to last for ages, however after 5 days it is looking like i will have to replace the entire contents of the litter box and start again. The entire litter smells and seems to be getting worse. The unit no longer smells like corn, it smells like stale musty urine. I can't see how removing clumps and topping up will fix this.
I understand that the entire litter will need to be refreshed at some point, but I thought that wouldn't be after 5 days. Completely defeats the purpose and the claims for the price.

- Clumping: I have found that although soft, if i was extremely careful I could keep the clumps in one piece. This I found I could deal with as it gave me piece of mind that upon flushing, it would disintegrate quickly and not block up any pipes. It doesn't stick to their poops at all, meaning that it doesn't control any odour even when buried. I have to clean after every poop.... not convenient and not amazing coming back home to it.

All in all, I am really disappointed with the product as a whole especially for the price. I was really looking forward to it working as I love the 'flushability' of it and that it completely breaks down to discard it. I really tried to make it work, but it has gotten to the point that I won't be purchasing again. I will finish off my 9kg bag and that will be that.

Best litter found

Absolutely no tracking, no odour, fantastic clumping ability, economical as no wastage. Bag lasts forever. Happy cats. Happy owner

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We are so pawleased to hear this! Thank you for taking the time to send the great feedback. Have a pawsome day! :) Rufus & Coco

Not as good as I thought it would be

My cat spreads it around the laundry in her paws. I find that it doesn't clump very well. Its soft and when I pick it up with the scoop it breaks up and goes through the scoop and its hard to scoop it out of the cleaner litter. As a result I use a lot more and there is no way a 9 kg bag will last nearly 18 weeks.

I had great hopes for this litter and very disappointed.

Unfortunately left with a bad odour

Saw this on TV and decided to give it a try. Was a bit dubious of the price nonetheless, wanted an alternative to crystals. Was OK at first but after two days of cleaning the litter was left with an awful litter plus ammonia smell coming from our laundry where the litter is. Not sure if I'd purchase it again.

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Hi Annie, Thank you for the feedback. As you would have seen, our Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter has excellent proven odour control, and it should work within 5 minutes! Having run your query past the product team, our only thought is that perhaps your cat could be holding their urine in for slightly longer, due to the litter change, causing a stronger smell? Did you slowly transition from your original litter to Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter? Try sprinkling our litter over your current litter until the your cat is used to it. If that still doesn't work, please get in touch with us on hello@rufusandcoco.com.au so that we can help you further. Have a furrific day further! Kind regards, The Rufus & Coco Team

It’s not as good as expected..

I purchased this litter because of the ‘perks’ & rave reviews...

* Eco friendly
* Flushable
* Kitten friendly
* Low dust (apparently)
* Absorbent
* Odour eating
* Is meant to last a long time = cost savings..

Sadly it hasn’t lived up to my expectations.

While it is absorbent, flushable, kitten friendly & odour eating I have had a couple of issues that will have me changing litters.

1st issue:
When I pour this into the litter tray, I find it hard to breathe & end up coughing because of the very fine powder (granted I am asthmatic - I’m not sure if everyone will have the same issue however I’ve been holding my breath when replenishing now so I don’t cough etc) .. I notice a ton of powder at the bottom of the litter tray when scooping also... it’s not exactly ‘dust free’ as the packaging claims.

I find this issue is much worse with the big 9kg bag I recently purchased & wasn’t anywhere near as bad with the 4kg bag.

Perhaps it’s a batch issue, however i don’t know if I’ll be purchasing another big bag to find out.

2nd issue: (which is why I’ll probably be switching litters)
I clean our kittens litter box twice, sometimes three times daily as I don’t want my kitten digging in soiled litter or having an aversion due to a dirty tray.

When cleaning the spots our kitten has urinated in I am finding it to be really tedious.

I shake the box side to side gently to bring clumps to the surface but then need to sift really carefully (when shaking the scoop to separate the clean from the dirty) as the big clumps are soft and break apart easier then expected - I don’t clean it immediately after my kitten has used the tray and it has time to ‘bind’ and absorb.

I find they’re not bound tightly enough and no matter how carefully I sift small soiled pellets fall off the clump, through the scoop & contaminate the ‘clean litter’.

This is beyond frustrating as it means I either have to replace the litter More frequently due to it having soiled particles all through it (I was using way more litter then initially intended!) and now I’ve tried to keep it fresher/last longer and I am having to go in with gloves to pick out the excess soiled/swollen pellets left behind.

I also find that it doesn’t stick to our kittens poops very well & pellets that are poop coated are falling through the scoop and mixing in with the ‘clean’ litter - again meaning I have to go through very meticulously by hand to get rid of them.

Cleaning the litter box is taking me much longer then desirable... I’d rather not spend 10 minutes doing the above.

I feel if the pellet size was 1/4 size they are currently it may solve most of the above issue?

It took 1/2 of my 9kg bag to replenish my Moderna mega comfy litter box from empty & I can’t see the remaining litter lasting me more then a week or two max... equaling money down the drain (literally).

Certainly not 18 weeks as the pack claims (taking into account it is a larger litter box then average also).

I’ll likely be trying ‘cats best oko plus’ after others raving about it in hopes it solves my issues ... I’d love to continue using an eco friendly option rather then turning to clay based etc.

Such a shame this isn’t all I hoped it’d be as it really is great re: containing odours, absorbing and flushability.

Personally I’d rather pay more for something that will save me time and money long term.

Perhaps I’ll come back to this in future, but not without trialing a few others.

I’ll update on that at another time.

My cats will not use anything else!

I've tried all the other litters and nothing even comes close to Wee Kitty, it clumps so well and doesn't have an awful smell like the others. My two boys refuse to use any other litter. Plus, its completely natural so wont hurt them at all. Love love love this!

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Hi Nicky, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review - we love, love, love the feedback! :) Kind regards, The Team @ Rufus & Coco


Simply amazing. Mutiple cat owners, look no further. Low tracking, amazing odour control and clumps like no litter you have ever seen.

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Hi Dave, Thank you so much for taking the time to feedback to us! :) We are thrilled to hear this and trust that you'll continue to enjoy our Wee Kitty Litter! Kind regards, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

Fantastic product for both owners and pets !

This product is great, it makes an unpleasant job much easier and quicker. It clumps up the nasties and is one of the better products I have used in regards to odour control.

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Hi Jay! Thank you so much for your feedback, we're delighted to hear that you love using our litter and that it makes clean up a breeze :) Love, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

My cats loved it!

I was given the litter by a friend to use with a kitten I was fostering and she was using it well. Then my other cats found the litter tray and stopped using their regular trays until I put the Wee Kitty litter into their trays! It was a winner for sure. It is so easy to clean up, and very absorbent.

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Hi Matty, Thank you for sending us your feedback! We're over the moon that our Wee Kitty Litter was a hit with your furry friends and that clean up is a breeze :) . Love, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

My kitties love it and I love it too!

I love Coco & Rufus corn clumping litter. Its environmentally friendly, clumps really well and most importantly great for odour control as I live in a townhouse. I also find it to be quite cost effective, as one small 2kg bag lasts 4 weeks or more for me. I used to use paper pallets but the smell was horrible.

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Hi there! Thank you so much for sending us your feedback - we love hearing from our customers :). We're so glad that our litter has worked wonders for you and kitty cat/s and that you've found success with our Wee Kitty! Love, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

Excellent product

I found this product to have some great qualities. The pellets are larger, so this reduces bits and pieces being tracked outside of the tray. It seems very absorbent, which substantially reduces odour (my favourite aspect of this litter!). The clumping makes clean up easy and reduces wastage. Very happy with this product!

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Hi Lex! Thank you so much for taking the time to send us your feedback! We're so glad to hear that you and cat/s are happy with our Wee Kitty Litter :) . Our litter certainly makes clean up a breeze and has great odour control - we're glad that you thought so too! Love, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

Kitties and the humans love it!

I recently switched from my existing litter brand to Rufus and Coco's wee kitty clumping corn litter. It's without a doubt the best litter i've used, for odour control, convenience and my kitties love it (the most important part!) the fact that it clumps, and is flushable makes cleaning the litter trays a much easier and quicker task.
Already started recommending to friends!

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Hi There! Thank you so much for taking the time to send us your feedback - we love hearing from our customers and we are thrilled that you love using our Wee Kitty Litter! Its great to hear that it is helping you and your furry friends :) Thanks again! Love, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

It has changed my life!

This litter is amazing!! I previously used crystal litter and I have a very fussy cat that refused to use it after two days. I was totally refreshing and cleaning the trays every 2 days which was very tedious and expensive. With this litter I just scoop out the waste and he has used it up to 1.5 weeks without a clean and change. I could probably get longer than 1.5 weeks but don't want to push my luck! haha

Highly recommended!!

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Hi Morogost Thank you so much for taking the time so send us your feedback. We're delighted to hear that our litter has worked wonders for you and your little mate! :) Love, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

Excellent litter but my kitten always eats it??

The litter is excellent, fast clumping and can reduce the odour to the minimum. However, I found my kitten loves eating it. ??? We defenitely gave our kitten enough food (Royal Canin) and various treats but the kitten just cannot stop eating this corn litter.

Anyone can help? We now have to switch to Tidy Cats but I still prefer this corn litter....

Hi Sean, Our litter does smell good as it is made of corn, your little kitten must be so confused! Firstly, there is no harm in your cat eating the litter as the corn is human grade, please just ensure that it has water readily available. The litter will break down and completely dissolve in the water. We are so glad to hear that you love and prefer our litter! I can give you some tips to help teach your kitten not to munch on the litter. You will need to help your furry friend to understand that it is litter and not food. The best way to do this is to sprinkle some of the tidy cat litter you are using over the top of the Wee Kitty for the first few days - if you have no litter left soil from the backyard will also work. This will help to train her that it is litter and not food as she will associate the old litter or soil with going to the toilet. Reduce the amount of old litter each day (or when you change the tray). It should only take a few days for the kitten to learn this and you can begin to use the litter normally. Some other things that you can go to help is to make sure there is a bowl of food around the same area as the litter so it will smell the normal kibble as food rather than the litter. If you would like to chat about it and go through the litter changing process in more detail please give our office a call on 1300 851 422 Love the Rufus & Coco TeamThank you so much. I will try this!

The best so far!

Compared to the different kitty litter brands that I've tried, this one seems to be the best. I live in an apartment and I don't have the luxury of open spaces for my cats. It doesn't leave a nasty smell and its very easy to clean up.

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Hi Lina, Thank you for taking the time to share your love for our Wee Kitty Litter! We are so glad to hear it is ticking all the right boxes for you and your cat! Love the Rufus & Coco Team

Holy Grail of kitty litter

does not smell, even after 6 weeks.
cost effective as it lasts for ages.
PERFECT for apartment living, as IT DOES NOT SMELL

I have to go out of my way to get it from petwarehouse and i have no room to store bulk bags, even so, it gets 10/5 stars. IT DOES NOT SMELL.
only downside is tracking. we got a little vacuum to make it easiest. even so, i still would give it 10 out of 5 stars.

Have i said IT DOES NOT SMELL?

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Hi! Thank you for the great review! We are so glad to hear that you love our product as much as we do! We worked hard to develop our litter that ticks all the boxes for cats and owners. We now have the larger 4kg bag - that you can find at MyPetWarehouse so you can stock up for a little longer. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our litter! Love the Rufus & Coco Team

Best litter I've found!

My favourite cat litter I've found by far. Clumps easily and easier to clean up than most litters. Love it!!! 10/10. My girl is a fan :)

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Hi Naomi! Thank you for sharing your love of our Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter! We are so glad that you and your cat are fans! We worked hard to develop a cat litter that would be loved by cat and their owners. Love the Rufus & Coco Team

Best kitty litter I have ever used

Fantastic kitty litter, biodegradable and natural, very low oder and it clumps so we'll you use a lot less over time. Plus great delivery service from Rufus and Coco team.

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Hi Shan! Thank you for the great feedback on our award winning Wee Kitty Litter! We are smiling like a Cheshire cat that you love our litter as much as we do! Thank you for taking the time to let us know! Love the Rufus & Coco team


Our kitty cat has used many brands. Wee Kitty is just the job. Keeps my paws clean and dry. Never smells. Breaks down easily in the garden.

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Hi Figgy, Thank you for your great review of our Wee Kitty Clumping Corn Litter! Wee Kitty truly does tick all the boxes and best of all it is environmentally friendly! We are glad to hear that you are disposing on the litter in the garden! Love the Rufus & Coco Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi Can you guarentee your corn cat litter will not contain or grow the aflatoxin mould as per the research below? A particularly concerning result of this is the growth of aflatoxin mold in corn cob cat litter. from pet owners state that this mold growing in their cat’s litter box made their cats sick and even lead to death. Cornell’s Department of Animal Science says that: “the commodities with the highest risk of aflatoxin contamination are corn, peanuts and cottonseed. Aflatoxin mold loves growing in warm, wet corn. Corn cob cat litter manufacturers know that. That’s why manufacturers test their product before it hits the shelves. The problem is that the mold can appear later on, when the litter is in your house and in contact with your cat.
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I live in Chermside Brisbane. Where can I buy this or is it online?
1 answer
Hi Jocelyn, Thank you for getting in touch with us! You can purchase Wee Kitty Litter online at www.rufusandcoco.com.au, alternatively you can view our list of stockists here - https://www.rufusandcoco.com.au/stockists. Kind regards, The Team @ Rufus & Coco

Hi We have just bought this litter for our 2 cats and my cat is eating it. Is this dangerous and how do I get him to realise it's litter not food ?
4 answers
I had the same problem with my cat too, turns out my cat loves the taste of corn. Eating small amounts of the litter shouldn't be too dangerous for your cat, but I think you should change litters for the sake for your cat. I called up the Rufus & Coco and they told me to mix half of their litter with half of the cat's old litter so they can get used to it, but unfortunately my cat still didn't want to do her business in it. My cat is now using Applaws natures calling cat litter, no problems at all.I agree with catlover48 above. It's probably not going to make your cat sick if only small amounts were ingested, but if your cat thinks it's a meal and not litter, then it's best to change to a different litter. The Applaws one is good, but only if you have a darker coloured kitty, or one that is meticulous about cleaning itself if it's lighter coloured (neither of which are characteristics of my kitty). I use a recycled paper litter pellets, which is okay for my kitty. The only thing is it tracks and doesnt clump like the Rufus and Coco one.Hi Sarah, Sorry to hear about your little mate's troubles! I have to admit we have never had this query before. Rest assured, Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Corn litter is a natural product (made from corn) so there are no chemicals or other nasties in there. In fact, it actually breaks down in liquid - which is why it is flushable! So if your little mate does happen to eat some, it can be ‘flushed’ from their system by drinking plenty of water. However, we recommend that you give your cat plenty of water and keep a close eye on her and if you are concerned consult your friendly vet. I suggest sprinkling some of your cats previous brand of litter over the top of the Rufus & Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Corn litter until they get used to the idea it is litter. Please let us know how you go! We can be contacted directly at hello@rufusandcoco.com.au Tahlia @ Rufus & Coco Vet Nurse

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