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ascent canopy

paid top dollar to get the best available.First rain water in both sides between wheel arches and tailgate.window does not seal onto tailgate can see daylight .ARB Shepparton had me spend half a day while they checked it .They said we will try to chanange the seals and thats all we can do. Got a call today that they have the new seals but cant fit you in for 4 weeks. Maybe time for ombudsman. Goning away late July August. No recommendations here

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationShepparton ARB


Locks won’t open with the key. Canopy less than 2 years old with lift up windows and I can not open one side or the back. Spoke to salesman who was not interested.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBurleigh

Very poor service

I ordered a ARB bullbar in March 2019 and now 2 months later still waiting for delivery. What kind of business does not offer any progress on your order. Very poor service and won't buy from them again.

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCaravan and camping show

Not Just ARB, it's the Manufactures Errors

Same Glass in my Canopy from ISUZU, ARB have been good with most of their products. Back canopy window just exploded for no reason. So defiantly a problem with the manufacturing of the Glass. New Car 4yrs ago, 4hrs to clean.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationYamanto Isuzu

ARB Tyre deflator Made in China !

I was led to believe I was buying an Aussie made product, even the salesman wasn't clear with me when I asked where was it made ? wasn't until i opened it up to find in the instructions it read: "tested and assembled in China using components manufactured in China for ARB" What a shame ! so disappointing..

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationAdelaide

ARB Ascent rear glass exploded.

My Ford Ranger was parked at front of work. The canopy rear window just exploded on its own, luckily no one was close by. The canopy is just on 4 years old.
I called ARB to insist the the glass must have been faulty for this to happen spontaneously, their response was that there must have been a chip in the glass and the explosion was a delayed reaction to the chip - I don't buy this!
I will now have to fork out $800 for a new window - not impressed ARB.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCanning Vale

Exploding rear canopy window. No responsibility taken. Going to fair trading. Safety issue

Window exploded out whilst sitting in driveway. Not unusual as it turns out. Buy from competition. Car was sitting in drive with noone near it. Nothing in back noone mowing near it and car has never towed nor been offroad. Shocked that I was initially ignored and then begrudgingly offered a paultry discount on a back window and no responsibility was declared. I have literally sold hundreds of Arb products over the last fifteen years at car dealerships. I will not recommend anymore. Very disappointed.

Really bad experience from ARB and Parkland Mazda

Purchased a brand new BT50 from Parkland Mazda. Purchased it with a Sahara Bull bar from ARB, a safari snorkel and also a top of the range Accent Canopy from ARB. The Bull bar after 6 months had to be adjusted as it had slipped and was rubbing on the front wing arch which they kindly put back into place and sprayed where it was damaged. Today however, 11 months after purchasing the vehicle with all the accessories i went to open the back canopy window, pressed the unlock button, with two fingers and just enough pressure to lift the window as what is usually applied, BANG!!!! rear window has shattered into hundreds of pieces, luckily for me i was not hurt. Went straight into Parkland Mazda who said they would contact ARB and get back to me ASAP as i needed to be somewhere. This was at 1430hrs on the 18/03/19. No one called me back and when i rang at 1700hrs and spoke to the same gentleman he said ARB were not prepared to honor any warranty claim! when i asked who he had spoke to i was told he didn't get a name but i could take it into ARB myself and see what they have to say!! sorry buddy but you picked on the wrong guy here!! I purchased the vehicle through you, i purchased the accessories through you, i purchased the bull bar through you and i purchased the canopy through you aswell!!! this will not end here!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationParkland Mazda
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It's coming up to two weeks since my rear canopy window exploded on me, throwing glass all over myself and the surrounding cars. The reason I've been given as to why its taken so long is that we've had a 4x4 show last weekend in Perth and ARB were busy, hence why they haven't given me a courtesy call, great customer service straight away there!! After 10 days i still had glass and parts of the window in my canopy as no one offered to clean the mess up, i had to request it even though everyone i dealt with came to inspect the window. I've had some good experiences with Parkland Mazda and the sales manager who sold me the vehicle and some rude conversations with another manager who i was sidelined to. Eventually they have agreed a replacement window for the canopy but as to my concerns and the email to the principal of Parkland Mazda in reference to if it happened again and what precautions they are to put in place, they have ignored so far. When asked what their complaints procedure was and could they supply me with who i would go to if i wished to further my complaint i was informed they wouldn't tell me and they were not obliged to either. Not very good customer service at all. All in all, would i go back to Parkland Mazda, would i purchase things from ARB with my new Vehicle, would i buy another Mazda? I would buy another Mazda, Parkland Mazda would have to give me a great deal if i was to purchase another vehicle from them and their customer service would have to improve. As for ARB, I've found all their products of poor quality but yet expensive, so no more ARB for me!! let's see what next steps i take if it happens again and blinds my son or daughter with flying glass!!

Ascent canopy opens all by itself

First micro switch failed a year and a half ago, had to open the rear canopy door with the key, now the micro switch has failed again but this time when I unlock all the doors the rear canopy door completely opens as well as unlocking, been waiting for a new micro switch, now not in warranty. Hope it fixes it. The rear door is hard to open also when the temperature is over 35.

Another exploding Ascent canopy rear window.

Our Ascent canopy is less than 6 months old and my wife went to open it and it just exploded. Luckily she was not badly hurt but the clean up took hours. It appears this is a recurring problem so why does ARB still sell them! Downright dangerous. To the stores credit their street sales service has been great.

ARB Hilux hard lid and Tango range.

I purchased a hilux last year and had some accessories fitted by ARB, through the dealer.

One of those items was the ARB hard lid and Tango system.

I now wish i had gone with the standard Toyota offering.

The ARB hard lid:
- difficult to close, gas struts are too much.
- leaks water, despite being one piece with the sports bar on top.
- wont close properly, the tango system internally fits poorly and seems to come loose often.

It has been back to ARB 3 tiimes now, but I couldn't be bothered for a 4th time, so just live with the issues this rather expensive piece of junk provides. ARB Coopers Plains have been reasonably accommodating, but took months to wait for parts, so would not want to be in a hurry to fix any warranty problems.

Artarmon arb charges more than quote

Charged extra 200 for their mistake. Quote to swap a ling range fuel tank, have way through job realised they couldnt do it then charged me for labour when they are the supposed experience who should have known

How bad is their delivery timing?

Have ordered our second Ascent canopy off ARB. The first one took forever and it seems like the second one will too (still waiting). Nice canopy but wow the timing of the delivery is terrible.

ARB are a bunch of cowboys (sorry cowboys)

I live about a Kilometre from one of ARB's outlets on South Road, Regency Park, SA. I've purchased 4 main items from them, a refrigerator/freezer, Bull-bar, Winch and an Auxiliary power generator system, for my Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.
The fridge now works, after problems with the auxiliary system have been fixed.
About 5years ago, I had a very high class bull-bar manufactured and fitted. What I wasn't told until after the work was carried out, was that the bodywork of the Toyota Prado would be cut and modified, which means the Bull-bar is there for the duration of its life. In 2015 we were on a journey from Surfer's Paradise in Queensland, back to Adelaide, SA. About 50 klm before reaching Wagga Wagga NSW. the indicators and lights cut out. I took it to an auto-electrician in Wagga Wagga, who diagnosed that the cables to the lights and indicators, originally situated where the Bull-bar now resided had been pulled tightly down to be attached to the new lights and indicators on the Bull-bar. Over two to three years the cables had been rubbing on the steel frame of the Prado, wearing out the insulation and shorting out that part of the electrical system. They did a temporary repair to get me home. I took it back to ARB and they claim that they have rerouted and repaired the cable.
I had the auxiliary power generator system installed in 2013. At the beginning of 2018 the auxiliary battery stopped working, so I purchased a new one. Of course for a few days power was available, but then it stopped. The main use was the fridge/freezer, which I thought could have been faulty. I plugged my phone in to an auxiliary socket, a month ago and found no power. I took it to an auto-electrician who diagnosed the problem. where the cables connected the normal power to the auxiliary system a connector had burned out. The problem was that all the cables and fittings were grossly undersized. The auto-electrician repaired the damage taking off all cabling and renewing it with the correct sized ones. I worry, because the car may have gone up in smoke, due to a money snatching move by ARB. The system originally was $1,350 and the correct cabling could have been fitted for an extra outlay of $20, after all, there would have been plenty of profit to allow for that. The battery had been sitting discharged for 8 months without any use so it was dead too, so a new one had to be fitted. These repairs cost me about $350.
The winch, the very first time it was used, locked up because it appears the rope was wound onto the drum far to lightly, meaning that now I have to take it off (probably having to cut it apart) and replace it with a steel cable. Thankfully the situation where I used it was not critical.
If you consider fitting any accessories, don't do what I did, and steer clear of ARB, it seems that they are all about profit at your cost, and that could be FATAL.

ARB Canopy - Back window exploded when opened

Back window exploded when it was opened, Glass everywhere and all over my partner. No explanation and when ARB Canning Vale were called their response was, don't know... Now to pay another $700 for a replacement when clearly there is something wrong with these windows. After reading other reviews clearly ARB need to look after their customers and pay for replacement windows and not expect the customer to pay for an OBVIOUS design flaw

Dangerous, ARB back window exploded

ARB ascent canopy rear window exploded, for no apparent reason, parked at the time for about one hour, shattered glass thrown about 5 m, hate to be standing in front of it, rang ARB and was told it can't happen for no reason, well it did, now there out of stock, for some reason, I wonder what!!!

Springs sagged and tjm car outside the store and rep was organizing an account for the dealer

Purchased ome through the Toyota dealer in qld. I travelled from Brisbane to the Atherton tablelands and the rear springs had sagged very badly. I spoke to the local Toyota dealer and they were not interested. I spoke to the selling dealer and they pasted it off to arb. The arb dealer was not interested at all. I went back to Toyota and complained as I paid them for it all. While waiting for them to call back I went to another workshop to have a look and they advised me the springs needed replacement. The workshop I was at called the local arb store and they were also not interested and told me I would need to pay for it again and try and claim it back. The car at this stage had under 2000 km on it. I went to store to show them my invoice ect from the purchase and found a tjm rep in the arb store sorting out an account wth. I purchased a new set of springs from the mechanic who was trying to help and took springs back to Brisbane after my cape trip was done. Beware. There dealer doesn’t even trust the product and we’re not interested in helping me with my new car. Don’t bother buying through dealer as they past the buck also.

Great products great service

Booked my new ute for a bullbar, sports bar, Ute liner and tourneau cover. Very happy with the workmanship and quality. Also got a bushmaster light bar fitted and it's fantastic. Well done guys!

Great finish, not user friendly.

Classic canopies have useless grip "switch" type locks to the rear window. No actual handle. Not suitable to people with low grip or arthritic tendency. Solution please ARB.

Oldman emu springs sagged

Purchased ome 600kg suspension from Inverell 4x4 centre gave all specs to owner now springs have sagged ARB wont warrant never ever again absolutely disgusting customer service. Not once has the owner of store contacted me to resolve issues. The only time ARB head office contacted me was when i bagged them out on facebook. Car been back in shop 3 times for measurements and generally not doing much at all except for last visit where they swapped the springs from drivers side to passenger side and vice versa. Guess what springs are still the same absolute morons. Do not buy ARB .Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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Hi all. I've got a 2018 BT50 4X4 which I'm really happy with. I looking to put an Ascent canopy on and am noticing, certainly here, that a lot of reviews are bad. The window issue seems pretty bad. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if ARB has addressed this issue, or at least acknowledged that it is indeed an issue? Some reviews appear to be from some months ago, what's the latest? 14/7/19 Cheers
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Hi My ARB canopy is hard to close on the rear passenger side, the catch needs to come forward but it already is as far forward as possible, been like this for ages, any ideas please
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I purchased a colour coded new canopy for my hilux approximately 3 years ago. Today I had a side sliding window explode whilst it was parked at work. Last year I had a rear widow explode. I have noted that there are numerous entries on blogs from your customers saying that there is a perceived fault with your canopies. Is this the case? As this is the second window exploding without obvious cause, perhaps your team would consider investigating the cause of my and other posters ongoing issues. Are your team able to replace the window and at what cost?
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Hey Ang. Not sure if I’m doing this right or not but your post has asked me to answer the question for you about the canopy and the glass. If you’ve read my post my back window has suddenly shattered too. It’s only 11 months old from new. Paid $4k for the top of the range canopy from ARB ( supposedly anyway) I took my vehicle back into Mazda where I purchased the vehicle, as I was sold the ARB canopy through Mazda. The manager spoke to their manager and also another employee who said his back window has exploded twice on his vehicle and he knew of others where it had happened to as well. I was told they have said although it’s not toughened glass, which would save it from exposing when they do and possible injury it is memory glass ( at this point I feel as though they’re giving me the sales pitch, what is memory glass I’ve never heard of that) he said for an example if the glass was closed and there was a stone in the way or if it was chipped from a flying stone on the freeway or something it wasn’t necessarly going to break at that point but could break in a month, 2 month or 6 months down the line!!! It hasn’t been confirmed but I was told yesterday they would replace my rear canopy window but asked what if it was to happen again as they know it to be a fault what course of action can I take. To this they said they aren’t excepting there’s a fault with their product!! I feel a ombudsman enquiry should be had!!Sorry to hear of your explodind windows, I have no idea why it would explode, had no issues like this, others but not windows, perhaps there should be a recall and replace all our windows with toughened glass like the cab windowsHi Ange & Adie. We recently got an $18.000.00 plus fit out for our brand new Ranger from ARB to tow our 23 Foot caravan on a round Oz trip, so far so good but if the canopy window reports and Old Man Emu suspension are anything to go by one of our windows should break and our Old Man Emu suspension will sag by the time we get to Ballarat from Keysborough. P.S. ARB are way too overpriced along with their TJM and smaller competitors. All quoted similar prices for accessories I was in need of, so I decided to lighten my pocket with the most advertised. Fingers crossed.

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