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When one of your car parts becomes faulty or wears out, it affects the smooth running and safety of your car. Accurately sourcing the right replacement part is important, and there's a balance to be struck between quality and cost. Continue Reading...

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Best Vehicle Accessories & Parts Shop

4.9 from 1,220 reviews

Latest review: Had trouble fitting them so talked to their fantastic technician. He gave great instructions and the wipers fitted perfectly, as

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    4.9 (912)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (25) · No (913)
2nd Best Vehicle Accessories & Parts Shop
Roof Rack Store Australia
5.0 from 177 reviews

Latest review: Really sturdy and well designed piece of equipment. Is quite heavy and awkward to put on, but once it’s on it’s quick and simple to use. Love having full access to the back of the Prado without hav

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (144)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (7) · No (150)
3rd Best Vehicle Accessories & Parts Shop
Snap Shades
4.8 from 387 reviews

Latest review: Goods did not meet the conditions described. Shades did not keep the vehicle cool as described. Not worth the money that they charge as the quality is average. Invoice and packing slip were very

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (347)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (7) · No (336)
Ramp Champ
4.8 from 317 reviews

Latest review: The ramp is light yet robust. Folds easily, dogs quickly adapted to it. My wife and I no longer have to hoist wet muddy dogs into the

Superior Engineering

Superior Engineering

 · includes 2 listings
4.9 from 244 reviews

Latest review: Would love to thank the boys at superior engineering, service and product I don't think anyone in the industry can come near absolutely quality

4WD Supacentre
  • Award Winner 2022
  • 2021

4WD Supacentre

 · includes 2 listings
4.6 from 16,786 reviews

Latest review: Order wrong item online called to have sent back and exchange for what I wanted as hadn’t arrived.. they told me that I had to receive the item first then send it back at my cost than pay to have the
4.4 from 381 reviews

Latest review: With the help of ROB the legend I got the best Chrissie Present for my man he went through the process of different fonts with pictures very responsive with emails, would highly recommend him and the

4.5 from 144 reviews

Latest review: It was such a great experience dealing with Coverworld, great friendly staff, locally made from a family run business, will purchase again thanks

4.6 from 109 reviews

Latest review: Very happy with the service provided by Anthony, Jenny and Tiffany in managing my novated lease. Always happy to answer any questions along the way and did so in a professional and respectful way.

NRMA Batteries
4.4 from 149 reviews

Latest review: Replaced the two original batteries in out LC200 Diesel after 4 years of reliable operation on the factory batteries. My mistake was to be lazy and call NRMA for batteries. They worked fine for a few

Run Auto Parts
4.5 from 112 reviews

Latest review: Shipping is courier level expensive and my order just seemed to slip through the cracks and get lost in transit. Almost two weeks and I still haven't received it to date. Additionally, I would have

Mobile Auto Glass
4.3 from 275 reviews

Latest review: Can't comment on workmanship but if it's anything like their service, I would run in the other direction. Technician was meant to arrive between 8-11am today. He called at 10:30am to say he’d now c

The Car Kit Company

The Car Kit Company

 · includes 2 listings
4.4 from 90 reviews

Latest review: The CARKIT staffs are amazing, great job and great customer service. Highly recommend this company Sam is a great guy, great communication skills, friendly and arrived on time. 5 stars for



 · includes 2 listings
4.3 from 112 reviews

Latest review: I bought a pair of 7 inch LED headlights and now they are cloudy and faded lenses. Paid almost $400 and they last 3 years, very very poor value. Only washed with water, no chemicals. Out of warranty

4.1 from 580 reviews

Latest review: Ordered quite some time ago, they said 10 days because of back log and COVID, fair enough, has now been much longer than that and no email replies, super

4.4 from 63 reviews

Latest review: Easy to order ! Quick delivery ! Easy to install ! I used to hesitate (dangerously) to use my windscreen wipers because I didn't like the "stuttering" noise they made when I used them ... NOW, I

Rapid Tune Automotive Services
3.9 from 147 reviews

Latest review: Air-con not working so rang them , and booked in for 2pm on Friday . Arrived told them of problem as air-con not cooling said would take 1-1/2 hrs to do and cost $198 that was fine with me as wanting

3.7 from 322 reviews

Latest review: I pre-ordered my new Soul Red Mazda CX30 with paint protection and collected my new car May 2021. In Oct '21 when the car was in the shade I noticed marks all over it. Mazda was notified and referred

Vehicle Accessories
3.9 from 81 reviews

Latest review: Dear Management, Just want to applaud and thank your team in helping me with my roof racks purchase and installation. Brad who took my order over the phone was extremely helpful polite and very

Gas Strut Guys
4.7 from 26 reviews

Latest review: I recommend this business. Professional, and quick. I received a quality product, half the cost of the original part. $100 for two Rear Hatch hydraulic struts. Thank

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Various parts of a car, disassembled and laid out before the car body
A disassembled car body and various vehicle parts.

What are the different types of car parts available?

Genuine parts

These refer to the same parts that were installed in your car when it was originally manufactured. They carry the manufacturer’s logo and packaging. They are trickier to find than other types of replacement parts. You're more likely to find them at a car dealerships - which will be able to source the genuine part and install it.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts

While these aren’t branded with the car manufacturer’s logo, they are built by the company that was originally contracted to install the parts in your car. These parts are equally as reliable as genuine parts, fitting just as well, but are cheaper than genuine car parts.

Aftermarket parts

These car parts are made by third parties, as opposed to the manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer.

There are two types of aftermarket parts: cheap auto parts designed to be as affordable as possible, and performance aftermarket parts, which are specifically re-designed to be an improvement on the genuine or OEM part.

Most car accessories are also aftermarket additions to a car. This refers to any addition that’s not factory fitted by the manufacturer - like air conditioning or airbags, and that's also not a dealer-fitted extra - like wheel packages.

Aftermarket accessories can include: car seat covers, floor mats, battery car chargers, car sun shades, and window tinting. As these post-sale additions sold by car accessories shops aren't manufacturer-approved, aftermarket accessories aren’t covered by a car warranty.

Where can I buy car parts?

Car superstores

These refer to auto parts stores that are large chain stores. Some examples are Supercheap Auto and Repco. Most of these chains have hundreds of locations nationwide. For example, Repco has 400 stores around Australia, so there’s likely to be one near you.


In-person and online shopping options mean you can speak directly to staff for help and guidance.
Large range of stock when it comes to car parts and accessories, and car care. Often superstores have a large chain of suppliers. Selected motorcycle parts are sometimes available, such as filters and spark plugs.
Ability to search by rego or VIN number online means you can often input your unique car details. THe retailer's website will then have a label informing you whether car parts being sold are compatible with your vehicle.


Can be tricky to find rare car parts in a car superstore, which is more likely to stock generic or commonly found parts.
Poor build quality issues for cheaper car parts can sometimes be encountered.
Often more expensive than online alternatives, as you’re paying for the convenience of being able to walk in store, talk to a specialist staff member, and walk out with the new car part immediately in your hand.

Car dealerships or direct from the manufacturer

Car dealers aren't just for buying cars, but they also often sell car parts as well.


Wide range of parts and accessories available, which are branded for your specific car make and model. Most of these will be genuine parts or OEM parts.
Don’t have to DIY as parts and labour are usually completed together. This means you won’t have to spend time figuring out how to install parts, or source a garage to fit them for you.
Often backed by a warranty from the brand, creating a clear trail of accountability.


Often a more expensive option than sourcing car parts any other way, especially if you say yes to having the part installed for you at the dealership.
Not always practically possible to fit parts as many parts and accessories need to be fitted during the build process. Usually only aesthetic changes or replacements can be made.

Third party retailers

Third party retailers sell aftermarket parts, rather than branded parts and accessories. You can buy these aftermarket parts either in-store or online.


Some aftermarket parts are of equal or superior quality to genuine or OEM parts. This is more likely to be the case with performance aftermarket parts.
Good for specific, niche accessories such as aftermarket exhaust systems, roof racks, and storage boxes.
Often offer a wider range than the manufacturer when it comes to car parts and accessories.


Can be issues with fitting correctly as not all third-party systems offer the same fit as genuine and Original Equipment Manufacturer car parts.
Can void your new car warranty depending on the part, such as those involving engine performance upgrades.
Poor quality can sometimes be the result of aftermarket parts that are cheaply made and sold.
May be expensive if they’re engineered specifically to perform better than a genuine or OEM part when first installed in a specific car model. Third party accessories can be solidly built - such as Thule roof carriers, but this will make them more pricey.

Online Retailers

As you can't always know 100% what you're going to receive in the mail, the process of Making a return claim should be clearly outlined on an online retailer's website. Reading online reviews from fellow car owners can also help you determine how easy it is to return a car part or accessory with a particular company.


Can often be brand specialists which provides more peace of mind when it comes to getting the correct fitment for specific car parts, such as exhaust systems, wheels, brakes and engine parts.
Can be quick and convenient if the part or accessory you’re looking for is commonly available and easy to find online.
Can be cheaper than buying in-store, provided that fees for shipping and delivery aren’t too high.
Will include a warranty as part of the sale (at the very least, an Australian Consumer Law warranty) since these are online businesses, compared to individual sellers on ebay and Amazon.
Further guarantees may be provided. For example, Run Auto Parts provides a ‘fitment guarantee,’ which allows you to get a full refund on a car part that doesn’t fit properly.


Could turn into a headache if the car part you’re trying to source is especially niche and you’re spending hours trawling the web to try and find it. It may be easier to consult with a car dealer or a staff member at your local parts store for guidance.
Unsuitable if you need a replacement part ASAP due to the waiting times caused by shipping and delivery. This is particularly the case if you’re ordering from an overseas retailer.
International shipping risks such as damage to the product, and time spent in goods quarantine, can extend the time that the car part or accessory takes to reach you.
Must be extra careful that the parts and accessories ordered from overseas retailers will match the Australian car make and model. Even the same car make and model can have subtle differences between countries.

Second-hand parts

If you’re looking to save a bit of cash, it’s possible to source used parts from private sellers (usually online) or from a junkyard, where you'll find plenty of spare car parts.


Good for sourcing niche parts no longer made by the manufacturer or OEM.
More affordable than buying new parts.


More risky from a consumer standpoint as buying from a private seller means there’s no warranty. Buying a second hand part doesn’t guarantee a working part, which can leave you in the lurch if you need an emergency part and you end up buying a lemon.
Existing wear or damage is another risk borne of buying a used car part. You may unwittingly end up paying more to replace the part again if it stops working soon after purchase.
Sellers can jack up the price for particularly rare parts, which can make it easier to pay much higher than a fair price. For this reason and the sake of reliability, it’s often better to source rare parts from a car dealer.

Where can I buy car parts for cheap?

Car parts can be expensive, and it makes sense to prioritise being thrifty so you don’t pay an arm and leg for a replacement part.

However, if the choice boils down to saving some cash or sourcing a reliable part, always choose reliability over a cheap price. Prioritising a low price over everything else often means you can wind up with a poor quality car part - or one that simply doesn’t fit in your car. This means you’ll spend more money buying a replacement part for your replacement part - making the extreme pursuit of thriftiness a more expensive exercise, in the end.

Are ebay or Amazon a good place to buy car parts?

eBay and Amazon can be a convenient avenue to buy used car parts, but you need to know exactly what you’re looking for to find the right car part. Namely, you need to know the specific part number and manufacturer name.

Amazon and ebay are online marketplaces with private sellers who are everyday individuals. As a result, ‘mislistings’ can be common. This refers to the incorrect labelling of car parts on the online selling platforms, which can cause you to buy the wrong part. In other cases, the ebay Parts Compatibility catalogue can be incorrect, making it unreliable to solely rely on. Both of these factors make it easier to buy a part that won’t fit in your car.

To avoid this, it may be better to buy parts with the brand/ manufacturer name on the box, if possible, as this helps guarantee that the part will be the right fit. However, as this will be a genuine part - this is likely to increase the price, which may cancel out some of the positive cost-saving benefits of shopping on ebay or Amazon.

Finding used parts at the junkyard

This can be a cost-effective option if you have some mechanical experience or are a fast learner when it comes to cars.

Self-service junkyards (also called auto dismantlers) allow you can find the specific part you need for your car make and model, remove it from the car it’s currently fitted to, and attach it to your car instead. You’ll probably have to bring your own tools. The main appeal is that you can find auto spares for extremely cheap prices.

However, as with all used parts, there’s no warranty or way of guaranteeing that there is no existing damage or wear and tear to the car part that you salvage.

The bottom line

Overall, when sourcing car parts and accessories, prioritising the correct fit for your specific car make and model is the top priority.

While buying online or second-hand can present both convenient and cost-effective options, they can make the issue of transparency trickier in terms of sourcing a good quality car part that’s compatible with your vehicle.

Doing thorough research on the specific part number and fair asking price for a prospective car part or accessory will work in your favour. This will help ensure you get both a good deal and a car part that goes the distance with your car.