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Archers the Strata Professionals

Archers the Strata Professionals

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professional & experienced

Archers The Strata Professionals provide a very professional level of service, taking the time to educate all its members on legislative changes and key issues affecting all areas on Body Corporate Management. I have found them to be prompt with advice and guidance. This high level of support facilitates our Body Corporate Committee in running an efficient, compliant and fiscally responsible complex, which perhaps most importantly, assists in generating a confident and harmonious community for our residents to come home to.

Exceptional service!

Archers have managed The Dalgety since 2010. We have always experienced exceptional service and advice providing owners with the confidence that our interests are well looked after. I have experienced this high standard from the outset. Archers provide us with guidance through every facet of management with a thorough explanation provided on all matters related to running the affairs of the Body Corporate.

QLD BC Managers are also poorly qualified according to my extensive experience

BC Managers are poorly qualified but only interested in making money,. Furthermore, many important issues related to building cancers, flooding and essential repairs are ignored until they owners suddenly are faced with a big bill. Most of the building issues are not even reported to the QBC when the developer who is also the caretaker runs the resort etc...but what is disturbing for Owners and tenants is that the caretaker has collected several AVOs. These matters should be heard at Queensland CAT. Unfortunately, the BCCM in Queensland was a useless Government Bureaucracy run by the previous Commissioner who has left and being replaced by a woman. Will now all these caretakers with AVOs be investigated and sacked?

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Is Baybreeze Resort in the Whitsunday another Opel Tower? There are tenants saying that pieces of concrete ate falling of several balconies and the RWC have been notified.

Slimiest people on earth - Avoid archers if you value your property!

Body Corporate Regulations require levy notices to be given to lot owners at least 30 days before due...i have not been receiving regular levy notices since the year 2011 (but have been receiving someone else's) and now the muppets of Archers want to take me to court to make me pay for their mistake!

Not Happy At All with Archers

Nick Cammans says it all and I totally agree, Archers do exploit property owners to the max. I find a total lack of ethics in them, they simply make excuses for their lack of action when some should have been taken. There is little thought for the owners or the tenants. My advice is stay away from them and thoroughly check their review site..

Avoid Archers "The Strata Professionals" at all cost

Communication, transparency and competence of this firm are some of the worst I've ever seen. Take your property management issues in the Whitsunday somewhere else. Also, when Units floods, It takes them years of hostile emails back and forth just to get the insurer to come visit and provide an assessment. Fail to provide any assistance whatsoever. Complete incompetence.

Owners ensure these matters are heard at VCAT.

April 15th 2018 Update: Archers do exploit property owners

I totally agree, Archers do exploit property owners to the max. I find a total lack of ethics in them, they simply make always excuses for their lack of competence having been involved with them for 10 years.

Hi Rick, Thanks for sharing your feedback. Body Corporate Strata Group is a Victorian Owners Corporation Management, as you mentioned your property management issues reside with the Archers in the Whitsundays. This review may not have been intended for the Body Corporate Strata Group Product Review page. If you would like any further information on Body Corporate Strata Group services, please feel free to visit our website www.bodycorporatestrata.com.au. You are also welcome to contact us via our Feedback email address at feedback@bodycorporatestrata.com.au. Sincerely, Body Corporate Strata GroupCorrection: Owners ensure these matters are heard at Queensland CAT. BCCM in Queensland is a useless Government Bureaucracy.

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