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Ardo Calypso Electric Breastpump

Ardo Calypso Electric Breastpump

4.3 from 22 reviews

Cannot get more worse than this.

Bought Ardo Calypso Double Plus Pump for my partner from Nursing Angel.Pump never worked from Day 1.Shocked to see how Nursing Angel is surviving in the market with Poor Customer Service even going to extent of violating Australian Consumer Laws.They neither pick up phone nor answer emails.Got in touch with Ardo who supplied new membrane and lip valve.Still pump does not works.Pump checked by ABA volunteer who said pump is faulty.I am seriously think of getting refund to avoid any further embarassment.I am struck up with this faulty pump for 1 month after spending $320 on it.Definitely one of the nightmare in my life.

Purchased in April 2019 for $320.00.

Easy to use

Pump is easy to use. Quick in pumping. Easy to clean and store the milk.But you have to assemble the bottle properly if not pumping does not work. Instructions for how to use should be proper.

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Warranty is a joke.

The pump was working OK until it broke down. Despite stated 12 months warranty for electrical pump, AC adaptor is only 3 months.
It is a core function of electrical pump to work from AC, how can it be considered an accessory. Moreover the device itself has time limit so it will be out of warranty before 12 months too.
You are likely to get a better quality with noname devise from Asia.

Purchased in December 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Update: I was contacted by ARDO and was offered an apology for mishandled process and received replacement pump. The warranty apparently is now upgraded and the vendor's replacement process simplified. Issue now solved.

Great Product. Quiet and easy to use.

The pump is very quiet and easy to use. This is definitely a product to consider if you are wanting to use it at work or in other similar situations. It intentionally does not have any pumping programs which I initially found a little disappointing, but I have found that with use the simple operation works well for me. The pump is strong enough and the bottle are nicely shaped for holding.

The product is easy to clean, though I did end up breaking the small white valves. This is very easy to do and means the pump will not function. The team at Ardo were very helpful though and assisted me to identify the problem and provided me with additional valves, great service!!

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyOccasionally (once a day or less)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding

Pump is weak with very little suction

The pump is faulty it now has a red light and doesnt have any suction.
Before the red light was on it didnt have any or very little suction.
We borrowed a ardo pump before we bought it so we knew how to use it and we got milk out but with this pump not a drop came out.
The pump arrived yesterday at 3pm 1st use was 4.30/5 then called up nursing angle straight away who we bought it from they wore extremely unhelpful and said we cant return it.

We're sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your breastpump. You are most welcome to contact Ardo Australia directly to discuss the pump's operation. The number is 1300 GO ARDO (1300 46 2736).We contracted ardo Australia and the next day a replacement pump arrived and worked great no faults and the service was fantastic so my advice is dont buy from nursing angel buy from ardo Australia Nursing angel refused to helpThanks Rob - so glad we helped to get this sorted. This is a most unusual case and we’re working with Nursing Angel to streamline our responses! To all Mums - don't forget that it's super important to have the right breast shell to fit your nipple size. The wrong breast shell size will always cause a pump to struggle, and also be uncomfortable for you. Ardo stock a wide range of breast shell sizes!

Perfect for moms

Easy to use feature. Got recommended by Australian breastfeeding association line when I called for help with mastitis. It’s great for mom’s who looking to build put the milk supply to store in the fridge for baby. The bottle is easy clean and sanitise. The bottle is perfect size to hold by hand.

Bought it online from maternityangel.com.au

Product made in Switzerland

This pump is great - it is true it doesn't have the let-down ...

I've been using this pump now for almost 6 months - It is the pump I use at work and take places. I have a Medela Symphony hospital pump that I use at home. This pump is great - it is true it doesn't have the let-down setting that some have but it has not been an issue for me to figure out the settings. It has great suction - gentle like my Symphony pump but I do have to run it close to the max which is fine. I use it exclusively plugged into the wall - if you plan to run it on batteries I would recommend against that because it does run thru batteries super fast - like every two pumps I need to replace the 6 AA batteries in it or it looses suction. I purchase a car adapter that I use to plug it into in the car and that solved my battery usage issue. I had hoped that the massaging gel inserts would work but they were to small for my nipple size. I would recommend this pump for sure - I had am Ameda Purely Yours that my insurance gave me - that thing is HORRIBLE and really harsh compared to my Ardo. I'm a fan!
Edited to add that I really like the bag it comes in - really nice, lots of spots to organize things, doesn't look "baby-ish" and it holds everything I need! I also like that the pump can be used with Medela bottles - it's the same thread pitch.

Highly recommend!!

Without a doubt the Calypso pump has contributed to the fact that I am currently still breast feeding my 16 month old. In the early days you really need a pump that is easy to use/clean whilst still being effective and comfortable, this pump delivers all this. Bonus is that it is quite so never disturbed my little one whilst he slept on me whilst I expressed. Thank you Ardo!! I would definitely use this pump again and highly recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a user friendly pump.

Excellent pumps!!!

We tried Nadella swing and didn't have much luck. Great products. Have to thank breastfeeding association and the Westmead Hospital for putting us onto this brand. Wish we had know for our first child. Cleaning is easy. Used for 4 months to help build supply. If we ever had another child we certainly would used these products.

Satisfied with Purchase

When I tried out my new Ardo Calypso I had already used another pump to establish my milk flow so I initially found this pump sluggish and not as effective suction as the hospital pump. Over time though it has proved to be a reliable pump and convenient to use with battery option for the double pump and a manual single hand pump provided in the kit. I initially had contacted Ardo with concerns that the pump was not efficient but it was soon discovered that a duck valve was faulty and this was quickly replaced free of charge. Ardo have been very helpful and supportive with the assistance provided by their lactation consultant where I needed it for optimising the use of this pump. For me it was an overall worthwhile investment but it was a daunting experience purchasing a new pump. It was the exceptional customer service that made the difference with this purchase.

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Jess thanks for your review - we're just adding that service kits are available via our on line site. It's a great idea to keep one handy and renew as required. $15 at ardo.com.au

Great pump, exceptional service

The pump is excellent, efficient, comfortable, easy to use and clean and surprisingly quiet. The best thing for me though has been the exceptional customer service I received following a few hiccups with my pump along the track. Instant responses and extremely helpful and quick action and for this reason I would certainly recommend using Ardo over another brand.

Absolutely wonderful product to help all mummas

I have been using Ardo Calypso double breast pump for 2 months now and I can't live without it even for a day. This pump has helped me to build my supply and store my breast milk for my husband and parents to feed my baby once I get back to work. As the pump is compact, soundless and portable, we are easily able to take it with us for outings and express and feed the baby. Thanks to Ardo for making life easier, now we dont worry when going out for a long trip as I am able to carry plenty of expressed milk for my baby. My husband loves feeding our baby which was made possible for us by Ardo. As this is a closed system pump it's so easy to clean and sterilise the pump and bottles. All the other accessories like cold storage bags, silicone inserts and the whole bag that comes with the pump are handy to carry the pump and milk around easily. The customer service team is also excellent. I am an Ardo fan for lifetime now, Thanks for making life a little bit easy

A quality product, highly recommend to anyone wanting to pump

The Ardo pump is a quality product and should be the first choice of pump for any Mum! Whilst this brand isn't well known in Australia yet, it's been around a long time in the UK and once you try it, you won't regret it. My hospital lactation consultant recommended it and then after further research, I realised it was endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. It's simple to use, easy to clean and really effective for pumping. I would highly recommend this product.

Best pump ever!

The Calypso pump has made my last 18 months of breastfeeding and pumping very comfortable and easy. In the early months I used it after feeds to increase my supply and as time has gone by I use it to express when I am at work or going out. The easy adjusting of both the pressure and cycles helps me adjust the pump to get the most milk while staying comfortable all of the time. After using a couple of different pumps in the early days, both my husband and I found the cleaning of the Ardo kit so much easier than other kits. I have had no issues with back flow into my tubing which did occur with other sets I used. I would use this pump over and over again! I have recommended it to anyone who is looking for one.

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Thank you Jenn, we appreciate the positive feedback!

Awesome machine!

I purchased this pump after using 2 other branded pumps - and this has so far been the best! I do not pump full time, I require a pump to manage an over supply, so I can't speak from the experience of someone who uses a pump multiple times a day, but it's perfect for me!
I had a bad experience with another brand of pump, so I really did my research before committing to buy an Ardo. I contacted the ABA, a retailer (Nursing Angel) and Ardo themselves.
I found out that Ardo is now endorsed by the ABA and is available in some areas as a hire pump. So the fact that the ABA rated them highly made me feel like I was going to be buying something of good quality. The customer service at Nursing Angel was excellent, all my queries were answered and they were very knowledgeable of the product. In fact, there was another pump I was originally going to purchase, but it was currently out of stock. The staff at Nursing Angel recommended the Ardo instead, and I am so glad they did. Ardo's customer service was also fantastic. I emailed them a lot of questions, and they had a lactation consultant phone me and answer all my questions and offer further support if needed. After getting all this information together, I thought I would go ahead and purchase it. I was still a little nervous when it arrived, given my last experience with another brand, but I needn't have worried. The pump is well made (it's Swiss made! So it's excellent quality), it's easy to put together, it's ridiculously quiet, and it works beautifully! It comes with 3 shield sizes (26mm, 28mm and 31mm). I was using the 24mm with another brand and Ardo do not have a 24mm shield. But after talking to the lactation consultant, she suggested I try the next size down, 22mm. I did have to buy these separate to the pump, but they were only $15, so not a big expense. I'm glad I did, they are a perfect fit.
All replacement parts are available from Ardo and Nursing Angel (and probably other places, but they are two that I know of), and they are a great price. Not over the top expensive, so I feel good knowing that if I needed extra bits and pieces, it's not a big expense.
Other than the wonderful service I've received so far, and the great quality of the pump, extra things I have really liked are the Ardo website - they have so many helpful videos and information on there, you can find just about anything you need. Also, the warranty is amazing! It is a 2 year/400 hour warranty, whatever comes LAST. When you first turn on the pump, there is a small green light. This stays green until you have used the pump for over 400 hours, then it turns orange. It was explained to me that if I were to use the pump for one child, and maybe used 200 hours... then put it away in the cupboard for 3 years and get if out for the next child, it is still under warranty. I found that really reassuring.
Overall, I'm really happy with my pump, it takes away a lot of the engorgement stress I've been having and I love how reliable it is. It is a decent expense (I purchased the double for just over $300), but it is still a lot cheaper than other brands. Also, it is Hospital grade, so it's even better than a lot of other (more expensive) pumps!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review!

A Breastfeeding Essential!

Extremely happy with the ARDO pump. It is super quite, very easy & comfortable to use, & cleaning is a breeze - love the microwave sterilising bags. I don't use it every day because my little one is predominately breastfed, but it works a treat when I do. My partner enjoys offering our babe a bottle of expressed goodness. Happily recommend it to others.

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Thank you! What a lovely review!

What a lifesaver!

As a first time mom, I was unsure to purchase a pump, especially because it is quite a hefty buy.

I first came across Ardo at the Baby Expo and was very impressed with the system: closed system, minimal parts to clean compared to others, flexibility to go portable, silent, adjustable suction strength and frequency.

I am happy with my Ardo, it helped me establish my milk, gave me a little bit of a break from constant sucking by bub. It was very comfortable, easy to use.

I bought it from ardo.com.au and the customer service was great. The manager called me to ensure that I got the suitable attachments.

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Thank you for your review, I am so glad the pump helped you and we looked after you!

Such a great and efficient pump!

I was recommended this pump by my lactation consultant. It was a great alternative to the hospital grade pumps and so much more portable.
It was still nice and powerful and helped me express for my twins while I had issues getting them to latch.
I expressed around 2L a day on this little gem!
It was comfy, easy to clean and I have recommended it to other Mummas in my community.
Occasionally I experienced 'glitches' where the pump would have an error but it was corrected by turning the unit off and on again.
All together I was really happy with it and used it until my twins weaned at 1 year old.

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Thank you for your lovely review!

Life Changing

The Ardo hand pump has literally saved me a few times in the last few months.

My son in 7 months old and has many allergies.

I was admitted to hospital for tests and due to the medications, I couldn't breastfeed for a day. My son had never had a bottle before and I hadn't need to express. Ardo's hand pump was amazing. Easy to use (so easy my hubby can put it together, now that's saying something!), super easy to clean (microwaveable sterilising bags are actually indescribable), it's efficient and comfortable.

Most recently, I've been struck down with the dreaded gastro bug and my little one has gone to stay with his grandparents. My Ardo hand pump has been my best friend aiding me in working to keep up my supply and provide my son with expressed milk so he can continue with breast milk.

Ardo has taken so much stress away from an anxious Mama in many situations in the last 7 months. I can't recommend them higher and I'm so grateful.

M x

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Thank you Meg for your review, we are so glad the hand pump worked so well for you!

Awesome product

It is an awesome brest pump which is quiet and reliable. The mechanisms are really easy to use and moreover its really easy to clean. The 10 minutes expressing gives more than sufficient milk for my baby. Compared to the brest pumps at the hospital, its easefulness, quietness and portability makes me recommand the product to all my friends.

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Thank you Neethu for your review!

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