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Ariston PK640RGHAUS

Ariston PK640RGHAUS

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6 stars brilliant design on LPG. except

If I could I would give this six stars. It is perfect.
Easy clean, the separate grates make it easy to clean a spill, plus being hinged you don't have to remove totally.
Stainless is easy to keep in its original condition (so far) 3mths old
LPG flame just right, and economical burn rate, we use the work burners every day.
Flame out a little slow to catch on, but that is fine, because they work!
Design configuration? Great for us, you can have the work going and use the other burners at the same time.
Another good Ariston product.
EXCEPT: crappy low quality burner knobs, made of plastic, ours have already started to lose their "metal look"
Ariston went all out to produce another top quality product, except one little thing that looks at you every time you use it and it makes you feel cheated.
Come on Ariston stop making your products look good just when new, they need to look good down the track too.
It is the one thing my visitors remark on.
Oh! Nice cook top. What happened to the knobs?

Date PurchasedMay 2018

My dream come true

Good arrangement for the burners!
Good dual option flame for the wok burner.
Speedy ignition.
Strong powerful cooking.
Low setting works well.
Easy to clean.
More space for the pots and in a sensible arrangement.
No issues after installation.
The dials feel lightweight.
We got the extra services guarantee for the time in the future that the safety ignition feature might wear out.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Poor Quality and worse Customer Service.

Ariston is happy to sell products but that's the end of their care. Ariston supplied a Gas Cooktop but it was not the one ordered: the wider unit that is featured on Masterchef was what we expected but we received the smaller rectangular one. We only installed the cooktop as it had taken a couple of weeks to arrive and the electrician had removed the electric one and we would have had no cooking facilities for more weeks until another was sent.
The cooktop we received was only shrink wrapped and it had scratches all over the stainless steel. After several telephone calls and photos being sent a service call was arranged to inspect the unit. It took nearly 3 months for this to happen: more photos and according to Ariston ; nothing to be fixed..
The burners after installation don't have anywhere near the stated BTU outputs and the Work burner still pops and has an orange flame after three, 3, Service Calls. The other burners don't have an even flame around the burners either but there is no explanation for this given that they are cast and should all be the same. One knob has fractured with gentle use and has been replaced. We have been trying to get the cooktop replaced for over a year now to no avail.
Buy Ariston at your own risk as we were sold the product, I believe in good faith, but it is certainly not worth $1000 plus installation.
Once bitten twice shy and we vote with our feet.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Very disappointed in the wok burner ,the flame failure is ridiculously long if it works at all very

I love Ariston products and have been using them for at least 20 years ,washing machines ,ovens and cooktops in various homes and investment properties, so I had no hesitation buying this. I was so impressed with the design for easy cleaning, the spacing between the hobs,the duo function wok burner. It is the wok burner flame failure I am concerned about ,the others are all fine . The wok burner takes an age and is so frustrating ,I am wondering if there is something wrong with mine,only bought it about 12 days ago and had it professionally installed on Tuesday ,called the gas fitter back and he said it is an Ariston feature.Well it's one I could do without ,it is so infuriating!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Excellent design

Very happy with this purchase! The spacing and arrangement of the burners is very good. The design is nice and simple and easy to care for and clean. I love the simple racks design and the way they are hinged to lift up to clean. Flame control is very good especially for low simmering. Wonderful improvement on our old gas cooktop.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi John, thanks for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback about your Ariston cooktop! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the appliance. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 762 219. Kind regards, Ariston Brand.

Pretty much rubbish really

The gas burners do not work properly. The gas flickers, makes a lot of noise and goes out time and time again. The plumber said there was no problem with gas supply and the serviceman could not work out the problem. I am so disappointed. I suggest avoiding this product, I hope this helps people make a better decision.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

One of a few 65cm wide gas cooktop available amongst the many 60cm wide gas cooktops

We needed to replace our 19 year old Chef gas cooktop (64cm wide). Went searching for a similar size gas cooktop and was lucky that this model was available at 65cm wide. Bought the gas cooktop from Harvey Norman on 10/01/2017 for $699.00. Used a licence gas fitter to install the gas cooktop on 24/01/2017. The spacing of the burners are good. When adjusting the flame the colour of the flame for each of the burners had a bit too much yellow flame which meant inefficient burning of gas. The gas fitter assured me the excess yellow flame was due to minor blockages in the new burners. With frequent use the blockages will be burned out and the excess yellow flames will disappear. Ariston should include this information in their manual to inform their customers. Sure enough, the excess yellow flames have mostly disappeared with a few remaining and the rest are blue flames.
The dual wok burner is great compared to the old dual wok burner. The 2 piece cast iron pan support rests on hinges that can be lift up and rest on the hinge (more than 90 degrees) for easy cleaning. To ignite a burner the knob has to be pressed for about 7 seconds to allow the flame continuity contrary to 2-3 seconds according to the manual. This was the case for all the burners.
When cleaning, avoid having water droplets entering the control knobs as that would short circuit the ignition switch rendering useless- according to my gas fitter and the user manual.
Ariston offer a 5 year warranty. Other manufacturers offer 2 year warranty.
Good purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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After more than 4 months of use, the ignition time for flame continuity have reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds, inline with the manual. The excess yellow flames have been reduced with more blue flames. I guess the reason could be that the "minute blockages" within the burners have been burned off. No more problem.


I spent a lot of time looking at the different technical specifications of a lot of different stove tops. I did a comparison based on price vs heat output (in Mega Joules). This has the highest heat output for the price and we are so happy we made the purchase. For once we have a stove top which has enough heat to do a stir fry instead of stewing the meat. We also love the convenience of the design because we can have three pots at once which is handy when your cooking pasta or multiple dishes for a dinner party.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

DANGEROUS. this is a poorly designed cooktop.

i have always like aristion gas stove product. at the time of purchase i considered that i was buying a good cook top. yes it cooks well. BUT Ariston, you must remove this product from your design range. it is dangerous. the small hob at the back has the potential for harm. if you are using the middle left and righthobs and wish to use the back for any purpose, you face the risk of burns from steam or the possibility of a fire burn. it has only been with the use of this stove in the last two weeks that i have to my consternation discovered this fault. as a designer i am angry at myself for not seeing it in situ in the shop. you must really try using this product with all hobs going. it is my fervent belief that you MUST remove this product from your range. thank you for your time, i am available for contact and i will be putting my review on facebook shortly.

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Dear Lee, thank you for your review, we are sorry to read about your experience, we have had the same design cooktop for over 20 years and have not had such issues. The diamond is our current design, we can suggest to be cautious when using all the burners as you would be with a standard 4 burner gas cooktop. Feel free to call our team if you have further questions, 1300 762 219. Best wishes, Ariston team.

Very good cooktop

Much quicker than an electric stove and although I have had to adjust my thinking in regards to using a gas cooktop, I am getting there and I am very happy with my choice.

Not overly impressed.

Bought all Ariston appliances when renovating my kitchen based on the reviews and the 5 year warranty. Well laid out cooktop for use with more than one pot or pan. My star rating is based on the fact you cannot keep it clean. It water marks easily and always seems to have a lint presence. Would not buy Stainless Steel ever again. Should have known better when I bought this but thought might have been different based on the reviews. Service assistance from Ariston however was excellent as had a minor issue when first installed. Customer Service consultant was fantastic.

Great cook top, Easy to clean excellent features. 5 yera w/tee

We recently bought all new appliances for our renovated kitchen. We chose Ariston appliances wherever possible, The 5 year warranty tells me that they are prepared to back their product. It is bigger than the average 600 mm cooktop but fits into a standard 600 cutout. Cast iron trivets which simply pivot back for easy cleaning. A handy lay out with a good range of burner sizes. The wok burner has a great idea. Turn the nob to the left and it lights up the whole burner, but you can also turn it to the right and it light only the small burner in the centre of the wok burner, ideal for keeping sauces, gravy etc warm without having to worry about it burning anything. It is the only gas hob I have seen with that feature and I use it quite a bit. Again would not hesitate recommending it to anyone. Good value for money with the best warranty on the market.

5 years warranty

Bought it for an investment property because of the 5 years warranty from Harvey Norman.
Appears to be good quality.

Love my new cooktop

Loving my new Ariston 4 burner gas cooktop. The iron frame lifts up for easy cleaning or you can take off completely. The burners are positioned apart for maximum use without overcrowding which means I can have my two largest pots on the cooktop at the same time. Flame failure is a huge safety feature.
2 large burners separated so I can use them both at the same time without over crowding the cooktop
The stainless top has already marked with a water stain after first use

Handy width and burner layout

I purchased this cooktop as part of a package from Harvey Norman about a month ago. What appealed was the width, at 650mm it is a little wider than the standard 600mm but still fits within the same bench cutout. The extra 5cm, as well as the 'cross' layout of the burners, makes it very easy to cook with multiple pots/pans at once. The wok burner is on the right-hand side, meaning it doesn't block the other burners when in use. The ignition works well and we like the extra safety of the flame failure cut-off. The cast-iron trivet is in two pieces and swings out of the way on hinges for cleaning.
Good layout, useful width (fits standard 600mm cutout), easy ignition. Good value.

Questions & Answers

b200 article talks of old 64 being replace with ariston 65 cm model- question: please advise old model's CUT OUT size - by bench in laminate&timer... width X depth thankyou
1 answer
The cutout for the PK640RGH AUS cooktop model is 555mm wide x 475mm deep. Regards

What size is it?
2 answers
What size is the cooktop. Ariston PK640RGHHi Nicole, This cooktop is 650mm wide, by 510mm deep. The full specs, including cut-out dimensions are available on our website. https://aristonbrand.com/inventory/gas-cooktop-pk640rgh/ Regards

Hi, I bought Ariston cook top last week. When I am trying to turn on only inner ring, it’s not working. What should I do?
1 answer
Hi Ruchi, each ring comprising the burner has its own control knob. To activate any one of the two rings, press the corresponding knob and turn it anti-clockwise to the maximum power setting. I recommend that you read the user manual under chapter 'Start-up and Use'. Kind regards, Ariston Team.


Ariston PK640RGHAUS
CategoryGas Cooktops
Price (RRP)$999
Elements4 x Gas
Primary Element4
Control PositionFront
Release dateSep 2013

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  • GTIN13: 8007842797800

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