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Top customer service

Recently I bought a microphone cable and it arrived in good time, as described. My previous experience had been with an amplifier purchased from Swamp. This worked fine for a few months and then packed up. Following some very helpful diagnostics over the phone, Swamp told me they were unable to repair or replace this model, and gave me a full refund. I was very impressed with the service.

Crap these guys

ordered 4x fibreglass panels from Swamp as my second time purchasing from supplier ( first order had a total of 4384 ) , one of the panels comes completely busted , frame , panel itself and stained black on a corner. requested refund on one panel as I can't hang it on my walls as possible clients will laugh at me , provide details and photos , no refund no communication.

Exemplary Customer support!

My product arrived damaged (in transit), but I did not take receipt of it for several weeks after purchasing it, because I was away on tour. When I finally contacted customer support about the issue, they were fantastic and replaced it promptly without question.

Excellence in Service and Performance

Working 70 years in the broadcasting industry makes you constantly searching for excellence in product quality and product knowledge. There are countless manufacturers producing often products beyond quality control and distributors trying to sell you all sorts of products being less than professional or in some cases useless for work. Many years ago I came across a Fyshwick, ACT company by the strange name of Swamp Industries. At the time I needed new microphones for our radio station at Goulburn and for Radio and Media Productions a community-based organisation. It is obvious that money is always a problem with non-commercial organisations and it makes a difference if you have to spend $2000 for a microphone or only $200. We checked Swamp Industries products out and ever since are customers of the company. The product knowledge is second to none and this reflects in the performance and service. The company has expanded their product range and I am happy to see a company run by young people being successful. Well done, Swamp Industries.

Worst service ever.

Enquired about speaker stands due on 16/12/2016. No response for 3 days, checked website again, out of stock. Obviously, never had stock, or forward order in place. Purchased locally, in stock, $10 more, delivered in 24 hours. Would love to hear from suppliers regarding payment and terms.

A Very Bad Experience

Having won an online auction for a guitar, it took a number of days for the to contact me saying they had made a mistake and couldn't supply the item but supply an alternative or refund. The auction price was very good, and the alternate product was not what I bought or wanted. I was told more stock in January, and when I accepted this, it suddenly became unknown when stock would be available.
The whole deal seemed like they were avoiding supplying the product due to the low sale price. To say they couldn't get firm supply times from their distributor seem very odd. Another company could get the product in 2 day.

I had to pay more but got the guitar I wanted from another store that had it in stock and checked, packed and shipped the guitar within 24 hours.

I was offered a discount coupon as compensation but I refuse to do anymore business with them. Not a very reputable business in my opinion.

Couldn't ask for better service

I'm a many times return purchaser and this most recent one, like the previous, I couldn't ask for better service and delivery was fast.

I can't believe how good is the cables

Great cables. I hear that the Mics are good as well will be buying more gear in the future.

Great website as well.

Excellent service, great price for quality item

Much cheaper price than others and customer services was excellent. Bought speaker stands and realised they were in my city so I went to check out the quality (as I thought it was too good to be true) and everything was excellent.

Great Service, Will use again

Amazing service and my product arrived 2 days after purchasing and in perfect condition! Definitely recommend and will be purchasing a lot more from them in future.Thanks so much and see you again soon.

Awesome service and value for money

I order 4 guitar pedals online and the service is very fast, I received the items on time and use it right away to our gig, I really like the Daphon compressor, Phaser and Chorus that I both I am very happy but the Overdrive wasn't good enough as I expected but that's alright. What I really like is the service, I definitely recommend Swamp Ind. to my friend, I cant wait to buy again to them.

Excellent service

I am really happy with my first experience here at Swamp. It's always a nervous thing buying online but the guys at Swamp offer a fast and safe service and it's a service I will use again without hesitation.

Thanks so much and see you again soon.

Great service and value!

Amazing service and my product arrived 2 days after purchasing and in perfect condition! Definitely recommend and will be purchasing a lot more from them in future.

Great Service, Will use again.

Ordered from WA. Ordered product and was mailed the next day and delivered ASAP. Good price and decent delivery time. Will be using them to buy most of my audio equipment from now on.
The courier company they use doesn't have the greatest website or tracking service but product was delivered on time.


I have bought many items from these guys and all items have been perfect. Nice quick postage too which is great. I'm always happy to shop with swamp.

Excellent Customer Service. Good product.

Fantastic seller. Very quick postage and great item. Value for money.
Highly recommended. A++++
Would buy from them again.
Thank you.

Great Drum Throne !

Bought the Hydrolic Drum Throne great product really works well. Plus Super Fast shipping very happy customer! Will buy from Swamp Ind again!!

Excellent Product

Excellent service, speedy dispatch and very easy to complete the transaction. Nice to know that Swamp Industries supplies high quality components, such as Neutrik XLR connectors, which I recently purchased and extremely happy with. Thanks for your help, I will be a return customer and have no problems with recommending your company to my friends.

Excellent Service!

Swamp Industries offers a great range of products and at great prices as well. The product range is extensive and the prices are very competitive at that. I recommend Swamp fully!

Brilliant products & service.

All products were as described and arrived quicker than expected. Only issue was some dirt on mic stand bags but it washed off easily.

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