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Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge
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Changed my life!

When I signed up, I wasn't expecting much. I was obese, and scared that everyone would be fit and skinny. What I found was some people were in the same body as me. I did 3 rounds, I started at 120kgs and got down to 65kg by following the clean eat guide and going to her boot camps. No starving myself. It was a bit expensive. If I lost motivation I could see why people would be angry having their money direct debited.
But I pushed through the Doms and was transformed and can life my life feeling confident. (I didn't even get saggy skin of anything because you tone!) those 36weeks changed my life.


Horrible, bullying company. Keep taking your money and don't respond to requests for refunds. They seem to make up rules for the group on the go and are Great at making this unclear to their followers. Stay away

MASSIVE scam!!!

Just a money hungry business. All they care about is putting money in their pockets and finding ways to do so that are shady! Kept charging me well after I discontinued the plan!


They took so much money from my account and continued to do so until I literally canceled my card! They refused a refund and were extremely rude! Please please please don’t buy ANYTHING from this company.

Not bad

I joined the abbbc bootcamps for the first 2 rounds they had in my local area. It was great, I had so much fun and met some great ppl. My trainer was awesome and went above and beyond for us.
Only prob was it was SO expensive, more than double my gym membership now, and the times werent very flexible for full time workers, so i definitely wasn't getting my money's worth. Other than that I would have continued on

Ashby Bines scam

Ashby Bines
Not a reputable company
Scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam


Agree with most other people. It's a scam. Such a rip off. Kept taking money out of my account even after the 12 weeks was over. Over $500 has been taken out without my knowledge. Extremely annoyed and upset.

Very ambiguous

Signed up for the 12 wk bikini challenge finishing in November 2016. All fine not for me though only for the beautiful people. I was unaware that I signed up to be a life member at $41.01AUD a month I did not authorise this not happy, the bank said that I would have to cancel my card and as they have these very dodgy terms and conditions I don't really have a leg to stand on, when I disputed this and asked them to stop I got a very polite email stating we didn't here from you so we just went ahead.....No, what do you get every month? access to the beautiful people app and fb page? Any way I was sent a link to the terms and conditions mumbo jumbo and if there is anything else we can assist you with, yes stop taking my money......
So I cancelled my membership!! outcome pending. Moral of the story I am sure this program works for some people but just read the fine print before signing up to anything with this mob. At the end of the day its a business.

Don't sign up! They keep taking your money!

You think you are signing up just for 12 weeks, but they keeping taking $40 from your account every month. Even though it's written NO WHERE when signing up, you are signing up to a lifetime membership. BEWARE! They don't give refunds for ripping you off with hidden costs either.


Signed up over 12 mths ago for a service I never received which was meant to be under $10 per month. After every possible attempt to cancel with no response what so ever I am now being charged over $30per month. Have contacted department of fair trading and commenced legal action to recover funds

Beware!!!!! Ashy Bines Scam

After calling up to join the 21 day challenge, I paid the advertised $21. Due to work commitments I was only able to make 2 days of the challenge.
Ashy bines company has fruaded my bank account each "Week" following for $31.
I asked them why they started taking money from my account and they stated I had not signed up to a contract so they pick one for you and start taking your money,
This is what they do until you choose a program.
Its illegal to hold a persons card details and conduct transactions withour their knowledge and consent and refusing to issue an invoice/ receipt.
I never signed up to join up to any contract nor signed any contract.
Ashy bines this is stealing. You and your company are thieves.
Watch giving your bank card details to them before they take money as they dont offer any refunds..
This is proberly how the shelfish theif ashy bines jet sets off on fancy holidays with money she stole.

Terrible Service

I am appalled at how this company works!!! Even after multiple emails trying to get in contact with this company they STILL take money from my bank. Dipping into MY bank account every month even when the website will know I have not logged in since I signed up until today when I seen my account has had £20+ taken from it every month without fail or confirmation of doing so! I'd like to cancel my membership with ashy bines as when I signed up I was told it was only a 5 pound payment ONE time only... i've never used this app and have just found out for the past 6 months i have been paying you money!!! i'm extremely unhappy about the little information I got from your website about what to do about this, and the amount of money i've wasted... that's over £100 to a company I thought was only 1 single £5 payment!!!! I do not advise this progromme as one to be used.

Even your bank can not stop them accessing your money!!

I am totally disgusted by how this company operates. I did the program for a year and it was great and suited my lifestyle - until my lifestyle changed and I had 6 months left in my contract for sessions I could not attend. I then went in to pay nearly an extra $1000 for a program i could not attend. Then.... when my contract ended they kept charging me $32 a week for a month! Apparently it my responsibility to contact them to tell them after my contract ends I want out - despite over 20 emails and messages going there way for me wanting out. I even contacted my bank to block them ( when the were not contactable) and the bank informed me the way it is set up they can not stop Ashy Bines taking money from my account unless I shut the whole account down!

I would text them and they replied it in Facebook messenger?You email and ask for a contact number they Refer you to use an APP to lodge questions.... but my log in details does not work.
Call the text number - they tell you there is a tech error and you have come through to Gym in the other side of Australia. Ask for a contact number to call for help to stop them accessing your account. They give you an email address....

Don't go with Ashy bines! Go with a company that is contactable and professional and not using smoke and mirrors.


I have been trying since March to cancel this. I have not once been contacted emailed or anything about the program but they still take money out my account. Emailed then 5 times and still no response has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Britta. Can you please forward all of your correspondence to myself for further investigation? cait@abbbc.com.au Our support staff reply to all emails and so to hear that you have had no reply is very odd.


My progarmme offers:
unlimited time at the gym, 5 training sessions a week, and i can schedule more if i am up to it. Great help understanding the chemistry of our bodies and how to make nutrition work for you. a dedicated trainer. support.

overall it has been a turning point for me, I never exercised before and now I do. The environment is really good at the Mermaid Beach ABTC. very supportive, very friendly, and after a while, you get to know a whole lot of people. My trainer Jade is great, and sometimes, when I swap classes (you are allowed to do that), I get Nick, who is awesome as well.

For someone who hates exercise, I am quite surprised at myself at the change of attitude towards exercise. I am not very good with the food, but am still happy with my gains in strength and general well-being. I don't think i will be leaving anytime soon. I have joined other gyms before and never stuck, but this one is different.


I have been trying to cancel my subscription for months calling all different number, emailing all different contacts through ashley bines. They keep stealing money out of my account ! I call it stealing because i have made it clear i do not want anything to do with any of their programs. I shouldn't have to cancel my card and reset everything up just because this one company is pathetic and money hungry so they wont get back in contact with me to cancel my subscription. I dont know how many emails i have to send saying cancel i do not want anything moee to do with ashley bines. Its an absolute joke !

Best thing I ever started!

My observed results are better than my expectations. The trainers are awesome and make the program varied and fun. Everything was offered and the trainers are always available to help.

Not for me

-Sales great, delivery in Freshwater group poor
-No weigh in, no intros to girls or group
-Weekly program posted but that was about it, no food, meal plans or talk about nutrition
-Trainer spent a lot of time looking at her phone and little time pushing on technique
-Didn't want to sign up as would be an expense waste of time

Amazing and awesome!

I didn't e left to enjoy the program as much as I have. I absolutely love Holland Park training and Mitch and all the trainers have been so friendly and helpful and the sessions are kicking my butt! I really want to stay on after my 21 days are up. Can't imagine not being part of ABBBC holland park.

Awesome, changed my life.

1. My expectations to my observed results are very good.
2. Yes, the program and instructions are reasonably easy to follow.
3. Meal plans off the internet is provided ect - thanks

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Questions & Answers

Have people ever actually gotten refunded or Had their subscription cancelled? Seeing so many where people have had to cancel their whole bank account. I just want ashy to cance my subscription and get refunded as I didn't even know I had signed up!
2 answers
Unlikely, with that one, If i didn't pick up on them taking money from my account this would still be going on.I launch a dispute with my bank and got my money back. Just mention that this is an obvious scam and a simple Google search will review it.

Has anyone ever gotten a subscription fee refund? Considering I have not gotten a further reply from their "support team" and all my comments on the Facebook page have been deleted and my ability to leave comments disabled I will vent my anger here too. The information is poorly relayed to customers and a downright disappointment. As I have paid in advance ( 25 Aug- Sep25) I request a refund for the days in advance of my cancellation request today, i.e Aug 31st-Sep25 and this I am entitled to as I am not being provided with the service any longer as I am cancelling today.
5 answers
Their customer service is terrible!!! Absolutely terrible I have also been trying to get some sort of refund and have them stop taking money from my visa for a very long time It's shockingHello and thank you for your question. Our support team request that all correspondence be made through email, as this way both our team and yourself are able to see a clear trail of all correspondence. I can see that your last email was yesterday, please allow a reasonable amount of time for them to respond. I have escalated your email and asked them to respond to you as soon as possible. Cait - Ashy Bines TeamI never got a refund they apparently send all information via email regarding terms and conditions never got them so after weeks of waiting for a reply she finally sent me some which I couldn't locate anywhere on the website and I never recieved receipts for payments or knowledge my account was debited! They advertise free trials and then hope that people forgot and about it and never advertise it has to be cancelled so they get all this money for nothing and then they say in good faith waive the cancellation fee ! Pathetic if she had good policies and procedures she would actually have the terms and conditions laid out and an electronic signature required at the end of them! And also an email that we acknowledge them and a receipt of payments

Hi i have split stomick mucels after having my second baby 2 years ago and wondered if doing some of the exercise would do more damage ?like burpies or sit ups
1 answer
Hi Rosie. We would always recommend that you seek the advise of a medical professional who knows your unique situation before starting anything new. :) We wish you all the best and hope to have you join us when you are given the all clear. :) Cait - ABBBC Team


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