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Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge 21 Day Shred

Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge 21 Day Shred

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Horrible, bullying company. Keep taking your money and don't respond to requests for refunds. They seem to make up rules for the group on the go and are Great at making this unclear to their followers. Stay away

Beware!!!!! Ashy Bines Scam

After calling up to join the 21 day challenge, I paid the advertised $21. Due to work commitments I was only able to make 2 days of the challenge.
Ashy bines company has fruaded my bank account each "Week" following for $31.
I asked them why they started taking money from my account and they stated I had not signed up to a contract so they pick one for you and start taking your money,
This is what they do until you choose a program.
Its illegal to hold a persons card details and conduct transactions withour their knowledge and consent and refusing to issue an invoice/ receipt.
I never signed up to join up to any contract nor signed any contract.
Ashy bines this is stealing. You and your company are thieves.
Watch giving your bank card details to them before they take money as they dont offer any refunds..
This is proberly how the shelfish theif ashy bines jet sets off on fancy holidays with money she stole.

Terrible Service

I am appalled at how this company works!!! Even after multiple emails trying to get in contact with this company they STILL take money from my bank. Dipping into MY bank account every month even when the website will know I have not logged in since I signed up until today when I seen my account has had £20+ taken from it every month without fail or confirmation of doing so! I'd like to cancel my membership with ashy bines as when I signed up I was told it was only a 5 pound payment ONE time only... i've never used this app and have just found out for the past 6 months i have been paying you money!!! i'm extremely unhappy about the little information I got from your website about what to do about this, and the amount of money i've wasted... that's over £100 to a company I thought was only 1 single £5 payment!!!! I do not advise this progromme as one to be used.

Not for me

-Sales great, delivery in Freshwater group poor
-No weigh in, no intros to girls or group
-Weekly program posted but that was about it, no food, meal plans or talk about nutrition
-Trainer spent a lot of time looking at her phone and little time pushing on technique
-Didn't want to sign up as would be an expense waste of time

Amazing and awesome!

I didn't e left to enjoy the program as much as I have. I absolutely love Holland Park training and Mitch and all the trainers have been so friendly and helpful and the sessions are kicking my butt! I really want to stay on after my 21 days are up. Can't imagine not being part of ABBBC holland park.

Just what I needed

It was everything i expected. Plenty of support from trainer and online in the forum. Good range of meal plan suggestions. Will be back once I'm able to get there. Family circumstances have come between my training.

Not enough flexible classes

I'm a nurse therefore work shift work and can barely make it to many of the sessions. However the sessions I've been to have been fantastic and the trainers are really motivating and have a lot of knowledge to share. This program would be perfect if it had morning and afternoon sessions daily to make it work for me. However there probably isn't the customer base for that so I will have to go elsewhere.

Perfect. Love it love my trainer, Erin Rose I think.

I didn't have any expectations, have been following Ashy for years and decided to jump into it. I am able to follow the program and being with other girls is a great motivator.

Love the abbbc family

Loved it all from the recipes to the PT group sessions to the support Luke gives us. My results were more than I ever anticipated. I could follow the booty challenge really easily at home and even got my son and niece doing it to.

Great workouts and friendly faces!

Loving ashy bines bootcamps and already feeling fitter after only one week! The trainers are experienced and super friendly. All the girls are very supportive and encourage me to push myself to my limits!

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Bikini Body Challenge 21 Day Shred
Program TypeDiet and Exercise
SupportOnline, In-Person and Group
Duration21 Days
Price (RRP)7
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