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Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Empower Me Pack

Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge Empower Me Pack

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Don't sign up! They keep taking your money!

You think you are signing up just for 12 weeks, but they keeping taking $40 from your account every month. Even though it's written NO WHERE when signing up, you are signing up to a lifetime membership. BEWARE! They don't give refunds for ripping you off with hidden costs either.


My progarmme offers:
unlimited time at the gym, 5 training sessions a week, and i can schedule more if i am up to it. Great help understanding the chemistry of our bodies and how to make nutrition work for you. a dedicated trainer. support.

overall it has been a turning point for me, I never exercised before and now I do. The environment is really good at the Mermaid Beach ABTC. very supportive, very friendly, and after a while, you get to know a whole lot of people. My trainer Jade is great, and sometimes, when I swap classes (you are allowed to do that), I get Nick, who is awesome as well.

For someone who hates exercise, I am quite surprised at myself at the change of attitude towards exercise. I am not very good with the food, but am still happy with my gains in strength and general well-being. I don't think i will be leaving anytime soon. I have joined other gyms before and never stuck, but this one is different.

Awesome, changed my life.

1. My expectations to my observed results are very good.
2. Yes, the program and instructions are reasonably easy to follow.
3. Meal plans off the internet is provided ect - thanks

Found a new love for exercise!

I have only just started my journey with ABBBC and so far am loving it, the online support and personal support from my trainer has been really great to keep me motivated and on track. Great group of girls. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with ABBBC and the Quakers Hill team.

Having so much fun!!

Very happy with all aspects of the training and program. The support and how to videos are exemplary. The variety of recipies that are available are awesome and so thorough. Well done team!!

It's part of my life now! To sum it up its life changing...

Our trainer is so so great she genuinely takes interest in all of the girls and not only focus only on pure fitness but nutrition and wellbeing. This program is so different to anything else I've tried before! And the facebook forum has SO much interesting information. I love the random but important information that Erica puts on every day it's so useful and the reminders to keep in line to get our goals are great. The girls are all encouraged to be so supportive and I love it!

ABBBC your are amazing!

This program is amazing. It not only has helped me physically but mentally aswell. The trainers are so imformative and supportive and make following the program so easy. Whenever i need help they are happy to provide me with all the information i need including nutritional info, recipe ideas and home workouts incase you cant make it to the session. Thank you Ashy and all the girls and trainers! ABBBC has changed my life for the better!

Just what i needed

Better then what I thought . worked hard but still able to follow program. Great support from our team in darwin. Used online program for meal plan ideas and recipes. Feel so comfortable to push my self knowing my wonderful instructors all of them are there for support and will correct techniques if needed . you have a great team here.

This is what I get up for each morning starting my day right

Training with our group is always challenging and varied , I love it and will be doing this for a long time to come as it truly has changed my life

Never again

Not something I would ever sign up for never got emails asking how I'm doing or I never got measurements done once I asked for a refund and payments stopped I got told no then I was blocked and deleted off the booty pages!

Love it, Can't live without my abbc girls.

Loved it and lost 8 kilos within a month,I love all the girls and my trainer Jono Although getting up at 5am isn't ideal. But once I'm there its all good.

I have been doing abbbc for 2 years now and still love it. Best way for my myself to achieve those g

There is a lot of support provided not only from the trainers but from the other girls. The program is super easy to follow and obtain the goals your after

Love it, my new found passion!

I love ABBBC and everything about it - online Life, booty camp and the amazing trainers! I had been contemplating joining for a while but 110% happy that I did!

Works if you put the effort in but dont believe all the ASHY IS AMAZING HYPE do it for you..

Ashys food plan is great, it worked well for me, but that is more to the credit of the PT running the sessions. We weary if you dont notify them and give 2 weeks notice to end a 12 WEEK PROGRAM at the end of 12 weeks you will be continuously charged. Ashy is a joke... program is good and if you stick to it it will work

Support group for fitness and positive women trying to achieve their goals, I found my fitness famil

I see a lot of people are angry on here and I could understand that the ABBBC may need to work harder on their admin and customer service side of processing payments or finalising ladies who changed their minds and not wish to have the fee deducted from account. By all my accounts I found that the company does write about their fee are honest that it will be deducted and do provide a cancellation email and support for you to get through on. After the 7cent sign up it does specify that the fee will come in if not cancelled. There is even a cancellation email to contact. This should be enough to send through and should you keep the email trail, paper work then the company should honour this. It just might take some time to process.

I've been going to boot camp for about 1 month now, eating from the clean eating guide and I am thoroughly happy for deciding to take on this challenge. The admin side could be improved as I did have to work to ensure I was placed on as a member, didn't get any calls from the QLD team to see how my trial was going or to see if I wanted to sign up for longer, so I took it upon myself to do something about it and contacted them. Each time I had spoken to or seen a ABBBC representative they have been nothing short of AMAZING, helpful and encouraging.

My first training session in trial period I almost left before I went in, I am so happy I went inside and gave it a shot because I now have a consistent training regime with positive and healthy women.

Most of the reasons I failed in the past few year’s attempts at weight loss, even with Personal trainer and how many different diet and regimes I tried, were all not right for me and found that they promised big things with little to no delivery and with no coaching. ABBBC is different, their FB support group and LIFE app are so beneficial I found and I read it every day. Gain motivation from them and post back to inspire others.

If you find you are not happy with something, do something about it! Claiming that Ashy is a scam is not nice. The frustration is real, I coped it as well but how you decide to move forward is so important. In my case I persisted and found great results. It’s in your hands.

Please read before you sign into any commitment as most training programs have cost. If you are unhappy about something write to the business and FOLLOW it up. I work in admin myself and understand how messages easily don't get to the destined area, all it takes is a doggy line connection, so send it, follow it up and follow it up again till you are certain it had been dealt with is my advice.

ABBBC if you are reading this, working on the admin side of the business could help with your customer service and elevate these frustrated women from slagging off what a lot of other women are thrilled to be a part of, this health fitness movement. Plus if your cancellation or pull out system for women who changed their minds was quick and effective there wouldn't be this scale of displeased people. Your just pissing off honest hard working Australians who are trying to do the right thing for themselves. Just cancel them and leave give them their money back.

Thanks and I know I’ll be getting to an Ashy booty workout outdoors with such great weather today.

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Bikini Body Challenge Empower Me Pack
Program TypeDiet and Exercise
SupportOnline, In-Person and Group
Duration12 Months
Price (RRP)34.95
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