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The product that values for money and customer service

I had recently an issue with the product, which wasn't a product issue though later on.
My dishwasher had a drainage problem, I called the customer service they responded promptly and scheduled it for tech visit for the next day. The guy was a very professional and experienced person, fixed the issue, which was in the sink drainage not in the dishwasher side.

I believe their products are reliable and do recommend them to people.

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Overpriced Rubbish Poor Service

We had numerous problems with our $2000.00 front load washing machine.
1. Leaking suds compartment, replaced door.
2. Motor failure, Replace Motor
3. Leaking suds compartment again, replaced door. d
4. Drum bearing failure, replaced bearing.
5. Control board failure, replace control board.
6. Something blew in the motor again.
Totally dead after 7 years.
When it was functioning he machine itself over that time was finicky and would regularly go out of balance or not function as it should per the selected program.
.Although Asko "eventually" came to the party on most of the repairs the process of making a claim was frustrating and slow. Calls would not be returned, messages were left unanswered.
An example of this is with the final fault. When I dealt with the service manager on the previous fault I had communicated directly with him via his mobile number since going through the main switch took days to get a proper response.
When I called his mobile number (3 times) on the day and the day after the machine died I left detailed voice messages on two of those calls. He never responded. Desperate to have a functioning machine and considering the Asko machine's past history we bought another machine.
I complained to Asko international via Facebook about the machine in general and the lack of response from the Australian service manager. He rang me back nearly a full week after Asko messaged me to say they had forwarded my complaint to him. The service manager alleged the voice messages I left were blank and that I should have rang the main number instead of him directly, (despite the fact he had been happy for me to talk to him with regard to the previous problem). Even if that were true (and I do not) he could have easily returned my missed call or at least called me back from my caller ID from the two alleged blank messages. Obviously he could not be bothered, thus showing the apathy of the company when it comes to service.
I will never buy another product from this overpriced and under performing company. And I suggest anyone who is considering to do so to not only read my review but the reviews of others who have had similar experiences.

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Terrible dishwasher and aweful customer service

Expensive dishwasher broke before 3 years old. Customer service was rude and never turned up to fix it. But still sent me a bill to pay. I was told it was a broken diverter valve thay was a mechanical issue and they would repair it for no charge. Well it wasn't repaired and i was sent a bill anyway.

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Dry dishes

This is our first Asko, suggested by shop staff. Fabulous dry dishes, extremely quiet, plenty of space in both baskets. Cycles a bit long, so yet to see electricity impact.
Very happy.

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Washing machine

I have had my asko front loader for 3 years now Hasn’t missed a beat. Love it
In fact we have now just punched the asko dishwasher. Once again a fantastic machine. Those Danes know how to make stuff

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Happy with product though have had service team out a few times

I am happy with my 10kg Asko Air Dryer, saves me a bunch of time with laundry for my family of six. But I have had issues with it a few times that required calling out service team over the last three years. Anyway, I am glad we purchased the extended warranty because apparently it's $150 an hour for them to come out and service.

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Asko shocker- they cant find my extended warranty - I am escalating the case to consumer rights

My Dryer needed a service call. Its under a 5 year extended warranty. All paid for at Retravision Cannington. Called up ASKO service. Waited for an hour on the phone with them - they couldn't find the warranty!!!!! and I couldn't book a service call.

Update - thanks to the prompt intervention of [name removed] at Retravision Cannington, ASKO finally located my extended warranty and arranged a service call. Thank you Retravision for going out of your way to assist one of your loyal customers.

The worst customer service ever!

I've never experienced such terrible customer service. We purchased a dishwasher, which was delivered and faulty from the get go - 'dead on arrival' as they termed it.
I understand that this was unfortunate, but can happen. However, it was the service from Asko after this point that was appalling. They were rude, unapologetic and unresponsive. Every person I spoke to someone at Asko they had no clue about any previous conversations I had had with their colleagues, no-one would ever ring me back and each time I spoke to someone from Asko they were unbelievably rude - as if I was the one who had done something wrong.
I will never buy another Asko product.

Asko are the worst!

My dishwasher went after SEVEN washes.
It’s out of warranty as we were reni sting and the store held the product for us. So they were in original boxes safely not being used.
The motherboard went, after 7 uses?
Asko expect me to pay for the cost of the motherboard and the call out cost.
No product warranty or not should have the mother board blow after 7 uses. Very disappointed.

My washing machine has also now gone!
We purchased all asko appliances and integrated ones too so you can see how furious this makes us. Everything was made to measure. Not happy!

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Asko wont honour Warranty, poor Customer Service.

Purchased an ASKO oven 3 years ago with 5 year Warranty. On installation by Asko it was replaced due too noise in oven. Replacement again installed by ASKO within a week or so. this replacement has had warranty repairs for temperature control and fan unit 3 times over last 3 years. On 24th April whilst cooking in oven the heat safety glass of oven door exploded spreading glass fragments onto Kitchen floor and through out oven workings. Despite numerous contacts with ASKO customer service and National Sales Manager as well as Local Rep and Distributor sales, Asko have supplied a new glass for myself to fit. No consideration as to the oven being fit for service due to the glass dust in workings of oven. Despite promises of keeping in touch on this matter, no communications have taken place from them for the last fortnight no one returns calls to messages left. This matter has now been placed in hands of Dept Fair Trade Qld due to frustration of making no attempt of a service person to review our situation. Very Poor service from a supposedly Top Appliance Company.
Frustrated Customer Queensland

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Asko dryer after service is bad!

Bought an Asko dryer and a small plastic handle part breaks within weeks and still trying to get a replacement which is taking months to mail for some reason they mailed it twice & their courier won’t get back to me even with Consumer Affairs trying to help - very disappointed! Wouldn’t buy Asko again. Stuck with their washer too.

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Overpriced rubbish

I bought a cooktop which is only 2 years old. Experience two issues already. A technician came to disable the sparkling element which cause the problem and promise to order a replacement. It is 3 months now and nothing was heard. Call the service line and never get connected. Extremely poor quality product and service. It fails from hardware to software all the way through

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Worst washing machine ever!

Just over two years old and has been nothing but trouble. Extremely temperamental to use, door doesn’t close properly, constantly has water outlet faults causing floods and requiring manual drainage.

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Unreliable. Breaks down constantly. Poor service response.

Hyper-sensitive and needs constant servicing. Service delivery slow and weeks long. It usually takes three weeks to resolve an issue. Strongly advise not to purchase. Expensive for what it is

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Avoid Asko Appliances, worst customer service and support

Asko Applicanes who had their own brand, but also go under the Gornje brand too.
Have a Gornje washing machine and its had nothing but issues and its only 6 months old. Asko appliance support centre are rude, blame issues on things that are not relevant to the fault of the machine. i.e. led lighting caused the washing machine control to have an electrical squealing noise but funny thing is there is no led lighting in the apartment. Then my washing mashing is leaking from the bottom and the say too much laundry powder is the cause, but however i use high efficancy laundry liquid so they love to lie and make up excuses for every fault.

Onto a 3rd repair now to have the machine fixed again for the water leaking from the bottom when last week they service guy did nothing to fix it as i did not see a leak and only looked at it for 15 minutes and he did not put the machine back together again properly so not only it stills leaks it control knob pops off when you use it and the power despenser no longer goes all the way in.

So waiting on a 3rd repair now within 6 months with bad service to boot.
Avoid this company and its subditary company names (Asko, Asko appliances, Gornje etc) Its all the same bad company and poor service and rude call centres.

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Terrible Customer Service

I have current model of the ASKO D5544 dishwasher which has stopped functioning. When I contacted the customer service team to obtain the product specification so that I can organise a replacement, they provided the incorrect manual TWICE. There was a delay in finally giving me the correct product information. When I insisted that they guide me to the correct page so that I got the specs - initial response was "look yourself". I am absolutely appalled by the service and response especially given the product is expensive. Rest assured that I will be most certainly NOT be replacing my dishwasher with another ASKO product. SHOCKING.

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Terrible repair service

5 month old washing machine reading code errors and flooding. Waited a week for repair technician, he cant find the water leakage but replaced the control board. Made a big fuss and complaining about what a big job it was, even though he stated there was no way it could have been our fault. 5 minutes after he leaves, insisting all problems are solved, I tried to start a load of washing only for a new error code to appear. One that's not even in the manual so I cant even attempt to troubleshoot it. Now forced to wait another week for a service technician to return.

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Overpriced glitsy rubbish

Most of the reviews on this site appear to be about dishwashers and laundry appliances. My story is about a very expensive Induction/gas cooktop.

I renovated our old style kitchen to a modern sleek style and chose the ASKO HIG1944MF Induction cook-top with LPG gas WOK burner. (I am an avid fan of wok cooking). I purchased the unit based upon the ASKO advertising stating the superior performance of the Gas burner and that it had exactly the same performance as the Natural gas burner. NOT TRUE. (ASKO later claimed that the Australian gas authority had insisted they reduce the heat output because it was an all glass cook-top... then the advertising should have stated that)

The first issue I observed was that the gas burner could not even hold a pan of water at boiling point and it took more than twice as long to get the water to near boiling as Practical science would calculate. The second issue was that the flame would go out if I opened the cupboard door below the cook-top. Both of these issues led me to believe that the burner was not performing correctly and so I lodged a technical issue. The first technician to arrive has no knowledge of the unit and had no credentials on Gas installations. (Strike 1). The next technician was an independent and extremely thorough although he could not identify any reason for the issue except the possible fault of the design or unit. (Strike 2)
ASKO became aware that the unit was flush mounted in the bench-top and claimed this was the problem and that I was at fault for installing it against their instructions. (The instructions are like IKEA furniture and made no mention of the surface mounting constraints). Even after taking the unit out of the flush mount and placing it atop the bench as per their new statement, the unit still showed exactly the same issues.
During lengthy email negotiations with ASKO, they continued to deny there could be a design fault or faulty unit and even had a chef criticise my cooking methods for a particular dish that I videoed demonstrating the problems. I asked for a replacement, they refused and only offered a refund ($5999, the Ferrari of cook-tops). When I asked for compensation to have a kitchen contractor replace their unit with another manufacturers product they refused.. Incidentally, no other product would fit the hole in the bench-top without modifications.
I reached out to the Office of fair trading who after discussions with ASKO listened to their lies and decided there was nothing I could do. (Strike 3)
So ASKO are out! I finally got my refund but was left with a rotten taste.

NB. The styling of the unit was superior to any others on the market and we loved it, if only it didn't have a problem we would have been delighted to keep it. As for the value for money, not sure on that as the replacement we installed (Franke) has EXACTLY the same induction unit strapped underneath from some Chinese mass-production facility.

Buyer beware, get solid recommendations from users before purchasing from overstated advertising.

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Bad experience buying and dealing with Asko

I Purchased an Asko model D5424 dishwasher from the Good Guys 3 years ago and had nothing but problems, in which it was replaced under warranty. I rang last week to report of an F12 fault code and wished to speak to some one in the technical department. I explained that the the code had not been incorrect as it was filling properly and was told to turn off the power reset the controller. This did not fix the problem and i was told as its out of warranty and to ring for a service engineer to come out and take a look. i wished to speak to some one technical as i was myself a service technician and would like to check the diagnostics of the programmer to see if it could be reset before calling out the local Asko service agent as i had previously had a bad experience with them during the warranty call outs. I was then told i was not allowed any technical information whatsoever and i would have to call the Local guy out. I was charged $120.00 by the local electrician for a call out, after arriving he rang Asko for help and was told to re set the controller by pressing 2 buttons and left.
Surely they could have gave me the same information and saved a call out fee. After speaking to the service department i have ascertained that as soon as their products are out of warranty they just didn’t want to help and couldn’t get rid of me quick enough. I have had contact with many manufacturers of electrical goods and such as Apple and always they run through basic diagnostics to save a call out. Also as a licensed service technician for many Electrical and gas appliances in Australia but they advised me that i was to incompetent to press a reset button.

Buy a Bosch

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Terrible company service

My 5 year old washing machine doesn’t work.
Can’t get the service department to fix it as they have incorrectly marked me as a non payer. The part was incorrect so not fixed so not paid it’s an error.
Not good enough 4 weeks with out my washing machine in this day and age

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Questions & Answers

I have just tried to get my washing machine let me choose a program and it will not allow me, with either buttons or knob. I have turned it off in frustration. Has anyone experienced this, also?
No answers

I have a 12-year-old Asko dishwasher which has done OK till now (though I had to get the outlet hose and the motor replaced about 5 years ago). Now it is leaving food on plates etc. and water is not getting hot, so not drying at end of cycle. Have been told I need a service, however a plumber said he thinks it's not worth fixing at this age. Is he right?
3 answers
Assuming you use about once per day, I'd say 10 years would be a reasonable expectant and 12 years is pretty good... . I also found this; http://homeguides.sfgate.com/long-should-dishwasher-last-average-91045.htmlHi I've got a Miele standard dishwasher G664 & its still going & its 16yrs old!! - only had 1 service call & that was because the swivel arm was blocked & I didn't know to check it before calling for service. A service repairman was booked & called within 4 days to fix the problem so I would say buy a Miele - think the basic entry model today is about $1200 ?? but well worth the moneyThanks very much Grant and happy customer. I since heard the prob is probably the thermostat but have decided to put it into retirement as theres only one of me and I like hands on.

Hi i purchased a dryer this year but the sponge in the condenser section has all broken up. Do you know if i can and where to purchase a new one or is it safe to use dryer without it? Cheers lynne
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I am sorry but I don't know. Good luck Fiona

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