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3mo warranty on $500+ repair. dead again in 8mo

Asko front loading washing machine motor died after 8yrs. Paid $520 for new motor and it has now died 8mo later. Only 3mo warranty. Need to pay another couple of hundred dollars just to have them look at it. Customer Service couldn't care less.
Don't think I want to throw another $500+ down the drain. Time for a Bosch.

Customer Service
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Service when it breaks down is shocking

Total runaround trying to organise a service tech to fix dishwasher. Tried online, doesn't work if it is extended - Called, placed on hold for ages,transferred multiple times! Missed their call back, then had to go through it all again - been on hold this time for 30 minutes!

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Customer Service
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Asko Dishwasher

We have had our Asko dishwasher for 7 months, washer became faulty, first contact with Asko was worst service ever received unhelpful, rude, we had to prove how we purchased the product. Finally service person arrived, stood at my door didn't say hello, he repaired the washer and left saying that he if got a parking ticket he would pass it on to me. Next day the washer is broken again. We are sorry we purchased this product, we will probably buy a new washer rather than deal with this company or their people again. I am sure the company has a terrible culture since everyone employed there has the same attitude.

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Terrible service

I had been happy with my dishwasher until it broke down. I have spent so much time trying to organise a service person to come out and try to fix it. I have never been mucked around so much by any company. Still waiting for a return call 3 days after initial call. This is my first Asko product and I will never buy another one again if this is how difficult it will be to del with the company.

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ASKO is so slow with fixing a problem

My 11 month ASKO front loader washing machine died on me on 1st Dec 2018. Have had someone look at it 6 times. After jumping up and down and complaining I received a NEW machine on 22 Feb 2019. I have spent a lot of $$ at a Laundromat for the past 2.5 months. I don't think I would purchase another ASKO. I may buy a $600 machine instead of a $1600 next time

High price, low durability, terrible service, no support

My Asko D5434 machine broke down one week after the warranty expired with a mysterious F12 error (planned obsolescence?). The badly written handbook implied this was a problem with the water supply - it's not... it's a faulty circuit board.

Stuff happens as they say, so I used the asko website to log a service call - I got redirected to an HTTP 404 error. I called the Asko Service line and while on hold for five minutes heard a lot of comforting information about a nationwide network of repairers that provide 24/7 support. The Asko support rep reported that they couldn't service my area but after getting snippy suggested there was a repairer in my area.

I called that repairer.... they only do warranty repairs... sounds like they'd been burned in the past. So if you're in the market for a non-functioning Asko Dishwasher that no-one will repair please call me.


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ASKO Overpriced Rubbish

Bought an ASKO dishwasher, washing machine and dryer based on a friends recommendation. The dishwasher broke down in the first 12 Months and still gets a fault code from time to time. The washing machine broke down about 2 years later just out of the warrenty period and the dryer about 4 years later, probably because it was hardly used.
Over priced rubbish, I will never buy anything ASKO again, stay away from this brand. If I could give 0 stars here I would.

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Stay clear of the brand!!!

We bought ASKO dishwasher and a washing machine at the same time being told they were amazing quality and would probably last our lifetime...
The dishwasher died two times, every time repaired under warranty, third time it happened just out of warranty I had to pull it apart, dry out flooded control panel and seal properly... Just few days later our washing machine stopped working - another control panel problem - and they want to charge us $650 for repairs!

We should have bought a better quality, cheaper product. Even if we had to replace it every two years after warranty runs out, we would still have six years of free service!

No more Asko for us, we're going to stick with good quality brands now.

Absolutely Appalling Service

Asko W4104C.W 10kg washing machine and drier.
Wish I’d never bought them! Only used my brand new washing machine a couple of times and the rubber seal was chewed up. They refused to swap for a brand new machine. Service man eventually called to say he’d come to service it without checking which day would be convenient. Had to reschedule - waited weeks. Ridiculous that a top of the range machine breaks down so quickly. Drier is also extremely noisy. Unfortunately I’m stuck with them!

I'll start from the beginning.

My sister recommended Asko because of how well they worked and good reviews.

I went to turn the dishwasher on the third load the power on/off button stopped working.

I got to give Asko some credit because the machine looks so nice and the quality looks good dont let that fool you.

I dont really like giving bad reviews but after dealing with Asko service team trying to come to a reasonable solution which they were not at all accommodating treating me like I was trying to get something for free.

It's taken a month and still going now and I havent gotten a refund or any solution all the while I am at a loss because I had to buy a new dishwasher.

I tried to get a prompt solution to the problem but Asko were not interested kept making excuses instead of solutions to the point now where I ring them and the Manager '[name removed]' doesn't return my calls or emails. Bad business ethics I think.

I found out that the dishwashers are made in Slovakia. Which I guess is cheaper for them to make. My advice would be stick with a top range Bosch.

Expect to pay a premium price for a second rate product which could cost you money within the first two months of owning with not even a hesitation of thought of reimbursement for your loss from Asko.

Good luck if you have one.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Appalling Service

The service level is simply appalling. The service staff is inexperienced and utterly unhelpful. It’s amazing to see such shabby service. To make it worse it seems the management doesn’t care. Some 75% of over 120 reviewers on this page have rated the company’s service as Terrible! A dubious disnction indeed.

Stay out of Asko appliance at any cost.

Terrible product and awful customer service

purchased asko product is my biggest regret, i got some questions about the cooktop i bought, called asko after sale support, they didn't give a crap about your question and anything you asked answer is i don't know, and they don't care just wanna get off phone with you, worst experience ever!!!!!!

Terrible service from Asko

We bought an Asko dishwasher 2 weeks ago. Told that there was stock available. An hour later we were called to say we will have to wait 2 weeks for delivery. A day before delivery we are told they can’t find an installer.!!
Will have to wait another day.

Washing machine - not worth the money at all - worse than all other brands I ever used

I bought this I decided that I finally can afford to have a top shelf brand in my household
I wish Id stay with Bosch
Asko machine regardless of salespeople praising their locks and no rubber lining unlike Bosch (that what they obviously trained to do downgrade the competitor) - is just rubbish - Its locking mechanism allow the machine to start the cycle with the being not locked properly - this would never EVER happened with Bosch - as it would not perform the cycle if its not happy with the way we closed the door
In order to lock the ASKO door properly, we basically have to slam it like crazy
No im dealing with the 3rd type of problem already - Water Inlet fault -
Machine is still on a manufacture warranty - however, Asko thinks its totally ok for a busy household to be without the washing machine for a week - When I asked the customer service - how do they think I should go about it - as local laundry charges almost $30 for the amount I go through almost every single day - they said its just next Tuesday - the technician will be able to help - completely ignoring my question - who is going to pay my laundry bill ???
I will try to insist in ASKO having their piece of technology back (which I doubt they'll do...)
Apart from these issues - the quality of the wash is not matching the price tag of the brand either - I definitely getting better whites at my airbnb on 10 year old Bosch
Never buying ASKO again
Very disappointed - it should cost $200 max not $2000

Would never recommend ever!!

After buying a washing machine and it flooding the laundry multiple occasions. Asko did NOT deem it faulty but did replace it.
They did not want to accept it was faulty.
Once the new one arrived and installed by their authorised reps, it failed again.
Asko did not want to accept responsibility and have not responded to any of my email since. I am completely disgusted in their team and brand. I am left with no mashing machine and out of pocket. It has been months since they have ignored my emails.

I would NEVER recommend a company that deals with Australian customers this way.

Please stay away from such company! I hope no one has to deal with warranty issues like this.


Our 4th Asko dishwasher. The first three were excellent. The latest was purchased 4 years ago from Harvey Norman , Ballarat. We have tried to get Asko to fix but after all this time they are now forced to tell us that they don't have a qualified service man in Ballarat or anywhere near. Nothing comes out clean, especially glasses.
We have tried liquid , tablets and powder. Nothing works. We had an independent service man look at it but not able to fix. And it is beyond complicated to use. At our city house we have just installed a Miele and it's wonderful, perfect in fact.

Asko dishwasher works fine until you need a spare part from Asko itself

My Asko dishwasher works fine for 10 years. Unfortunately, one person at customer service (spare parts department of Asko Support Service) is unprofessional and rude. I have to phone a different department to make a request. He was very polite and said he would phone back. Asko, please select your personnel more carefully as it can reflect badly on an otherwise reasonable product.

Avoid ASKO dishwashers. Not fit for purpose. Lousy servicing.

For 20 years we had a Meile dishwasher in our inner city Sydney terrace. It finally gave up the ghost. After advice from a very convincing GOOD GUYS sales person, we bought an ASKO. Within 2 weeks it was dead. ASKO did a warranty inspection. The warranty was denied on the basis that there was a cockroach shell on the mother board - which had shorted it out. Like millions of inner city Australian houses we have a few roaches. We keep them minimised with various forms of control. This is NORMAL Sydney ecology. We have a kitchen where there are about 20 machines with electronic components. NONE of them, including the Meile dishwasher, have ever failed because of cockroaches. We have since replaced the ASKO with a second hand Meile. It has run perfectly for the last 3 months.

The service guy and ASKO reps, I communicated with, were punishing. 'One cockroach is an infestation' they claimed - and that specifically voids any warranty. ASKO wanted half the value of the machine ($1300) to repair a blown motherboard. A machine that had only worked for 2 weeks.

My son - a highly qualified mechanical engineer, inspected the machine. The build quality is poor, the motherboard had no conformal (protective) coating. This is a standard feature in quality electronics. In his opinion, this machine as sold, was NOT FIT for purpose in Sydney. We are left without redress by ASKO.

Stay Away from ASKO

ASKO is over priced and do not deliver on quality. ASKO Technician has come out three times and replaced
two separate parts and it's still not working. Service center requested another visit (4th time) to further analyze
the issue so that they can report it to management. The unit is 4 months old. We had no dishwasher for the past 2 months.
I will not recommend ASKO.

Not sure what everyone else is on about...

So far, after not only owning Asko appliances for almost 10 years now, but also originally being in retail and learning about the product, I can't fault them. Recently my machine gave up the ghost, as appliances do, after it had done me well for 8+ years. Now sure, I was disappointed that my machine had died, but I don't think it would matter the brand I'd probably still be upset - I spoke with the service team, got a technician out to diagnose the problem and determine whether it was worth fixing or just replace it. In the end, it was deemed that it should be replaced which is fair enough. I have recently purchased one of the new machines and couldn't be happier. Easy to use, quiet as anything and still works beautifully. Shame that all I'm reading is negative comments, but I'm sure these are part of the minority. I would always suggest Asko, as their products are outstanding, so hopefully others have a great experience like I do!

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I have just tried to get my washing machine let me choose a program and it will not allow me, with either buttons or knob. I have turned it off in frustration. Has anyone experienced this, also?
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I have a 12-year-old Asko dishwasher which has done OK till now (though I had to get the outlet hose and the motor replaced about 5 years ago). Now it is leaving food on plates etc. and water is not getting hot, so not drying at end of cycle. Have been told I need a service, however a plumber said he thinks it's not worth fixing at this age. Is he right?
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Assuming you use about once per day, I'd say 10 years would be a reasonable expectant and 12 years is pretty good... . I also found this; http://homeguides.sfgate.com/long-should-dishwasher-last-average-91045.htmlHi I've got a Miele standard dishwasher G664 & its still going & its 16yrs old!! - only had 1 service call & that was because the swivel arm was blocked & I didn't know to check it before calling for service. A service repairman was booked & called within 4 days to fix the problem so I would say buy a Miele - think the basic entry model today is about $1200 ?? but well worth the moneyThanks very much Grant and happy customer. I since heard the prob is probably the thermostat but have decided to put it into retirement as theres only one of me and I like hands on.

Hi i purchased a dryer this year but the sponge in the condenser section has all broken up. Do you know if i can and where to purchase a new one or is it safe to use dryer without it? Cheers lynne
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I am sorry but I don't know. Good luck Fiona

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