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You can stay on this plan long term

After reading the Atkins book by Colette Heimowitz, I decided to try Atkins. The shakes are pretty ordinary on their own this is where you may need some imagination to create a tasty shake by adding frozen fruit and ice. They are low carb so that's the bonus. I find some of their bars too sweet, but I keep some on hand if ever I feel like a sugar hit. Eating this way has not only made me feel better it gives me more energy. The Atkins website has lots a free tools that you can use such as a carb counter and recipe ideas. For support there are a few Facebook support groups that you can join if you need meal ideas. I've tried a lot of diets, and this one i the closest to my own eating routine that I could find.

It taste ok

I bought this product and tried it. The taste is ok and lose few pound in a month. Sometimes it can be hard to follow, and other times its easier than other diets. But one things it excels at is fast weightloss. It's the only diet I've stuck with for longer than 1 month

Tastes awful

The taste, in particular the after taste, of these products are revolting. The artificial sweetener lingers so long afterwards that there is no way i can continue using it. Same applies to the premix choc and vanilla varieties. Completely unimpressed. Now to see if i can unload to a friend. Not sure how people are saying it tastes good. It doesn't. Yuck.

Im going back to Optifast immediately. Its worth the extra dollars.

Atkins for a Better Me

Atkins is the best diet I have ever tried: no crazy diet pills, no starvation, no lost expectations. I started Atkins on May 1st, 2016. The first time I went on Atkins in 2010 I lost 30 kg (~ 67 pounds) I did so well in fact that my company gave me an award for winning the lifestyle change initiative. So why did I stop? Lack of variation: I would prepare three large meals for the entire week. It was my fault that I did not vary the meals enough. This time around I make sure to add variation. Since the first of May I have lost 8 kg (~ 17 pounds). I stopped drinking all soda products and switched to crystal light peach mango with green tea. The tea lifts my spirits. I take a 1.5 hour fast paced 3 to 5 days a week. I'm feeling better and stronger. I have to object to those of you who have said that Atkins consists of bad foods. Most diets center around salads. I typically make a Cesar type salad with lean meat, cheese, celery, boiled eggs, and dressing. Dinner may be a steak and broccoli with cheese or sausage with bell peppers, etc. the point is minimal carbs! I do still think of cupcakes occasionally but not like I used to. I also used to be hungry 24/7 even after eating a large meal. Now, I'm satisfied and food isn't on my brain all of the time. For those of you experiencing the headaches try crystal light. I swear by this tea. I've never drank anything that instantly makes me feel good like I do when I drink CL. And, I just learned about carbquick baking mix. Only 2g for 1 biscuit. I can't wait to try that. Good luck!

Be a critical thinker & lose weight...

This diet (or a very close version of) helped me lose 15kgs & gain my health back. I tried being vegetarian & ate a low fat/whole grain/fruit n veg rich diet which I thought was healthy for me. Yet I was fat, had PCOS with irregular periods, high cholesterol & no energy. I initially did the Paleo diet (very similar except I could have unlimited fruit), & immediately dropped 12kgs.

Then I started researching Atkins & it made sense due to the science behind it (you NEED sugar (any sugar-bread, rice, lollies, fruit)) to spike insulin levels in order to 'open' cells in the body. Without insulin, you cannot store fat & therefore you bypass the whole process of putting on weight.

Although the Paleo diet helped me lose the initial weight, when I got serious & cut out the large amount of fructose I was consuming by eating so much fruit I lost the last 3 kilos & have maintained for 3 years (it's fruit, it must be healthy right?? WRONG! Humans are wired to love sweet fruit/honey because in the wild it was like hitting the jackpot finding a fruit tree in season...we would have scoffed the apples instinctually, so that we DID spark off the fat storage process...back then it was helpful for survival!!).

Anyway, I challenge anyone who is concerned about the negative health impact of this diet to open their minds & watch this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/e5ewexMZ1-o or at least google Jonathon Bailor, the smarter science of slim. It will explain why our current thoughts of fat causing heart attacks & high cholesterol is complete nonsense, & why the reason we are the fattest nation on earth is because of the rubbish dietary guidelines we have been fed since the 1960s. Fat is not the enemy, sugar is!

Good luck, I hope I've helped someone discover what they've been doing wrong all these years! It was life changing for me. Oh, & added bonus...our brains consist of 60-70% fat, skimmed milk anyone? No thanks, I'll stick to full cream & go into old age without dementia thanks. And with fever wrinkles! Feed your brain & your skin!!!

This stuff is amazing

I usually dont write reviews for any products but this i just had to!! The diet , the bars (especially the endulge coconut chocolate) and the shakes drinks alll soooooo AH MAZE ZING

So happy i finally found the perfect diet for myself

Amazing weight loss without hunger!

This diet is amazing, I have been following Atkins on and off for the past 12 months and have gone from 85kg to 68kg.
I am never hungry, as long as I take time to always plan my meals and snacks as pretty much everything from a packet is forbidden.
The downside is the cost, as protein costs a lot more than bread/pasta/rice. On the upside, it is much cheaper than obesity related medication!
Do yourself a favour - read the book, plan your week. I work full time and have a toddler, this diet has given me so much more energy to keep up with life :-)
Weight loss is quick, delicious, and you don't have to starve yourself
Cost, time in the kitchen preparing meals

44 kilos lost in 6 months

I tried this diet after watching a tv show about changing to a low carb diet and the health benefits involved. Although it was completely opposite to what the government and dieticians have been advocating for years. I dropped 6 kilos in the first week, then managed to steadily drop weight week after week and finally reached my goal 6 months later. It can be difficult avoiding the bad foods, especially while eating out and avoiding hidden sugars in foods. DEFINATELY worth a go, the easiest diet i ever tried.
Quick weight loss, very big improvements in my diabetes and cholesterol levels.
It can be expensive eating good quality food all the time.

Easiest diet I have ever followed.

The book is very self explanatory, easy diet to follow. I've been doing the Atkins way of eating for a couple of months and can't believe the results. I've lost 3 dress sizes. And am full of energy. My memory seems to have improved and I know longer have cravings, neither am I hungry. I sleep way better. I am eating more now than what I used to in the past when I was carrying extra weight.
Such an easy diet to follow
Bad breath

Atkins Rules

Before I started Atkins I was on a low calorie high carbohydrate diet. I always felt tired, rundown, very hungry and I was clearly overweight. I really wanted to lose weight approx 11kgs to get to my goal so searched the web and tried Fatburner Shakes. They controlled my appetite for only one day, wasn't satisfying and really not nutruitious so I searched the web again and came across Atkins. Well the rest is history. It was working so well I wanted to get my hands on all the books out there. I just knew that it made sense because indeed certain foods were sparking my appetite. For example I sometimes felt that if I just didn't eat I wasn't going to be less hungry than if I ate, e.g. if I ate something supposedly healthy like a Bananna or an apple (high carbohydrate) it did two things made me so hungry and I wouldn't lose a thing that day or even gain even though I was virtually starving. Atkins opened up my world to great healthy eating, lots and lots of energy. My blood tests came back with improved calcium levels, thyroid was way out of wack but on Atkins came back to normal, cholestrol, sugar readings, everything was hugely improved and I was eating luxuriously and losing all my fat. I was never hungry. Now I am contantly on the go, happy and looking great. All our family have benefited. It so improves your mood. Also I think the Litmus test for any diet is would you let your kids, husband, best friends, loved ones etc go on it? With Atkins my whole family are doing it, just for the health benefits. As a family we are all doing the lifetime maintenace. I can honestly say everyone is less moody have more energy, think ie concentrate better. It is just plain good. I tell you what's not.... sugar. We have found Splendour instead.
It improved my moods. I loved all the foods including vegetables with sauces and yes I could eat so many cheeses and nuts and strawberries and mayonaise and salads and bacon and eggs and cream in my coffee and lots of meats, chicken with the skin on you name it. It is such a delicious diet
So hard to get my head around it because it is the exact opposite to want we are told daily


I have lost weight every single time I have followed Atkins. I find it is a great diet to follow if you have a lot of weight to lose and want some help controlling your carb cravings to get you started, because it really does seem to stop you from opting for carb loaded foods such as chocolates and sweets, once you have gone through the most different stage of induction.
Even if you only have a little weight to lose, you should find success following this diet. The book explained everything you need to know about how your body metabolises carbs, fats, proteins etc and all the food groups you can eat from.
The science of it is explained in great detail. The word Liposis will be completely understood by the Atkins dieter after reading this book.
I still swear by this as the most effective, quickest way to shed weight and get a control of the cravings for the naughty foods.
I have had this book for years and will still read through it when I feel the need to get back on track and lose a few kgs.
Following the Atkins diet does really work.
The book explains why it works, and what you need to do to make it work for you.
American recipe ingredients and measurements in the book.
Can be expensive to follow a diet based around eating meats and vege.
Very difficult to maintain if you are very active. I found I was too tired to give 100% at cardio and weights workouts doing this strictly.


This concept is amazing and I wonder why there is not more out there about this style of weight loss and helping people. It is obvious that there is a whole industry built up to scam people's money and give them false hope into losing weight. With a minimum of effort this system of maximum protein really works. I look and feel great and have never had so many comments about how well I am doing. I really does help to have a good support base around you to coach you on.
I have never lost weight like this. It is great and I felt really good even after the first week.
Cravings in the first week are really hard and there just doesnt seem to be any solution to them except having a good support base of people around you to assist. It is also very Americanísed so you have to search the net to find equivelent products you can have in Australia.


Been a yo yo dieter all my life. Have to thank Dr Atkins for revolutionising the diet industry. Have done a lot of research since reading his book and experimented with my own body. I still believe that low carb high protein is the way to go. Slipped off the weight loss wagon for a year and put back 30 kg. Got rid of 11 kg again by following a version of the diet (more essential fatty acids and less saturated fats). A great way to diet without hunger pangs.
Went on Atkins 2 years ago and lost 35kg. Didnt eat the level of fat allowed in the diet but did change my diet from high carb to high protein. Good to be able to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. Adapted to the diet easily. Eliminated hunger and carb craves by following the diet strictly.
Just a little too many saturated fats and i dont think thats healthy in the long term. Diet is unforgiving when you cheat.


I went on the atkins diet in the run up to my wedding when I had a few stubborn kilos to lose.
The diet sounded exciting to me - I am a committed carnivore and seafood lover, and love cream, butter and eggs. I dreamed about bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, and prawns, scallops and steak for dinner.
Well, you get over that pretty quickly. By the second day I was desperate for some carbohydrates and a fresh taste in my mouth. And even though I don't have a sweet tooth, I started craving sugary things. I got around this by making sugar free deserts which I purchased from the supermarket.
I purchased ketostix from the chemist which show you how far into ketosis you are. I found these really motivational. I went into high ketosis on about day 3 and this really kept me going.
The weight really falls off, and quickly too. I lost 2.5 kilos in my first week, and i've heard of other people losing a lot more. However, the side effects of this diet are quite grim. My breath smelt really quite terrible, I got bad headaches, and I felt sluggish. My brain also felt like it wasn't working properly.
On the plus side, I lost kilos that sensible eating and exercise didn't shift. And I suppose that's the point at the end of the day.
The weight falls off - fast.
You get to eat foods that are illegal on other diets.
You get sick of fats and protein very very fast and crave a fresh taste in your mouth.
Contrary to the assertions of the diet, your cravings for sweet things don't disappear - I found they increased!
Your breath smells terrible, your brain doesn't work properly and you feel dreadfully tired.
Difficult to stay on long term.

The only sane way to eat and lose weight! It has been my saviour.

After losing nearly 20kg on the Dukan Diet over a period of more than five months, my weight stalled and NOTHING I could do would start the loss again.

In desperation, I turned to Atkins. I had NO faith that it would work, as I had already been on a high protein diet for most of this year. But it HAS worked! In the first three days I dropped 1.2 kg, and am confident that Atkins is right and the high fat, low carbohydrate diet is the solution.
Works brilliantly, simple and good food. Improved my health and energy in three days!
Probably not for those who can't afford high quality protein, takes determination to stick to it.


It was good but I did not think all that fat would be good for me even though I loved Baccon and eggs for Breakfast and Nice big steaks so I quit after 8 weeks and 5 kgs.
I lost weight and was not hungry between meals.
Bad breath and I missed bread

Healthy way to lose weight

I bought the new book 'New Atkins for a new you'. The diet is easy to follow. If you read the book, you will find out you can get rid of the headache and dizziness by drinking salt broth when you are in the induction phase because you lose salt and water in that phase. I would recommend this diet to everyone because it is a healthy way to lose weight. My energy level is good and I never get those hungry spells I used to get when I was on a high carb diet. It should be a lifestyle change instead of a quick way to lose weight, because the weight will pile on quickly if you resume a high carb/low fat diet.
It works. It improves your cholesterol, blood sugar level and blood pressure. Excellent for diabetics
Hard to find suitable food to eat in the food court as most fast food is high in carbs


You lose weight very quickly. It is easier to follow as a lot of the food you eat is higher in fat. I did miss fruit like another reviewer said and i also missed having the energy to do my long walks in the morning. Would not do it again though... very un healthy
Loved the excuse to eat a lot of meat and fats. Was great eating eggs and bacon etc every day
Bad breath from the extreme high protein diet. Following this can make it a bit hard to find food while you are out. I cant recall how many times i was stuck and got a double quater pounder with cheese at McDonalds drive through and took off the bun! Could not be good for the heart at all!!


i have been wanting to try this for a while as i feel uncomfortable after eating carbs. i was very motivated and was happy to only lose a few kilos. from the first day i found it a bit unrealistic. as a busy mum getting four kids ready for school in the mornings the breakfasts were ridiculous. the lunches were massive and i felt over full. dinner and lunch were too similar, and the first few nights i went to bed with a stomach ache and headache. i hung in there as i kept thinking my body was just craving carbs but after about ten days i felt really unwell, constant headaches, nausea, weakness. i think ten days is too long to feel like that. the next morning i had a bowl of cereal and went back to senseble eating with smaller carb ortions and have felt better instantly.
sounds good in theory
very hard to stick to, not healthy

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Hi there I have done this diet off and on over the past 10 years it is the only diet that has every worked for me. Yes you do crave sugar/carbs, anyone will tell you that will happen because they are addictive. However the headaches are normally gone after the first week and one solution to minimising them is to drink plenty of water

You will loose weight.

This is one of the very few diets I have found that I actually loose weight on. Quickly and easily, it drops off.

Im not sure if I could stick on it for a long period of time. As funny as it might sound, you do get sick of eating a lot of protein and very little carbs.
I lost weight!
Hard to stick to

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