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Aussie Health Products

Aussie Health Products

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Happy Customer

I was introduced to this online health store by a friend. I am impressed with the prices, packaging and speed of delivery, and am grateful for her recommendation. Will order again!

Product Quality
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Never Disappointed

Have been ordering monthly with this store for over 5 years now. Ordering and delivery for the most part is always smooth, and on the odd occasion where there has been a product unavailable, I have been notified promptly with a list of alternatives or an offer of immediate refund. Their customer service staff are always friendly, and we often have a laugh on the phone. Ordering from Aussie Health Products has saved me a lot of money and time over the years, and I look forward to continuing to use this great service.

Product Quality
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Hassle Free Ordering

I received my first order from Aussie Health Products, and I’m sure it won't be my last. It was hassle free, delivery was quick and products were very well packaged.

Product Quality
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Friendly service

The customer service representative who helped me over the phone was friendly and informative when assisting me in choosing the right supplement for my needs. The website was also easy to navigate, simple to order from, and prices were competitive. Overall very satisfied.

Product Quality
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Speedy Delivery and Helpful Service

I was after some loving earth easter eggs, but was concerned about how the chocolate would fare with the hot temperatures we've been having. Their customer service team was helpful and friendly, and reassured me that they would be packed with ice packs over summer to keep them cool on their journey. True to their word, my order arrived quickly with chocolate in tact. Five stars!

Product Quality
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Great Prices and Fast Delivery

I purchased a number of items, which saved me a significant amount compared with having bought them in a shop. I was impressed with how quickly the parcel arrived and how well it was packaged. Will definitely order again!

Product Quality
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Astonishingly bad service

Customer service representatives at this company was astonishingly rude and seemed incredibly intent on blaming me for issues with delivery. She was so rude it was almost funny! I would not recommend this company for the service element alone.

Incredibly rude. Slow and expensive delivery.

I was astonished by the incredible rudeness of the customer service person at Aussie Health Products. I placed my order on a Sunday, and when there was no sign of dispatch by Wednesday night I emailed to say it seemed to be taking a long time and I still didn't have a tracking number.

I was given a hostile reply that I'd only ordered on the 11th (I'd ordered on the 9th), that my inquiry about adding something to my order had caused delays (this email exchange was resolved in 57 mins earlier in the week and there was no change to my order) and that I should "make sure to read the shipping policy before placing any future orders" (I had read it, and the policy says orders ship in 2 business days, so after 3 days with no movement, I checked up on it).

I did receive an email from the courier company on Thursday, and my order did arrive on Thursday (5 days after placing it), but I basically got the package before the tracking info.

None of this would have mattered much if I'd received a pleasant response to my inquiry. I am staggered by the hostility, defensiveness and customer blame that came from a simple inquiry about my order. There was no hint of apology and a very big dose of "if you don't like it, get lost".

I placed an order for just 3 small items and for that I paid $9 for slow delivery, inadequate tracking info and rudeness, and on top of that the courier tossed the parcel over my gate without getting a signature. The $10 discount voucher that was emailed to me was absolutely not worth this really poor online shopping experience. No way will i buy from them again.

Don't Buy From Aussie Health - Food Products Shipped Are Close to Expiry Date

I purchased some food items from aussie health products only to find the items that I received will expire in 2 months i.e. late November 2018. I recently purchased the same items from my local supermarket and the expiry dates were well into 2020 so obviously this mob are quite happy to ship something that has been sitting on their shelves for quite a while and has almost expired, it's best to avoid buying from them as they have no ethics at all for this reason alone.

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Hi Steven, We have been trying very hard to get in touch with you to help make this right for you. Our customer service team called a number of times last week to try and get in touch with you, and also sent you some emails. We just ask that you answer so we can help you. We are very sorry this occurred and we just ask that you reach out to us so we can help. The AHP Team,

Absolutely disgusting person in "Customer Service"

I have not had to write such a negative review before, but having dealt with [name removed] at Aussie Health Products, it is unfortunately I need to warn people that whilst these people are cheap, they are nasty and are misleading in their practices, plus have extremely rude staff.

1) I placed an order on 16th January, which their website appears to show are all in stock, and upon them taking my payment, I am shortly after told an item is actually not in stock. After an email back and forth with them, it doesn't take a genius to work out they are just greedy, wanting to take all your money, never had the product in stock, then simply say they will hold my entire order until the new products arrive "any day now".

2) Rather than ship what they had now, and ship the 1 item when it arrived in stock, they just said tough luck you can take a refund on the out of stock item and we will ship the other items now.

3) Order not dispatched until 22nd January. Only supposed to be 1-2 business days, and as at Thursday 25th, still no products. I ring up their "Customer Service" only to get a lady with attitude right off the mark called [name removed]. I was told it should be delivered today or perhaps next Monday and for me to call up if it hadn't arrived by then. Pointing out it should have been delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday latest, she completely glazed over it, and in fact ignored my point completely, saying "again, I told you if it doesn't arrive today or by Monday then you'll need to call up the courier company, not me".

4) When you pay for an item online, you expect the company to deliver it in the time frame they promise as per their website. These grubs simply take your money, and feel it is not their responsibility whatsoever to follow up or ensure that you actually receive your item. Fair enough you cant follow up on every single delivery, but if a customer calls up your Customer Service line, you may take the proactive measure to call the couriers and ensure a timely prompt delivery - basic customer service in my opinion. I do it for my customers for my own online retail business. But not [name removed] at Aussie Health Products.

5) I was hung up on, without any explanation. I rang back, quite shocked by being hung up on, and was met with aggressive [name removed] 2.0. Once again, she didn't even give me a chance to speak from the get go, and proceeded to hang up again!!

6) Calling back for now a third time, she was rejecting the calls. Come. On. So now you have a company who has taken your money, and literally won't answer to where your products are, and wants nothing to do with you.

[name removed], I hope you read this, as does the owner of your company, and realise that in 2018 with online communities, you can't afford to be such ignorant grubs, and that you cannot treat your customers like the way your Customer Service agent did.

Tasteless Health Food

Recently purchased quite a few items from this company. Frooze Balls. Fudge and other products. Opened 2 different packets to try them and OMG they were tasteless, dry and I had to spit them out.
I raised my concerns with the company in question and their response was that I will have to contact the manufacturer. Say what? I thought you were the seller or manufacturer of these products. They were not cheap.
I usually purchase my health food items from Melbourne and thought I’d give this company a try.
Please people don’t waste your time or money on this company and Products. They will not take responsibility for what they are selling.

Great Products And Prices, And Excellent Service

I've been buying from this company for about two years now, and I've always had a great experience. My orders are always packed with care and arrive quickly. There have been a couple of times when I've had to get in touch with them to make some changes to the order, and they have always been very accommodating. One order had already been dispatched when I called, so unfortunately nothing much could be done in that case. They are a family run business so I often find it is one of the business owners on the other end of the phone (which is refreshing). Couldn't recommend them more highly.

They Sent Me Products That Have Expired And Food Item Without Seal

I will not be buying from Aussie Health Products again. I received products that have expired and food item without a seal. Very dishonest!

The ss in their name is appropriate.

I will not be buying from Aussie health products again. They don't appreciate a loyal customer who praised their service and spent much needed money there. What I don't appreciate is deliberate mistakes with malicious intent. I purchased a six pack of soap costing $35 and they only sent one soap. God knows this is malicious even if it doesn't sound it.

Excellent prices and fast delivery!

Good prices and website very easy to use. My order arrived quickly, and all my products were separately bubble wrapped and it was all packed very well. Quite impressed! This was my first order, but I will be ordering again and will be recommending to friends and family.

A positive experience.

This despite initial mix up on web site. Wrong product delivered because product had changed ingredients. We were uneasy about returning product even though they agreed to discount or full refund and return at their expense. On line shopping relies on trust. Customer pays and trusts company to deliver. If return is needed customer must trust that refund will follow. We'd previously had problems with returns on another on line site . Aussie Health took time and effort to reassure us. We came to an amicable agreement with Aussie Health. We would use them again and would recommend the company to others.

A soured relationship

I have been ordering hard-to-find items such as whole grains, organic dried coconut and imported dried fruit from Aussie Health Products for many years.

Unfortunately, my latest order didn't arrive, so I contacted Aussie Health Products via Paypal's dispute resolution centre. That afternoon, I received a very upsetting phone call from Aussie Health Products saying that they were a small company, didn't carry insurance, and therefore would not be refunding my money. The person I dealt with was highly unprofessional.

This incident has soured my relationship with Aussie Health Products, so I will order these goods from other providers in future.

Questions & Answers

I am on optifast and looking to add something to my vegies. How is the flavour/texture of the noodles and pasta?
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Hi Micky. I've used Slendier noodles before. The texture is good, but they don't have much flavour so they just pick up the flavour of the sauce you are using.

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