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Very disappointing

Unfortunately had a bad experience with Aussietravelcover. Be careful to make sure you get everything in writing. I specifically asked the agent at the time of booking cover for my 25 year old that if the 6 month cover paid for was shortened for any reason if part of the payment would be refunded and was assured we could be refunded for an unused portion. We did not make any claims but the trip ended after 2 months instead of 6. Having paid $733 for 6 months of cover for my young girl we could not get a single dollar back for the 4 months of unused cover. All polite and apologetic but refused to honour what I had been told - a waste of money in my opinion. I was offered a discount next time I purchased a policy with them! After this experience I will not use this company again and would not recommend them.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance Cover For:Adult
Insurance TypeSingle Trip
Claim MadeNo

Full cover for illness in Peru

Ended up in hospital in Peru with Bronchitis. Aussietravelcover were great. They sent me to the best hospital, the hospital had wifi so I was able to send all the paperwork from the hospital bed. This meant they paid for the hospital fees and I didn't pay a cent. I have just put in the claim for the cancelled tour that we missed and waiting for the payment now. If you give the right documentation and the claim isn't related to pre-existing you won't have any issues. They also checked on me every day to make sure I was ok. In my experience they were great,

Insurance claim madeYes

Money waste

Submit claim and they can give us lot of reasons how ever they are not given any claims. I joined through phone that time every thing was good and when we submit a claim that time this people providing lot of things.

Insurance claim madeYes


As a Travel Agent I sold Aussie travel cover to my clients for 10 years. They use to treat claims in a fair manner. Now they seem to have lost the plot. The claims department is full of ill trained personnel and their main objective is to delay claims and seeking a way out of paying up. A true example of a good family business ruined.

Insurance claim madeYes

So what were the conditions you had?

So what were your conditions that they refused to cover? No need for gory details just what your condition/s actually were might save me a phone call.? Did they send you a copy of why they refused your condition? Had to rate Aussie Travel Cover but I was just trying to get more info so my rating is rather irrelevant at the moment

Insurance claim madeNo

Refused cover on some health conditions

Consultant made frequent mistakes with medical terminology. Cover accepted in previous years by Aussie now not covered. . Found better at Covermore who covered ALL previous conditions. Aussie was expensive for what little they did cover.

Insurance claim madeNo

Great coverage

As per any insurance policy, you are expected to read your pds. Coverage isn't automatic and you need to be able to prove your story. Had my bag stolen while oversees and because I read my policy,I knew what I had to do.
They paid out the $3000 worth of gear I had and was able to replace it all.

Insurance claim madeYes


I have used Aussietravelcover for 10+ years and have never had any issues like some of the reviews below. I usually do one big overseas trip per year and have (unfortunately) had the occasional claim (theft, lost baggage etc) but have always experienced prompt, efficient service from both Aussie and Allianz. Read your policy wording, people! All too often it seems easier for people to just dump all the blame on the insurer when their claim is unsuccessful.

Insurance claim madeYes

Near Drowning Vanuatu

Wife participating in a PADI operated Discover Scuba in Vanuatu was pulled from the water just conscious. Put in a private clinic via ambulance, oxygen required for the flight home. Although I had to organise the clinic for 4 days and the O2, with some serious encouragement and a little harassment by the centre manager the guy's came through with the costs exceeding $7000. Paid direct to the clinic. I was reimbursed $300 for the O2 on the flight.
A load off our mind, we were able to deal with issue. Full recovery back in Australia. It should've been a little easier. No one carries $8000 dollars on a budget holiday. It's not time to scare people with insurance half talk when your loved one is critical in a foreign hospital. Very thankful regardless.

Insurance claim madeYes

Flight cancellation is not covered

Don't expect to be compensated when you flights are cancelled and stuck in the airport for couple of days. We not only miss our departure and connecting flights but also cost to multiple booked tours and hotels. Tough luck... such a waste of time and money with this lots.

Insurance claim madeYes

One Star Is Too Much To Give! Worst Customer Service!

My baby was sick overseas and we need to claim our expenses. We can't be able to contact their 24 hr emergency assistance overseas if we are using mobile phone unless we purchase pre paid cards on the phone so I have to ring my in laws in Australia to be able to contact them. They have finally contacted us and they were ok. Came back to Australia to apply for the claim, as per their brochure, they have a guaranteed 10 working days guarantee for claim with all completed documentation. And if they need additional information, a written notification will be sent within that 10 working days? Obviously they need more documentation from us so they call my husband but because my husband was working he missed the call. I have given them my contact number too, but they didn't even bother to contact the other one. They just left a message that they will email us.

No email received for that day so then I emailed them to follow up what documents they need to support our claims. I have emailed twice to follow up! No one bother to reply to my email except the auto reply that they have received my email. One week later still no reply so I end up calling them to see what was going on, i end up waiting for nearly an hour before they answered the phone. From my 2 follow up last 3 Jun, they have finally response by email saying sorry for the late response, and that email was sent 19 Jun. Cant believe it takes 16 days before they response. How ridiculous! I am not so happy! The claims maybe only cost $100 or maybe a bit more, how much more if the claims are thousands of dollar! This company are very quick to response if someone is buying the policy, but for claims??? You may be waiting for ages before they action! Claims lodged 20 May, now 20 Jun still nothing!!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Paid claim quickly and with no problems

My iphone was picked from my pocket in Tangier, Morocco. As we were leaving the country in 60 mins, there was no time to report it to the local police. I reported it to Spanish police about 36 hours later. When I returned home, I was worried that they would deny my claim because over 24 hrs had elapsed. However they paid in full, no problems raised. They even paid the full original price of the phone, no depreciation etc. I was very happy with their service and would use them again, but they are quite expensive
easy to deal with, paid quickly

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't expect your claims to be paid!

My wife and I just returned from a months holiday in europe. While dining in the UK I chipped a tooth. Because we were heading into the wilds of Scotland, I found a Dentist who treated the problem. We made a claim to Aussietravel cover Assist on our return. After a convoluted discussion with a case officer, it turns out they won't pay if the offending tooth has received previous treatment. (pre existing condition). In my case the tooth had a filling which was fine. The chip which occurred, was unrelated to the filling...which was confirmed last week by my dentist in Perth. This company will find a "fine print" excape to avoid paying. Underwritten by Alliance I thought they would be safe. Beware.....Only damage a perfect tooth while on holiday.

Lengthy claim process ending in rediculous"fine print" rejection.

Insurance claim madeYes

Please Do Not Use Aussietravelcover

We lost 2 x $1000.00 deposits for a cruise we had to cancel because at the time after we had booked we lost money and could no longer afford to make the cruise. We made the claims and correct contacts but no the came up qith Some Section of the policy that suited them and interpreted it to fit their cas as if we had been employed. We were so disappointed in them and using the name 'Aussie' in the title is disgraceful as there is nothing 'Aussie' about them. Would never ever consider Allianz and Aussietravelcover again and have made sure all our family and friends know about them

Insurance claim madeYes

Save your time and money and go with another insurer!

I paid almost $2000 for 1 year of worldwide cover, it was my first trip overseas so I wanted to get the best cover possible just in case! About 6months into my trip I had my suitcase stolen from a bus station and AussieTravelCover will not pay my claim as my bag was 'unattended in a public area'. Which would be understandable if it actually was unattended and I had not been standing withing touching distance of the bag at a vending machine! I thought that's what travel insurance was for?! I turned my back for 10 seconds and when I turned back around the bag was gone. When my insurance was sold to me the agent told me a story about how he had fallen asleep on a bus in South America and had his bag stolen and AussieTravelCover paid within a few days, so my argument to them was, how is falling asleep for a few hours considered not leaving your bag unattended but turning your back for a few seconds is? They took weeks and weeks and finally got back to me saying it was my fault as I hadn't read the PDS correctly and I had the chance to cancel within their cooling off period, which both seemed irrelavent at this stage. I am now taking my claim to the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

Expensive, very long and drawn out process to make a claim, very long response times, everything is still done by filling out multiple forms rather than conveniently lodging online like a lot of companies now.

Insurance claim madeYes

OK +

Crashed hire car while in the states, and the buggers charged me a pretty dime for the excess! anyways when i returned i told the travel agent and they informed me that i had cover under this policy, gave me a claim form, helped me filled it in, put in CC statement reciepts and then sent if off, and money back!!!
good cover
If i had known i had this cover i wouldnt have paid Avis and extra $25 a day! ( dumb me)

Insurance claim madeYes

Do Not Use Them

This insurance company will try get out of paying for anything. First they tried to get out of paying a medical claim. Then they told me they would not pay for a stolen item .I would hate to think what would happen if you used them for anything major.They make it so difficult and hand you back and forth between people. Do not use them! I am reporting them to the ombudsman

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not buy this cover! Do not make the same mistake we all did!

I snapped a tendon/ligament in my ankle while walking in the cold overseas, they are useless at contacting you and were so unhelpful. I had to come back to Australia for treatment because I couldn't be bothered screwing around back and forth with them. I paid over $1000 in cover with them and didn't see a cent back or help with anything. When I got back to Australia I rang them up and complained about their service that they didn't do any for me or offer me any help, apparently on their records they had stated that they had approved to pay for 6 physiotherapy treatments in Canada - they did not tell me about this when I spoke to them on the phone in Canada! Apparently because I had landed back in Australia for treatment they could not give me the physio payments because I was not traveling anymore, even though I had made the claim while I was overseas and it was the first day I was back in Australia. One of my other friends had to have surgery on his leg while he was there, they did not cover him AT ALL he now owes over $15,000 in surgery costs. Do not get cover with them! Since I spent $1000 in cover with them you think they would have looked after me a bit better don't you think?
Sounds like a reliable and good service, but it's not
Unreliable, don't pay up, take way too long to process your claim, they always try to get out of paying

Insurance claim madeYes


nothing impressive, was recommended by [name removed], sth aust, with the travel agent getting very upset when I booked on-line. Her comment was "I won't get my commission now". Maybe they should pay less to travel agents, and be a bit better to customers. Have not had any trouble with other travel insurers before with a couple of claims in our 30 years of extensive travel.
could do it online without paying a credit card fee that the travel agent, [name removed], was charging if I did it through them using credit card.
Am still trying to get a claim back. They are delaying and keep telling me that the "money will be in the bank" each time after I speak to someone.And "I don't know why it hasn't gone through". Apart from the first phone call, I wait about 30 mins on hold, (if I keep holding), and was told that after 20 mins, people usually keep holding - fine if you have the time!Then kept holding longer each time while they check something, or put me through to someone else. Still no money in the bank after over 2 months from first verbal contact after claim was put in.

Insurance claim madeYes


Difficult claiming procedure and then to be told that I should have taken out extra cover for my digital camera I lost! Not very impressed!!
Would have been better getting other insurance for my trip to Sicily

Claiming procedure and excess fee!

Insurance claim madeYes

Questions & Answers

If I have travel cover with Aussie Travel Insurance, will they pay if the tour company goes into insolvency?
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Will my travel policy cover my travel agency going into insolvency?
2 answers
My travel tour company went into insolvency. Does my Aussie Travel Insurance cover the money I had already paid for my tour.I don't know the answer - I am asking the question

We are currently in Bali and are scheduled to fly home on Wednesday. Will my "aussietravelcover" cover the possible change of flights and accommodation? ChrisM
2 answers
Did they cover you ChrisM?Yes they said they would've but we didn't end up needing it as we flew out on our scheduled flight


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