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Australian Laser & Skin Clinic

Australian Laser & Skin Clinic

3.4 from 21 reviews

Great results fantastic staff

I am extremely happy with my laser hair removal. The ladies at the North Ringwood clinic are very lovely and professional. I have always felt comfortable during my treatments. I highly recommend Australian laser & skin clinics.

They rush too much hair laser removal treatment!

Over 4 sessions paid, I've been treated for laser hair removal thoroughly only once. The machinery works wonders, but when you get back home with so many missing patches... well it's just not worth it.

When [name removed] was so fast I was in and out in 8 minutes for full legs (and I'm not exactly short!), brazilian, perianal and underarms. She also never wore gloves while other therapists did. She was also squirmish around my brazilian and perianal which was treated with only one "click", making me feel very uncomfortable and uneasy. I thought it could be a one time thing, considering she was alone and she was running late for the following appointments. Trying to be understanding I didn't mention it at first but I could definitely see different results from one therapist to another.

When I gently and in a very easy chatty way enquired about the speed of the treatment I was told that her favourite laser treatment was skin problems and she was just covering the shift. I left speechless and with still treatments to complete I am now looking for other Clinics because this is humiliating and not acceptable.

Ringwood Clinic is amazing!

The staff at the Ringwood clinic is very professional and welcoming. From the initial appointment, Tetjana has been clear on all procedures and what to expect afterwards. I highly recommend this branch for any treatments.

Simply Great!

I have always had great experience at Australian Laser & Skin Clinics. I used to go to one of the express clinics in shopping centers and it was a dreadful experience they rushed through my appointment, worst customer experience ever. I highly recommend Australian Laser & Skin Clinics. The staff are professional and you don't feel rushed.

The best laser results I have had

The staff are all so professional and lovely especially Rosa who I have been seeing for my laser treatment for a few years now. I highly recommend Australia Laser and Skin clinic Ringwood for the best Laser results and service.

Great results with Australian Laser Ringwood

I've been very happy with treatments and I've had great results at Australian Laser Ringwood. Always such a pleasure to see Roza, who is extremely professional and caring. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Australian Laser Ringwood.

Roza - Ringwood Clinic

Big shout out to Roza at the Ringwood Clinic, always has a big smile on her face and always helpful. Been getting great results with laser removing sun damage on chest and back. All the girls are fantastic and friendly, great service keep up the good work ladies.

Great skin care products for males

I always get great personel service from Michelle and Carly at the Brighton clinic , friendly approachable , and caring always offering the best products for my skin

A joke and a dreadful experience.

Only went in to receive a consultation, and my mother was running late by 5 minutes only. I needed her to be there so that she could sign the papers. They told me that it was "disgraceful" that she was late, and they couldn't wait a few minutes for her. They wouldn't even let me come another day to do it again, and they rolled their eyes every time I spoke. Absolute joke and a half, never visit the Moonee Ponds store. The women are mean and are clearly inconsiderate of anything besides themselves.

Leg Lazer - Missed Patches every time

Unfortunately every time I have had my legs lasered here (Brighton Clinic) (which has been 4 times) I have had to go back and have them re-lasered for a large numbers of missed patches.
They do a full leg Laser very quickly, I have been in and out in 20-25 minutes, from what I understand this is far too quick and explains the large number of missed hair patches. The girls are very nice however when consistently (this has occurred with all 4 of my Laser legs treatments) there are missed patches and you have to take more time out of your own schedule to go back for something that wasn't done properly I will now look elsewhere.


Only lasted 15 minutes. Girl was very rough, kept dropping equipment. Only used cold water on my face. Didn’t clean equipment before picking it up and continuing

Staff not all trained properly!

I had 3 sessions of laser hair removal with 3 different staff members. 2 of them were fine but 1 staff member did not follow procedure properly and as a result the hair grew right back - a session wasted unfortunately. I was told she was filling in for someone else. She clearly did not have the same training and did not get the same results. Very disappointing! I would not recommend going here for laser hair removal.

Good result

Although the staff at Buwood always in a hurry atleast they will manage to speak softly with the customers.good results and will recommend to my friends.

Mornington clinic

Been coming here since the beginning of the year for my injectables. Amazing results, Sue takes her time and expains everything. Now started laser treatment. I'm loving the results. Girls professional and friendly. Had a detailed consult before hand so I knew exactly what to expect.

Professional and Great Treatments

The girls are very professional and friendly. My skin condition improved after a single treatment. They take their time and you don't feel rushed. I would highly recommend Australian Laser & Skin Clinics.

Excellent investment

I have been visiting the Australian Laser Clinic in Brighton for many years .I'm so happy that I decided to invest in laser and no longer have to have waxing done every 4 weeks .Waxing was such a waste of time and money .I see Carly at the Brighton clinic ,she is fabulous ,professional ,friendly and never have I felt that she would be pushy with talking me into purchasing products or services .This clinic has many amazing offers that keep this treatment very affordable .I am notified by email of these offers and I never feel bombarded with them as you sometimes do with some companies .
My only complaint ( no fault of the clinic ) is the dreadful parking .Anyone planning on visting the clinic please leave lots of time to park and walk .

False promise.

I bought package of 6 sessions for my face as soon as I stopped after the 6 month my face hair started growing as it was at the start.

Best quality of service

I visited the Moonee Ponds clinic & was blown away by the knowledge and professionalism of this company. I felt looked after as soon as I walked in the door & the pricing is very affordable. Definitely recommending family and friends to visit


I had a consultation for age spots on my face. it was recommended that I had combination chemical peel and IPL laser rejuvenation. I had my chemical peel 4 weeks ago and at this stage made an appointment for the Laser. I went to Brighton branch as I ad previously drove my sister their for an appointment. After 50 minutes travel time, I arrived to be advised that I was only having a spot test. I said NO my appointment was for a treatment. The lady at the desk went away and returned to advise that last week a change of policy was made by the nurse, that spot tests had to be done. Then why when they called me 2 days prior asking me to change to my appointment, did they not advise me of this. My time is important too and I hate being stuffed around....I had had IPL on my face many times and they were advised of this. Really disappointed.

Worst laser place ever. Go somewhere else!

I have had 4 laser sessions on my legs and face. I returned to the same girl I've been seeing there at the Oakleigh store and advised her that i had large missed patches on my legs and that the laser may not be high enough. She did a "test" patch that was higher and it was fine. She refused to tell me the strength of my laser and so I went for a second opinion at another laser place as this lady also told me that my hair roots were blonde and that's why it was patchy. My hair is black and I had been advised by two different laser companies that this was a lie and that the hair root is the same as the hair color. I called the store to speak to the manager and they put the same girl on to talk to me and stood by her lie. I have wasted my money and time. DO NOT get laser done here. There are plenty of other places that price match and are honest.

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