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I would definitely recommend the others to come here!! (Westfield Sydney)

It’s the greatest day of my entire week ever! I just had an awful week lately and once I came for the treatment they just make my day I would give them 10/10 stars! The treatment went really great and I have a bit of a girl talk and also a discount that I needed lol. Anyway they’re the nicest and the loveliest dermatologist ever xoxo

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Hi Clareysta, thank you so much for this glowing review!

Burnt my face and underarms badly

The Hornsby Australian Skin Clinic where I have been getting laser hair removal for lip, chin and underarms, recently burnt all these part of my body very badly. At the time of the process being done, I informed the technician that the pain was unbearable and much more than usual. She adjusted the airflow which made it slightly less uncomfortable. Despite this, at one point I had to ask her to stop because I could not tolerate the pain. There was no adjustment made to the setting despite my complaint. My face and underarms were on fire and by the time I reached home, I could see scarring on my face. I emailed pictures to the clinic straightaway and informed of the issue. I applied ice to cool the burning which was unbearable. I then went back to the clinic so I could show the technician what had occurred. The only response I got was that I was tI had signed a consent form saying that there might be pigmentation and secondly that I have to buy the overpriced products to help improve the situation. I did not sign up for my body to be burnt and then to pay more money to buy products to undo the damage. I kept telling the technician that I was burnt and she kept saying that I have signed the consent for pigmentation, and then proceeded to show me it. I said to her that despite the consent, it does not absolve responsibility for negligence. She offered me a brightening serum and asked to apply that to reduce the discolouration.

3 weeks after the treatment, I now have dark patches on my chin and my underarms look terrible. I even left a comment on the Australian Skin Clinics website but I have had no response or contact which makes it feel like they don't even care. I have posted some pictures of my face to show how it was burned. I have not posted any pictures of the underarms but they look terrible to the extent that I cannot wear sleeveless dresses anymore.

I would strongly recommend that this clinic is not visited. They leave you scarred and do not take any responsibility for the outcome...... that is completely unacceptable. I am too scared to do any more sessions because instead of solving a small problem, I now have a big problem that will have a life long impact on my life. This is negligence at its best.

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Hi SSA, we are extremely concerned to receive your review and would like to follow up with you immediately - we absolutely do care! As we are unable to identify you from your post, can you please email info@australianskinclinics.com.au with your full name, complaint, photos and contact details? Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics head officeI have sent an email to the above address with pictures and contact detailsThank you, we have received your email and will be following up as a matter of urgency.

Happy client

I would like to thank the consultant that took care of me. She was very professional and explained what she was going to do. She explained what I had to do after the treatment.

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Hi Natascha, thank you so much for this wonderful feedback and review!

Very good

Quick, easy and efficient! Will defiantly be coming back to continue my treatment. Very professional, wasn’t as painful as I thought and very good customer service, the lady’s are very nice

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Thank you for this lovely review!

Plenty Valley store is amazing

The girls at the Plenty Valley clinic have helped my skin so much! I used to have really bad acne but managed to clear my skin up really quick by doing treatments and following the technicians informative prescription. I now have the best skin and my confidence is through the roof! Cannot recommend them enough <3

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Hi Jess, thank you so much for this wonderful feedback and review!

my skin has never looked so good!

My skin is glowing after my latest high Performance facial. I can really see a big different in my pore size, and my skin is glowing. The girls are really knowledgeable, super helpful, and make a whole lot of sense about skin that I can understand. Will definitely be back, and I'm loving my new skin care range to continue my amazing results at home.

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Hi Amber, thank you for this fantastic feedback! We're glad to hear that you are loving your results so far!

Australian skin clinics plenty valley have fixed my skin! I have never had clear skin until now it’s amazing

Before I started having treatments at ASC plenty valley my skin was red and sensitised and congested with acne scarring. Since treating myself to a range of micros, mandelic peels and skin needling my skin has completely cleared up. I’ve never been confident to leave the house without makeup on until now.

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Hi Steph, thank you so much for this review, we really appreciate it!

its changed my life

i absolutely love Ultraceuticals, Ive always had dehydrated skin because of my under active thyroid, i love the b2 serum and SPF. Ive recently started using the Vit A, totally in-love. my skin feels amazing.

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Hi Andrea, so glad to hear that you are loving your results so far! Thank you for the review!

Amazing customer service

I went in for my first treatment, a little nervous and unsure about what to expect. The nurse was amazing in her approach and the results were amazing! Looking forward to my next appointment.

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Hi Lucy, thank you so much for the great review and feedback!

Everything you need to know about skin in one place!

The team at Plenty Valley are amazing! Very knowledgeable staff, the girls are very friendly and always happy to help! I will definitely be back to talk about my skin, peruse through the huuuge range of products and will bring my friends!

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Hi Steph, thanks so much for your feedback!

Great for quick skin treatments

I have been going to ASC for over 7 months and have always had a nice experience in the Macquarie Centre and Top ryde clinics.

Great for micro-dermabrasions and chemical peels!

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Hi Dianne, thank you so much for this wonderful review!

Micro Needling and LED at Plenty Valley Clinic

Had a thorough skin consultation and excellent service. Made me feel extremely comfortable and after the second micro needling and LED session I am already starting to see great results. Would certainly highly recommend to anyone with any skin concern.

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Thank you for the great review!

0 stars, burnt skin after laser at Marion

On my second lip & chin laser hair removal , left with burnt skin. The “clinician” had no idea what she was doing, reeked of cigarette smoke, and obviously has not had enough training. I think the main goal for this place is sales

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Hi Bmany, we are concerned to receive this feedback. Your safety and care is our highest priority and we would like to follow up with you as soon as possible to assess your skin and provide any aftercare required. As we cannot identify you from your review, please email us with your full name, contact details and a photograph of the area of concern to info@australianskinclinics.com.au - Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics Customer Support team

Fantastic staff, treatment and products, wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I have LED with Jane and vein treatment with Brooke at Eastlands. The staff are so friendly and efficient, they go above and beyond with there customer service and care. I’m having fantastic results with my skin couldn’t be happier. Thank you

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Hi Ann, thank you so much for this wonderful review. We are so glad to hear that you are loving your results so far! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Stay away do not risk yourself

I have been burnt multiple times to the point of seeking medical trearment for 2nd degree burns. Huge blisters in my brazilian area, behind my knees, calves etc
I was always sweet talked by the Sydney store manager to come back as valuable customer with all the lame apologies.
I made the mistake of believing in them, and gave them a second, 3rd and ..nth times chance
This store has a huge staff turnover which is part of the problem of unqualified staff doing skin treatments.
The last that happened was that I bought 3 facials. The therapist Tunicia was great. She did the 2 first session that went really well. I came for the 3rd session and oh surprise she had left and was gone a month ago. They offered me the treatment with another staff member. I refused as it is about my face and obviously I'm not going to risk it to be burnt. I asked for my money back a refund of ~$300. They refused to return my money. An store assitant with fake eye lashes stated that i take it or leave it. Ah? Outrageous. They do not only burnt your skin but steal your money. Stay away

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Hi Layla, we are sorry to receive your review and are concerned about your feedback. Please email us at info@australianskinclinics.com.au with your full name and contact details so that we can follow up with you as soon as possible. Kind regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Worst customer service

The Garden City Store in Brisbane has got the worst customer service that is just appalling and quite shameful. I have gone to salons where if I have missed a tiny patch on my leg, they will just shave it and continue with your appointment instead of sending you home. They don't care that they have wasted your time either for something that would take them 20 seconds to do. They squeeze in as many appointments as possible which means you can't even run late by 5 minutes. Their attitude is extremely rude and no respect for the elders. You never get the same person again. My mother was going there who is in her 60's and advised she didn't feel comfortable, they gave her a staff member she was comfortable with and never gave her again, she hated going and dreaded it every time. I can't believe anyone would continue to go back for any cosmetic injections, they skype a doctor to get given the go ahead who is definitely not local. That is just asking for something to go wrong. I would much rather pay more money for better service. I refuse to go back to them and would stop any of my family and friends going to them. I've even had a family member work for them who advised the way they treat their staff and how they talk about customer's is just disgusting and degrading. To think they would talk about customers, makes me very uncomfortable.

Hi Mrs T. We are so sorry to receive this feedback and would love the opportunity to turn your experience around. We have passed your comments along to management for immediate follow up and review. Kind Regards, Australian Skin ClinicsHi Mrs T, we are unable to identify you from your review, and therefore our team could not locate your client file on our system to contact you. Can you please email us at info@australianskinclinics.com.au with your name and details to allow us to contact you for follow up? Thank you, Australian Skin Clinics

Wonderful Customer Service

Excellent experience, the clinic is always time efficient. Good opening hours very accessible! Thank you for your service you’ve been wonderful

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Hi Sarah, thank you so much for this lovely review!

Bulging and terrible staff

The staff are rude and terrible, don't know how to administer Botox, they've inject in a wrong area hit the nerves. Have bulging, they don't care about their clients all they care is your money.

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Hi Melissa, we are so sorry to receive this feedback and would appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you. Please email your complaint to info@australianskinclinics.com.au - Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Amazing clinic with great customer service.

I have been a client of Australia Skin Clinic for nearly a year and it goes without saying that the girls at Carindale have exceptional customer service and definitely make me feel so welcome every time i visit. Not only is their pricing amazing for the quality service you receive but they are always ensuring that i leave satisfied and happy. It is an absolute pleasure to have work done by these consultants and i can not recommend them enough!

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Hi Jodeci, thank you so much for this wonderful feedback!

Wow.. A rhort of the highest degree.

In 9 years of having Cosmetic services done, from major surgery such as Abdominoplasty to Liposculpture to minor touch ups such as Microdermabrasion, I have NEVER come across such an unethical, thoughtless, money hungry, uncaring situation as I find myself currently in.
After spending more than $2,000 for services and face product since June, including 1st round cheek filler + forehead Dysport followed by Microderm +Azyme peels, I went back to Australian Skin Clinic at Greenhills for another round of cheek fill, dysport and, this time, lip fill..another $1255!!!
Total spent here now over $3255...
Stupid me, not heeding my instinct and going with the first injector, who had left shortly after 1st cheek fills.
Instead I ended up with a with a greenhorn, 1st year in, who did not inform me of same till appointment was well under way.
Filled my cheeks and did so badly that I now am on antibiotics for a sinus infection.. too close to sinuses..not on cheekbone (L) side of face. Injected Dysport into my hairline..scalp..instead of forehead wrinkles and has given me a perceptibly distorted set of lips.
Yes, one side majorly larger than the other.
After seeing staff st Greenhills 2 x days after, to ask if stuff was right, and having my micro girl turn away in disgust at my lips, I blew up next day and called, asking for a manager.
Redirect to [name removed] at Erina, appointment made at Charlestown. Injector there agreed saying quote unquote " I really dont like them", agreed my mouth was lopsided and the overall fill job was not good.
A further appointment made.
All along reassured this would be fixed at THEIR cost.
Appt this arvo, skype 'chat' with a [name removed]. After bullying me about my explanation of sinus infection from the fill he then rabbited on with, a whole lot of jargonism which, after 9 years, I knew.. THEN told me I would need to 'come to an agreement' with this company to pay to fix my botched lips..
AFTER BEING ASSURED several times this would be at THEIR cost.
Told only fixed if I pay half the price of one ml = $199.. 0.5ml to fix my lips, my cost, the rest to be thrown away.
Suffice to say the emotions I felt verged on anger, dismay, disappointment, betrayal and, finally, disgust.
I left, after having 20 units of dysport in forehead, their cost, to correct wrinkles still there due to scalp inject... only following ANOTHER skype chat with ANOTHER Dr to have same done, me in tears by this point.
No lips fixed, be damned after $3,200 +, these mongrels are getting another cent off me.
I have money, am not poor and in fact am writing a book called The Bogan Beauty Queen.
4 days b4 Xmas..lets sting for some more for our incompetence.
I WILL get my lips fixed, pay whatever, spend another $1000 on my cheeks, that Australian Skin Clinics will now NOT be getting and add this to a chapter in my book on WHAT NOT to do/have/ put up with when YOU are the PAYE customer.
Thanks [name removed], Greenhills, you were great and I loved my micros, peels and your company...and [name removed] at Charlestown for your genuine care.
As far as you go [name removed].. i hope you get some major facial disfiguration and see how you like it.

Australian skin Clinics, I am still suffering here. My (L) side of face is puffy , lower cheek tender to touch, eye blurry and in constant pain!!! Where is MY comment, feedback, offer of HELP !!! This has been over a month now !! What is wrong with you people, where is your professionalism????Hi Beth, we apologise for the delayed reply. We have been liaising with the nurse and clinic manager regarding your complaint and were advised that you are being taken care of at clinic level. We have been advised that after a consultation with our Medical Director to discuss your concerns, you were offered to be re-treated for anti-wrinkle at no cost, which you accepted. You were also offered to have the lip filler dissolved, of which you declined. If you have presented with new symptoms since your first and second review, we advise that you contact the clinic immediately for a third follow up appointment - or email your photos and concerns to info@australianskinclinics.com.au Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics.Thank you for your reply. The lip filler being disoved was not declined by myself, I simply could no longer deal with the tone of your Dr and left the room and skype conference. I felt attacked, belittled and treated in what I believe, a contemptuous and agressive fashion fashion by this 'Medical Director' The lips should have been sorted at Clinic cost level, which I believe was what the Franchise owner directed to staff. It was the Dr who led skype conference who dictated that it was at my personal cost. Yes, I do now have a further appointment at your Charlestown store, this Friday, made at MY request and sourcing, after over a month of no follow up or care, bar a terse call the following day I was at the second clinic. I now need an MRI scan to see where the filler in my left cheek, causing me ongoing pain and breathing issues due to poor placement, is located to have dissolved. I DID raise this issue at both times I was in-store to discuss my concerns, as well as with the Dr at Skype follow up. I have been informed that this will be at MY cost !!! After paying a small fortune for shoddy placement. I do not see a fair and equitable resolution here and will discuss at Salon level at my upcoming appointment. I also DID note, in my original complaint, that my forehead was fixed at your cost. Please do not minimise this situation by pointing out Australian Skin Clinics ''benevolence' in regard to something that should NOT have needed follow up. Regards, Beth

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What’s your complaint procedure?
1 answer
Hi Fud, as each of our clinics are individually owned and franchised, please direct any feedback or concerns to the manager of your treating clinic. If the manager is unable to assist, it may be escalated to the Franchisee. Our head office is happy to facilitate any discussion between the clinic and client, however we cannot offer a refund or resolution on behalf of the owner. Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

My son has bad acne Do you treat it and want to know success rate ? Regards, Suzie Muir
1 answer
Hi Suzie, we have a number of treatments for acne and acne scarring You can read more about our scarring treatment options here: https://australianskinclinics.com.au/scarring/ We recommend coming in for a free consultation, where our trained technicians can customise a treatment plan to suit your son's skincare needs. Please call us on 1300303014 to book! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Does anyone know this skin clinic’s head office number or email address? I am not able to find it anywhere in their website, other than the branch contact details. The branch I normally go to, the Manager refused to do a price match when it clearly mentions in their website that they will price match their competitors who are within 30km zone. So, I had no choice but to buy the sessions with their price. I did email the branch about my unsatisfied experience and how they are not following their policy, but no reply or apology about it. Thank you.
2 answers
Head office is on Upton street Bundall or the advanced skill academy ( I think can give you the correct number) all centres should be able to provide you with head offices phone number. Head office are always keen to address any issues you may have. Unfortunately I don't have the number with me just what I have provided .i hope your issue is sorted soon one experience shouldn't put you off a great companyHi Rabbit, you can contact the Australian Skin Clinics head office by emailing info@ozskin.com. Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

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