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Australian Skin Clinics

The Customer service was great

The ladies in the city Brisbane store are warm, informative and helpful. I look forward to being a long term client of there's due to their wonderful customer service. Also Beth gave me lots of tips for my skin! I look forward to not wearing any make up because of all the products here

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Hi Marzieh, thank you so much for this wonderful feedback!

Seeing great results

I came across a really good discount Australian Skin Clinics were offering, and I had heard great things about laser hair removal so I decided to give it a go. Although it isn't the most comfortable procedure, the results I am seeing are amazing. I have been amazed at how effective laser hair removal is and would highly recommend Australian Skin Clinics to anyone who asks! Very happy with my results and am happy I took the leap :)

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Hi Julia, thank you so much for this fantastic review and feedback! We're so glad to hear that you are loving your results so far! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

This is the best antiaging treatment!!!! Anti wrinkle injection

My friend recommended to have an Anti wrinkle injection in my forehead and I was soooo suspicious because all the photos on website “before and after” look really fake and i was thinking “ no way i can remove lines like that!”
Because i was recommended I tried for the first time at bankstown central clinic.
OMG now im addicted to have the treatment!!!! I used to spend so much money on skin laser before but Much more cost effective and better result!!!! Single price of laser treatment is cheaper but i needed to have every month which costs me $160 a month, $960 per 6 months but I pay for the anti wrinkle injection a bit less than half price every 6 months! You will be surprised with the result! Highly recommended. You will look so much younger.

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Hi Sue, thank you for the honest review and feedback! We love to hear that you are seeing great results so far! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics


Do yourself a favour and go. Im a customer at the watergardens store and am very happy. Hang the therapist is the best. Great service every time i go. Service with a smile

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Thanks so much for this wonderful feedback Yvonne!

Total rip off

I went to Australian skin clinic Carindale I had breakouts and they suggested me to have 3 microdermabrasion treatments for start.1st treatment was very quick as they said it will take 45mins but it was hardly 30 minutes 2nd treatment was good but the lady didn’t put the mask on and 3rd treatment just made my skin soo dry especially around my eyes the skin started to peel off and now it’s so sensitive I can’t even put mild Moisturiser on.its burn really bad.i went back and see the girl who gave me the treatment and she give me the tester serum to put it on but still didn’t help.its been a month and I’m still having this burning and very dry skin around my eyes.

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Hi Mary, we are really sorry to receive this feedback. We would really appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you however we cannot identify you from this review. Can you please contact us via email on manager.carindale@australianskinclinics.com.au with your full name, contact details and concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics.

WOW - Thank you! The results are amazing!

I had the pleasure of visiting Plenty Valley's Australian Skin Clinic and the results were outstanding.

The staff were very kind and super welcoming. I had my lips and wrinkles treated and was impressed with the amount of careful study and recommendations catered to my face. The results were nothing short of AMAZING!

Kelly (my injector) was lovely, informative and a perfectionist (I personally think she is an artist) I have had fillers before but I have never experienced a service that thoroughly studied what was best and most suitable for me to finally bring out the best of me. I am LOVING my beautiful and fresh look - you made me look 10 years younger and so glamorous. I am so happy with the results!!!

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Hi Christina, thank you so much for taking the time to write this review and share your feedback! We really appreciate it! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Friendly staff and very helpful

The ladies are very friendly and helpful. Full of knowledge. Had my first ever injections and the nurse made sure I knew everything before they started the treatment. The treatment itself was very gentle.

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Hi Stevie, thank you so much for this lovely review and feedback!

misinformed of price

I went in on April 2nd, 2019 without an appointment as I was a tourist looking for a place to get a facial. The lady at the counter recommended the microdermabrasion and LED light. Got the appointment for an hour and a half later. Treatment was ok. I asked the lady what the benefits of LED light were and she seemed to be talking in circles and not really knowing. When it was time to pay, I was quoted a different price. So I mentioned that when I made the appointment, I was told a cheaper price and now they were overcharging me. The lady argued back, wouldn't admit her mistake. But the other lady managed to get me the cheaper price. But honestly, I felt it was a waste of my money. Don't see any difference at all. Wasted A$179.

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Hi, we are sorry to receive this feedback and to hear that you didn't feel like results were achieved from your first treatment. Of course we cannot guarantee instantaneous results, and so we recommend a minimum of three skin treatments for best, long-term results (depending on your concerns). Again, we are sorry you didn't enjoy your experience with us and should you wish to speak with someone further about your complaint, please email info@australianskinclinics.com.au

Amazing staff and great service

I had my lips done by one of the nurse's at Australian Skin Clinics at Marion after my best friends recommendations. I am so happy with the results, the injector there is a amazing.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback!

Dodgy shop, looking to rip people off with no service provided

Poor service spent over $250 on 3 appointments for my partner. She attends one, and then has to reschedule the next. They count the scheduling as an appointment. This will be passed on to fair trading and ACCC. Poor customer service, wouldn’t recommend

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Australian Skin Clinics - Chadstone Atrium

Have been attending the Australian Skin Clinics - Chadstone Atrium for some time now for my Micro's and I have to say..I love it !!! Thank you to Helen who's advice and care is always on point. Love coming in for my treatments and a chat, so confident in the level of capability that I get from the staff there.

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Hi Chris, thank you so much for this wonderful review and feedback - we really appreciate it! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Redness removal

Today I been at the chadstone Australia skin clinic ,treated by Pauline ,amazing results my skin feels excellent haven’t felt like this for a very long time...
Thank you Pauline for the advice you recommended and for the results i had!!!

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Hi Elpida, thank you so much for taking the time to write this review! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Australian skincare chadstone Review

I went to the Australian Skincare Clinic in Chadstone for laser hair removal the staff there were very professional and friendly the prices were reasonable and they do zip and afterpay which is a plus.

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Hi Racheal, thank you so much for this lovely review! We really appreciate it. Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Don’t waste your money, don’t go there

I would never recommend this clinic to anybody. I went to the Greenhills clinic, it was a waste of money,it didn’t work, they blamed me for being “ irregular” even though I was not & then they blamed my hormones. The girls are nice but not professional, wish they knew their job a bit better.Even after completing the recommended number of treatments,none of the treatments worked, not a single one , and I’m so disappointed with myself for wasting all that money on them- made the mistake of paying it all upfront .They are good at finding excuses, blaming the client and defending themselves. They shouldn’t take on what they can’t deliver.
Imagine paying for 4 areas and still having to wax... will never recommend them

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I would definitely recommend the others to come here!! (Westfield Sydney)

It’s the greatest day of my entire week ever! I just had an awful week lately and once I came for the treatment they just make my day I would give them 10/10 stars! The treatment went really great and I have a bit of a girl talk and also a discount that I needed lol. Anyway they’re the nicest and the loveliest dermatologist ever xoxo

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Hi Clareysta, thank you so much for this glowing review!

Burnt my face and underarms badly

The Hornsby Australian Skin Clinic where I have been getting laser hair removal for lip, chin and underarms, recently burnt all these part of my body very badly. At the time of the process being done, I informed the technician that the pain was unbearable and much more than usual. She adjusted the airflow which made it slightly less uncomfortable. Despite this, at one point I had to ask her to stop because I could not tolerate the pain. There was no adjustment made to the setting despite my complaint. My face and underarms were on fire and by the time I reached home, I could see scarring on my face. I emailed pictures to the clinic straightaway and informed of the issue. I applied ice to cool the burning which was unbearable. I then went back to the clinic so I could show the technician what had occurred. The only response I got was that I was tI had signed a consent form saying that there might be pigmentation and secondly that I have to buy the overpriced products to help improve the situation. I did not sign up for my body to be burnt and then to pay more money to buy products to undo the damage. I kept telling the technician that I was burnt and she kept saying that I have signed the consent for pigmentation, and then proceeded to show me it. I said to her that despite the consent, it does not absolve responsibility for negligence. She offered me a brightening serum and asked to apply that to reduce the discolouration.

3 weeks after the treatment, I now have dark patches on my chin and my underarms look terrible. I even left a comment on the Australian Skin Clinics website but I have had no response or contact which makes it feel like they don't even care. I have posted some pictures of my face to show how it was burned. I have not posted any pictures of the underarms but they look terrible to the extent that I cannot wear sleeveless dresses anymore.

I would strongly recommend that this clinic is not visited. They leave you scarred and do not take any responsibility for the outcome...... that is completely unacceptable. I am too scared to do any more sessions because instead of solving a small problem, I now have a big problem that will have a life long impact on my life. This is negligence at its best.

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Hi SSA, we are extremely concerned to receive your review and would like to follow up with you immediately - we absolutely do care! As we are unable to identify you from your post, can you please email info@australianskinclinics.com.au with your full name, complaint, photos and contact details? Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics head officeI have sent an email to the above address with pictures and contact detailsThank you, we have received your email and will be following up as a matter of urgency.

Happy client

I would like to thank the consultant that took care of me. She was very professional and explained what she was going to do. She explained what I had to do after the treatment.

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Hi Natascha, thank you so much for this wonderful feedback and review!

Very good

Quick, easy and efficient! Will defiantly be coming back to continue my treatment. Very professional, wasn’t as painful as I thought and very good customer service, the lady’s are very nice

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Thank you for this lovely review!

Plenty Valley store is amazing

The girls at the Plenty Valley clinic have helped my skin so much! I used to have really bad acne but managed to clear my skin up really quick by doing treatments and following the technicians informative prescription. I now have the best skin and my confidence is through the roof! Cannot recommend them enough <3

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Hi Jess, thank you so much for this wonderful feedback and review!

my skin has never looked so good!

My skin is glowing after my latest high Performance facial. I can really see a big different in my pore size, and my skin is glowing. The girls are really knowledgeable, super helpful, and make a whole lot of sense about skin that I can understand. Will definitely be back, and I'm loving my new skin care range to continue my amazing results at home.

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Hi Amber, thank you for this fantastic feedback! We're glad to hear that you are loving your results so far!

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What’s your complaint procedure?
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Hi Fud, as each of our clinics are individually owned and franchised, please direct any feedback or concerns to the manager of your treating clinic. If the manager is unable to assist, it may be escalated to the Franchisee. Our head office is happy to facilitate any discussion between the clinic and client, however we cannot offer a refund or resolution on behalf of the owner. Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

My son has bad acne Do you treat it and want to know success rate ? Regards, Suzie Muir
1 answer
Hi Suzie, we have a number of treatments for acne and acne scarring You can read more about our scarring treatment options here: https://australianskinclinics.com.au/scarring/ We recommend coming in for a free consultation, where our trained technicians can customise a treatment plan to suit your son's skincare needs. Please call us on 1300303014 to book! Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

Does anyone know this skin clinic’s head office number or email address? I am not able to find it anywhere in their website, other than the branch contact details. The branch I normally go to, the Manager refused to do a price match when it clearly mentions in their website that they will price match their competitors who are within 30km zone. So, I had no choice but to buy the sessions with their price. I did email the branch about my unsatisfied experience and how they are not following their policy, but no reply or apology about it. Thank you.
2 answers
Head office is on Upton street Bundall or the advanced skill academy ( I think can give you the correct number) all centres should be able to provide you with head offices phone number. Head office are always keen to address any issues you may have. Unfortunately I don't have the number with me just what I have provided .i hope your issue is sorted soon one experience shouldn't put you off a great companyHi Rabbit, you can contact the Australian Skin Clinics head office by emailing info@ozskin.com. Kind Regards, Australian Skin Clinics

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