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Australian Solar Quotes

Australian Solar Quotes

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be careful

Used this site to get 3 quotes.
Agreed to one of the quotes and paid deposit.
Then i get an email asking if i had signed up and i click on the button to say "yes i have" and now i notice there is a 4 star review on that companies site, which is also linked to the solar quotes site. I didnt think i was giving a review, i havent even got the panels. Deceptive and misleading to say the least.
I have just sacked that company from doing the job due to incompetence and now i am in a fight to get my deposit back.
Sent my email trail through to Finn at Solar quotes and no reply - no surprise.

Some good info on this site - but what may have started as good intentions has been taken over by greed.
He is more interested in getting kickbacks from solar companies than he is in providing an unbiased site for prospective panel purchases.
Perhaps use this site for some useful info, but do your own research re suitable installers.

Questionable independence

I agree with another poster here (David), and I also question Solarquotes claim they are completely independent. After replying to their email how I was going with my '3 quotes', I offered them my honest feedback... Which partly stated that one of the 3 quoters not only failed to quote for the kw power range that I asked for, but they were also way over what their (Solarquotes) website recommends as a maximum price for this system. I got the standard 'thanks for the great feedback' (but we don'y really care and won't do anything about it) reply from them. This proves to me that the crap they spruik on their site about rigorous vetting of companies etc is nothing but rubbish. Their lack of interest to even ask me which of the 3 companies it was just proves 100% they couldn't care less and are obviously getting more kickbacks than they make out.

The site, however, is very good and has a lot of useful information. My recommendation is read their site, do your own research, check independent reviews, then find your own companies to get quotes from.

Shocking company!

Very easy to get old when they want to take your money but when there are issues, the phone numbers just go to answering services, and the online chat is futile. Most of the leads were dead leads with made up phone numbers or people who weren't interested in solar whatsoever. They kept charging the account even when no leads were sent. Scam for sure do not sign up!

Be Away From Them

I have never made any money from this company. It is crap and you just sign up and ask for leads and he will give you 100 leads if you want 100 but they are all crap.


Was good at first, got 2 quotes. Problem started when I didn't reply to their email survey rating the company.
As stated by other reviews, they must pass your information on to third parties as I have been bombarded by calls from telemarketers since not replying to the survey. This is the only company I've supplied my number to recently and my numbers are on the, do not call register, so I don't think it's pure coincidence

Hit and Miss

2 of the 3 quotes were a complete waste of time - one would not quote and the other quoted on something quite inappropriate. I sent Solar Quotes feedback on this 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing. Fortunately one of the 3 recommendations was very good.

Crap Company-Never Get Leads From Them

This company is very doggy i tried this company twice in getting leads and lost 2 times...they send you leads which are being rejected by others. Don't try this company at all...very doggy. I wish all of the people who lost the money with them should sue this company. If any one is interested let me know so that we will form a group and sue this company. I know lawyers they will charge only if we win...please let me know..

Big time Scammers

Please do not use this company. They are scammers. We registered with them to get leads for our install team. They send you leads with no to minimal information and charge you big money and unfortunately you don't have an option to stop this. They have a dodgy contract under which you can't say to their leads and whatever crap they send you will have to pay them.


Got 3 quotations from these guys.
Was prompt and saved me time and the hassle of getting this myself.
Thanks Aussie Solar Quotes!

Australian Solar Quotes will not remove my business listing

I have contacted Australian Solar Quotes to remove my business listing from their pages and they have told me they are under no legal obligation to do this. My company does not fit into the renewable energy category nor have I ever requested my company is listed on their pages. Darryn Van Hout, you can look forward from hearing from my solicitor!

Great Website and user friendly

It's a great website and easy to use. The website is easy to navigate. The website probably need more pictures of the products.

Excellent website: useful / easy to use

A very good website for choosing solar systems. Short & accurate questionnaire, prompt quotes, useful links to news regarding solar industry and technology updates, really helpful directory with all info needed all in one (all contacts including map and working hours..) I absolutely recommend this website! p.s. Appreciate the Sponsorship&Charity Donation initiative.

Awesome source of information!

A great website to get you going on installing solar at home. They have hand calculators, get you in touch with suppliers, educate you about the systems - exactly what you need when planing to upgrade your home or build a new house integrating smart energy. Definitely worth to spend a few hours on!

Great website heaps of information

Review forAustralian solar quote website heaps of details and information
Need more pictures of the product and photos of the the installation process
would definitely recommend

Great site

I found this site very helpful and great information based great products and very user friendly web site I'm glad I found this site

Great site! Very informative & Easy!

I found this website great! It helps you with all the possible information you might need about Solar. Is easy to use, and for me, that's a plus when it comes to buying or learning about new products. I definitely recommend it.

Good Solar Products and Website is easy to use

Very well designed website and easy to use. Very detailed information on Solar Products and easy to get a qoute.

Bright and simple to use

I found this a really helpful website, that provided me what I needed within seconds, without having to go through multiple quotes or endless steps. I would certainly recommend this site to anyone looking for solar. Lots of fantastic information.

I like this website but I am unsure of its efficacy....

This website is appealing to the user because it spells simplicity and usability.

1. The address field within the 'get 3 quotes' web form
When I submitted to 'get 3 quotes', the web form requests for my residential address. The web form does not allow me to enter the unit number but the block number only in the address field. (There are 4 units within the same block of residence.)

2. 3 quotes
I checked my e-mail and did not receive the 3 quotes instantly. When will I receive the 3 quotes? Are the 3 quotes, standard quotes automatically generated by the system or are they tailored to the individual customer by the supplier?

3. Comprehensiveness
I am unsure whether the website has a comprehensive list of suppliers or has just a selected few of partners at the website. Am I likely to find a supplier who is not listed at this website, offering me a better deal? How do I know if I could trust ASQ for having done all the homework for me? Would / could ASQ offer / provide clarifiication / reassurance on this?

4. Deal or no deal
I am unsure whether the website is much more advantageous / favourable to the consumer or the supplier. Would services at the ASQ website be offered at a lower price, same price or higher price than when contacting / engaging directly with the supplier myself? Is ASQ the middleman or does ASQ only charges the supplier to list at their website for a fee?

Very informative and the best!

Australian Solar Quotes is one of the best website that is easy for absolutely anybody to use.
It has free tools like the solar power calculator which is fantastic for buyers, sepcially to calculate about total cost to get an idea.Will definitely be referring on to other friends ! All about the use of Solar

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