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Awesome Site For Easily Comparing Electricity Plans

The information I was able to get from the site, certainly helped me negotiate a better deal with my current provider, saving me about $250 per year. It’s handy to have a recent Electricity Account so you can enter your exact usage and solar feed in amounts. Excellent service, thanks so much.

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Hi Beany, Great news. Well done getting your provider to give you the deal you want. And thanks for taking a moment to share your feedback! Tim

Excellent and really comprehensive, easy to use site

I have used this resource over a period of one year. I believe it is the best such site available in Australia. They provide comprehensive information which is easy to sort and explore. I have changed providers and will save some hundreds of dollars a year. I can attest that (unlike a number of other sites) there are no intrusive phone calls or other high-pressure follow-on activities. On top of that there do not seem to be any hidden biases or commissions encouraging me to lean one way or another.
Thoroughly recommended.
Best Regards,

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Hi Dave, Thank you for your review. We’re very happy to have helped you Tim

easy to follow in plain language

I have signed up with the company they suggested & I'm getting $100 off my 1st account!!
Easy to understand & has all the detail needed to make an informed decision.
better than some other sites.

Where have you been all my electricity buying life?

I stumbled across WATTEver while getting to grips with overpaying for electricity. Its comprehensive information has assisted me to negotiate with my provider & get results in $$ reduction. A great service. And free for residential customers.

Very pleased with the help I received

I used the WATTever comparison site, and was a little confused at first. But after a few emails back and forth I was very pleased with the help I received. Well worth comparing. Thanks.

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Hi, Thanks for sharing your review. We’re always happy to help. Unlike other services WATTever shows all the publicly listed electricity plans and provide more inputs to give a more accurate and comprehensive comparison, because we’re committed to helping Australians find the best deal.

Great comparison site

I found Wattever a lot easier to use than most comparison sites. More in depth and relevant information on different plans/providers, helped me make a decision to switch for a better deal. Recommend this site!

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Hi Rusty, Thanks for sharing your review. Tim

Comprehensive and Unbiased Comparison Service

WATTever provides a comprehensive comparison service, including all of the publicly available offers, unlike many other comparison sites. I thought I had done a pretty good job hunting for deals by myself, but WATTever showed that I had missed a better deal from one of the retailers on my short list.

Their support is based in Australia, friendly and very responsive. Using their service has saved me money and is one of the better dealings I have had with any company recently.

Highly recommended!

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Hi Juergen, Thanks for your feedback. We're all about making it easier to find better deals. Delighted we could help.

Best comparison site I have found

I am comparing electricity plans for my residence in Beveridge Vic. I have looked at a few different comparison sites but they are usually disappointing in that they are just aggressive marketing exercises and/or only compare those retailers from whom they get commissions. WATTever seems to be different in that they have given me comparisons of just about every retailer in Australia, even those they do not have affiliation with (for those they give you the rates from publicly available price fact sheets and say to contact the retailer directly if you like that product). It seems like a more honest approach to me.

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Thanks for sharing. We love getting feedback about WATTever’s ethical approach to electricity comparison. Really glad we helped you. Over time we'll add more retail partners but we’ll never change our philosophy of sharing every public plan and giving you the power to decide what’s best for you.

The best I could find

I recently had solar installed along with a new smart meter and was interested in comparing my new price structure (on Demand) with other suppliers in my area. I used several sites providing this service and found WATTever to be the most accurate and easy to use. The supplier I currently use was confirmed to be the best for my current circumstances at present. After I obtain a history of my new usage pattern and generation I plan to revisit and compare Time of Use plans with the Demand plan.
I certainly would recommend them to any one seeking the best deal with current pricing used.

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Thanks for sharing your review. Well done on your new solar. It feels good to take the power back.

Great Help in Determining Which Electricity Retailer to Use in ACT

Following changes in electricity retailing implemented at the beginning of 2018 in ACT and as part of the installation of solar panels, a new Smart Meter is installed. The installation of the Smart Meter forces the ACT consumer on to a new electricity tariff regime. For my situation I had to work out which of the alternative tariff regimes was likely to be the most cost effective choice. I found the Wattever site to be of greatest assistance in doing this than the other electricity comparison web sites. With the passage of time, I will use the web site as means of working out how well actual outcomes follow the predictions.

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Hi Phil, Thanks for taking time to share your review. Great move on solar! In the future, we’re looking to add the option for users to upload smart meter data for an even more comprehensive comparison - this will also help calculate if shifting to a different tariff type could save money. Tim

Great service

In our case, rates were accurate and confirmed what I had already done on difficult spreadsheets. Good service in my view, but will always be about keeping up to date. (Vic Gov version had basic errors some of which I reported to them, but got no response - so you may need to be careful if you use that one).

Changing Electricity Retailers

Found a reference to WATTever on a Whirlpool thread and visited the WATTever site. It was simple to use and provided a broad range of alternative suppliers. I was able to verify some of the data they provided, with my own research, and it was accurate albeit subject to change by the retailer.
WATTever confirmed my own research was correct and recommended the retailer that I was already considering. Their second and third recommendations were also in line with my research.
So I found WATTever to be a very useful resource in verifying my own results. I certainly recommend them to other in my position; that is being over charged by my current retailer and seeking alternatives.
Trust but verify!

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Hi Don, Thanks for taking time to share your review. We're glad you're on the way to a better deal and helped confirm your research.

Some of the rates are wrong!

It a great service, however I noticed some of the rates are wrong. For example, the feed in tarrif for some companies are listed as GST-inclusive, and others are Ex-GST, resulting in wrong comparisons. If corrections are made, it's an excellent service.

Hi A.A, Glad you like the site and thank you for sharing your comments. I’ve outlined below the reason for the GST variation on feed-in tariffs. It's to allow feed-in rates to be comparable for households. For any specific comments about pricing please email us at support@wattever.com.au and we’ll jump on it. We really value the feedback we receive from our community and we work hard to validate any questions around pricing and update the site within 24 hours. All feed-in tariffs shown are ex GST except for Energy Locals (EL) who have stated that they credit feed-in tariffs differently - https://help.energylocals.com.au/solar/how-does-gst-affect-the-solar-feed-in-tariff. We use the inc GST rate to reflect how EL credit solar feed-in tariffs to their customers. We have contacted EL for further clarification and will update the comments on our solar feed-in tariff pages based on their response. cheers David HileyHi and thank you for your reply. When you say "It's to allow feed-in rates to be comparable for households", then does that mean that the comparison prices for business customers are not correct? Obviously business customers can claim the GST component and if some providers' calculations result in a higher net GST component, that translates to cheaper prices? (if I understood correctly!) I guess I just want to make sure the comparisons are correct for business customers also. If that's the case, please let me know. I will revise my feedback. Thank you!Hi, Thanks for the clarification on your concerns about the GST calculation on feed-in tariffs. We have updated WATTever's comparison to include GST for feed-in tariffs for business plans. Following communication with Energy Locals, we have adjusted their rates and are excluding GST from feed-in tariffs for all residential plans. This is in line with the ATO's treatment of GST for feed-in tariffs. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. cheers, David

A Genuine Comparison Company

I recently found WattEver when searching for different pricing comparisons. I found that my current provider was way off the mark, price wise even though 12 months ago it had been recommended by a Comparison Company. WATTEver's search indicated that the cheapest company, Alinta Energy was nearly $1000 PA less than my current provider who had previously been referred to me by a large Comparison Company. I signed up with WATTEver and paid the small annual fee for Deal Tracker. The principal came back to me by email and said that he couldn't receive a referral fee from Alinta Energy because he didn't have the volume to interest them at this time. Instead, he waived my Deal Tracker fee and put it back in my account. I was disappointed for him because I know a lot of Comparison Sites receive fees from companies who pay and so, are not necessarily recommending the cheapest provider. I know this company is only a small operator at this time but for the sake of Real Comparison, I hope that they can survive and grow - everyone will benefit from Genuine Comparison and not some advertising hype from the big players.

Thanks Tom for the kind words about our service. We do out best to be open and honest in our whole of market electricity comparison and are very pleased you found a deal that will save you so much.Pleasure, I am only ever about truthful reviews and you most definitely earned your 5 stars - well done. If ever you get the approval of Alinta Energy would you please send me an email and I will circulate. Shame I couldn't find prior emails we had exchanged to use for verification but I think the Administrators must have realized I was being honest.

Great way to compare electricity.

At last a comparison service that shows you all the plans. I could see all the options and choose in my own time because it's all online. There were no pushy sales people. They made it super easy to see where to get the best electricity deal for our local Scout Hall. Thanks.

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Hi Tracey, We're glad you like WATTever. Thanks for taking time to share your comments.

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