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Website is poor and dysfunctional

Website is poor and it will not let me past if I don’t select terms and conditions but it won’t allow me to read T & C. Load of rubbish waste of my time which Is important to me!

Operator hang up on me

Not being truthful. Operator hangup on me.
Give various reasons and have to wait 6mths before the switch take effective.
Sales person was pushy and didn't listen to customer's query. He just wanna sell.

Worst experience ever

Do think twice before you filled in your contact details. I got a wake up morning call from this ‘effective service’in the early morning by 6:10am(WA). I couldn’t believe that after I query” do you know what time is it now ?, I never expect a sales call from a simple online inquiry for a quote”. They still want call you back at later time........ Then lied to me that there is no supervisor at the moment as all in the meeting. Ends conversation by said “it’s not your fault, just your company didn’t trained you well.” and hung up.
.....then I am here to warn the potential victims by this unexpected poor experience.

Calling non-stop

Checked online Monday, got a call before I finish the website (within 2 mins). Then, got at least 2 calls everyday after Monday. Told them I have already signed up and still called, told them I am sick and still called, told them I opt out and still called, told them remove me from the database and still called. Screamed at them for keep bugging me and they said "you'll receive one more call for .... ". I'm not sure which part of "NO MORE CALL" that was hard to understand.

Just keep ringing even when you've switched

Provided incorrect information.
After having 'switched' due to direct contact with energy retailer, Go Switch keep on ringing.
PAINFUL company obviously with no IT.

Harassment Beware

They literally kept calling me several times a day claiming they can switch for a better provider with discount but didn't even specify the exact amount. Stay away from them.


Theyalways call me every and in the course of the information asked my personal.details. I don't know how relevant the information they asked for energy provider. this is the phone number 03 9081 4400. I doubt they are in Melbourne.

Harassing Me!!!

Called me so many times over and over, even after I put in that I didn't want to be called.. I block one number, they call with another.

Telephone hard sell- buyer beware

Unsolicited phonecall. Intrusive questions. Offered a 25% discount on an undisclosed base price. Then refused to answer my clarification questions. The caller became quite irritable when I asked them to spell the name of the company again so that I could check the company name on the internet. I had to be persistent to eventually find out that the company name was "Select an Offer". Frankly, just best to hang up when someone you don't know addresses you by name then rapidly and aggressively starts asking personal questions.

Beware Identity Theft: They requested my passport number

The telemarketer insisted I share my passport details to switch and save up to 24 percent on my energy bills. When I refused to share my personal ID details-they offered no other options. They tried to convince me that of their legitimacy but I was not convinced.

GoSwitch aka Select An Offer abuse telemarketing rules

2 calls yesterday, 3 calls last week, all from GoSwitch wanting to talk about electricity offers. I had to push to get their company details, and he incorrectly gave me the wrong web site yesterday. I had to challenge him to get the correct information, which according to ACMA is against telemarketing guidelines. Honesty should be paramount. I'm now having to write them a letter - yes, a letter - to officially complain, as is their policy on their web site. I'm also now going to every public web site since they won't engage via anything but letter, to share their misuse of my information. How can multiple calls a day help their brand and cause?

Scam callers

Beware goswitch are Scam callers that keeps calling and hung up immediately the moment you pick the phone up. How to report this??

Straight up harrassment

Stop calling me you scum. 5 times a day, every day. Go away you filthy bottom feeders. Enough is enough.


Only wanted to get an idea of prices online but instead get harassing phone calls with no-one on other end (unfortunately you have to give your number to use their site so I'm telling you now DON'T USE IT, NEVER GIVE YOUR NUMBER). Get up to 6 phone calls a day pretty much everyday at all times of night and day. I've tried answering the calls to tell them STOP CALLING but there is no-one there, I've blocked their number but still get messages coming through of "missed call", I tried calling them but was told "we're currently closed" even though they say their open hours are until 8pm and it was only 7:20pm plus I'd also just received a call from them so very strange they were closed? Now I've sent an email to say if they continue with this harassment I'll be reporting them as I've HAD ENOUGH!!! PACK OF LOSERS - PEOPLE STAY AWAY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY!

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I sent an official "written" complaint to their email address and FINALLY the calls have stopped! Would recommend anyone else who gets harassed by these losers to do the same, they seem to ignore verbal requests so send an email threatening to report them to ACCC and suddenly they stop calling you - yay!


Absolute scum. Call after hours and never ending harassing phone calls. Do yourself a favour and dont ever look at there website or even think about going through them

Absolute pests, can't get rid of them

I made the mistake of calling this company to get a better electricity rate. I switched and was happy but now I regularly get calls from go switch. They'll go a few weeks without calling then I'll get called every lunchtime on my work phone for two or three weeks. They'd pester me in the evenings too on my home phone until I changed my phone provider and number. I've blocked the number on my mobile as they were calling me on that as well. I wouldn't mind but I was still in my 2 year contract period when they were calling me to switch again. This company are absolute pests and I certainly would not advise anyone to use them.

NEVER give them your number

I have received spam calls from them for months now and CANT get off the list. The worst company for spam calls with no help.

Absurd, ridiculous, junk calls, time wasting.

Did a quote on GoSwitch to compare electricity plans. After a few days, got a call from them. Our conversation is below:

They said: "Hi, just calling to follow up on your recent quotation, may I know if you are currently with any retailers such as AGL, Origin etc?"
I said: "No".
They said: "Who are you currently with?"
I said: "Dodo".
They hung up immediately, not a single word more.

I immediately jumped on product review to make sure this experience is shared with everyone publicly.

What a ripped off!

Go Switch called my husband to offer him a supposedly better package than AGL - We are currently on 6% discount while GoSwitch offered 8%. I told my husband I'm not interested in the package as the offer is insignificant. They sent us an email to ask us to confirm our details before finalizing. We didn't response but the next day the plan is officially started.
Now the bill came (as I have decided to go with another company). There was a $38.19 admin fee. When I asked them what it was about they told me the account is now signed up under a different person. I asked them how could this be as you never ask for my permission (I was the account holder) to switch. I have been AGL customer and now I was asked to pay this fee to continue to be in AGL?
They admit that they should be talking to the authorized account holder, and will investigate and come back to me. Few days have passed and I didn't hear any news. Tried to call the number but number has been disconnected.
This company sounds so not right. Ripping off consumers.

Don't waste your time with Go Switch

We switched both our home electricity and gas on the recommendations of Go Switch. Didn't receive any of the "deals" offered from either company and we didn't receive the correct solar rebates either.

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