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rubbish service

bought gate motors , 1 year later they failed, they dont return emails or phone calls
no after service at all
will never go back the 1800 spent is wasted as i cannot find anyone to fix them

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Hi Tom Have checked the emails server and nothing that resembles a motor issue from Tom. If you would like to email us at service@automaticsolutions.com.au we will be happy to look at your issues.

No service

Avoid this company at all costs. We had a gate installed and have had problems. They never answer their phone or return calls. They also will not return multiple emails we have sent. Once you pay they ignore you completely

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Again Product Review fail miserably in checking the content they publish. We have no knowledge of Brad, we do answer our phone (try it) and have no emails from an angry Brad. Why? Because we do not install in NSW. It was not this company. If the reviews are genuine why not publish the company ABN and the name of the reviewer?

Very happy with Geelong

Great results with our custom gate. These guys stepped in to help resolve a disastrously failed automatic gate installation attempt from another provider. They displayed a great deal of professionalism and patience in reverse engineering a properly upgraded gate solution with more suitable quality components to match, including delving into the fine details of the positioning, geometry, various hinges, pickets, adding an electric lock and a sourcing a special custom powder coated finish. The solidness and quality of the resultant new gate build and the installation work is great. It looks awesome, all the old holes used or hidden and is all working fine with the existing controller and motors. Wish I had gone to them first, would have saved a lot of heartache. Very happy with the results and highly appreciate their efforts and end result.

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Thanks for the feedback John. Always good when you get a pat on the back.Just had a look through and from 30 listings we have 19 bad reviews in two years. In that same period we have served over 40,000 customers Australia wide so in retrospect the 19 flatters us.


Oh god, where do I start.....just avoid them. Its always the end users fault - you must have had it installed incorrectly, the electrician is no good, etc etc; contact them and instructions are unclear, service unhelpful and they push you to "get one of our tech's out" .....for a cost per hour that's more expensive than a top neurosurgeon charges!
Going to start legal action against them myself.

I'm sorry I even have to give them 1 star.

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Thanks Christoph. For the sake of interested readers Christoph will need to take action against the company he purchased from. Christoph has never purchased any product from Automatic Solutions.

Look elsewhere - this mob aren't worth your time or money

Great at sales pitch, job began in Nov 2018 and we supplied plan of gates & fence required and electric lock for pedestrian gate ($9k job). They installed additional post without consultation and concreted it into ground (very shoddy workmanship) - due to gate not being manufactured correctly. Lock (with only control panel - keyless entry) installed way too high on pedestrian gate meaning you could simply reach over top to unlock from inside - not manufactured as per plans. Nor did they attach perspex guard to prevent anyone from reaching through gate to unlock from inside. Fence panels not secured to block post at bottom. When we called to have these issues rectified we were made to feel like an imposition and were frequently fobbed off or talked down to; once the sale was won their attitude changed and there was no accountability or service. In hindsight we should not have paid for the job until we were satisfied with the work. They removed driveway gate and pedestrian gate before Christmas and these were not reinstalled until February 2019. We were always the ones to call them and follow up on the job status. Once they finally came back and installed the gates there was still no perspex guard on the pedestrian gate and we were told we would have an additional fee for parts and labour if we still required this - it's not really a secure gate guys if people can reach through the gate and unlock! They removed the concreted post as per our instructions and attached correct gate directly to the pillar as discussed with the sales person and per the plans we gave them... however they left a huge hole where the post and concrete were removed. When questioned if they were going to fill the response was they didn't have anything to fill it with. They ended up using the top dressing we had prepped our yard with for the turf being laid the following day. One remote failed to work from second day in our possession. We replaced battery and remote worked for 2 weeks before failing again. It would open the gate and I would drive out but would not close the gate behind me. This meant I was continually having to exit car and manually over ride to close the gate myself - once again, this defeats the purpose of an automatic gate guys. Replaced battery in remote 3 times, from different battery packets and brands. This was mentioned to Automatic solutions each time we contacted them. The day we received the remotes we attached doubled sided velcro and mounted in our cars - they have never left the vehicles. As they never advised when work would be done we were never onsite when they came and remote was never changed over or replaced. I called into their showroom to have remote replaced and was told remotes don't carry a warranty. They accused me of dropping the remote and when I explained how it was immediately mounted in car when received, they implied that I must have spilt something on it. When they opened it they could see that wasn't the case. It seemed to work for their test gate in show room so they couldn't find an issue with it... so no replacement and I'm left with a remote that requires battery change every couple of weeks to remain operational.
Since installation of replaced pedestrian gate the lock/turn latch is very stiff to operate and often does not turn at all. When we removed lock from gate, the holes drilled in the gate do not align correctly with internal lock mechanism and holes had to be burred to make larger. Electrician here to wire up electric strike plate for pedestrian gate and Automatic Solutions has sikaflexed everything to pillar mounted post - electrician now has to carefully cut away to install, and purchase stock he does not carry to be able to fit it back and reinstall.
Extremely poor service, rude service when we were able to reach them and all rectification of their initial mistakes was done begrudgingly and not in a timely manner. I would recommend you steer well away from this company.
If there was a zero star option I would have chosen, as this is what they deserve. Terrible, terrible experience. I can't speak for other locations but the Underwood store was awful.

Product Quality

Disgusting Company & Disgusting Service

Do not use automatic solutions - Absolutely Disgusting Service, Quality of Workmanship & Time Management. We've had our gate for about a year and a half and have had numerous issues relating to several different parts of the gate system and each time Automatic Solutions refuses to help without asking for a signed contract first. The installation took over 2 weeks to complete from start to finish due to unqualified technicians being brought to site, inadequate procedures & quoting. Go forward about a year now and we had a fuse blow inside the Power Supply, they refused to even come out to site to diagnose if it was a warranty issue until we sign a formed that agreed to pay a call out fee and hourly rate if this wasn't under warranty. The motors themselves on the gates cannot support the full weight of the fence supplied and they drag along the ground, don't open to the full extent and are even uneven when looking at them, again the same issue with the service department refusing to even look at the issue until we sign a form agreeing to pay any and all costs if this isn't under warranty. Another thing to note - you only get a 1 year warranty on the installation of these products, so when they inevitably fail from the unqualified technicians installing them - they refuse to even repair under warranty after 1 year. Save yourself the hassle, go somewhere else - Do not use automatic solutions.

Product Quality
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Exceptional service

Highly recommended. Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. Staff went above and beyond to meet our requirements for a tricky set up with powered gate operating on one remote with two seperate garage doors.

It is bliss to have a secure driveway

Thank you to the team who did a great job to secure our driveway. Automatic gate looks fantastic and it was installed quickly, professionally and we were offered good options/advise from the start to finish.

Extremely Disappointing but good recovery

I was promised installation 8-8:30 AM today. Got an email at 8:10 this morning to say sorry that Automatic Solutions won't deliver and install the gate till 1:00 pm. I had disconnected the old gate automation, including motor and locking pad, ready for the new installation. I then tried to contact [name removed] the director of Automatic Solutions via landline, mobile and email. All I could get was voice mail. Eventually received a call from Andrew and Angelo and Matt arrived the following morning. Their service, attitude and competence could not be faulted. So I have revised my one star to four.

Dishonest or Incompetent or Both Do Not Use

Key Facts
Purchased a Sliding Gate motor with logic control mid Feb 2018 for $1604.00
8 months later the unit blew a fuse and continued to blow any replacement fuse.
Phoned Automatic Solutions (AS), had to wait for [name removed] to call me back who said your board will be blown due to power surge buy a new one from us about $300.00 odd from memory.
Checked the board visually and it appeared fine BUT noticed bruising to the insulation around the power supply which rested unrestrained in the base of the unit. Spoke to AS about this AS maintained it would be due to a power surge and said I could return it for repair which I did.
More than 2 weeks after returning it followed up and received the AS “Service Team” response “Transformer is a mess no doubt from voltage surge and board is possibly damaged. Need permission to proceed with repairs.”
AS were told that there was a surge diverter and 2 surge filters protecting the circuit to the unit, but AS replied with “Thanks for all the information but it is all rather irrelevant to what we find.” AS said they would forward the transformer to the manufacturer to further test.
Next AS reply with “Have been working doing tests for Italy and they come with the same result as me. Layman’s terms the transformer is fried on the primary. I can send it to Italy as suggested but I am certain we are just delaying the inevitable. The transformer needs to be replaced before we can test the control board. My guess is it will also be damaged.”
I asked why this was not going to be repaired under warranty and the reply from AS was as follows “As in most standard warranties the warranty covers fault in manufacture but does not cover environmental, site or damage caused by external events. Extreme example is you have a very new car and the fender falls off – this would probably be considered a fault in manufacture and covered under warranty. Somebody runs into your new car and the fender falls off this is not going to be warranty. So when our gate operators suffer power related issues (which unfortunately are a fact of life) it is not a product fault but a site or environment related event. We can quote but in doing so have to assume worst case scenario which assumes that the control board and possible encoder will be damaged. Best case scenario allow $300.00 and worst case $720.00”
Following this I had the unit returned so I could have this investigated for myself.
On return of the unit I videoed the power supply being removed from the unit and testing it.
Guess what?
As I had suspected initially the unrestrained power supply sitting loose in the metal frame of the unit had rubbed through the electrical insulation and was shorting out on the secondary not the primary!!!!!!!!!
With this information I contacted the manufacturer in Italy and surprise surprise their response was, “we have a modification which consists of a bracket to retain the power supply to prevent this failure”.
I asked the manufacturer how I would go about getting hold of a bracket modification and at no cost to me they directly shipped me a new bracket assembly and a replacement power supply even though the original power supply still worked once the failed insulation short was isolated!
Automatic solutions (AS) claimed this was a fault caused by a power supply issue and quoted between $300.00 and $720 to repair it.
Automatic Solutions (AS) must be either dishonest or incompetent or both.
The Italian manufacturer sent replacement parts and even 2 extra remote controls as a goodwill gesture at no cost to me and we had the unit repaired by someone who knows what they are doing.
I hold plenty of correspondence to corroborate the above.
One star rating is too kind
Do not ever consider buying anything from Automatic Solutions – ever.

Dont understand the negative reviews

Needed an automatic gate and after doing my research decided that I had to visit the showrooms as the reviews were unhelpful. After going to a number of showrooms there was no real decision as the people at Automatic Solutions were the only ones with a range of product and any real clue. Anyway went well from beginning to end so can recommend to anyone. Get out there and have a look though.


As with the other 1 star reviews, purchased our gate , had wrong set instructions , Underwood store no help at all. Eventually Nerang gave us right set instructions . Gate worked for few months , trying to get a service person out , booked it in , want you to sign a form and give credit card number before you even get a time for the service .
Then tell you to talk to a service person on the phone is a charge , when questioned about this they told me it’s necatse talking in his phone to s service person takes them away from their install job so I have to pay for that !!
So many conflicting ‘stories’ between staff at underwood store as to service process , it just doesn’t add up.
I emailed them and cancelled service , seriously there is something decidedly evasive about this company systems and service .
My advice is stay well away
Just wished I had read these reviews prior to purchase

Very bad company

I thought they out of business due to their rubbish products and poor customer service..but obviuosly they still out there..
installed automatic gate 2013, worked for few weeks..than stopped, called them..they charge me as its urgent call..than charge me labor as ants found inside sensors and they said labor is not covered by warranty..
Few weeks later broke again..took 2 weeks to come and fix it and again charge me..
Few weeks later broke again..took 2 months to fix it..and charge a lot of money..so simply when it broke again after few months ..i called another company..who did fantastic job..i had no issue whatsoever since, they also installed sim card, they get rid of the stopper in the middle that low cars would able to pass it to get into my house...
when i complained the boss said he will investigate it and he blamed " [name removed]" the employer and told me he no longer working with them..and of course no follow up..
it cost me more tan 4000 for rubbish product and rubbish company.
Please avoid these people, once you pay, you done, they have nothing to do with you....

Absolute Rubbish Products and Service

Purchased a swing gate kit and control board. Spent hours trying to install to find out they gave me the wrong installation guide. The guide they finally supplied was an Italian translation which was not written in simple English nor did it correspond with the logic programming menu. Easiest board to program they said...
The logic board and electric ram consequently destroyed my gate, hinges and support post as the logic board would display opening and in fact close the door ripping the gate off it’s hinges and bent the gate and support brackets on three separate occasions. Couldn't slow the door down when closing and it kept on slamming shut and destroyed the closing points and damaged my house.
Spent days repairing damage, reprogramming the board and trying to get some “advertised” free service assistance. No replies to my emails and found out they charge $180 per hour for a tech to go on site.
The tech support installed a new logic board which worked well for 5 cycles until it ended up failing again, had a mind of its own, causing more damage and costing me more time and money for repairs.
Came to a point where I realised I've been shafted and it just wasn’t worth anymore heartaches. Wanted to return items to be told the goods must be returned in the original boxes which I didn’t have and a 15% restocking fee is charged. Not the support nor response I was expecting from a company that was quick to sell me their products and kept on stinging me as the DIY and Trade catastrophic adventure lingered on.
This exercise cost me more in damage and repairs than the kit was worth. Buyer PLEASE be very aware. Once they sell you the product, even as a tradie you're committed and it just keeps costing more in time and money and wait until you try to return the products. It just doesn't seem to get any better.
Shame on you Automatic Solutions for your poor business modeling, dismal customer relations and pathetic after sales support. Karma will be your judge and I hope my review goes viral...

Get EVERYTHING in writing/ record all interactions

Very disappointed with the way they treated us as customers. Salesperson lied regarding information provided during the sales interaction and when it's a verbal conversation (as most sales consultations are) you're stuck. Smooth at talking the sales talk, but when something goes wrong it will be your fault. Very poor internal complaint process-don't expect any of them to have the courage to be honest. If you decide to go ahead with this company anyway, remember to RECORD every interaction even if it seems over the top. You don't think this would be necessary but it something I couldn't stress enough. I really regret having had anything to do with this company, I hope this helps someone not go through what we went through.

This is awesome

Awesome and great prices. Knowledgeable and friendly!!! I can't recommend these people enough. They went above and beyond in customer service and satisfaction.


************************ DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ELECTRIC / ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT FROM THIS COMPANY *************************

Gates and steel hardware cheap, but exceptable for low end budget installations.

There trying to pull the same old trick like they did with LALLY

Nothing wrong with the equipment , blame the installation. Even when confronted with undeniable facts.

Second rate equipment, go to main stream company's,

Wont reply to emails, unless pestered

Emails finally sent " Service Team " no ownership of problem

Our problem will be Heading to Fair Trading, for a claim for a full refund.

I rang the Head Office at Canningvale and was told

"""""""""""""" The Service Department Has No Phone Number """""""""""""""

You be the Judge of that comment.


Had new gates and motor installed by Automatic Solutions, the work was superb by the techy guy to set it all up and really love the design of our gate. we had great customer service from the team at the Canning Vale store, very informative. Highly recommend it to anyone who's after a professional job, we did a lot of homework before we got our gates through these guys and they really seem to know their stuff.

Professional and well managed.

I can not fault the service and quality that have been provided by Automatic Solutions Underwood. We have just completed a complex job with them and from the outset the staff have been absolutely professional. From sales, to manufacture of the product, through to installation. The finished product is a professional as it could possibly be and we constantly have people asking about our new gates. We are extremely happy with this company and would happily recommend them and use them when required again. Thank you to the staff for such a great process from start to finish.

Avoid like the Plague

This company has the worst customer service! Blamed us for incorrect installation even though qualified electrician & an electronics tested the unit and stated that there was a fault with the electric gate motor.
Returned to Automation Solutions to be told it would be sent away to be tested by their techs - slightly suspicious-to be told it had been incorrectly installed ! So we had to purchased another board for $290 - what a bloody rip off !

Stay away from them !

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