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Baby Bare The Bare Cub

Baby Bare The Bare Cub

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Excellent! Couldn’t be happier.

Baby Baer nappies have worked so well for us. We have been using them exclusively for 8 months. They have been through our washing machine almost every day, or every second day and they look better than when they arrive in the post. An excellent product. If you follow there basic care instructions you will not be disappointed. I also found their customer service to be very helpful.

My Favourite Reusable Nappies!

I bought these all on clearance or special. I haven't paid more than $20 for them. (Most I got for a steal at $12) I've had them for over a year and they are excellent! I use these first over the other brands I have as they are the easiest to put on and put back together after washing. I like the AI2 for their quick drying, the AIO for their convenience (drying isn't too bad), but I don't like the side snap Teddy Bares (too fiddly). Very absorbent and super cute designs.

Changed our mind on MCN

We got our first new MCN when Baby Bare had a sale. After a not so great experience with CCs but determined to give cloth nappying a proper go we took some recommendations to try Baby Bare- they’re now one of only two brands we use. Our Ai2 cubs are fantastically absorbent with a trim fit, AIO easy to put together, Teddies so neat and adaptable. We have Baby Bare wetbags for daycare and travel and they’re sturdy and well made. Nothing but beautiful customer service- thank you!

Okay, not great

I brought these for the price and because a friend recommended them to me . I originally had a second hand pair of pea pods and thought I’d get a different brand to see how they are. I brought the teddy boy trial pack that has the minky outside . The minky material makes my babies skin dry out really bad . They are awkward to clip and I find they smell of pee really quick even when the nappy isn’t full. They hold a decent amount of liquid but not as much as other nappies. They aren’t a bad nappy for the price . But I would t recommended them at all. I tried to email the company with my problems but I didn’t even bother responding but it just sounded like that there was no possible way the nappy could effect any baby.

Not made to last

I loved my nappies initially, although a handful of my inserts have began deteriorating. If this was a result of my wash routine my other 25 nappies would also be deteriorating. Baby Bare claim this is typical wear. The nappies are only covered under warranty for 6 months, despite the face that baby bare claim they will last one child through to toilet training. I will not be buying any more baby bare nappies

Love the wet bags!

Just bought a third 2 compartment wet bag, they're fantastic, the little front bag snaps off and can attach to any other bag the same making them interchangeable. I've been packing the big compartment with my clean nappies and wipes then using the small one for dirty, then when I get home just pull off the dirty one and snap on another little one ready for the next outing. So convenient!

Great product and above average service!

The staff at babybare have gone above and beyond in answering product questions for me and resolving an out of warranty issue with a couple of my nappies (which was a material flaw and not a faulty product). Jenny Day has been so accommodating in her service and responses. Couldn’t recommend them more. We will be getting all our MCN necessities from here.

Love our Baby Bare Cubs

Baby Bare (Bare Cubs) are most of our stash. We love the fit and simplicity of AIO and the easy-drying of the AI2. These nappies are very easy to fit to the baby, are quite trim and have very cute designs. It remains to be seen how long they last but apparently our chubby baby will slim down soon, so it should be okay!

These nappies are fantastic!

New to the mcn world I decided to take the plunge and purchase various trials from different companies. Out of the 3 companies I tried these are by far my favourite. I actually feel disappointed when I have to use my others, but I think I'll just need to buy more babybares! I purchased 10 babybares as they were running a special and let me just say no regrets here! I love my baby bares. They wash up well and provide stay dry protection for my baby. Not to mention the customer service! Jenny is amazing and answers any concerns or questions right away (even if its the annoying 10th question you have asked!). If anyone is wanting to try mcn's I would recommend these to everyone :)

An amazing nappy for a great price.

I was wary, like many, of purchasing my nappies online. So many companies have CC nappies and pass them off as handmade or their own brand. I assumed the same with baby bare.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that not only were they one of the cheapest nappies. But they were someone's company and not just a CC with an overpriced tag.

I had a stash of an entire other brand ready to go for my sons birth. Only to see a sale and decide to buy 2 x AIO nappies.

They arrived and the quality exceeded those of my brand new 'other branded' stash!

As I could before his birth I purchased more here and there and sold off the other brand.

At his birth I had a stash of nappies in newborn (that he wore while his umbilical cord was attached) before I moved to baby bares.

I was afraid of the bulkiness on a tiny newborn. But it really wasn't that bad and it even fixed the issue we had of leaking (he was a heavy wetter).

Now at 9 weeks we use only baby bare nappies. I would use these again, I would buy these again, I would recommend these to everyone!

Great nappies, good price

Bare cubs make up half my nappy stash (the other half are Candies - also great but pricier). My 7month old has been in MCns full-time day-time since he was 2months, although I use disposables at night. The Bare Cubs have never leaked, fit great, are still look great after many washes. The only minor downside relative to styles with the folded insert (like my Candies for example) is that the insert takes a while to dry - really a full day on the line in the Sydney sun. Still, they are very reasonably priced compared to similar quality nappies and they often have old stock on sale so you can pick up extras all the time for as little as $15. Great service too and an Australian local company.

Love love love

These are amazing nappies and a great fit for my little boy. Super soft and very absorbent. Recommend the trifold booster for night time :)

The price point is perfect for a versatile good performing nappy!

My daughter is nearly 2 years old and I have been cloth diapering since she left hospital. I really wish i had discovered this brand and nappy much sooner. My nappy stash includes Grovia, Designer bums, Seedling baby, Softbums, Bonnibuns, Itti bitti, Pikapu, bumgenius, Thirsties (too name a few!). Baby bare nappies - especially the version 2 - I think perform very well, contain leaks, and most importantly are cheap! I was surprised they performed well given the price point. I tend to use only the bamboo boosters and not the microfibre ones that i received. The pocket in them is great! easy to add extra stuff to make the nappy more absorbent. Stains also come out very easily and despite me washing at 60 degrees, the laminate has held up (unlike my softbums).
Cost and performs well
Version 1 won't fit my daughter much longer - thankfully Version 2 has added buttons to solve that problem!

Great product, heaps of fun

I am super happy with these nappies. I can't compare to any other types, but these are really cute, very effective and fit nicely under my baby's jumpsuits. Not that I want them them to, as they are so adorable i want to show them off, and I have heaps of fun colour coordinating her outfits. Haven't had any problems with leaking, despite my partner's concerns - the disposables frequently leak too, so really, even if there is an accident, I'll still be winning! I had a very minor misunderstanding when ordering my nappies, which was partially my own fault, but the owner got back to me immediately,and very generously sorted out my concerns. I was incredibly impressed with the customer service. I feel very positive supporting a small, well run and ethical Australian business, and would (and have) enthusiastically recommend these nappies to friends.

Great nappy

We have been using Baby Bare New Bare Cub nappies (and the older style with sewn in booster) for around 4 months now, since our baby was 5 weeks old (~4kg). They fit well without being as bulky as some other OSFM. I happily reach for these knowing they are unlikely to leak. With the night booster, snap in & one of the included bamboo boosters they've even lasted us through the night (has been 5+ hours).
I like the snap in design with the pocket option to add absorbancy, the softness of the boosters and the range of colours available. Jenny at Baby Bare is also great to deal with. The microsuede lining seems to pick up a bit of lint/fluff though, so doesn't look as pristine as some other nappy brands.
In all, a great, affordable, easy to use nappy!
Versatile absorbancy, affordable, customer service
Microsuede lining picks up lint etc

I love baby bare nappies!!

I love these nappies they are so thin very cute designs and are so soft!! They are very easy to use and very affordable I find these nappies to be better then some of the other brands I own with an extra booster added they are very adsorbent and the owner is so lovely to deal with! Would defiantly recommend to anyone :)
Affordable, so soft and cute designs

A good every day nappy

I have tried many different MCNs and this is definitely one of the easiest to use and care for. A great basic nappy that is ideal for dads and daycare or just for every day use. OSFM and fits from small babies up to toilet training and very reasonably priced so great for the budget conscious. I also love the fit of these nappies both on my skinny baby and chunky toddler- it fits both equally well. I doubt they would have enough absorbency for night but they are a great nappy for day use. Definitely a fan :)

One of my favourite nappies!

Baby bare are a very affordable nappy and very good quality. They are Very trim for a osfm but they still fit my big 2 1/2 year old boy. They have lots of different options for boosting. We definitely need the extra booster for absorbency though. Available in both PUL and minky in gorgeous colours and prints.
Affordable, trim, beautiful colours, great quality.
Couldn't use as a night nappy but my boy is a very heavy wetter.

Great product at an affordable price

These nappies perform better than expected, I got them when they were on sale during the Christmas season, so for the price of around $15 each, they were an absolute bargain. The prints are cute, the minky (my first experience of minky) very soft, and as someone else stated, very trim on bub. For my heavy wetter, they only seem to last for about 2 hours before the inserts are soaked, but that's how often we should change bub anyway! Overall, I am very happy with them.
Great fit, trim, economical, versatile with the snap in and pocket option
So far, so good!

Love our Baby Bares!

I love love love Baby Bares! We have all older versions. This was the first brand of nappy I bought that wasn't patterned (I have a bit of an obsession with prints / patterns, and refused to buy plain colours) - bought the Burnt Orange on sale & now have added another 4 to my stash (still my only plains!). I love the trimness, love the snap ins & the other day I accidentally went 6hrs without changing bub (mother of the year) without a leak (but a very, very heavy nappy). Has managed a few rather explosive poo-plosions without issue. It hasn't worked at night for us, but we might try it again with some extra extra boosting. Dries quickly (I turn it inside out so the microfibre dries faster). Minky is going slightly stiff, but I think this is better now that I'm turning them inside out when drying in the sun. It sounds a bit crinkly when coming off the line, but this may be because I'm leaving it out in the sun for too long.
New patterns are gorgeous, excellent fit, trim, absorbent
Minky a little stiff now, and crinkly lamination.

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I don't like their warranty disclaimers. What assurance can you get to return. Applies with issues?
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Which baby bare nappies do people reccomend? I am torn between the bare cub nappies, the teddy bear nappy or the silly bear nappy? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm all about ease when you are busy for a baby! I preferred my AIO baby bares.

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