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Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls All-in-One Smooth with Velcro

Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls All-in-One Smooth with Velcro

3.7 from 60 reviews

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Leave terrible welts on baby!

I bought several of the fitted AOI in medium, Velcro and these cut into my baby terribly. Left big angry red marks on his skin around the back, side on hips and thighs. He was clearly in pain, crying when he had them on. The marks didn’t go away for a while after taking the nappy off. Can’t believe I wasted hundreds of dollars on these!

Purchased in March 2019.

Terrible!!! Do not waste your money.

I regret buying from this company. The nappies were not leak proof as suggested and when I complained, I was blamed for the leaks. There's a design flaw in these, the insert does not reach the end and there's no PUL type layer its a fibre they claim does the job but it does not! I immediately, changed to Bum Genuis. I wish I did sooner after this waste of space product this was and their attitude helps you understand why people dont bother complaining! Buy at your own risk! They don't refund or accept faults, read their bogus exchange policy! I do not and have not recommended them since and strongly encourage you to do as much research as possible before buying huge amounts of these mummy scammer types.

My Go To Nappy - Absolutely Love It

This nappy is my go to nappy. It is easy to use, and easy to get a good fit that is nice and snug around the legs and the waist. No issues with leaks. I also like that it is easily boostable, which makes it really absorbant, and still fits well even with a few added inserts. We bought some 2nd hand that had already had 6 months of use and after another 20 months are still in great condition. Elastics and velcro as good as ever, and I'll be able to use them on my second. The only negative is that being an all in one they do take a while to dry, especially in winter, but turning them inside out reduces drying time considerably. Highly recommend these nappies to anyone considering MCNs.

Excellent fit - I would get the studs NOT velcro next time though

I mostly use huggies disposables as I always found other disposables leaked. I thought I would try three magic-alls though, with liners though to avoid washing poo out. The fit is beautiful! Especially with the rear elasticised waist. I love my minky one with snaps much more though. I thought the velcro would give more flexibility with fit, but I've not found any issue with the snaps. On a small note the minky just feels nicer to touch when carrying bub as this smooth one feels kind of plasticy, but mostly I hate that the velcro looks messy as it catches fluff from the wash, and grass etc when bub is playing outside. Hard to pick out of the velcro. I find compared to disposables, it is harder to tell when the nappy 'needs' changing and I go more by time, they are bulkier so a couple of pants (not many) didn't fit well, and I still love disposables for night as they seem to keep the skin drier, but I think these are wonderful as far as modern cloth nappies go. No leaks, and easy when you just tuck in one insert after washing, then pop on like a disposable.

Best modern cloth nappies so far

I love these! I have tried a few China cheapies, as i wanted to try MCNs before I committed to buying too many expensive ones, they are ok but not great. The BBH ones are lovely - they look great and they seem very comfy (don't leave marks on legs where the elastic is). Very absorbent and they wash really well. I have a few different BBH products. I have the PUL covers to go over the square terry towel nappies, and all-in-ones both snap and telco. I prefer the velcro.

Easy to use, wash and dry

Velcro all in one means no snapping with a wriggly baby, very easy to use
Lots of gender neutral colours- better re-sale value or re-use for subsequent babies
I found the design well thought out, the materials and workmanship of high quality
I started using these at toddler stage, size L because I couldn't bring myself to pay $28 a piece. However I changed my mind and bought 1, liked it, bought a couple more and so on.
You can easily turn these inside out to line dry more quickly
I tried China Cheapies and they failed immediately, difficlut to dry, cheap materials, poor design quality.
To be honest I've had a a handful of leak throughs from heavy wetting and runny poos-even with extra inserts. The poo leaked out the side of the leg of the large size because the fit is a bit off aaround the legs but a medium would be too small.
It is difficult to check the wetness of the nappy, with disposables you can see and feel the bulge, with these it's hard to notice.

Don't buy, they leak through the PUL

I had problems with this right from the get-go, leaking straight through the PUL. It wasn't a leg leak. I thought it just needed more time to get absorbent. But after 8-10 wears and all the pre-treatment it was meant to have, and all the absorbency that came with it, it continued to leak straight through the PUL in under an hour. I contacted BBH and after several emails, and several weeks they finally got back to me and said it was just cause my bub was a heavy wetter?!? I'm not so sure, as I have some of their other products (which are great) and didn't have the same problem. They suggested I sell it if I didn't like it! I don't feel comfortable selling something I believe is faulty. I think some of the problem is they have to stitch the velcro on, which creates holes in the PUL. It also came through in other areas. Stick to their petite-all-in-two or their multi-fit nappies, these work really well.
Nice colour
Leaked straight through PUL no matter what I did.

Amazing, absolutely amazing!!

This is the best nappy I have ever used, by far my favorite. My daughter is a heavy wetter, and out wets most nappies, but the Baby BeeHinds nappies have been fantastic! They are nicely absorbent, and we have never had a leak! I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone, and I do. They are a fuss free and "Dad friendly" nappy. Being an AIO, they do take a while to dry, but they dry faster if you turn them inside out. 3/4 of my stash are BBH! My daughter is 5 months, and still in the small at 7kg with the Velcro almost crossing over, so the sizing is quite generous.
Reliable, great for heavy wetters, generous sizing

Great nappies

These are great nappies, comfortable and absorbent. They are sized generously, bub is 3 months old and will be in the smalls for a couple more months. Although they are not as trim fitting as the itti bittis, the Velcro closures mean a slightly better fit than the snap version. Do turn them inside out to dry in the sun as they can hide some stains and the sun gets them out the best. Got these on special so they were great value,
Nice fit, like the Velcro, good price
Takes a while to dry being an all in one

Our favourite!

These nappies are fantastic. Just as absorbant as the minky nappies without the added bulk of the minky. I did find that while my daughter was in the small size I had to always use the bamboo insert to make them absorbant enough but now that she has moved up to the medium size the absorbancy is fine without ever having to use the insert. These nappies last between 2-3 hours on my daughter. The velcro makes them super easy to use and they are great for child care for this reason.
We also use Itti Bitti Tuttu and D'lish nappies, Ones and twos nappies and have tried lots of others. The baby beehinds Magic-alls are by far our favourite. When compared to these nappies my only cricism is that the 'stay dry' liner sewn is is not as effective. Itti Bitti nappies have to be very wet before you can feel any moisture where the nappy touches the baby's skin.
We have some velcro magic-alls that are very old (made back when they didn't have the back pocket), we bought them second hand off someone who had also bought them second hand! These are still in great condition, clearly very well used and the PUL has gone 'crinkley' but the velcro is still in perfect working order and they don't leak.
Good price and often on great sales. we bought ours at 50% off. No leaks. Colours and prints don't fade. They last forever.
Long drying time (It helps to turn them inside out to dry). 'Stay dry' inner liner not as effective at other brands but our baby does not seem uncomfortable.

The best mcn I've come across.

Magic alls by baby beehinds are a modern cloth nappy that are all in one with the benefit of an extra bamboo insert for nights or heavy wetters. We have tried many different brands of cloth nappies and bbh is by far my favorite. We have never had a leak. I have a 2 and a half year old boy and an 8 month old girl in large and medium sizes. They fit well and are so easy to put on. Just as easy as a disposable.
Easy to use. Super absorbent. Extra inserts for heavy duty. Easy to wash especially if you use a liner to flush hard bits.
Can take a full day or longer to dry in winter. You have to buy the different sizes so adds up to be rather expensive (worth it though)

Good looking, smallish on sizing, good absorbancy. ?? cost a bit much

Nice in the minkee fabric, Im glad I chose to purchase when on special. These nappies have a good absorbancy with the absorbant pads stitched into the nappy. I have some ebay cheapies (little ripples) and they have the same absorbant pad but not sewn into the nappy. Making drying time so much quicker!!!

My ebay cheapies half a day drying time. Baby beehinds take almost all day and you will find they dry quicker if you turn them inside out.

I like the large pocket for putting in more boosters if you need it.

I was a bit concerned about the strong elastics at the back that it might leave marks on my daughter but it didn't.

The sizing is a little on the smallish size so if you have a buddah baby I wouldn't bother with smalls. My daughter is only 6.5kgs and when doing up the snaps I only have one more snap either side to move out. I hope her waist doesn't get bigger otherwise I will run out of snaps. My ebay cheapies OSFM is still on the smallest setting to fit my daughter with heaps of snaps either side to use if her girth expands. It says it should fit 6kgs to 11kgs. Well it might if her girth doesn't get any wider, and it might if she doesn't lengthen too much. But I some how doubt it will fit her to 11kgs.

Overall a nice absorbant nappy, smallish in sizing, wouldn't buy more when there is better and cheaper on the market.
Cute minkee, good absorbancy. Would recommend to friends if small sizing was what they wanted. And were cashed up.
expensive, and smallish in sizing.


love love love BBH magic-alls. We have the smooth velcro and the minkee snaps.

Always get a great fit with the velcro, as it is more 'adjustable' which is great when it comes to babies/children of different shapes and sizes.
The minkee is nicer looking than the smooth, but you are limited with adjustability when it comes to snaps. Both are still great though.

While they are bulky, there is a plus side to this. You will often find as a parent that your child may not fit into their pants (jeans etc). This is when a bulkier nappy comes in handy, filling out the pants, holding them up and them not falling down!

If you want to give modern cloth nappies a try, then I suggest you try these. You will not be disappointed.
Easy to use
Nice colours
Look cute on
Great fit
good for the environment
No leaks
Economical, especially when used for more than one child
Lasts for more than one child
Slower drying time with the bamboo inserts (but bamboo is known to take longer to dry)
A bit bulky

Good product but some leakage

I bought these on special which made them a more affordable nappy. They were a good fit and I liked the velcro since it meant you had more control over the waist sizing. Nappy were a tad bulky under clothing but baby seemed comfortable. Did get leakage though which seemed to be from the seems around the leg, this meant that I never trusted them if i was going out for the day and used disposables
Easy to use, cute colours, washed well
some leakage and a bit bulky

My Favourite

This has to be my favourite nappy. Super dooper easy to use. Very reliable, anyone can use them. Never had any leaks. I prefer the snap version, as I don't much like velcro. They've been fine at child care.
Reliable and easy.


I like the Baby BeeHinds Magic-Alls as a day-time nappy. I find that they aren't the best for long naps and we ocassionally got a leak. I really like the fit of the Magic-Alls around the leg and back with a nice firm elastic. They are a sized nappy so that ensures that you get the best fit for your baby and to minimise leaks. They are cute to team up with a bright tshirt and is all you need in summer.
Great colour range
Great fit with adjustabel waist
Sized nappy ensures great fit
Can sometimes need extra boosting or change more often


i love my magic-alls, and while some of the well known brand nappies we have tried dont get used anymore, the magic-alls are on the top of the most reached for pile.

i prefer the smooth velcro magic-alls, as the velcro seems to be more forgiving and fit bigger babies (the snaps just stop too soon for my chubby baby)
very trim, easy for dads and grandparents to use (once they have been stuffed to desired absorbency level) you can add extra boosting and use it as a night nappy - i used magic-alls as a night nappy for 6 months until i bought some specialised night nappies and never had a leak from the magic-alls.
range of colours is a bit limited.


I have used the minky magicalls as my preferred nappy. You can keep adding boosting (so have even used them overnight).

The good leg elastic means you can use them for a long time and I found you don't need to move up the sizes so quickly. I love this company and the nappies they offer and these are among my favourite nappies of all time
Love these nappies.

Very good quality. Great fit, super absorbent and super cute (minky magicalls).

I love the new colours which came out with the minkys and I think they really fit all sized babies well.
None whatsoever. These are amongst my favourite nappies


We tried several "modern cloth nappies" and this was the best. We found these more breathable than any disposable nappies and the inner cloth liner did an excellent job of wicking the wetness away. The absorbency is very good and we only use the extra pad for our daughter's long night sleep (up to 7 hours!). The nappies are as easy as disposables to fit, don't need soaking and can just be chucked in the washing machine. Their only issue is they do take longer to dry. They dry on the line in about 8 hours if hung inside out as recommended so not a big problem.
snug fit, no leaks, keeps baby dry, easy to fit, better for the environment
drying time


I use these nappies on my little one at night it's easy to add extra boosters and lasts the whole night no leaks :-). They are just a tad bulky and wide in the crutch but otherwise a great choice as part of your collection.
These nappies are easy to use, great absorbancy, great choice of colours and fabrics. Cutomer service has been good.
This style is a little bit bulky and they do take longer to dry then some other brands. They have pilled a little bit on the inner fabric, although this does not effect their functional use.

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