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Charged me without having the product!

Paid via ZipPay, did not have the product in stock, taken over 2 weeks for the funds to be ‘refunded’ into my account. WILL NEVER SHOP WITH BABY DIRECT AGAIN!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Poorly managed and pathetic business

To my fellow shoppers, this is an unbiased review. Unfortunately it is entirely negative based on not just my experience, but multiple existing shoppers and new alike. Truth speaks loudly so take this time to listen up.

Don't believe their 5 star ratings, all hired by overseas writers to boost their lackluster image.

Where to begin? Warehouse staff are never helpful, seems to chat to couriers more than actual assist customers.

Floating staff from their apparently sad-looking shelter or back office, are always too occupied to answer simple questions. Yes, always the same girls walking out never making any form of greeting. No names? No problem. You all know who you are, tsk tsk. You're all better off cancelling your laybys. Their "cheap" prices always and often come with big headaches, causing customers anxiety and even affecting their mental health!

Floor staff always chat wth each other or just using computers for everything other than stock checking. Without naming names, one boy pretentiously looks up our order, looks at his woman colleague and tells u its another 3 extra weeks. Putrid.

And the owner or whatever his so-called status is, poorly contends with his own customers. Never taking ownership over this failing business, its no wonder this sad shop always fails to impress even first time shoppers. He makes the most ridiculous promises, never delivers on time, never follows up, just an inflated embodiment of self-entitled ego. Very sad, so sad.

Pros: What now?
Cons: Rotten service, no phone answering, no ownership. Just disgracefully staying afloat.

Do not purchase from this company.

Purchased a pram for $1700 from Baby Direct among other small items in one online order, no notification my pram was out of stock, received a vague email a few days later stating an item is out of stock, despite emailing back they never responded that it was the pram. However they did refund me for a $35 change mat because I changed my mind.

Waited 7 weeks for the pram. They told me they would express post it. They did not.

When I finally did receive the pram it was damaged. The Manager of the Ringwood store refused to give me a refund and said I had to go through a warranty claim due to their agreement with the pram manufacturer (I called the manufacturer that stated that was incorrect, my request for a refund lies solely between Baby Direct and I). I explained they gave me. Refund for a $35 item, why not for a $1700 item. More lies and vagueness. I informed the store I am 35 weeks pregnant and did not have the time for the approx 2 week turn over. They did not care. The store Manager [name removed] at one stage laughed at my husband. We quoted their online return policy the have on their website, still no refund. We had to get Consumer Affairs Victoria involved.

Return Claim MadeYes

Horrible customer service

We went into the baby direct Ringwood store in March and purchased a convertible 0-4 years car seat. We were told that it would arrive by end of month and we would receive a phone call once it was in. We received an email from the store asking us to call at end of March so we did thinking the seat was in. When I called I was told it was not in but would be in, in 2 weeks and we would get a call. Three weeks later still no call so I called the store to be told the seat wouldn’t be in until early May and asked “would this be a problem” to which I answered yes as my baby was due early May. She then said I could swap from the maxi cosi we had ordered to another brand. I asked for it to be put on hold so we could come have a look at it in the weekend. She was very reluctant to do this but agreed. We went into the store to see the car seat and agreed to the one they had in stock. We were then told that this new seat was $20 more and we would need to pay the difference as it “was a better seat” they refused to waive the $20 even when we pointed out all of the above.
I would not recommend this store and definitely will not be shopping with them again

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationRingwood

Worse online shopping experience

I have bought something from their website, few days later I received an email said they ran out of stock and would give me my money back, 1 month has gone, and I’m still chasing my money. Worse shop ever!!!

Love my pram!

When I placed my order online the site did crash after it took the payment from my account. I didn’t receive an email confirmation to tell me that my order went through either. I called up the online orders number and the customer service lady said she received my order but would check if they had stock, if not then it could take up to six weeks wait. She then said she would email me a confirmation if they had stock which they did and that it would arrive within the week and also gave me a tracking number. I then went online to read the reviews on baby direct (which I should have read before ordering) as most of the reviews are very negative. However I ordered my stokke xplory pram/carry cot online last Monday night and received my order on Friday last week. Everything in perfect condition, although I probably suggest they fix their site as it seems to crash after they receive payment.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Don't touch this business

I would give it zero stars if i could.
I originally purchased a Cot and mattress online on 14th Jan 19 via their website for over $500. The website clearly stated that the cot was in stock. I then received an email saying that it was not in stock and will take 4-5 weeks.
5 weeks arrive and gone, after several emails each with different excuses (stuck in shipping, manufacture was late in sending the order); I finally received an email on 18th March saying that the cot has arrived and will be delivered this week. No response, so i sent another email querying the order.
A email was received on 22nd March with a tracking number saying that the cot is on its way. The tracking number indicated that it would be delivered by 25th March.
26th March - still no cot. Another email sent to query the order. I then received a phone call from Baby Direct saying that there was a mistake with the cot order and it will take another 4-5 weeks.
I have now demanded a refund and now still chasing......


Return Claim MadeNo

Worst customer service!!

The staff are not knowledgeable about products, and are very dismissive about helping you even when the store is quiet, unless you’re there purchase a big ticket item like a pram, inspite of the fact I arrived first and asked for help with several things, I was repeatedly ignored in favour of others.

Return Claim MadeNo

Wish I could rate 0 stars

We ordered a cot in 2017 for our baby. At the end of 2018 we assembled this cot. The cot is faulty and after countless emails and calls they will not replace it or fix it. Stay away!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Fast at taking money for a product that they don't have. Struggling to get my money back

Same old same old. Should have read this forum first before purchasing with them online. Bought a stroller for $300. Received an email a day later stating that there'll be 4-5 weeks delay because they don't have stock. I said fine, I'll wait. Guess what, they next day, they sent another email stating that they can't fulfill the order anymore. I told them to give me my money back. Guess what, it's been two weeks since and I still don't have my money back. Stay away from this company!!!

Stay away from this company

We ordered a cot with plenty of time to go before our baby arrived. After paying we were told it would be a 4-5 week wait. We said fine even though it was way longer than other places. After 6 weeks I had to follow up. They then sent us a photo saying our cot box was damaged in transit, but it was a different cot to the one we ordered, and told us it’d be another 4-5 weeks. I asked for a refund and had to wait 2 weeks for it, and then had to scramble to order one from somewhere else that would arrive in time. You’re better off paying the little bit extra and having piece of mind.

Fast and efficient delivery

We ordered a rocking chair from baby direct online store, delivery was super fast and efficient , delivery confirmation was received right after place the order and got a tracking email send to me once its on the way, highly recommended. A tip to shoppers, you can always email or call the store if you want to 100% confirm the item is in stock before make the purchase.

Don't buy online from this company

I made a purchase online. The next day an email arrived stating that the product was not in stock (a common practice now that I've read the reviews) and that my money would be refunded. Two weeks later and I still have no refund. They now say it will be another 10 working days. Not happy.

Order online at your own risk

Ordering online should be swift, painless and an effective way of shopping. I thought I would give baby direct a chance on some purchases for the company I work for, which is large Australia wide. We will not be bringing our business back, which is very disappointing. I ordered a couple sterilizers, it went through and I paid. I got an email the next day stating that they were out of stock. The purchase should not have gone through in the first place if they didn't have the items available. They are quick at taking your money then their service is out the window. The support for online is through an email address where they state they have a 24 hour turn around time. We have been chasing them for 3 weeks via phone and email to get our money back. I spoke to someone today and they said they will ask them to process it asap... we then have to wait ANOTHER 10 days for the money to be refunded, assuming they actually process it today. There are so many other baby shops that service is 10 fold... chose them first!! We ordered over 100 sippy cups from Baby Kingdom at the EXACT same time, they came in less than a week.I wish they had the sterilizers we wanted available. Extremely frustrated and we will not be coming back to Baby direct in the future, for any of our 45 VIC centres and over 200 Aus wide.

good customer service and knowledge to the product

we bought a pram from baby direct ringwood, staff assisted us are very friendly showed us different models, answered all our questions, we are really happy with service we received and the product we purchased

Poor customer service

I have been to Baby direct Ringwood couple of times and the staff there is not helpful at all. I had to walk to the Cashier multiple times when I had a question or wanted to know more about a product. The staff gather around at the cashier and chat to eachother without helping the customers that walk in to the store. Both times I have been there I walked out frustrated and bought the products from other baby stores even though I had to spend couple of$ extra. They had poor knowledge about the products they have on the store. Very poor customer service!

Not the best experience

Ordered a Boori cot on lay by for three months, had to call them weekly to where my order was at, one store told me it wasn’t coming until Feb other store told me part of the order was in, after hassling them we found out that the drawers had been discontinued and tried to sell me drawers of another set, a little disappointed with the customer service side as we had to keep calling up, in the end got a refund and brought elsewhere.
The pram we ordered was the same story only to be told a day later it was in for pick up.
Unfortunately we kept getting wrong information and the whole process was stressful when if they provided the right information could of been avoided.

Great service and good price

we bought a cot and chest drawer from baby direct , pick up the item on the same day, they have got really good price and service in store, we set up the furniture package and they look beautiful, unlike a lot other stores sale expensive baby product, they really had the right item at right price. Love to shop at baby direct

good place to shopping for baby

I alway go baby director in richmond it’s near to where I’m living. I bought lots lots baby stuff from that shop. The staff are kind and helpful.

So happy with our Riley Cot!!

We are really happy with the Riley cot we purchased for our daughter! It’s a really beautiful cot and is defiantly the highlight in our nursery. The quality is great and it was easy to assemble. Thank you Baby Direct!

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Still no news on my seat huh jeer-ry? Any Update? Lame, lamalamalamalamalameeeeee
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Do you even care enough to answer questions? No wait, got my none answer
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It would seem we’re having a similar issue with Baby-Direct re product not in stock and having to wait (which isn’t an issue providing we get what we ordered before the kid arrives). However they have now started to ask my partner for copies of her Drivers Licence to prove she’s not fraudulent. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
2 answers
I did provide my driver's license and said I was happy to wait the few weeks it would take to come in. But then after waiting the time they estimated, I got another email saying it would be another few weeks. I would ask for a refund now and shop somewhere else.No, I haven't been asked for my driver's licence. I would strongly advise against providing. After my experience, I wouldn't advise anyone to doing business with them.

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