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Worked like a charm straight away.

I have been dealing with a baby in the 4 month sleep regression (sleepless nights, and extreme fussiness). My baby refused to sleep unless attached to my breast. He would scream when trying to put him into his cot and was extremely difficult to settle. I introduced "Riff" when my baby was in a good mood during the daytime. My baby instantly snuggled Riff. He seemed to love the soft feel and big eyes. I had never seen him respond to any other toy like this before. Later that day I introduced the bedtime book while he was cuddling Riff after a bath before bedtime. My baby fell asleep by the time the book was finished. The book and toy go perfectly together to create a loving and happy character. Since the introduction, my baby hasn't had any issues settling to sleep. Even when he is screaming before a sleep all I have to do is place Riff in his arms and talk to him in Riffs voice saying "I love you, it's time for sleep", put the lullaby on and he calms down and drifts off in a minute or two. I think I must have introduced the toy at the perfect stage of development for my son.

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Not worth $65! Don't waste your money.

Bought 2 of these for my kids, pretty disappointed, cheaply made, definitely not worth $65!
Sound box is cheap and nasty, not loud at all, only last 40mins so babies are unable to use it to link sleep cycles, which makes it absolutely useless to be honest. You can buy cheaper comforter toys for probably better quality (if you just want the visual/touch association). If you want it for just the sound, don't bother. Buy yourself a white noise machine and a cheaper comforter. Also when I tried to publish this review on their site, it magically didn't appear... There is only 2 2star reviews, which I highly doubt. So make sure you do your research before purchasing.

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We first purchased a "bandit" back in 2017 for our now 2.5 year old. She is still obsessed with him to this day and takes him everywhere with her. It helps her to relax and feel safe when going to bed or when we're out and about. We have since purchased a "clover" for our 4 month old and it has help her sleeping immensely. It helps her go to bed easier without fussing and helps her stay asleep. Fantastic product and recommend to everyone.

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Perfect for bub

We were gifted a Riff Raff toy for our new baby. It has helped settle our bub from early on with its lullaby. It is great quality and soft and safe for bub. Easy to operate and clean. Beautiful designs. Great idea for a gift. Couldn’t recommend more.

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Absolutely amazing!

Absolutely amazing snuggly gift for a baby! Along with its soothing heart beat will ensure your child to feel safe, comfy and ready for sleep! At a totally affordable price !

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Works wonders for my son

My son has had his Fox since he was very young and it has helped him both with sleeping and activities.
-He uses it very night to sleep and is able to start the noise himself by biting on the ear of the toy.
-They are easy to wash just take the soundbox out. For us they need constant washing as they can get gross.
-Customer service has been fantastic. One of the strings on the paw came out of one of our toys, sent an email to the team and they gave me 10% refund on the toy. Have also had zip issues on 2 toys and they have been replaced promptly with a new toy.
-The toy helped my little boy transition into daycare as he would take the toy with him to comfort him.
-Its small and lightweight so its easy to take around with you.
-They are a bit expensive especially since we now have 3 of them.
- You are changing the batteries quite often.
These cons would have brought the overall rating down to 4 stars but the excellent customer service I received brought it back up to 5.

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Cute toy but doesn't work to settle

Although being a very cute toy this product doesn't do much to help settle my son or 'promote sleep' as the website implies. The quality is good- soft fabric and I found the sound to be a suitable level for our baby. However for what it is, it is extremely overpriced. Also when shipped it was sent in an Australia Post satchel. By the time it arrived to us the box inside was damaged. If being given as gift you would be disappointed. For that price I would have thought they could invest in a safer shipping option to guarantee the product arrives in perfect condition. (see attached).

Personally I would look at other options before purchasing this product as I'm sure there are items that do the same job for half the price.

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Super cute toy but that’s pretty much where it ends.

Over priced for what you get. The batteries need to be replaced ever week or so and when I spoke to their customer service they gave me a condescending response about how batteries work.

I fully understand how batteries work however, I paid $80 for this toy (I paid for personalisation, again this was like an iron on decal; overpriced) and I expected the batteries to last longer than a week. Really it’s an over priced teddy.

Save yourself the money and go buy a vetech monkey soother, half the price, rechargeable batteries, sound plays for longer and more choices from lullaby’s and white noise.

Super disappointed in both the product and customer service. Not sure why their reviews on their website and Facebook are so high!

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Cheap quality

I purchased two toys - on arrival they both had holes in the fabric and needed to be returned.
The sound box is terrible quality. Batteries need to be replaced every 1 - 2 weeks and customer service is not helpful when issues arise - as the button doesn’t work or the sound cuts out half way through. The suggestion is to keep replacing the batteries. Now the button has stopped completely 14 months in.. the issue has been present since the very beginning and even though I contacted them in the warranty period. They refuse to cover the faulty sound box.
Terrible customer service and cheaply made toys aren’t a good combo! My son still uses the toys but we have a glow dreaming and found that to work wonders with his sleep! No need to keep going in to press the button that doesn’t even work! Or takes 15-20 presses to start..

Works to settle most of the time, but isn't perfect

I feel like this toy helped with the transition from bassinet to cot, however, it doesn't work to settle them down to sleep every time. For me it works maybe 70% of the time. The rest of the time, even if baby is due for a nap/sleep for the night, it wouldn't stop him from complaining and eventually escalating into crying. Also, it doesn't seem to make a difference with resettling down for another cycle. However the melody is about the most comforting thing I've heard in ages. Not sure if it's just mine, but some stitching on the "paws" has started to come apart even though I've only had it for about a month. I've had to cut it off because it became a point of focus for baby. Also, I'm not sure about the durability in regards to the electronics. I am concerned about the wires being severed due to being chewed on, as well as the velcro coming loose (since other stitching has come loose), but will have to wait and see!

Great for creating a sleep routine

We have Bandit the bandicoot.

Used from day one in the hospital.

Baby loves it and often just hearing the melody he will drift off to sleep.

- portable
- runs 20 min & 40 mins
- lullaby and white noise
- cute designs to choose from
- great price

- goes thru a lot of batteries
- needs to go up louder than it does
- needs option to run longer

There is different white noise units on the market that would be better- but are not as cute. However,
Overall I’m happy with my purchase and I would recommend to a friend.

Lifesaver for this parent!

We got given Bandit as a baby shower gift and I have then gone on to purchase one as our back up.
Comes with two lengths of time to play the music, two different tunes - one a lullaby and the other the heart beat, and pending the situation you are in you can adjust the noise so bub can hear.
I really started to use this at the 4 month mark as my son refuses dummies and standard comforters to aid him to calm down. I had tried using Bandit previously but it had no effect until one day he was super upset and I just put the lullaby music on quiet and he calmed down.
I had a slight issue (well I thought i did) and emailed the company, they were fantastic to deal with and helped me out - it’s true hey don’t like Duracel batteries!
Overall I would nightly recommend this product to struggling parents!!

Life saver

My Bub was very unsettled all the time, we got a Riff Raff as a present from family to help and it sure did. Even at 3 weeks old my bub would settle to the melody and site of her Riff Raff. It keeps her calm in the car and sooths her for sleeps when she is struggling to go down.

Amazing sleep product to keep bubs asleep all through the night!

My boy will not sleep without his Raffy toy. Raffy is silky soft and has 2 settings for audio. The first is white noise and a heartbeat and the second is a beautiful lullaby. It's not the usual tinny sounding one but a really nice one. There is also 2 settings for the volume and a 20 min or 40 min setting. We love this and I've since included this in all my baby shower gifts to friends!

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