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Horrible! Do not shop here!

I ordered a cot 4 months ago and have still not received it! I was told that it would take 1-2 weeks to arrive however it is still not available to be picked up! I have not had any phone calls or emails to update me, and every week I call to check if it has arrived only to be told that they don’t know where it is and it is “at the factory”. I will never shop here again!

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Don't know their products

I called and asked prior to purchase where the Chicco Miinimo stroller was made. I was told it was made in Italy. The red flag should have been there for me when she couldn't pronounce the brand name correctly and tried to correct me in Italian pronunciation. Stroller arrived, made in China. Should have got one off eBay and saved $100.

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Never got what we paid for, ignored me when I demanded a refund

I ordered a cot online from Baby and Toddler Town in February, after several delays it was delivered 2 months late in April with damage. The replacement cot never arrived and Baby and Toddler Town refuse to take my calls or process my refund.

Sadly it’s not just me, it seems like many expecting parents are left hanging by this sham business.

Do not do business with Baby and Toddler Town!

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Do not buy from them !

After reading all these other reviews I’m shocked to find out that my experience is the same as so many others - one of the worst run businesses I’ve ever come across delivery times are a joke always an excuse no one is accountable. The transport logistics manager kept avoiding my phone calls and the lady I spoke to on the phone tried to be helpful but could do nothing! Do no get sucked into ordering from them

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Unacceptable Delivery Times

This is the second time I have ordered from Baby & Toddler Town. On both occasions, I have been asked to wait for weeks because the item I purchased was on high demand and they do not have stock. From the reviews I have read, it seems like they never have any sufficient stock. I will just purchase from Baby Bunting from now on.

Buyer Be AWARE

Worst online shopping experience ever. Offered a 30$ voucher but once you sign up - fine print says you have to spend over 300. Bought item but then couldn’t pay for it with my credit card, they would only accept direct bank deposit. Click frenzy weekend, baby show so plenty of deals but I missed out because 6 days after placing order they said it’s out of stock- and just that it would arrive the following month! It’s a gift the following month is no good. Two weeks ok - several is another story. Emailed them and they sent an auto reply that someone would get back to me in the next “few” days and when I rang no answer. Finally when they did they said that the website was not live- so why are you selling things and taking money when you don’t have an item then not informing customers? I have asked for a refund but no reply yet. Worst experience ever! Stay away

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Good prices but no delivery!

I have now ordered 2 products from these cheats. The first one eventually came after 6 weeks when it was promised within a week. The second one was out of stock and was in stock within 2 weeks of the original purchase date. They guaranteed it would be sent straight away when it came in. I enquired after waiting a further 2 weeks (4 weeks in total) and they said they did come in but again ran out of stock. This is ridiculous! How can a business operate like this?!? I will never recommend such a shonky operation to anyone. Stick to the big companies or your local baby shop!

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Waited more than one whole trimester for a pram that never came!

Was looking for a Bumbleride pram and saw a very competitive price in Baby & Toddler Town's online store. I figured that I was not in a hurry anyway so I will be able to wait for it to ship. They had a sale that was on so I urgently purchased it and paid in full. I received an email the next day saying it was not in stock and will be arriving in the following weeks and I said that was fine. I did save a good $70 anyway.

Lo and behold, about 14 WEEKS and 6 phone calls (all of which I was told that stocks were arriving in a week or two) later, the pram still has not arrived from the pram heaven where all prams come from!!!

I was even told in one phone call by a condescending and sarcastic lady that I can refund my payment but if I decide to purchase again, will have to be at the end of the queue all over again.

Another 2 weeks later I FINALLY decided to refund and buy from a local store who had it in stock at the first instance I enquired. I figured that with this crap service, it would probably be even worse when I need to claim warranty for this pram.

Also worth mentioning that they are on sale almost every month. Oh the irony of their recent OVERSTOCK sale killed me.

Bottomline is: Do not buy big items from this store. Or buy only if you're happy to receive it when your child turns 18!

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Very Poor Customer Service and Supply

Wish I’d read the reviews below before purchasing from Toddler Town - and experiencing the same disappointment as many others.

Ordered a large quantity of goods 5+ months ago, only to be continually told there is a delay on delivery.

Then they stopped giving updates altogether..

Finally received a refund (after asking repeatedly), but with no call or email to apologise for holding my money for so long, just a refund auto receipt.

They need to improve their website to indicate “out of stock” and not allow such products to be purchased. Or, vastly improve their product inventory.

Regardless they need to improve their customer interface and communications.

After having this experience on repeat occasions, I won’t shop with them again.

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Need to work on supply/presentation

I was desperate to get a pram as mine was out of action. I was thrilled to find baby and toddler town online who had a very competitive sale for prams...sale ending today! I made the 40km journey to Marsden park store, 3 mo in tow. Luckily for me, they had the pram in stock and I was pleased that it was a little bit less than the sale price online (strange but I ain't complaining). The lady (didn't catch her name) that sold me the pram was also very helpful.
...But i.must admit, when I arrived to the store..my heart sunk...the store was practically bare. I mean very little stock anywhere. I was hoping to get a few other items on sale but I didn't bother. I purchased some Madela breast pump parts. When I asked another store assistant where they were, she kind of sneered and said they can only be purchased via manafacterer. When I said baby bunting sell them separately, she asked another assistant and luckily one part was available (however not all of the parts I was after)!
Luckily the pram I really wanted was available, after reading other reviews, I would not have purchased and waited for it to come in, as it appeared I would have been in for a hell of a ride!
Great prices but they really need to keep up with their stock supply and store presentation. I assume many people (such as myself) would be lured far and wide in Sydney by the great prices only to be disappointed in store.

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Recent pleasant expirence

I have purchased from baby and toddler town when they first opened near me. They were very slow with deliveries are hard to get answers from. HOwever, I have noticed they have been a lot more helpful much quicker with deliveries with recent purchases.

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Wish i could give negative ratings! Please read

I ordered a pram online 3 weeks ago. After 2 weeks i got an email stating its out of stock and upon follow up the mentioned that it will arrive in a week. Its been 2 weeks from that email and I have written multiple follow ups but no response from the company.
I called them and the lady was very rude that she can see in the system and it will be delivered after 2 weeks.
Its really unprofessional to lure customers and then get the money blocked for months.
I don't know what to do..

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Please read before you buy!

Bought a bassinet online as they were having a sale. Nice prices i thought! Once purchased i received emails with communication saying that my click and collect item will be ready for pickup from their Marsden park address within 2-10 business days. everything seemed normal, only for me to wake up this morning to an email saying that the product i had purchased was temporarily out of stock due to high demand. Mind you their sale is still running online though i am not quite sure how they are selling stock they don't actually have or why the item is on sale to begin with if this is the case. They've now advised me that they expect to be re-stocked on the week ending the 28th of this month however there is still no guarantee. I'm due the 17th of next month to have baby - safe to say i will be requesting a refund and going elsewhere just so they can have a place to sleep on time!

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Will not spend another cent in store or online. BUYERS BE WARE.

FTM and was lured into buying products in store and online at BTT because of their too good to be true sales. Their business model is shonky and Fair Trading confirmed this.

They are constantly in Sales mode and at times have Stock Clearance Sales when in actual fact they have no stock! No stock in store and no stock in Warehouse. They are not always 100% forthcoming with this information either. Hence why Fair Trading says it's not ethical.

To give you an example, a bassinet we ordered was part of a stock clearance. Only to be told well after the fact I paid full amount (thinkng it was coming from Warehouse) that this is an item they never, ever stock and order as per customer wants it! How can this be part of a stock clearance - exactly what stock are they clearing?

They will try and say online is separate from in store. This is not correct. The store fronts operate separately, but they have same ABN and stock all comes from same Warehouse - when they get around to ordering it. Any issues etc if referred to head office etc... same number you call etc.

We got in early, we bought stuff we needed etc thinkng it would be more than enough time. I understand sometimes things you might have to wait for. But most people would surely agree 4 mnths is more than enough time especially when they aren't and haven't been transparent at the time of ordering regarding stock.


They lie about stock levels, it's in stock. Then you pay and wait and wait. Chase it up a few wks later... it's not in stock it will come in x weeks. It usually comes in double that time of you're lucky!

We got our dresser out of the box and 2 hinges were broken. We got forced to put in a Warranty claim through the manufacturer. They would not exchange (probably cause they have no stock) or refund us. Since when is this the correct process?

In Store:

In the meantime we went in store and purchased, seat, capsule and pram and bassinet again taking advantage of their crazy sales.

They never said no stock. They never said our pram was a "special order" (you would think 4 mnths is plenty of time anyway). We kept chasing them on lead up to be told we could take everything by our arranged time.

Again, they never said to us this time frame was not possible. One wkend we picked up one item that finally came and followed up on the rest. All was still good.

2 days later we got a call saying all of a sudden our stuff would not be available until, if we are lucky end of April/May!! Our baby is due 24th-25th of April! This is when we got told our pram was a special order!

All they could do was offer us floor stock with no further discount etc. We were contemplating a refund but then we would run the risk of being unable to get stuff in time being so late into pregnancy now, and then because of sales we would be out of pocket.

Fair Trading told us, we had every right to demand they get supplies from a competitor and they would have to cover the difference.

Since my amazing husband handled all the fallout and follow up of this (so stressful). He threatened Fair Trading to shop and that's apparently all he had to do.

All of a sudden stock they didn't have and couldn't get until god knows when - the Manager says: Oh, I called this supplier and that supplier and it can be here for the arranged day.

Their business model is poor but even more so because of the target customer base they are selling to and they take full advantage of it.

I have had to be selective on where I give them bad reviews due to them deleting all negative feedback when they have the control to do so! Dig really deep online you do find poor reviews. Go in store and there's ppl at counter or on phone all time chasing their products - we are defintely not the only ones.

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Wish I could give zero stars

Ordered a product online.
2 weeks later told it was not in stock but would be soon.
3 months later, having asked multiple times for an e.t.a and being told the end of the week (6 or 7 times), I am now chasing up getting a refund.
Useless company that doesn't use PayPal for a reason.

Be very careful!!!

So I purchased a baby rocker from this store online. I’m in Melbourne and although I was very pleased with my product and how quickly it arrived unfortunately they where the only place I used my card details as PayPal was not an option and the only store in nsw I purchased anything from. Last week on a Sunday evening someone decided to use my card details to do some lovely shopping and go to the movies in nsw. You think being a major baby store it would be professional enough to trust your details are respected but unfortunately not. I will never purchase from there again as someone there likes to steal your details and spend other people’s money. Life’s expensive enough with a newborn!!! So please be careful buying from this store and in no way give them your card details!!

Shop elsewhere

I have given this store a few chances so I can say confidently to avoid the online store. It takes weeks/months to get things from their suppliers. The online store won’t give any indication of things not being in stock. In my last order one item just never arrived and on following it up it still didn’t come, so I gave up it was just too annoying. However, I have been into the store when away from home and bought things off the shelf and this was easy so just avoid online.


This is my first ever review as I needed to share my experience. Probably THE worst online shopping experience to date. Ordered 3 items online ON the 31st Oct 2018 (all of which were in stock according to the website). Was informed on the 5th November that 1 out of the 3 items was not in stock but was assured that they were expecting it in 2 weeks. After about 5 weeks and 2 phone calls to the business, my products finally arrived (on the 5th December). There was only one email sent from the business, no other courtesy follow up emails to inform me of the delay nor an apology. Great prices! But shop here only if you aren't in a rush to receive your products!

Terrible communication and long wait

Purchased 3 seats online after seeing they were having a sale. The order was being “processed” for several days. I didn’t get a confirmation from my order for a few days and then it was “processing” for over a week, I finally got an email saying there was a 2-3 week delay on 2 of the seats but a 4-6 week delay on the 3rd seat. I was quite annoyed about this as there was no notification on the website that things were out of stock or there would be a delay.
But I thought fine, I’ll wait the 4 weeks then contact them to see the progress. I contacted them at the 4 week mark and they then told me it would be a 6-8 week wait now on the third seat...... not happy really, I asked for an alternative seat but they didn’t offer any sort of payment of the difference and told me I got one of the cheaper seats and they won’t offer anything like that.... Yes, it was cheaper because I got them on sale that’s why I bought from you..... so I said fine I’ll wait the 6-8 weeks..... but this week it’s been 9 weeks, I contacted them to see what the heck was going on.... only to be told it’s now a 10-11 week wait. I’d be ok with waiting if I was aware when ordering or if they sent me updates either by email or phone. I had to contact several times, the sales lady wasn’t very apologetic as it seems this is a regular complaint for them. I had to receive a refund for the third seat as they would not fulfill the order in a timely manner.
Still a week wait on the refund also.

I do not recommend to order online.

Avoid at all costs!

Avoid at all costs. I wish I could give them a zero.

I ordered a cot online using click and collect - the website stating products would normally be ready for collection in 2-10 days. Waiting... waiting... 14 days pass when I am contacted to be advised that the item is out of stock and would be available in two weeks. I queried why it had taken two weeks to alert me to this, to which I am advised that they accepted the order because they could source the product. Turns out that the timeline upon which they can source products is irrelevant to them.... Two weeks pass and I hear nothing. Upon calling to enquire, I am initially told the cot had arrived at the distribution warehouse. I ask to be advised when I can collect it. Only to receive an email later in the day saying that it hadn't in fact arrived at the distribution warehouse, and it would be a further three weeks before it was expected to arrive. At this point, I demanded a refund.

In short, appalling communication and service. I would rather pay more money for the same product elsewhere than endure this kind of incompetence.

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