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Babylove Snap n Go

Babylove Snap n Go

4.5 from 32 reviews

Ok for the price but very hot for baby

Baby is comfortable and it fits into the car the same as any other capsule, but the components and materials are cheap so it’s a bit disappointing overall.

The design with having to put the strap under the hood and over the back of the capsule is tedious and hard when placing it in the car, and it’s almost impossible to get it in or out smoothly. I always end up waking baby as it’s very clunky and clicks very loudly.

Baby also gets very hot in the synthetic material, making it hard for her to sleep as she overheats quickly on an average 18-20 degree day.

It does the job, but if you’ve got the cash invest in a better quality brand.

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Hi bbsb007, thanks for taking the time to leave a review, we're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the product and we will pass your feedback onto our child safety team. If we can assist in any way in the future please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Babylove team.

Made those first 6 months a breeze!

I bought this to go with me Valco Snap 4 stroller and it has made the transition from car to home sooooo easy especially when bub is fast asleep.
I love the removable padding for when bub gets bigger so they can grow with it and it's easy to install and move the seat belt straps when you need to.
I chose it for it's weight as well as it seems to be one of the lighter ones in the market.
I recommend it to all new Mums.

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Hi Nay, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Babylove team.

Convenient but small baby looks uncomfortable

This capsule is easy to carry. It is compatible with our pram (Valco baby snap 4) using an extra adapter. My husband did the installation without any issues. Our baby fit securely inside the capsule. My only negative was that bub looked really uncomfortable when he was using it for the first 2 months or so. He was a small baby of 2.91kg. The V of the seat might be too deep / sharp for small babies. It didn't look very ergonomic for his small body.

Great Product!

This capsule was real useful and it has been great to use for our second baby. When we traveled our baby always feel comfort which make our journey easy and enjoyable. I have also recommended my cousin to buy capsule for her new baby due in July 2018.. It is great product!

Great when newborn only

This capsule was great in the first month when my daughter slept a lot because you can take the capsule out of the car without waking baby. It was easy to use with a release handle at the back of capsule to release out from the base and the straps easy to adjust. The capsule itself was easy to install into the car. However as she got older she didn’t seem to look as comfortable and cried the whole time, which may be just her. As baby gets bigger it is quite heavy to carry around as well.

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Hi, thank you so much for your time to write us the above review. We are pleased you found out capsule easy to use and adjust. We will certainly pass on the rest of you feedback to our product innovation team. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

love it!

I bought a used 1 on gumtree in 2013 when I had my first baby. Baby would always sleep better in the capsule than anywhere else. Maybe because it was snug and cosy. I lent it to my brother in law when he had is baby. Baby got attached to the capsule so I couldn't have it back when I had 2nd child, I bought another 1. I got the a couple of different prams to attach the capsule to so baby was easily transferred from car to pram without waking them up. Some of the other capsules were a bit small so baby would grow out of it too quickly. I found this one to be a good size wasn't too big or small and fits well in my tiny hatchback.

Love this capsule!

I hired this capsule for my newborn and it's been fantastic. Despite being a small baby he fits nicely and he seems comfortable. It's not too heavy even with baby in it and I love the fact it has a proper sun shade, so many capsules have such flimsy shades but this one actually works. It's very easy to get in and out of the car.

Great NCAP but hard to fit

Agree with all the other reviews as I find the capsule very handy and i have purchased a adapter for pram so its very good in that regard. However, having had fitted 6 chairs over the years i find this to be the most difficult. While it snaps in and out no problem you have to put in a harness to the front of it when in the car which has to loosened and readjusted every time for a snug fit. THen when popping off you have loosen it. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. PLUS more importantly it does not sit nicely as the seatbelt strapping pushes the seat up on the left side, so you have to buy a metal lap sach adapter to have the seat sit nice and tight (have not tried this yet but as with the other seats will have to buy this again). This seat should have of come with it as i can guarantee 95% of people do not have this seat fitted properly due to the lift from seat belt.
Also i have a huge Landcruiser 200 so fit is no problem

My favourite baby purchase!!

Loved this product! Used it until my daughter was 11months - her shoulders were still under the line and she's not a little baby -75th percentile for height.

When I first bought it I thought it was heavy to carry but once I got used to it and hung it in the crook of my arm, I often wouldn't even bother with the pram.

My daughter loved it, you could tell she was super cosy in there, and slept really well in it.

I bought this because I have a 2 door car and it I'd much easier to pull this capsule out through the front door, with baby safe and comfy inside than me trying to get in the back and pull her out. There would have been no chance of her staying asleep.

The only small downside is at the peak of summer her back hot or a little sweaty in it, but she didn't seem to mind.

Although I would not recommend it as I'd assume the manufacturer would not, I used to lodge it in the child seat part of the shopping trolley, save me pushing a pram and the trolley. Coincidentally it fit quite well, and as I wasn't pushing the trolley around like a maniac it was always quite safe in there.

Love love love this product, couldn't recommend more.

Good capsule, great price

Much cheaper than other capsule, and does the job! It's lightweight, has good safety ratings, easy to use and comfy for the baby when it isn't too hot. The sunshade is very handy. Cheap compared to other brands. A difficulty is to find an adaptor for prams.
The fabric isn't all too great, baby sweats a lot when it's hot, if needed in a warm climate, like ours in central NSW, it is worth considering a more breathable fabric in which bub stays cool. When my son grew out of it I bought a convertible seat with a breathable thermo5 fabric and never found him sweaty anymore.

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Hi Vivi, thanks for taking the time to leave the above review. We're glad to hear you found our capsule easy to use and comfy for baby. If we can assist you with anything in future please call our customer service team a call on 1300 303 330. Warm regards, the Britax team.

Very safe capsule and easy to use.

Fabulous - bought for third and last baby and wish I'd had it for all three. Easy to carry, lightweight, and rates equal or higher than more expensive competitors for safety (look at how safe is your car seat site). Much better value than most capsules and snaps into stroller easily (perfect when they fall asleep as can transfer without waking). Thoroughly recommend the capsule and the compatible stroller, for ease of use, value and (very importantly) safety. The only annoying thing is very few baby shops stock it - I ended up buying sight unseen (nervously!) online but am not disappointed. Bub is 5 months now and average size, can see it still lasting another 2-3 months at least, and can use stroller on own after that.y

Love it

I loved this capsule as it had a hood for shade n it so padded n has the bar at the bottem for safety but hate that its so heavy and it is heavier then most capsules but it is still a great capsule .i would buy it again best capsule ever lasted us 8 months

Safest as per Creps website

Love it. We purchased this seat after reviewing options on the CREPS website.
[link removed]

They crash test seats and the snap n go was shown to be one of the safest options providing higher protection in critical areas. Easy to get in and out of the car, but as with all capsules, it is big and takes up a lot of space. It fits comfortably In the middle of our Ford Mondeo.

We had to special order it through Baby Bunting as they don't have it in stock.

First baby capsule combo for first born.

This was my first baby car capsule and stroller combo product I purchased for my first born and it was perfecto!. I was able to take my newborn son from my home to anywhere (Hospitals, doctors, shopping and outings) by simply placing my baby into his capsule and "snapping" it into the car and taking the carrier out of the car and again "snapping" it into the pram, then off we went without disturbing his sleep.

The best thing I love about this product is that I can actually carry it myself being of a petite size I am able to carry the carrier and assemble the pram myself.

The pram itself is relatively small and compact in comparison to the other *higher end pram* which look good but are (some) a little bulky. This pram can fit down shopping isle without any problems. With that said, it does fit into my mazda3 hatchback perfectly fine and easy to fold away.

There are a few downfalls to this product one being that the material in the car capsule is not breathable and it heats up easily making my little one's back quite hot and sweaty at times (my baby was a summer baby).

The second downfall is that sometimes the capsule does not always "snap" into the pram straight on, sometimes I would need to put it at an angle and whatnot to try and get it in, other times it would just fit right in.

The pram itself is not reversible, the only way you can have you baby face you is have the capsule in.
The cost, inexpensive, lighter than I thought, perfect for newborns up to 4yo
Baby's back can get hot and sweaty easliy, the snap system from car to pram can take a few goes to get it in, not reversible handles.

Can't imagine life without it

After doing a bit of research we decided on the Babylove Snap n Go capsule, and we have not been disappointed. I love having the option of taking the baby straight out of the seat or taking the whole capsule out if he's asleep. When he was a couple of months old we ended up buying the compatible stroller as well, and that makes things a lot easier - instead of having to take him out of the capsule and wake him up to get him in the pram you can just lift the whole capsule unit and slot it into the pram base.

We have a Mazda 3 and it fits easily in the back behind the passenger seat, although the front passenger seat can't be too far back. This wasn't really and issue for us as neither of us is particularly tall, although if you did have long legs the reduced legroom might be a bit annoying.

The base unit is a bit fiddly to get in (we had it fitted professionally to begin with), and you really don't want to be taking it out and putting it back in often. We only drive one car regularly so it wasn't an issue for us, but there is the option to buy a second base to have ready to go in another vehicle.

All in all I would definitely recommend this capsule. My son is about to grow out of it (at 8 months), and I am sad to have to change him to a forward facing seat!
Convenience (being able to life the whole unit out and slot it into the compatible pram), Comfortable for baby, well priced.
Shade hood is a little flimsy and stops handle bar going right over the back, can be a bit tricky to adjust strap tension when in vehicle.

Fits into nissan dualis middle

I hired this carrier for 6 months after hours of searching for a carrier that would fit into my nissan dualis without having the front seat pushed right forward to the dash, No rear facing seat would fit and every carrier at baby bunting also didnt fit! its the only one that would fit and have the option of putting it in either the passenger or middle and allow space for a front passenger!, I also have a for year old in a booster next to the carrier and fits well while also leaving the back passenger free if required.
Best way to optimise space, i nearly brought a new car untill i came across this carrier ! saved heaps of time, stress and money.
Small, safe and fits in Nissan dualis, leaving space

Awful product - consider something else first.

This unit did not fit well in our car (standard station wagon). We had to use a towel behind the unit to help it to fit snugly. The capsule is awkward to get in and out of the car and it is equally as difficult to leave the unit attached and just get the baby in and out. Check the harness carefully if you intend buying, as we discovered a fault with a twisted strap which could not be corrected at home. If we untwisted the strap, it meant the buckle was pointing the wrong way and the buckle couldn't be adjusted.
Seemed to be the most lightweight of various models around, but still very unwieldly.
Heavy, unwieldly, poorly designed, impractical.

I think this is actually one of the lightest and possibly smallest capsules one the market. I have four children and this was the first time I had used this capsule and I LOVED it!!! I wish I had of had it sooner. It was so easy to use, light compared to others I had used and brilliant with use in the stroller, it saved my sanity. At school pick up time I did not have to disturb baby or try to carry the capsule all the way to the gates, just snapped it in, picked kids up, back to car and baby didn't even know a thing. It rocks so when home after being out you can just put baby somewhere quiet and keep giving them a little rock to settle, same if you are out having coffee with friends. HIghly recommended!!I've got one of these too. Absolutely agree best investment ever, especially having first child. Initially i just bought the capsule by itself. It was great at the beginning but as bubs got older I found it to be quite difficult to carry when I'm less then 5ft tall and not very strong. I went out and bought the stroller today. Love it snap n go literally as easy as that. Don't know why miffy73 is having issues cos mine fits fine in my car and I only have a very small hatchback. The straps can be taken off at the back and adjusted quite easily. You have to adjust them as your child gets bigger anyways cos the straps move up to suit their height for safety.

Fantastic!! Easy travel system

Wish we had this for our first two babies!! bought the babylove capsule and pram combo travel system for number 3, and so sad he's now grown out of it. Loved being able to lift him straight from car into pram, especially for school drop off and pick ups for the older two. The hood of the capsule and the hood of the stroller pulled up to meet together, which meant bubs was warm and cosy in winter and can be well shaded in summer. The rocking aspect of the capsule meant he could be gently rocked to sleep with capsule sitting on the floor too. Our baby reached the 9kg max at 6months, so if you have a big baby like we did could be better to hire the capsule rather than buy....although if having more than one baby would definitely be worth buying. A great capsule overall!
Good price, good safety rating, ease of use was great
Capsule itself quite heavy even without baby in it, once there's a hefty bub inside its hard to carry far without the pram.


We hired this capsule which was the best decision ever. I loved being able to get the baby in and out of the car without waking him. If he did wake, the advantage of this capsule over others is the curved base, so we could rock him back to sleep with ease. During the day, my baby slept in the capsule, even out of the car, better than he'd sleep anywhere else in the house. We used a pram liner for extra comfort. It was really easy to snap in and out of the car. You can also strip off the cover and fully clean the entire thing, that is a bonus if the need arises. Once he grew out of the capsule he went straight into the Ezy Switch Combo, so we won't have to buy another car seat for him ever.
Baby went to sleep in it every time - and stayed asleep.

Very Convenient

I love this Baby capsule, its very easy to get in and out of the car and convenient as it snaps straight onto the pram. We. Bought the Red and Black version of this capsule for a bit of extra style ! The only nothing I have to complain about I'd that the hood seems quite flimsy.
Easy to use, resonably priced and light to carry
Hood Flimsy

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Questions & Answers

Does the focus pram need adaptors for the snap n go capsule?
No answers

Does this fit a mother’s choice 3 wheels stroller?
1 answer
Hi Aman, thanks for your question. Adaptors are tested and validated for use by the stroller manufacturer.  We suggest that you contact Mother's Choice for further advice. Kind regards, the Babylove team.

How much does the capsule weigh?
1 answer
Hi Jsscah, thanks for your question. The Snap n Go weight is approx. 3kgs. Kind regards, The Babylove Team.


Snap n Go
Price (RRP)$299.95
Age Range0-6months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo
Release dateMar 2010

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