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BabyZen Yoyo+

BabyZen Yoyo+

Version 0+ and Version 6+
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OMG this pram!! we travel a little but its even better at home

The reason I bought this was the travel aspect - well it is so light I can fold it up and put it under a shopping trolley - so I can go around do my normal shopping with bugs in yoyo (flat and sleeping if need be) then I fold it up and pop bubs in the baby seat and the pram in the front of the trolley for the grocery shop! Perfect! so light - so easy to fold. I just have to break the bad habit of hanging bags off the back handle... (my bad)

Purchased at Baby Bunting Physical store for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Don't travel without it!

This has been such a good buy. It folds up small and airlines are very happy for us to carry on board. It's perfect for shopping centres and footpaths but cross country isn't ideal. Both my children have been comfortable for long periods of time in the pram. The cocoon that we purchased additionally was great for the first three to four months for my daughter who was born in May as it was cosy through the winter. It wasn't great for my son who was very long and found it too hot in the spring months.

Purchased at Roger Armstrongs for $799.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Great pram

Folds up easily, sturdy design and extensive safety features. Also integrates with our Maxi-Cosi car seat which makes shifting the capsule in and out of the car very easy. Look forward to applying all the separate features

Purchased at Baby Conference for $650.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Always excited to use this pram!

Had to return my old pram due to safety issues. Luckily I was refunded so i thought of buying this pram. I chose this between the mountain buggy nano and the new silver cross one. This has quality material than those two. The seatbelt is padded. You have lots of colours to choose from and you can buy and change seat colours anytime you want. It fits in my small HRV, and we have our boot back. Our unloading time was cut in half as it stands in one flick. We could get through small alleys. We are so happy with this pram.

Purchased at Baby Bunting for $629.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Good quality travel pram but expensive

Have had another equivalent travel pram in the past but got annoyed with the fold function and instead bought a baby zen yo-yo + for our 6 month old child. Accepted by all airline carriers as its light and fits in overhead storage. The understorage capacity is pretty good although accessing from the narrow opening at the back is sometimes annoying and attempting to access from the front can be frustrating too (larger items get stuck behind the two bars). The steering is very easy and you can push with one hand. The foot brake is pretty crappy for such an expensive pram - if only they could improve this (ie. put the brake in the middle of the back of the pram and make the flick click larger or something - see bugaboo bee prams for what I’m talking about!?). The recline function is not great but does the job okay - baby won’t fully recline flat like other prams and the method of reclining the backrest is a cheap pull tag rather than a hand click recline function. The sun hood is good for a travel pram with good peekaboo window - wish they had a means of creating a flap so that when it’s sunny it doesn’t shine down on baby. Absolutely need a genuine yo-yo brand footrest extender - the aftermarket is selling these like hot cakes because the yo-yo without the extender is too short and kids legs just dangle down when sleeping. Few positives but a lot of negatives for a premium travel pram.

It's compact and a breeze to push

I initially bought the uppababy vista but it's huge and way too cumbersome for me to carry. So I got another one, and this time I was looking for something much smaller yet still sturdy.
I like that the wheels are small and it's so easy to maneuver even with one hand.
It good for everyday and going to the shops. The wheels are not filled with air, so no chance of puncture or loss of air in the tyres.
It's easy to fold and unfold, although it does take some practice to get right.
My son seems perfectly happy in the newborn flat lie bassinet. I haven't tried the seat yet as he's not able to sit up unaided.
I like that the colours and frame is customisable, but I think that adds to the cost of course.
It's fairly light and fits into my boot. My boot is tiny.
I have 2 complaints. The storage area is tiny but that is to be expected given the stroller is tiny. The other thing that I really dislike is the sunshade on the newborn bassinet can't be folded back. It's fixed and when you have a struggling baby, it's a hazard trying to get baby in.
I worked around this by keeping the handle bar folded down before I put bubs in. I'm not sure if this is safe though but a few times, I've almost knocked his head on the sunshade.

The best travel stroller going around

This travel stroller is worth its weight in gold. Its easy 2 step fold is able to be completed single handled and once folded up it is small enough to fit in an aeroplane locker. It is the most widely accepted travel stroller by most airlines and most adored by parents. Many people hire them out too!

It’s a good city pram

We brought this pram because this is the only pram I can fold with one hand and carry it along with my bub to walk up the stairs to our apartment. It wouldn’t work out with any other pram as it would be too heavy for me. It has great turning wheels but the suspensions needs improvement. It’s a good city pram

So convenient, light, compact, great for travelling!

It is super light, easy to maneuver, very easy to fold and unfold. Great for airport and loved taking it on the plane and taking it into narrow streets and tight restaurants. Baby was 5 months when we travelled but she was great in the pram, but we needed a liner because she wasn't able to hold her body up and kept slanting to the side. There are 3 reasons for the 4 stars - 1. Basket size could be better. Other travel strollers have a slightly bigger basket. This one has a bar across the top of the basket. 2. It doesn't lie completely flat so our baby didn't fall asleep in it, and whilst travelling in summer, it would've have been great for her to nap in the stroller rather than on us in a carrier. 3. It is a bit pricey but we have never regretted the purchase.

Simply the best investment ever!

We initially got a big and bulky prams for our first one and thought strollers are only required for quick trips to the shops/when travelling. We were wrong! There is no turning back once we bought this strollers. It is so convenient to fold/unfold/carry arround. Very sturdy and strong for long overseas trips (you don’t want to have it break down in the middle of nowhere!). We love our pram so much that we decided to have another one when our son was born. The 2 prams can easily fits into the booth of our small cars, and still leaving plenty of spaces for other stuffs. Thanks Babyzen for making our life much easier!

Ps: There has been a small price increas (about AUD 50) across the globe for this. Not sure why. Perhaps high demands leads to short supply.

Love it!

Have always wanted a Yo-yo, so decided our recent holiday was the perfect excuse. I tried the Yoyo and Nano over the test track at the baby shop and my eldest said the Yoyo was most comfortable. We have an 8 month old and almost 4 year old. Before leaving for holidays, I loved how small it is so I could keep it in the footwell of the car, making it easy to grab for trips in and out of the shops. Where i appreciated it the most was long walks around airports early in the morning and late at night when our 3 year old was exhausted. Having it right up to boarding and immediately after landing was invaluable. It was also great for saving space for luggage in our hire car.

I got a leather handlebar cover from Etsy and a footrest from eBay and both are great additions to the Yoyo. The footrest makes it tricky to fold sometimes, but is great for our 8 month old to stop her slipping down in the seat.

I had also purchased the board for our eldest to ride on if the baby was in the pram. On the two outings to the shops prior to our holiday, my 100cm / approx 17kg daughter complained that the Yoyo board seat hurt and refused to sit on it. I did convince her to stand on it once I took the seat off, but she still did not last long (we have a board on our Uppababy Alta that she uses regularly). The board also makes it hard to push because you have to push from the side, and because having more weight at the back made it feel quite uneven. I decided the board was too fiddly and bulky to take as carry on, even though it fits in the small bag that comes with the Yoyo.

I would definitely recommend the Yoyo.

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Have just purchased the travel bag that comes separately as an additional accessory. LOVE it!! So much easier to get the stroller in and out of than the standard bag it comes with. Offers more protection, and has backpack straps to carry it. Invaluable addition for frequent fliers.

Easy to fold and unfold,light weighted

I am so very happy with my YoYo purchase. The YoYo is a great quality, light weight stroller, that is perfect for travel. It is also a convenient stroller to use every day too – I just love using my YoYo at the shops. It isn’t an all-terrain vehicle, but the all-wheel suspension means it glides along with ease on smooth surfaces.

This stroller folds up small enough to fit in the luggage compartment of a plane too & takes up minimal boot space!

Definitely worth the investment.

The Best Pram!

This would hands down be the best purchase I’ve made. We travel a lot with our children and it folds up so easily and the best part is it’s cabin approved so you can go to the gate and door with your pram!

Style wise it’s very classy and I bought the tan pack and a black pack too.

One thing broke though the handle to hold but it’s not much of a drama as I added my own strap to it instead and it works fine.

This pram we also had the newborn pack that was good up to 6 months too.

We purchased at the baby gallery in Melbourne who were so good and knew this prproduct inside out!

Perfect for travel

I purchased this before going on overseas trip, as I've read a lot of reviews comparing the Yoyo and the GP Pockit, and decided to go with Yoyo, and glad I did.
The yoyo is quite sturdy, despite the compact design.
Folds easy, and can be placed into overhead storage on flight with other hand luggages, didn't need to be tagged or checked in. The airline staff saw and asked if it was a yoyo, we said yes, and she said ok then don't need be tagged.
It is also light enough to carry when folded, but we usually just chuck our bags in the pram if the baby needs to be carried.
We've put a big hook on the handle, which allows us to hang some shopping, and sometimes the nappy bag, very sturdy when the baby is in the pram, quite ok when she's not either, as long as the nappy bag isn't too heavy.
And if you do have any heavier things that needs to be put away (and not too big), putting it at the storage compartment at the bottom also helps stablize when hanging quite a few things at the back.

There is one downside - the sunshade isn't very big, doesn't cover the baby very well, if it's very sunny, I will usually quickly put a hat on her, or put sunscreen on her if we're heading out.

Overall very happy with the purchase, and it was easy navigating through streets with it even in busy cities.


The baby zen yoyo+ is absolutely perfect. It is very easy to maneuver. And very easy to fold, unfold and carry with light weight. I can handle it with one hand in any situation. Good quality. It can take onto the plane without check in.
My kids love it as well.

Great for travelling

Easy to push and folds up small and easily. A great lightweight stroller. Only drawbacks are the harness (they aren’t designed well so any kid can pretty much get their arms out if they want) and also the recline is not very upright! Some kids wanna see what’s going on in the world and not just lie back all the time

Great stroller

It is extremely light weight and there very easy to maneuver. It is very easy to fold, unfold and carry. Because of the light weight it does feel cheaper than other brands but it is really good to take around with you especially if you go away for trips. There is sufficient storage considering the size of the pram.

Lightweight, perfect for everyday use and travelling!

Lightweight, easy to fold and unfold. Good for everyday use as we have a small car. Also, easy to fold and take into restaurants if they want you to keep prams outside. Handy when we don't want to use the lift, so one of us will carry our bub and the other will carry the folded pram on the escalator. Bought this as it could go into the overhead compartments of planes, instead of checking them in! Helps so much as you can take it all the way to the gate.

Not that impressed

I bought the babyzen yoyo+ on the recommendation of my cousin who had a new baby a few months before me. This was my third child after a 7 year gap so I have used a few other prams before, we had a Maclaren Techno XT last time which we loved. It thought this time, I would go for something that was super light and I liked the design of the yoyo+. I really liked the fact that we could use maxi cosi adapters to put the car capsule on the pram for our new baby.

I personally didn't like the fold - you firstly have to fold the handle down with your thumbs, and then you have to reach right underneath the seat to fold the pram up. If the wheels at the front are not straight, the pram does not collapse easily - about 2 out of 3 times, I would have to turn the wheels in order to get the pram to fold shut. I didn't find it that easy to unfold either - I would have to shake it quite a few times before it opened up properly.

Also to fit the car capsule on the pram, it was a very tight fit and not that easy to place the capsule into the adapters. It didn't just click into place, but we had to put one side on and then stretch out the seat/adapter on the side of the seat with quite a bit of force, so that the other side would click into place.

The pram maneuvers quite well, it was easy to turn around and push. However there was one day when I pushed it at too much of an angle with one hand, and the pram nearly tipped over. I got quite a shock this could happen, but I guess it did because the bottom part of the pram is so light, with the heavier capsule and baby placed on top. The fact it is a light pram was one of the reasons I bought it, but I realise in hindsight, that this meant that the pram was less sturdy on the ground. Also with my previous Maclaren pram, I used to hang groceries off the back handles. The babyzen yoyo+ is too light to do this if you have a small/light baby, but it would probably be OK for toddler.

In the end I decided to sell the yoyo+ and bought a larger pram. I sold it for a great price within 1 day on the Babyzen yoyo facebook group, so the resale is excellent, it's still a popular pram. I would not recommend it as an everyday pram, but if I was travelling and needed a lightweight pram I would use it again.

I’ve got my boot space back :D

This pram is my best baby product purchase of this year! It’s super easy to steer - went to ikea with bub and I managed to push a full ikea pushcart on one hand & the babyzen yoyo on the other! When it came to loading my ikea purchases in the car, everything fitted in the with heaps of spare space.

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Questions & Answers

I was thinking of buying this pram as my every day rather than a travel pram. Does anyone use this as their main pram or have everyone just had for travel only? I love how small and light it is and will not take up the whole of the boot of my Golf!
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Swiggs, I use this pram as my main pram. My apartment is on the second floor and there’s no lift. There’s a time I had to carry the whole pram with Bebe sleeping inside to my appartment. And it’s do-able! The suspension is not that great on a rocky road but very good if you live in the city or has a small car.

Does anyone know the if colour packs that come with a new seat pad and canopy for the 6+ can fit on the original babyzen yoyo frame (non-plus model)???
1 answer
Yes definetely.

Has anyone bought a foot rest extension off eBay for their Yoyo+? Is it good?
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Answering my own question in case someone else wants to know in future! I ordered the cheapest eBay one I could find and it is great to flip up to stop smaller babies sliding down in the seat, then extend the footrest when they grow bigger and need to nap. It is somewhat of a nuisance when folding up for airline use as you have to flip it up to make it smaller, and it then still adds a few cm to the size. When unfolding you have to make sure the footrest sticks straight out/down for the pram to unfold, so this needs two hands, which is a nuisance. I will be taking the footrest off when baby is big enough. It also impedes access to the basket from the front when footrest is down.


Yoyo+ Version 0+Yoyo+ Version 6+
Suitable Age0+ months6+ months
Max User Weight 18 kg18 kg
Seat OrientationConvertibleConvertible
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adaptersYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesCup Holder, Suspension and Under-seat StorageCup Holder, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolidSolid
Weight6.6 kg6.6 kg
Folded Dimensions
Folded Dimensions52 x 44 x 1852 x 44 x 18

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