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Baccarat poor quality product and less quality in aftersales from House stores

We bought a Baccarat stock pot from the House store in Fountain gate. This was great we made soup and stocks a handful of times. And used for nothing else. Unfortunately the bottom started flaking out. Leaving us in short heartbroken.
We approached the store and they quickly diverted to the customer service/head office. The wife made contact via email. The response was please forward some photos. Which we did. Response was we are sorry for all inconvenience please supply your address and we will send you a new one. We did. But no new pot arrived we tried recontacted tge head office to no avail.
So here i find myself. The baccarat stock a total piece of crap used at most 6 times. And pot is completely useless unless you wish to have ceramic flakes in your meal. And the headoffice/aftersales is not much better than the product itself. Very disappoibting. I will endeavour to discourage anybody from using the baccarat product and/or the House stores.

Not so great.

I have a 22' I think and a 28' pan.
28' starting having tough stains sticking to the pan and it was repaired by Kambos once and now it's starting to break again.
22' is slowly breaking too.

I've followed their instructions on how to clean it but it doesn't work at all.

No tough scrubbing just leads to more burn stain building up and they blame me for letting it happen eventhough you can't scrub it.

Anything and everything. Didn't even last half a year.

The worst nonstick frypan I've ever owned

Food sticks to this pan like no other I've ever owned. I took it back and the store manager at House Nunawading was rude and arrogant. He promised that a customer service rep would call me but I never heard back. I won't be buying Baccarat again nor shoping at House.
It was on sale.
Food stuck to it in spite of following the instructions on the right oil to use and oiling the pan frequently.


The ringed base of 2. of my pots lifted, only to be told this was caused by my dishwasher detergents... When we bought the pots 2 years ago we where told they are dishwasher safe. seems they are very contradictary, would never buy ther pots again. Very unimpressed with these saucepans..

ringed base fell of

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I bought several baccarat products, scanpan , saucepans etc. They are RUBBISH ! I used to own your productsYEARS ago and they were much better quality. I do not know what you've done to your product line but the quality is significantly poorer .i will never buy your products ever again . Did you sel, to the Chinese ? Most companies of quality goods taken over by Chinese companies have destroyed the quality behind once respected brands and produced rubbish goods. Brand loyalty is now lost. Can't stand your products anymore, discolouration and difficult to clean ! Consumers beware and avoid !
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I think it's all the frying pan products to be honest and not to do with getting the Chinese to manufacture it. All of the branded products have this issue as I go through the same problem as yourself. I've been sticking just to Aldi stuff since it's cheaper to buy and can claim warranty through them easily. Save your $$$ as you said.

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