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We purchased a pan company "Baccarat" from Robins Kitchen for around $80, we return it first time cause in few days it became rusty...we had a new one but the same thing happen...decided not to return as it took so long; after a few weeks the pans lid drop from about 40 cm and became a powder!!!!! They supposed to use tempered glass! and they didnt! Im very disappointed :( Such poor quality for a high price!!!! I wouldnt recommend anybody!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationSunny Bank Hills

worst customer service, never give gift cards from Robins Kitchen

I would never shop in store ever again most rude, unfriendly and incompetent staff I have ever come across in a store. They told us to check how much we had on a gift card they would have to scan something in. When it come to purchasing something we ask if we could change something over (no money had been exchanged we had just checked the gift card) at this point we were informed that we couldn't and we now owed $90 for something that we didn't even want anymore. She laughed at us with the "assistant manager" and told us our gift card was redeemed on the purchase. She was not willing to let us leave the shop until we paid the $90, by this point she was now yelling at us. 4 other people had entered the shop at this point and walked straight out. We felt like we had done something wrong and felt embarrassed.

We contacted the Robins kitchen help line they reinstated the gift cards within a day and told us we could use it online. We had a technical issue with the website during checkout and the gift cards have now become invalid. After 4 or more calls a week apart to the robins kitchen help line. I have been promised these will be reinstated or new cards will be issued. During todays phone call I found out that they have to contact a different "team" to check that we didn't actually manage to purchase anything. She also mentioned that they have only contacted this team twice so it would appear that not all of my calls to this line have proceeded to be escalate further. It has been over a month and I have not heard or seen any attempts to have this issue rectified. My only contact is when I call this is unacceptable.

Please don't ever give someone a gift card from here you will never get to redeem the value.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

Quick transaction and easy to deal with

Bought a Baccarat knife sharpener, easy to transact online and the pickup or delivery options were very clear and reasonable.
Product was available next day for pickup and simple to collect.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Robins Kitchen Online

I purchased a set of Bacarat saucepans, when they arrived the 18cm was missing, ive rang and emailed them and still dont have the saucepan, never again

Misleading Sales People

Customer service is non existent in all stores I have been to and tried to do business with. Bought a pan at Baulkham Hills store and was faulty, took it back since it's still under warranty. Manager is meant to send a report but every time I go to inquire I see it still in their cupboard and they come up with a different excuse each time. Also high turnover of managers makes dealing with the company very frustrating.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

This produce is awsome

Cant folt the handles, The product is light to use.
I have the knives, the chopping board, and so on that are baccarat this is the best brand i have bought for my kitchen. I started out with the 4 piece set grannet set back in 2014, then mid last year i upgraded to a ten piece set. Cooking is so good. I tried useing a friend frying pan from kmart or big w i burnt dinner. As i found useing another brand of cook wear was not good. So i recamend this pruduct to any one that looking to buy a set of sausepans. As i use a tiny bit of oil the wipe off the access oil. Very well said Glenrea on your review

Deceptive and Misleading Advertising

On 2 Jan 19 I was in the Robin's Kitchen store at the Chermside Shopping Centre and noticed their range of 'IROCK' cookware was advertised at 50% off. I selected a number of pans to purchase and took them to the counter to pay. The person at the register told me that the items were not on sale but were full price. I pointed out to her that they were still advertised as 50% off however, she told me that they were 'in the process of changing the signs' and refused to honour the advertised price. No-one was changing any signs at the time we were in the store. Given we were in the store at approximately 11:30am, the signs should have already been changed and not left up to mislead and deceive customers. As we were leaving I took a photo of a staff member removing the sign advertising the 50% off sale price. This is deceptive advertising, is not legal and has left a very sour taste in both my wife's and my mouth. I have tried to seek a resolution from their website asking them to explain to me why I should not report this to the Office of Fair Trading, Qld, however, their response talked about a senior staff member needing to make a decision on pricing at the time and did not address my concerns about the deceptive and misleading advertising. Be very wary of any advertised discounts Robins Kitchen offers you to entice you into their stores as my experience is that they will not honour them.


I went into robins Mackay to buy salt & pepper grinders, got to checkout was overcharged from what was on sale ticket . This is where my joyous experience began in this shop. Staff member was confused how to refund me & The manager at canelands Mackay was a very rude lady not only to me as a customer but to her staff member in front of customers... I will never shop there again. After a long wait in store while she ridiculed her staff member that she the manager was right. I left store confused & then came back to tell her she was wrong which she admitted in a minute & gave me refund. Told her she was rude which she denied. We dont talk to people like she did in Aussie ...

No Refund

Purchased some pots from Carindale store, took them back the next day as they were the wrong size for out hot plates. The sales person said just bring them back if there is any issues. They didn't have the sizes we needed but would not give us our money back only store credit, Seems stupid to offer refunds for return online but not in store.

BUYER BEWARE - NO REFUNDS so choose carefully!!!!

Purchased a frypan 2 days ago at Robins Kitchen Toowong Village, husband also purchased a frypan separately from a different shop, so now we have 2 frypans, no problem, I took it back to the store complete with all the tags still attached and receipt for a refund. We only exchange or give you a store credit. No, I would like my money back please. We don't REFUND. Are you kidding me??? I asked to see where in the store this is displayed and the girl took an A4 sized perspex stand from the back counter that was in 12 font which explained the terms and conditions. Who is going to see that? It's also on our website she said. This is misleading. If you don't refund, it should be CLEARLY SIGNPOSTED AT THE REGISTER AND ON THE RECEIPT. It is common consumer practice that you can refund with receipt and original packaging. I am going to check this out with the Office of Fair Trading and find out what my consumer rights are. I won't be shopping there again. Sorry ROBINS YOU HAVE LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER. GO BROKE for all I care.

Response from manager “we don’t do refunds only exchange “

Went to robins kitchen in rouse Hill with the family as wife bought a Baccarat Rock 24cm Casserole 2 days ago and she was advise it is PFOA free and it turn out it might be not . So when question the manger first response was “ we don’t do refund we only do exchange” we have no issues of exchanging to another products however it’s the matter of principle and the attitude that really turns me off big time. I don’t normally post reviews however this sort of attitude and customer service level are no where near enough. When I question about the ACL her response was “I was told to do this“ wow... think twice before you commit purchase at robins as “they don’t do refunds” even it was purchase 2 days ago under their professional advise.

Mailing Lists Galore

I shopped here to get a Pizza Cutter. The product itself is good. When I went to pay, i flashed my vip card which is now obsolete. I decided to get signed up to the new system to get some points for my purchase. I dont go often, but maybe I will get something back one day.

My big caveat is that at no stage was I told that by giving my email address to them it meant I would be signed up to numerous mailing lists. You get Robin's Kitchen (fair enough i guess), but also House (which is a clone) and some unknown pet site (which comes across as being dodgy).
In this day and age of privacy concerns, the default system should NOT be to sign people to mailing lists without authorisation. Needless to say I have unsubscribed from all, but it is something I should not have to have done.

Can you at least ask first?

They know their stuff!

I was looking for good quality pots and pans and the lady at Robins Kitchen Bateau Bay was so lovely and helpful and really did have a lot of knowledge about the products. I will be purchasing from them again!

Great experience

Excellent customer service both online and in store. I recently picked up some great bargains at their 25% storewide sale and was very impressed with the original prices, quality and variety of products/brands available. Highly recommended.

Never again

My mother bought me some items from robins kitchen for my birthday. They were not what I was after, so she took them back. No refunds, so received a gift voucher. Went to use my gift voucher on their website during a sale and free shipping promotion and the website malfunctioned and my gift card was used up but no order ever submitted. Many emails and phone calls later, they finally credited my gift card back almost two months later. Now the sale is no longer on and I had to pay for shipping. Shipping was slow. I will never shop here again, and I doubt my mother will after my ordeal. Happy birthday to me.

Poor Customer service at the Casurina Shopping Center NT

After buying several items from the Casurina store. I wanted to return an item as it was not fit for my purpose. The response was rude and no acceptable reason was given for not allowing for a refund. Future visits to the same store was met with poor customer service. In future I will take my business else where.

Great service

I have purchased several things from Robins Kitchen including a cordless kettle and a rubbish bin.
Products are top quality, good service and fast delivery.
Overall a pleasant experience.


My husband wanted for xmas vok pan so I went to our local shopping centre and went to Robins Kitchen. I was before always happy with goods because I usually bought there the bowls and some other china. Manager of shop recommend me that their best vok what they have is Baccarat Granite - the hardest scratch resistent surfice pan and that is the one of the best pan which they have. SO I BOUGHT IT! I came home and wrap the present and my husband open it on xmas day - but he didn't like it, he wanted a classic chinesse vok. I took this pan and went to shop again for refund. First they want from me where is original packaging - I though that they wanted the box, which I did not get but after few minutes I found out that they want paper circle witch was sticked to pan. Shop assistant after it told me that they can't taking it back because of that and other things which almost drive me crazy that PAN IS SCRATCHED?! WHAT!? "HOW COULD BE SCRATCHED THE PAN WHICH SHOULD BE HARDEST SCRATCHED PAN EVER?! ... and other things is that this scratch had to come all ready from the shop! But they told me that this is NOT POSSIBLE (so probably shop assistant checked the whole way from the producer to the shop is she?) . My shopping experience was now so horrible!!! What happened! Why this shop people didn't believe me! I felt like very bad customer who want money back and scratched this pan! How dare I was!

Really upset that I could not return for a refund as I found the same item $75 cheaper else where an

I won’t be shopping at robins kitchen again, found the identical item for $75 cheaper 2 days after I purchased it wouldn’t price match or return for refund. Will be taking my business elsewhere.

Terrible customer service from Marie at your Tuggerah Store

After purchasing a can opener from Robins Kitchen Tuggerah, a store that I frequent regularly, I found that the item was faulty. I went back to the store to explain the situation and dealt with the store Manager named Marie. I was told that she was not prepared to do anything about it. I didn't have the receipt but showed her proof of purchase on my bank statement. Marie very rudely told me that she was not interested in doing anything to repair or replace the item and abruptly shoved the item back at me. I couldn't believe that someone could be so unprofessional and rude to a long standing customer like myself. I will NEVER buy another product from this store and have told many others to avoid Robins Kitchen Tuggerah and DO NOT deal with this so called Manager named Marie. I hope you realise how much business Marie is going to cost you especially from a family of caterers! Marie you are a disgrace!!

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