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Do not buy from House!

I ordered some towels from House and when they arrived one had a stain on them. I contacted support and they took weeks to respond. They agreed to a refund but I have still not received it after about a month. I suggested never placing an online order with them!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Refund never comes

I made a purchase and ALL the glass items came shattered or seals were warped. I had to send in pictures and was promised a refund within 5 business days. It's now been 2 weeks - multiple phone calls and emails and still no refund! Will not be shopping with them again!! They have stopped responding to my queries. I feel like I have been ripped off and they clearly don't value their customers!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Really nice staff ...

I have shopped with House occasionally over the years. Mainly their Northlands store here in Melbourne, and I just want to state that they are some of the nicest persons ... sales persons.

I also chatted online with their FaceBook customer support, and again, just a really nice person.

I am not reviewing any product per se, as one should naturally shop around, do research, be an informed customer.

I am reviewing the staff I have met over the years, and it has only been positive.

I feel like I have been ripped off

I purchased a chefs knife late last year which I returned because it did not fit in my knife block. They would not refund so I purchased a knife sharpener and a giftcard for 20.00 I used the gift card on a small pan for 18.00 leaving 2.00 change. They would not give me the change i feel I gave been ripped off. Not happy! !!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Excellent customer service and advice

Staff at house Joondalup were informative polite and gave me all the assistance I needed to make a great choice in my cookware.
The sales lady was patient and answered all questions I had no matter how busy the store got or she was, she still gave me the attention I needed to complete my purchase.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Poor Refund Policy

Purchased a replacement stovetop espresso maker and realised later it was aluminium (I didn't even think to look at the time). I actually prefer stainless steel and took the item back within the hour. No refund... even though they didn't even have any stainless steel stock for me to replace with.

While I understand they are within their rights to do this, it's extremely disappointing that a larger "reputable" brand would be so stingy with their policy. My views of House has changed - while I was told they note this policy on their website, they make no mention of it in-store. I find this really sneaky, and it has tarnished my view of House.

Extremely disappointed and needless to say, I will never shop here again. There are plenty of other reputable stores who are more than happy to provide a properly satisfying customer experience.

Quick delivery, great items all well packaged

I recently placed an order with House during their sale and was extremely happy with the products I received. I ordered 5 x large coffee mugs, 2 x pudding bowls, 1 x mixing bowl, set of 6 steak knives and a wok for only $90 all delivered to my door within 3 days of placing my order! The products were all very good quality and extremely well packaged (unlike other online stores I've dealt with) so everything arrived safely in one piece. I'm very happy with my order, I hate going to the stores to shop in the crowds but LOVE online shopping so you've won me House I'll be back!

re no refunds policy

I purchased a can opener for $25 from House in Innaloo WA, then saw exactly the same item at Woolworths for $16. Tried to get a refund from House the next day to no avail. Their no refund policy is not advertised anywhere in the store. $9 is an exorbitant markup from store to store. I Will never shop there again !!!!!

No refunds for in-store purchases

Purchased a Baccarat fry-pan @ $100.00 at House Malvern Central. Later did website review on the product and found that it did not have a good rating. Took it back to House expecting a refund - but they refused. Was told that their return policy is on their website! They had no signage in -store, nor did the sales person state their policy. Their receipt states "For refunds & exchange policy, please refer to our website". This almost suggests they do have a refund policy. I would expect a large chain like House to be more accommodating. Now I have a $100 gift voucher and don't really want to go back to House to spend it. Now, as consumers, we have to visit a website to read their policy before purchasing a product. Takes the spontaneity out of shopping.

bought a stainless steel herb scissor rusted on second day

i am not satisfied with the house staff totally inconsiderate and horrible. because i bought an oxo stainless steel herb scissor and it says satisfaction guaranteed. but it started rusting on day two and i returned to the store. the staff didn’t refund me.

Deceptive and Misleading Advertising

On 2 Jan 19 I was in the House store at the Chermside Shopping Centre and noticed their range of 'IROCK' cookware was advertised at 50% off. I selected a number of pans to purchase and took them to the counter to pay. The person at the register told me that the items were not on sale but were full price. I pointed out to her that they were still advertised as 50% off and pointed to the huge signs with the advertised discount directly over the items I wanted, however, she still refused to honour the advertised price. The cashier then just looked past me to the next customer and said "next". As we were leaving I took a photo of the sign advertising the 50% off sale price. A few minutes later I returned to the store and asked to speak with the manager. I explained to the manager what the situation was and to her credit, she honoured the sale price. This is deceptive advertising and is not legal and (as well as the dismissive attitude of the cashier) has left a very sour taste in both my wife's and my mouth. I have tried to seek a resolution from their website asking them to explain to me why I should not report this to the Office of Fair Trading, Qld, however, I have heard nothing in response. Be very wary of any advertised discounts House offers you to entice you into their stores as my experience is that they will not honour them unless you force the issue with a manager.

Taking forever for a refund

Posted the order back on 24th November. Was promised 4-5 business days to receive the refund, and it is now 6 WEEKS later....Tried to contact them multiple times, they stopped replying to my email, last I heard back from the lady I emailed was 10/12/2018, I've also called through 4 times each time being promised they will process this with priority... Never have I ever needed to chase up a refund like this. Such a disappointing online experience, also stopping me from entering your stores again.

Not happy. Don't buy anything from House.

No refund on change of mind.
I really shocked when received a gift card back. When I asked the sales lady, " I didn't see anything show that policy on the receipt or on the store". She said " You can look at online" . I bought in store why i must look back online to the policy of House?
Never go back again.

Ordered last tuesday, still waiting.

10 phone calls later, still waiting on a refund or the product to arrive.

4 suitcase sets and we leave very soon. I am beyond upset and will never shop again.

Zero customer service - borderline deceptive staff and policies

Tried to return items that were still wrapped as per when bought as we realised they weren't suitable for what we needed after all.
The store refused to provide a refund on the products, and were not particularly polite about it.
When we purchased, the (same) sales rep could very clearly see we were unsure about whether it would be suitable, but never once mentioned the no-refund policy!
There are no readily visible signs anywhere near the POS to say they will not refund (unlike most decent businesses in this country!)

Looked it up on the main website, and can see they have a policy if you buy in store they won't refund for what they deem to be 'change of mind'.
Have spent A LOT of money on overpriced items in this store over the years for personal and business items (restaurant) but will now not continue to do so. As a business owner, I believe the measure of a business is in how they handle issues. They have not handled this well at all.
Tried to contact HQ to discuss - no response at all at first, then a short message in the vein of 'not our problem'. They really cannot say or do more to show they don't care about repeat business or retaining loyal customers. Businesses like these are why bricks & mortar retailers are having tougher and tougher times.

Poor policies + poor customer service = go elsewhere.

Product was not the same as advertised

Ordered a 4L casserole dish but received a 3L dish, emailed them to let them know of the error and told them we could arrange a pickup of the correct item at one of our local stores but never received a reply. With poor customer service I would never again order online or frequent one of their stores. Very dissapointing customer service.

Product did not match Online Description but they refused to admit it! - TERRIBLE customer service

Bought a product, and when arrived did not match picture or description. Even though it was hugely obvious, they wouldn't admit it and considered it a change of mind. Their exact words - "The warehouse guy said it looked the same". Managed to get a refund after threatening to contact Fair Trading (Assuming they get a few through there!) but they still didn't pay postage costs. Very Rude customer service, so many more professional online shops.

Sent wrong item, won't talk to me about it.

I ordered two knives and one received was wrong. I called and was told they couldn't help me as I had to email. I emailed and am still awaiting a reply.

A week later and their response is disappointing. I have to send my product back to them and despite it being traceable they won't release what I actually paid for until its processed through their warehouse. Considering it took them 5 days to even respond to an email I am guessing I won't see what I paid for inside of several weeks.It is now a month since I paid and still no productToday I receive my order... finally.. and I open the package to discover that they fools have sent me back the same incorrect knife I returned, unbelievable!

Worst shop I have ever dealt with

I bought a knife set from DFO Perth which was damaged the lady who sold it to me was so pushy saying if I didnt buy it that evening the sale would be over the next day - when I got home the set was damaged and I didnt want to loose out on the sale so I bought one online. I got a call at 9.21am the next day to say the set was ready for collection, I went to collect it and the shop was closed for restocking for 2 hours! when they finally reopened I was then served by a lady who was training another lady so just to check out took another 15 mins! I tried to return the one to DFO and was told they will not refund! and I should contact customer services. (this shop is 140km round trip for me). I then returned home and tried to contact the customer services only to be told the manager is on leave! This has to be the most disorganised company ever - I am still trying to get a refund or store credit (not that would ever want to shop at house again) - please do not shop here if there is anything wrong with the product you will really struggle to get any refund or anything.

Fast postage

I shopped online and got the item in excellent condition, super fast and at a great price. The whole experience was easy.

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