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Baccarat Professional Easy Twist

Baccarat Professional Easy Twist

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What did I do wrong?!

Have only used the cooker once or twice before and wasn't sure on previous occasions whether I was using it correctly because instruction book seemed vague. This time I turned the element off after I thought the meat was cooked. Left the cooker sitting on the stove to cool down off the heat. Approx 20 minutes later heard massive whooshing noise, raced in to see it boil over with liquid inside spewing out, under pressure, from under the still attached & sealed lid. Took lid off to find there was still liquid in it. Scary but nicest corned beef ever!

Purchased in September 2018.

Product is used: Rarely

Skip this if you want a reliable product

OK when new but won’t seal properly anymore. It hasn’t even had that much use so it’s now being used an expensive pan. Very disappointing given the initial cost of the product.

Purchased in August 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Pressurising Speed
Product is used: Monthly

Good for the first 10 uses

Was used once every few months. Got 10 or so uses out of it and top stopped sealing. I have to push it down until it builds up pressure which is dangerous with escaping steam. Stopped using it after burning too many meals. It's now just used as a very expensive saucepan. Absolute waste of time and money.

Purchased in May 2015 at Kitchen Warehouse Online Store for $200.00.

Product is used: Rarely

Doesn't even seal - utterly worthless

No instructions in box...went back for instructions...didn't help.
The lid doesn't fit properly so it does't clamp the sealing ring to the base. Regardless of how the lid is aligned it simply won't build up any pressure unless you push down VERY hard on the lid. I'm a big guy and I struggled to hold the it down hard enough to build up pressure for more than a few seconds before it lifted the lid and let the steam escape.
Money would be better spent if you just burned it for heat.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Despite a small problem I am happy with my purchase

I have recently purchased this product, and like many others I had trouble getting the lid to seal properly, however I discovered that if I push down on the lid when steam starts escaping it actually sucks itself down, creating a perfect seal. It is an issue, but one I am prepared to put up with as other than that it performs well, heats up quickly and is easy to clean.

April 11th 2019 Update: I am reviewing my review.

Since I last posted a review on this product I has just got worse! The safety seal now has a pinhole in it, and just lets steam out without building pressure , should have returned when it first played up, I will never buy a baccarat product again.

Purchased in June 2018 at House.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Pressurising Speed

This pressure cooker is a LEMON. Lid not locking properly, second return the seal has a cut in it

Baccarat Professional Easy Twist. I am so disappointed in this product. After hearing raving reviews from retailers, I decided to invest in one due to warranty. I was a bit weary as the reviews weren't that positive but I should have listened to my instinct. I haven't even been able to cook one meal in it. The first time the lid never locked properly it was tight at first and then slowly expanded with steam coming out of the sides, so the staff at House were very happy to swap for another one suggesting it was faulty. I followed the instructions down to a tee, now the second seal has a cut in it. It looks like someone has cut it with a sharp blade. I am now wondering what all the fuss is about, better off buying an inferior brand, to avoid disappointment in the future.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Had to read the reviews to find out how to make it work only to find out it was a faulty safety valv

Bought it on Sunday 8 July 2018 and it's going back. The safety valve was faulty and steam was escaping from everywhere: from the valve, from under the sealed lid...I'm so disappointed. It was my first foray into pressure cooking and it has really put me off this way of cooking. I think I might go back to my beloved slow-cooker and Thermomix. I'm lucky it was just a risotto I made for its first meal. Had I tried something more adventurous I would have been devastated with the result.

The instruction book was unclear on what to look for regarding correct positioning of the pressure release valve and I learned that from reading KitchenQueen's review. The diagrams were vague. Left to my own devices I would have had it in the wrong position.

I don't know of any "good" brands and I didn't want to venture into the world of multi-cookers. I feel so let down. I believe it's been discontinued.

I understand why.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


Did not work. My normal circulon pots retain more steam than this pot. The lid was secured on but the steam escaped through the sides, causing all the liquid to evaporate.
One and a half hours later and the contents still not completely cooked (meat still tough).
Never again Bacarrat, made in China, pressure cooker. I Returned the pot on the same day. Waste of time and money.
Purchased at House and they told me that the normal procedure was to send it off for repair, but because I had only purchased the pot a few hours earlier, they agreed to give me a refund. First time ever purcashing a product that does not work and they were reluctant to give me my money back. I don’t usually write bad reviews but have to warn others about my experience.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

The seal doesn't work properly - now I have a burnt pot

I have only used my Baccarat pressure cooker a few times but now I'm finding that the seal doesn't work. What this means for me is that:
1/ it took 40 minutes for the pot to develop pressure
2/ the bottom of my pot is now burnt and un-useable
3/ it burnt my stew which had to be thrown out

I wanted to contact Baccarat in regards to my warranty however their website is under maintenance. I couldn't access any contact numbers to enquire about my pot. (I can't go back to where I bought it as I no longer have the receipt.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Not a good pressure cooker

Having great trouble getting it to seal. After half an hour trying to come to pressure, I have turned it off. This is not a good pressure cooker. Steam coming out of vents while trying to come to pressure. Nothing like previous ones which came to pressure quickly. I do not recommend this pressure cooker.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Warranty is HOPELESS

Good produce when it is operating.
Warranty replacement parts is way toooooo slow.
Very difficult to contact baracat for warranty purposes.
Warranty is a problem warranty is a problem warranty is a problem Good produce when it is operating.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Clear manual detailed recipes and I little more recipes would have been nice.

Terrible manual. No mention of tray inside the pressure cooker how to use it and what to do with it. Also no soup recipes no risotto recipes. Seriously, who wrote this manual a man. Very vague! It's not hard to write a recipe with quantity of water or liquid and for how long to cook a meal like beef stroganoff or chicken ciacatrore. I make a terrific beef stroganoff and I first time user it burnt on the bottom perhaps my beef was too lean not enough fat on it and I put too much beef stock as I made up my own recipe. And didn't save me time at all.
Hopeful tomorrow's attempt at another meal might be better. Cross fingers!

Need Clear Instructions.

I have not used a pressure cooker before and have now read the manual 3x and still find it vague and unhelpful. If you are new at this better find a pressure-cooking mentor or read about it elsewhere, which I am trying to do. The manual leaves out essential instructions and contradicts itself as well as using different names for parts. Really poor manual.

Great but now needs help to seal

Mine is great but now having trouble getting it to seal each time. I Need to move the lid around and down tight to get it to pressure. I am going to try a new silicone seal, but otherwise it's really simple and easy to use and great on our yacht.

Love the twist top and base

I love pressure cooking. This is my first quality pressure cooker after 2 cheaper inherited ones proved unreliable. I agree - the instructions are inadequate and they should have a comprehensive downloadable manual. Just lately, I have had steam leaking thru the seal at the oblong gap in the rim of the lid. Safety valve etc is all in place. Anyone else had this? Up till now - it's been reliable and accurate.

Good product but poor instructions

Took a while to work out what position the "Pressure Limiting Valve" should be at. No instruction on this in the booklet. I had a pressure cooker 20 years ago so had some knowledge and eventually worked it out, but could be frustrating for new users.

Balance against the Good

Although the pressure cooker had a great feel, there is a common fault with the safety valve that can fail to seal. (Yes it was faulty as was returned). This put me off the cooker itself, however considering buying this one again on the good reviews and great setup, as there are not many comparable alternatives with the short handles.

Poor instructions for a great product

The lack of instructions to reach the correct pressure was/ is frustrating. A customer shouldn't need to refer to reviews to get clear instructions. Once achieved the product cooks efficiently.

Doesn't come up to pressure

Writing this review to balance all the good press. If you go to Q&A below you will see that there is a common fault with this model, in that the pressure valve can fail to seal and so steam vents continuously, making it impossible to come up to pressure. And yes, we did have the steam function set to the black dot. Reluctant to buy this model again.

Well made with good features

I think the pressure lock is a great feature. I am new to pressure cookers and so am struggling to get the correct times for certain things. It is a vast improvement on the old stile cookers with the weight on top.

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Questions & Answers

I've lost the little red knob inside thd lid a couple of times. Now I've lost the screw that holds this in place. Where can I get another one from?
1 answer
I am asking the same question

I have just bought a second hand Baccarat twist lid. I have searched for a lot of answers. I tried it out using just water and the blue nob popped. Then I tried it with ingredients in it and all that happened was a steady stream of steam coming out of the red one. The black nob was turned to closed position. Seems that when there was ingredients in it, it didn't reach pressure. Any clues? I have a convection stove...perhaps it does not respond well with this as the light n the stove was flickering, which it normally does not do.
No answers

Does anyone have an issue with burning? Just got a brand new 10L Baccarat Preasure cooker, followed all the directions for pre use, only used it twice, and both times it’s burned really badly on the bottom. This isn’t usual as I’ve used my neighbours a number of times with no issue. Any tips?
1 answer
Three pre azure valves, one is leaking, my limiter valve leakes, so looses all moisture and burns food. Need to find a fix for the valve.


Professional Easy Twist
Price (RRP) $299.00
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 265 x 360 x 220 mm
Weight3.7 kg
Outer Body Construction MaterialStainless Steel

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