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Back Load Removals and Transport

Back Load Removals and Transport

1.7 from 31 reviews

Stay away...great concept,terrible service

An interstate removal. Goods were damaged, and a TV lost. Was notified 18 months later TV was found, TV still not delivered 2 months later. After multiple Phone calls to rectify the situation, Company would not take phone calls, verbal abuse was received over the phone, phone hung up on and told not to call back - an interesting customer engagement policy. "If I was in a hurry I could pick up the TV my self" was also stated. Anyone got a similar story with this entity. I hear Netflix are looking for companies to be on a new reality TV called - send in the clowns. I put in a nomination for you...

Great professional, prompt & caring service.

I used backloads.com.au to move a precious large dining room table & chairs from melbourne to adelaide. The whole exercise from pick up to delivery went extremely well. I can highly recommend the driver Martin who made sure everything was packed and delivered without damage. The job was completed within 3 days of booking.

Great service!

Really easy to deal with, from Jodie in the office to the delivery guys. They arrived at the scheduled time and delivered everything on time as well. For a move from Melbourne to Brisbane I was really impressed with the fact that there was no hiccups. I have to be honest, I was wary after reading the reviews online but my experience was excellent! Thanks team!

Absolute Disgrace

There needs to be a selection for NO STARS.
What an absolute mess of a company. I also booked before reading the reviews and afterwards was very worried about what I had got myself into. Delivery all went fine. Two of my items were damaged in the move. I the move happened back in January 2017 and I am STILL trying to get compensation for my items and it's now the end of May. I please please please beg you spend a little bit more money to go with a company you can trust. This has been an absolute nightmare.

Very quick, very cheap, very friendly, terrible communication

I booked this service before reading any reviews. After i booked I was panic stricken and concerned for my belongings because of these reviews. However much to my surprise a mere 3 days after my shipment was booked I was advised of a delivery date. This date however did get Changed 3 times with very limited notice and in they only lose one star because of poor communication.

Good pick up, Poor delivery

I will preface by saying that I originally went with another backloading company who decided to cancel two days prior to our moving date from Melbourne to Brisbane. We were hesitant to use backloads.com because of all the poor online reviews. However due to the circumstances we went ahead an booked with them. They were very quick to respond and got us booked in with one days notice. They arrived the next day when they said they would and were pleasant to deal with and were very accommodating, did not push for payment and were very responsive whenever we would ask them for updates of arrival etc.
However delivery was terrible, did not arrive when they said they would and they showed up without notice on a Sunday. They were also missing some items.
I do not think that their rating is an accurate representation of the service they provide. I understand there will situations where customers will be unhappy with the services provided (which happens in every service driven business), It is more likely that these people would take some of their time to share their negative experience which is fair enough and within their rights to do so. However I think people who have had a good experience don't bother taking the time to leave a review hence why their rating is so low.

TL:DR We had a devent experience even though we were hesitant at first due to online reviews. Good pick up, poor delivery

Absolute Horror Don't Use this Company

Moved a lounge suite from Melbourne to Gold Coast. It was so badly damaged when it arrived the armchair could not be cleaned or repaired and I had to take it to the dump! I called the company who did not care one bit! I took insurance but only to be told it wasn't covered for the damage!! I even had plastic to wrap it in and was told by the driver they didn't want the plastic on. This company should be on 60 minutes. They should be closed down or at least get their business in order and look after their customers. Appalling.

Horrific experience do not use!!!

Arrived a day early and had the worst time dealing with [name removed] who made my girlfriend cry after calling several times and demanding money he was rude and bullying. Had to move everything as they did not provide another removalist guy to help. They should be reported to 60 minutes I don't know how they are still in business.

Please do not use this company!

Moved from NSW to VIC mid 2016 and what a horrible experience it was! The driver rang up the day before our load was booked in to try and pick up early. Was very aggressive when I said that it was booked in for the next day and that he couldn't pick it up a day early.

The drivers turned up 3 hours late on the booked day, not knowing how to work or pack the truck. We just couldn't watch!

Our load arrived 2 days later (a pretty decent time) only to find many things broken, like our near new TV and dryer. Our mattress was also soaked in soy sauce?!?! Still not sure how this happened. The drivers said that we could claim the items on their insurance, however upon calling the company they wouldn't have a bar of it.

After spending close to $2000 replacing our damaged goods, we're not very happy at all. Please, please do not use this company!

Inflexible on Delivery Date Disappointing

My Daughter arranged to move some of her Furniture and Personal Effects from Melbourne to Perth recently, pickup and transit time seemed to work okay, however 2 days before delivery, I received a text from Backload advising the delivery date on Saturday which coincided with me attending a family wedding out of town, so I asked if they could deliver Monday (considering Pickup is Mon-Fri only!) The Operator who is obviously the same person mentioned in these reviews, was quite robotic in his response saying this would incur an extra $215 in re-delivery charges! considering this amounted to almost 35% of the whole transport bill, I was horrified and immediately expressed my disgust at their inflexibility to a legitimate request, I never got the feeling the person I was talking to was on my side, he wasn't rude, but very matter of fact to say the least.

Others planning to use this company, provided you can be available all day on pickup and delivery (they call you 15 minutes before!) is very inconvenient, some other reviewers say they don't even turn up! So clearly these operators are agents only, use multiple suppliers, and consolidate your property with others, and therefore have little control when things go array. For example following delivery I received a call from the same robot looking for an item that may have been amongst my daughters effects, it wasn't but all this deadpan could express was his disappointment that it wasn't, no interest in me going to the trouble to have a look.
In case you were wondering, my daughters effects were delivered on the Saturday they insisted upon, no one home but fortunately I have a front veranda (not totally secure) but at least my daughter saved the re-delivery charge. Her Cabinet was slightly damaged (scratches) not even going to bother to report it, will fix ourselves.

My advice! check with a bona-fide operator (well known removalist) for their rates and conditions beforehand, these guys are not really that cheap , and considering the high risk of something going wrong with their strict pick up & delivery policy and poor customer service ability, you would be setting yourself up for grief! needless to say my daughter wont be using this company again.

Shocking company damaged goods

I had a very small move from the Qld border down to NSW. My goods were damaged on arrival. Glass shelves smashed and took no responsibility. I took out all risks insurance but then i was told the insurance does not cover glass breakage. It has been terrible service from the company. Once they take your money they dont care anymore. Shocking company. Please dont ever use them. They take your money and run. Shocking shocking shocking.

Horrific experience! Do not use!

I simply wanted to move my bedroom furniture from the Goldcoast to Gosford for my new job. I worked out that I would save money taking it with me rather than buying new. I paid >$1107 for the service with backloads.com.au which included a month's storage whilst I found somewhere to live. This in itself was not cheap but had the service been as promised I would have been happy. The initial problem came when they did not show up 3 times as promised to pick up the furniture. I did not even receive an apology or message to say they would not be coming. Either I or my kind housemate waited in from 7am to 5pm for the 3 days they had promised a pick up. I then sent an email asking for my money back as I was fed up and the following day someone turned up with only 30 minutes notice to pick up my furniture. I was at work so my housemate let them in. When I got back from work I realised about $1000 worth of belongings had also been taken from my room (it was obviously separate to the furniture being picked up) - expensive make up, chanel perfume and a phone charger. The problems did not stop there, they then canceled on me 3 times for redelivery without any apology. I had swapped shifts at work in order to be home, then would get a last minute text to say the delivery had changed to another day. When the furniture finally arrived it was dirty, the desk was broken and there were a few screws missing from the bed which made it difficult to reassemble. I SO wish I had read these reviews and never gone near the company. With the cost of replacing the stolen items and the removal cost I have spent more than the furniture was even worth! The removalist/his partner obviously deny stealing from me so I have had no apology from anyone nor an offer of any form of compensation. Steer well clear of this awful company. Moving state for a few job is stressful enough without these disgusting thieves adding extra stress and financial strain. I have let fair trading know as this company needs to be shut down.

Beware Beware Beware

I have never received worse service. I felt devalued as a customer, and I felt abused as a human being. The machine was not picked up upon booking with the claim that the driver had been to our home on three occasions. Basically, the staff accused us (the customer) of lying. The driver spoke with my partner on one occasion, and my partner told him that no one was home at that time. The driver continued to call on a private number with no number to get back to him at random days & times apparently showing up at my house (which he did not). When I called to clarify staff told us they were not picking up the machine & to drop it off at the depot (that defeats the purpose of door to door service). When I spoke to the driver he was claiming of taking photos of my house, which leads me to believe that this issue arises quite a bite; however, furthering my disappointment with such an unprofessional company. There was no explanation given as to why there was no contact number for the driver (which is strange because most people work, and can arrange to call back immediately when an important call is missed). There was no written agreement or proper quote given (which is also quite strange as there is no accountability to the company without the agreement). Lastly, when I asked the driver to stop being rude to me or I would contact authorities he hung up on me. Later that afternoon Backloads continued to send texts to my partners phone to arrange pick up after previously telling me that they would not pick it up. I would maybe have accounted this horrible experience to communication mix-ups or more insight to there being random issues; however, I have read 18 reviews & 15 are terrible. Most of the complaints seriously violate ethical business, and even business laws. We are disgusted by the service, and have not even received an apology.

Good if you're prepared to keep the communication with them constant

I had a similar experience to Sophie, who also gave the company 4 stars. My small removal was of a queen sized mattress and bed frame. So long as you are prepared to put in a bit of time communicating and following up with the company, you'll find that they provide the most competitive prices around, and deliver the service that you paid for.

Review - 10 real facts about this organisation - Do I really have to give them 1 star?

This service provider has continued to ignore court judgements to pay for damages to our furniture. Listed below are 10 real facts (removing emotion) about this company and its owner.
Fact 1: This organisation is not affiliated with a professional body of removalists therefore does not operate by a recognised industry standard of service for safe and effective removal of your personal items.
Fact 2: This organisation does not conduct the actual removal and transport. Backload Removal and Transport will engage other carriers with whom may not and often will not provide evidence of their professional standard of service before being engaged to your specific job.
Fact 3: The transport cover for your items offered by Backloads Removal and Transport (at an added cost) is not insurance, therefore is not underwritten by a recognised insurer and therefore not subject to law or regulations which govern fair and equitable guidelines for insurance provision.
Fact 4: The terms and conditions stated for any level of cover grossly devalues your items per annum so in the event of a claim being made, your items become almost worthless in under 1-5 years old.
Fact 5: The terms (sections 15 and 16) loosely indicate the value of items is initially determined based on your original purchase to calculate the market value (subject to and inclusive of depreciation). This organisation will revert practices such as online auction initial bid pricing as a determined baseline for similar (not like) item market values.
Fact 6: The terms and conditions of service, pray on and is built around the grey areas of consumer law, therefore allowing these operators to continue to sell their services with little or no obligation to the consumer.
Fact 7: In my experience, any formal communication regarding a dispute or claim that is made (if and when they decided to respond) is always anonymous therefore adding to the decreased accountability to the consumer.
Fact 8: Evidence by most of these reviews and in my experience, indicate these operators often do not fulfill their stated promises for scheduled or arranged service provision often leaving the consumer in doubt and concern for their goods.
Fact 9: Evidence stated in these reviews and in my experience indicate this operator does not state the truth with regard to his activities and how he conducts his business operations and dealings.
Fact 10: During the dispute with this organisation at the NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal, The NSW Local Courts and The ACT Magistrates Court, the primary representative for this business displayed very little respect for the processes, myself or the engaged legal bodies.
The owner has his business based in the ACT, so if you want to file an action against the business/owner, current Australian state and Territory laws place extensive barriers before you making it difficult (but not impossible) to get payment from them. If you explore the Backloads website and any communication from them, etc. you will see there is very little information regarding his office site address or direct contact information to hide from unsatisfied/unhappy customers.
Due to the above, the owner of this business has continued to thumb his nose to the formal court orders placed against him and his business. Evidence of his continued conduct indicates nil respect for others than himself.
I wish I had seen this review page before engaging this operator.
The question to any prospective person considering using this operator is; Do I really want and need to use their services?
My recommendation is to avoid these operators at all cost. Pay very little more to another reputable and professionally affiliated operator for a lot better service, peace of mind and protection of your property. My particular case still has not been closed with outstanding court orders currently in place.
Update May 2017- no changes to the case to date and more people deceived.

3.5* Exceeded expectations

I booked a removal from Adelaide to Melbourne through backloads.com - after being very happy with the quoted price. I then saw the reviews and became very hesitant - I contacted the company to ask them to address some of the terrible reviews online and their response was very prompt and clear. After this communication I decided to proceed with the booking. All subsequent communication was very pleasant and responded to very promptly.

In terms of the actual removal process there was an error in which my booking had been confirmed for pick up on Thursday, and despite several confirmations the pick-up never eventuated. I got in contact with David from backloads the next morning (Friday), with a view to cancelling my booking, however he had sorted a replacement removalist to collect my things in Adelaide less than an hour later. This was collected no worries by a lovely removalist and was at my door in Melbourne less than 48 hours later (Sunday morning).

I think the key for my booking was to be in constant communication from the time of booking until the delivery ( making a bit of a nuisance of myself), so it was in their interest to ensure my booking went smoothly. I was able to conduct the whole process without needing to get angry or feeling like I was being given the run-around. Of course, having to manage the booking to such a degree wasnot ideal, and I wasn't moving essential furniture, so it wouldn't have been a disaster if the process had been dragged out, but for the price (by far the cheapest quote I received) I was happy to take these steps.

If it hasn't been for the collection mix-up I would have given a 5 * rating.

Pretty good

I know this maybe the exception to the rule here but my relocation from Adelaide to Melbourne was pretty flawless.

Stuff was picked up Friday by two very nice guys and i had it damage free in Melbourne by Wednesday of the next week.

There was a slight issue with miscommunication about the delivery happening on Monday and i didn't get notified it wasn't and had to ring to enquire but other than that everything went very well and the price cant be beat.

Abusive, Irrational, kept my money and refused to service

I booked, paid, called to confirm the date and time. Everything was great. They didn't show up. I called, the guy who I believe is the manager or owner became so unbelievably aggressive immediately after I asked, very normally, what was happening. He was the same guy I spoke to a few days before to confirm. He lied about our conversation to me, yelled at me, refused to stop talking when I asked him to please stop talking and listen so that we could arrange to be at the address on another day. Then he told me he may not even have trucks in my area for days and I would get a phone call half an hour before the truck arrives on 'Any day'. He was absolutely unbelievable, I was so taken aback by the tirade, simply for enquiring about why no one had turned up for a job I booked, paid for and confirmed. I asked for a refund because we can't just hang out at a house we no longer live at for goodness knows how long for a truck to turn up. He said the job is for today between 7am and 10am and since I am cancelling on the day at 12.30pm there is no refund! But no one was going to turn up!! I tried to say how irrational this whole situation seemed and he went on and on about how wonderful his service is and he runs a tight ship of great blokes and Im just 'one of those people' who likes to whinge, but seriously, I wasn't whinging, I was begging this guy to stop yelling at me and work out with me how and when my things would be moved. He was abusive, awful and someone I hope I never ever meet again in my life. Don't ever use these people. He has my money, didn't work for it and I still don't have my things. Completely bewildering.

Doesn't even deserve 1 star!!

I am very disappointed that I choose this company I have absolutely NO idea how they can still be in business. Moving interstate is already stressful enough without dealing with the multitude of issues. Its a shame that I didn't check on this site before I paid. They are now where near cheap enough to warrant this grief. I agree with others I liked their quoting service, but then it was all down hill, no communication and simply unprofessional service. I have been waiting for 2 weeks, and still no one has a clue when I should expect my things to arrive.

Totally unacceptable service in every regard

Do not use this crowd if you have specific dates you need to have things picked up/delivered by.

My job was quite small and was going on the back on someone elses move, so I completely understand that my small job wasn't a high priority for them. What is completely unacceptable is the complete lack of communication.

I gave a pickup date range from Saturday to Monday. First they said they'd come Saturday. They then changed it to Monday (fine by me and they let me know). I hang around the house Monday waiting for them to turn up during the time frame advised. No one shows up, and I have a flight booked to fly out of town. I call them to be told they ran out of room and someone should have texted me - I got no text. It's then moved to Tuesday. Again, I wait at home in the given time frame, getting nervous as I have changed my flight for later that day. No one shows up, I call them to be told (with no explanation) that it will now be Wednesday. I change my flight again...

Needless to say I rebooked with a different crowd who were much more professional, called me back when they said they would, honoured the original price they'd quoted weeks ago even though it was a last minute job. The guy came when they said they would.

If you don't have anywhere to be or deadlines to have your stuff moved by, this mob is OK considering how cheap they are. Don't expect ANY updates or communication if something goes wrong though. I'll certainly be avoiding wherever possible given that I've now lost 3 days of my life to these people.

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