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BD fruit loaf getting smaller

Yesterday I purchased a cinnamon fruit loaf from Miranda BD.
The loaf was definitely smaller and even though I asked for it to be thick sliced the slices are smaller and the same thickness as a Buttercup sandwich loaf.
The taste is still yummy but I am very dissatisfied with the overall product.

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Store LocationWestfield Miranda

Hot Cross Buns...don’t bother.

Went to buy some Hot Cross Buns at Brentwood WA and asked if they were baked today. Yes was the answer but no would have been the truth. Not happy... paid $8 for stale buns.

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Give Freshwater Bakers Delight a fair go!!!

I also live in the Freshie apartment block mentioned.
Firstly, I find the bread smell very appealing. It wafts up from below and makes me hungry!!!
That's the smell of bread baking!!!
And yes the fire alarm has been disruptive, but let's give this poor Baker a fair go!
That's the Aussie way!
We need to show our support for our local small businesses.
This building development has had many frustrations for the residents, and the Bakers Delight franchisee has been caught up in this as well.
You obviously aren't a long time Freshie local or you would know that this Bakers Delight operator was here long before the new apartment block. His premises were bulldozed along with the Harbord Growers, to make way for our apartment complex.
He's waited patiently for 4 years as have some of the residents who've waited a long time to call this building 'home'.
He's trying his best.
The alarm system failure is not his fault.
He's trying to get it sorted through the proper channels.
Have a conversation with him. He feels our pain.
He's really very charming as are all his gorgeous staff!

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Thank you for your generous support . We really value it Please be rest assured we are trying our best to sort the fire alarm out once and for all . Many thanks Catherine and Kevin

The bread was fresh and delicious and service was great

So pleased to have bakers delight freshwater re-opened. They make the best custard scrolls and nice and fresh hot cross buns. 100 percent recommend if u haven’t tried it ur missing out

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Thank you ! So happy you enjoying the custard scrolls .

Potato and pumpkin bread cob

Do not advertise it as a product when only a small amount sell it. Loganhome sell it but nobody else does. Great product but a joke. Yeronga is the sorst store do not go there
Only make products on certain days. Love products but frustrated at supply

Regular false fire alarms at 5am

We live in a new apartment complex in Freshwater and a new BD shop just opened between Christmas and New Year. They emit disgusting smell, which doesn’t feel like a pleasant smell one would expect from a bakery. I don’t know who buys from them as not only us but our neighbors are also saying that something must be very wrong with their ingredients as it smells really unhealthy. I would say that it smells like some sort of a glue with hints of mould. We wouldn’t eat such bread even if it was offered for free.
There is another serious reason to complain about BD. They opened in a hurry and didn’t ensure that their fire alarm system was functioning properly. Hence, we had 4 false alarms at 5am - first three on 2,3,4 of January and another one today, on 28 Jan at 5:09am. Everyone had to evacuate and wait for a fire brigade that has an authority to switch the alarm off. BD owners never expressed their apologies to residents and just keep going like if nothing happened. We have elderly and some really sick people in the apartment block, and it is really disappointing that the business owner doesn’t care about the situation. I don’t know how it even happened that this business was allowed to open its doors, while neighbouring shops in the building are not operating due to some engineering issues. Hence, we are really disappointed with BD due to rudeness and serious negligence demonstrated by that BD store. This business deserves to be heavily fined and closed permanently, because they continue to operate with a faulty fire alarm system.

I’d like to add that BD exceeded our expectations as they triggered the alarm again, today at 4.30 am. I can’t help but wonder if they know what are they doing at all? It seems that they are completely incompetent and oblivious. I don’t know what they put in their bread and whether it really badly affected their brains that they cannot follow simple safety procedures. Or maybe they are just inadequate to the point that they enjoy meeting fire brigade and making people to wake up before the dawn. Anyway, we haven’t ever seen such a disrespectful and negligent business.In response to your post, firstly we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the fire alarm going off. We would like to give you some background.. we are a small family business that has operated the bakers delight store in Freshwater since 2002. At end of June 2015 we vacated our original premise in freshwater as the growers and bakery was to be demolished to make way for this new development. We were assured that the development would take 1 year and we signed a lease to open in the new development. As you might be aware that did not happen and whilst we were bound by the lease the opening was pushed out to what became a good 3 and half years later. A very long time to wait .During this time things were very difficult for us having no livelihood but being bound by the lease. We were very excited to open again just after Christmas last year but have been dealing with the fire alarm issue since opening. As you can imagine there are multiple contractors involved in the build and at the moment there is a lot of disagreement as to exactly who is responsible for this happening. As is often the case in this situations, contractors are shifting the blame between them . Please be assured we are onto it and pushing hard to get the matter resolved. Every time the fire brigade is called out there is a $1000 call out fee!! So please accept our sincere apologies for the disturbance - unfortunately it is beyond our direct control but there is not a day that goes by that we are not looking for answers . We hope a solution is imminent. In terms of the smells you talk about , it should only be fresh baking smells . Every day we bake fresh from scratch using fresh ingredients . The extractor should ensure most of the smell is removed from the building . The only other comment we have had is from another lady in your building who told us it’s a lovely smell of freshly baked bread. We would be happy to offer you some complimentary scones or bread to go some way towards the inconvenience you have experienced. Be rest assured we are trying our best on these matters and have apologised in person to all of those owners we have seen come down stairs. We truly understand your frustration Kevin and Catherine Hughes ( franchisees)Thank you for your reply. We accept the apologies and thank you for offering complimentary scones, it wasn’t necessary, particularly considering that we dislike the smell. We understand that you work hard and that running a small business is a difficult process. However, we were affected by all 5 false alarms and witnessed how the situation was handled. If apologies were offered to all residents after the first “New Year set” of alarms we wouldn’t discuss this situation here. Hopefully, it will never happen again.

Not as fresh

I have been buying bakers delight bread for more than ten years.. hadn't had a problem with it, however the last 2 loaves i bought definitely did not seem as fresh as they once did. A vague smell of staleness indicitave of a day old loaf is the best i can think to describe.. from 2 different stores in 1 week...

Very disappointed!

Brought an Almond and Custard Log today and cut the 1st slice about 1 inch thick absolutely no custard, cut another thick piece, no custard. You can't advertise the custard content if there ain't any in there?? Over priced for what I actually got. Won't be forking out $7.00 for one of these again. Very Dry! Purchased from West Pennant Hills.


have been a regular customer of BD for over 15 years but my wife and i have noticed a change over the last 12 months we always bought high tin bread and noticed when toasted, it becomes really dry and horrible so we asked the staff if there has been any changes to the recipe but they said no changes as far as they knew, we can assure you something has changed and we are know on the look out for a replacement, what a shame we loved their product but just cant eat it anymore.

Very helpful

Asked a lovely lady about vegan options and she was very kind and printed out a few ingredients of a couple of things for me to even check! Thank you for being so helpful :)

Almond custard log fake cream YUK!

I purchased an Almond custard log this morning and I noticed the almonds were attached to the bun with cream. Firstly the price is absolutely premium, but I thought I would pay for quality. When I arrived at home and tasted the cream I found it to be cheap oily fake cream! SO DISAPPOINTED. Not what you expect from a specialty store and certainly not for that price. Will NOT be purchasing again.


My wife was given a $3 coupon outside of the Rockingham City shop. When she went to buy a xmas hamper she was told she couldn't use it on xmas sales last weekend she went to buy some bread rolls to be told that the $3 voucher could only be used at the MT Gambier shop. Do you really think we came down with the last shower. Good mind to go to consumer affairs.

Incorrect pricing

Purchased a bread and a drink from this shop and was charged 60 cents difference than ticket price 600ml coke shelf price was 4.10 was charged 4.70
When I asked why girl at counter said that the price ticket in fridge didn't get changed
She was not very apologetic either.. That's the price
Well guess what lost a customer
Maybe if it was handled differently I might of not been so annoyed
Double check what you get charged at that store
I believe in supporting local businesses but not when they have that sort of attitude

Pastry is NOT their Forte

I purchased 2 mince tarts from BD at Stockland Forster today. Basically trying to find the best mince pies for Christmas.

First bite and OMG, like biting on a doorstep. Pastry way too thick and enormous gap where the filling should be! On top of that the pastry tasted strongly of vanilla, WHO puts vanilla in pastry? Pastry is supposed to be short, crumbly and buttery.

These are the worst mince pies I have ever had and I only thank god I didn’t buy a box of 6 for $10!

Even Mr Kipling’s fIr better thN Bakers Delight. Never again!

Bakers Delight Tunstall Square

Today I purchased 4 x croissants & 1 x cinnamon roll. Cost $15-00. Took it all to a friends hose. Embarrassingly the croissants we stale. Alarmingly the cinnamon roll was also stale. When I took it back the staff didn't want to know me. Disgusting food & no customer service.

Bad Sales Lady

Asked for a plastic bag instead of paper bag, the girl said .50 cents each! I buy 3 times/week from the same shop, no one has ever charged such. If this is your Policy, put a notice in the shop. The sales girl's name is Lauren from Balwyn North Baker's Delight Shop. I am not happy and appreciate an explanation on this. Thank you.

Vegiemite scroll or roll

Went and got a vegiemite scroll this morning from Eastland B.D and i was appalled by the quality.. i should have got a bread roll?? Smaller than the usually large scroll and not much cheese not to mention not a great deal of vegiemite third time this month ...not going back to B D anymore ....Very disappointed


Purchased bread, Very undercooked like playdough. More expensive but much smaller. where is your quality assurance?????????Stop treating customers like fools!!!!!


I can no longer use bakers delight wholemeal/white sandwich loaves for catering etc because the size has shrank so much ..greed once again .


I went to bakers delight with my mum because I'm only a kid but we went on a 1 hour walk and in the middle of the walk we took out the food and guess what i got a croissant instead of a scone! And i was grumpy for the rest of the day. I'm never going there again I'll stick to coles.

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