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Banana Boat Sport SPF 50+

Banana Boat Sport SPF 50+

1.6 from 21 reviews

It damaged my clothing

I’m a golfer and I could not work out why my trousers and shirt collars were discolouring. I discovered 12 months later that whenever my bare arms were touching my trousers the fabric would slowly suffer a bleach like discolouring effect. Same with my shirts collars.

$3,000 in lost clothing.

Threw everything in the bin. Will never buy that Rubbish again.

Purchased in January 2016.

Value for Money
Ease of Application

Useless - thrown out two tubes; my opinion is unsafe

Son (age 21) and I used this product for protection travelling on a glacier in NZ. Son was burnt badly, very painful burns. My face and nose were badly burnt.

Purchased in January 2019.

Never Had A Problem

We use the Cool Zone Sport sunscreen and have never had an issue. I always make sure they are in date, keep it in the esky (never let it get hot) and apply then reapply generously. Been using it for years on adults and kids.

Purchased in February 2019 for $16.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

I'm a lobster

After lathering this to my chest, arms and neck I am now a lobster. This stuff cooked me. Don't buy if you have fair skin. I'm in a world of pain.

Worst sunscreen. Does not work

Doesn’t work!!! Bought the 50+ sports sunscreen. Was in the beach for 1.5 hours. Burnt red raw!!! Throw this sunscreen out if you have it. It’s useless!!!!


Went out to play a tennis tournament on 40 degree day and literally got burnt and now suffering from heatstroke.

Does nothing

Applied liberally and got burned badly after 2 hours in the sun on a 27 degree day. Do not buy!!!

Terrible! DO NOT USE!

Used this recently on a holiday. Terrible!
Applied it before leaving the hotel room, and then again each time I got out of the pool, I was also seated under shade, but still SO sunburnt. Would have been better using nothing at all.


I have always used Cancer Council sun cream on my family. On our recent holiday we ran out and the small supermarket only sold Banana Boat. I'm so disappointed with this brand.
Our usual practice is to apply suncream every 2-3 hours and we've never had issues. Using Banana Boat we all ended up burnt. I also noticed the arms and collars on our tops are now stained from this cream.

Absolute crap. Should be taken off the shelves

This sunscreen is hands down the WORST. Our family of three used the Banana Boat Sports sunscreen on a recent trip to the beach and we ended up with terrible sunburn. As other reviewers have said, we would have been better off going without. I wish I’d read these reviews first; I would have stuck with the Cancer Council sunscreen.
Now I feel like the worst parent ever with a sunburnt toddler.

Worst sunscreen

I went to the beach for 40 minutes at 5:30 in the afternoon and I got completely burnt whilst wearing this sunscreen but wear I wore bone I didn’t get burnt at all I honestly think I would of gone better with no sunscreen at all.

Save your money and go without sunscreen

We used this on an overcast day a couple of years back, just for a game of touch, around 2 hours in the sun and everyone was really badly burnt. Also it stains your clothes too. Tried it again today, I put loads on because I remember how crap it was last time and I got just as burnt as if I had not worn any sunscreen at all, what a waste of money it is!

Great product

I used the product on the whole family in hot and sunny weather and it did the job.
The key with this product is to make sure to spay on enough and to rub it in.


Four hours of golf on a partly rainy day. Reapplied at 2hrs. Now red as a beetroot. Very very unhappy as i regularly play and dont get burnt. This product shoukd be removed.

Doesn't protect you at all! Total sunburn!

We bought Banana Boat Sport 30+ and we apply a good layer of it on our skin about 20 minute sun exposure. We went swimming and snorkeling for about 45 minutes. Then re-apply another layer during lunch time and went back snorkeling for another 45 minutes. The day after we suffered from a total sun burn which lasted more than a week. I'm sure that it wouldn't have been worse if we didn't put this cream at all! Totally useless.

The sunscreen burnt my face, felt like fire.

Used this for family holiday. Now my skin is flaking off as it burnt my skin badly. I used it for my 4 children and my eldest son has had the same reaction. Terrible. I rushed out and bought cancer council sunscreen and have had no problems. Avoid!

Terrific - met all expectation

Bought the Sport 50+SPF for a recent family holiday on Gold Coast. Very active week for all of us swimming, body surfing, stand up paddle boarding, tennis and hiking. Adult daughter has very pale skin and son came up after enduring a Melbourne winter. Used the sunscreen continuously during the week. As we are originally from Noth Queensland are very skin cancer conscious so combined the sunscreen with other normal sun protection measures such as hats, finding shade etc where possible. No sunburn, and the sunscreen was probably the best I have ever used for prolonged periods in the water and exercise. Will certainly use again.

Worst sunscreen ever

Used this two weeks ago on my daughter. Applied four times through the day. We just thought we hadnt applied right because she burnt all over her body (6 year old in a bikini). We went out yesterday applied three times throughout the day. We got home hubby daughter snd myself and absolutely cooked and look like blistered lobsters. We were under a shade cloth when not swimming. Will never use this again

Not what it used to be

Not what it used to be. They must have changed ingredients or the quality control. Very upset with the product as a whole...

Like I wasn't wearing any sunscreen

Reapplied 3 times over the course of 5 hours and was burnt all over my face, arms, back and shoulders, just as badly as if I were to not apply any sunscreen at all.

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