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Unsolicited Approach while Under Exclusive Contract

We are selling through another agent. I received an unsolicited call from Mr. Ray Harb from Barry Plant, Point Cook, 15:40 hrs, who telephoned from 0402 517 213.

My conversation of this afternoon with Mr. Harb began respectfully, but became very aggressive in terms of the agent making disparaging remarks about our current agent. For the record, I have no means of evaluating whether Barry Plant would have done a better job.

Attack will not convince me to switch agents. Mr. Harb went on to assert that Barry Plant had a "larger database" of purchases and they had sold as many houses even under difficult market conditions. When I told the agent that I found his approach aggressive, he declared that was the reason they were more successful in selling houses.

I can only say that based on the conversation we had, that we chose the correct agent for our context - we are selling in a retirement village where my parents lived very happily. We are not driven by the highest price, but still desire to maintain a connection with the residents whom were friends of my parents. We desire a respectful decorum maintained in the transaction. In our agent, we were looking for a respectful service.

Therefore, this feedback is neither to say whether Mr. Harb is the best agent or not, but if sellers want someone who is aggressive, and takes pride in being aggressive, then Mr. Harb is your agent.

Hi Keith, Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this matter to our attention. If you would like to discuss your concerns further please feel free to call Mark Lynch (Director) or Olivia Campbell (Customer Service Manager) at Barry Plant Head Office on 9840 9555Thank you very much. Both Mark Lynch or Olivia Campbell may obtain my contact from Mr. Ray Barb and call me if they are concerned. On my part, I believe some clients may well want an agent who does so well to maintain his track record of sales. As you can tell, we just reacted better to someone who understood we were driven more than the highest sales. Selling a house is emotional and we wanted an agent who could, sensitively, preserve the decorum of my parents' property. Regards and best wishes, Keith.

Bendigo Barry Plant

These people are horrible.. impossible to deal with, unreasonable and just unprofessional. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this agency unless you want rude agents horrible communication and just unreasonable demands.

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Hi Wiggie, Thank you for your feedback regarding your experience with Barry Plant Bendigo. I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with their services, if you would like to discuss your concerns further please contact me at customerservice@barryplant.com.au. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Customer Service Manager, Barry Plant Head Office

AVOID Barry Plant Mordialloc

I have had nothing but trouble from Barry Plant Mordialloc and all the staff we have had to put up with are the same. There is a culture of laziness and lying through their teeth and doing nothing to help tenants even the basic things that are required by law. I had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with Maria, Melissa and Amanda Bell and they all lie through their teeth. We had a new property which we paid $710 per week for and the place was filthy and falling apart. Cheap materials and problems everywhere and Barry Plant did nothing. They even went as far as to say it was not the responsibility of the landlord after 90 days of moving in!!! We have been forced to seek resolution through consumer affairs and VCAT which is a complete waste of our time. We have had a much better experience with Biggin Scott in Aspendale if you are looking for customer service and not to be treated like scum. Appalling.


Barry Plant in East Keilor - Victoria are the worse in customer service.
Arron Hill from "Barry Plant" customer service are just so poor, the way that he look after his customer is terrible, never reply on your tex or either called you back to follow up with the house, and the way that he talked to you extremely "RUDE".
DO NOT buy Or Sell with - BARRY PLANT !!!!!

Incompetent !

Barry Plant Preston transferred the management of my rental property to Woodards Real Estate without my consent. This is very unprofessional and very low . l have lodged a complaint with the Real Estate Board

unprofessional agent

Barry plant team doesn’t know vendor expectations. They negotiated with me for 5 days without presenting the offer to vendor. agent tried to be supportive, but “unprofessional approach” defines everything

Terrible customer service

I have had nothing but trouble with Barry plant
Extremely unprofessional In every way
I will never rent or buy a home from this company ever again O/10


I went for an auction conducted by Barry plant today and the property wasn't sold at the auction. I gave them an offer, obviously I would start with a little more than the offers placed by other buyers at the auction. The way the agent spoke to me was unacceptable. I would have gone higher but I gave it up as I'm not very keen on dealing with such unprofessional people. Not looking forward to buy any properties from them in the future.

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Hi Nessi, Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear you were unhappy with your experience with one of our Agents. If you would like to discuss your experience further please contact me at customerservice@barryplant.com.au. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Customer Service Manager, Barry Plant Head Office

Excellence in every area

We have built our first rental property and decided to go with Barry plant Berwick rental agent Tash Carole as she came highly recommended. The service and help she has given us as been amazing. She is very professional and personable. Very knowledgeable and a great person to deal with. So grateful for everything she has done to support us and guide us through our first rental property experience A+


For the last 2-3 months, I've been looking at rental properties and many of the landlords used Barry Plant real estate agent, thus I've had to deal with them. My overall experience with them mirrored each other, that is, the total lack of communication and require constant chasing-up from tenants.
They do not use 1form, so I've been emailing my applications in but I would receive no email confirming whether or not the application had been received. The property manager never got back to me regarding the result of my application (whether they needed more information, or whether or not my application got approved/rejected). I would text the property manager and he would not reply back. Called the office and the receptionist claimed it was the landlord's fault as they have not reviewed the applications. Then, my boyfriend got a text saying it was declined, but I never got the call even though I've left my number with the receptionist and texted the property manager. The same process repeated across multiple properties that they advertised for lease and across multiple Barry Plant offices.
Overall, it was a terrible experience having to deal with Barry Plant, and I would have to warn landlord if they want to employ Barry Plant for their rental properties.

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Hi Linh, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience with Barry Plant. If you would like to discuss your concerns further please contact me at customerservice@barryplant.com.au. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Barry Plant Head Office

Auction not advertised in major websites

I discovered 2 days prior to auction that the BP agent only placed 1 adv, instead of 2 adv's, in major websites as contracted, now wondering if other advs were not placed eg: Chinese news papers, in order to increase his profit.
Auction was attended by only 1 bidder, house sold.
I have notified agent and is not responding. What is the best action to take.

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Hi Rocmel, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you were not happy with the services of one of our offices. If you would like to discuss this further please email me at customerservice@barryplant.com.au. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Customer, Service Manager, Barry Plant Head Office.

Number 1 by a country mile !!

Leading the way with passion and experience, the team at Barry Plant Wyndham are truly incredible. Over and over again, they have never let me down. Now after transacting 4 times with this amazing team, I would have no hesitation in using my most trusted real estate brand and team of professionals again and again and again! 5 stars for you Barry Plant

Barry Plant is absolutely a waste of time and does not care at all about YOU


Barry Plant is absolutely a waste of time and does not care at all about YOU. Only about there commission.

During the first week we rented with Barry Plant we informed them that an arborist needed to come and assess a dangerously large gum tree. 6 months later an arborist came and Barry Plant informed us that nothing needed to be done, however this was contrary to what the arborist told me.

A month later on July 17th, my family and I were nearly killed when the above tree came crashed through our ceiling directly on top of us while me, my father and 1 year old son sat at the dinning table.

My father received large amounts of bruising to his body and my 1 year old son had large cuts to his face with embedded glass in his eyes.

3 days later the Property Manager and Directors of Barry Plant decided to ghost me and my family and make the whole process a nightmare. Barry Plant didn't even come down (10 minutes drive) to see if we needed help.

Initially they told us we could move back the day after the tree fell and to continue to pay rent. Even through 40% of the roof was missing, no running water, electricity or gas.

Then they just vanished and made us deal directly with the landlord who was trying to pay us off.

Luckily our contents insurance provider Youi came to the rescue. Without Youi providing us temporary housing, cloths, food and someone to help guide us through the trauma during the next 2 month period. We would have been homeless and without any possessions.

For the first 2 months the property was quarantined off until a full make safe was done as it was found to have traces of asbestos. However this didn't stop Barry Plant continued to ask us to remove our furniture and pay rent. They really didn't care about the risk or trauma my family went and were going through.

So when we finally got access to the property nearly 2.5 months later without power, water and gas. The house was rank with flies, mould, dirt, debris, construction dust, rotting food in the fridge and cupboards, etc. It was extremely confronting.

A few weeks later we arranged a packing company to go in to pack up what was left of our belongings besides the written off items, destroyed or item with asbestos still on them. Leaving the home 99% empty.

Now 6 months later still without receiving our bond back and with at least 50 sets of boots that have gone through the home eg. SES workers, trades people and insurance guys. Barry Plant is asking us to clean toilets, showers, carpet and removed items that the tree has noticeably destroyed; before they release our bond. If you look at the carpet, showers and toilets they are covered in construction dust and have been used by the trades people.

SERIOUSLY! Where is your compassion?

I've written to the directors of Barry Plant Doncaster East and have had no reply. This was the last straw for us. I'd didn't want to write this review, however Barry Plant doesn't care for me so why do I care about them.

Have a look at the damage and put yourself in my shoes.

Barry Plant you have let humanity down. No word can truly express my utter disappointment. For those people at Barry Plant involved you guys truly need to hang your heads in shame.

Photos can been seen here / https://goo.gl/583RdG

Barry Plant Berwick

Most untrustworthy company I have ever dealt with. Upon agreeing with a selling price the agent tried to get us to lower it by more than $150K this is not even a MILLION $ property! They then con you into spending more to upgrade the internet site. Upon doing this we then get told our house is not sellable if we don't lower the price! VERY DISHONEST.....KEEP AWAY FROM Barry Plant BERWICK

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Hi Rachel, Thanks for your feedback, we're sorry to hear you were disappointed with the services of Barry Plant Berwick. If you would like to discuss your experience further please contact Paul Dabb, Director of Barry Plant Berwick on 9707 1400 or myself at Head Office on 9840 9555. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Customer Service Manager, Barry Plant Head Office

Condisending and dishonest

Barry plant Blackburn would have to be the worst most dishonest and underachieving property manager (or should I say 3 property managers, so obviously a deeper problem) I have ever had the displeasure. Don’t use or rent from.

SHUT UP ... people need to sleep !!! BARRY PLANT REAL ESTATE PRESTON

SHUT UP ... people need to sleep !!!

Barry Plant real estate of Preston does NOT respect other tenants. They ignore facts of their disruptive tenants, and lie that they are quiet, when facts presented show otherwise.

Being on the mobile phone for an hour at a time in a foreign language, with an annoying loud. raised voice that is almost shouting is not acceptable at 3 am in the morning, 4 am in the morning.

Rather than make the call inside their own apartment in a normal respectful level of voice, they like to be outside, and so make sure everyone else suffers hearing their non stop babble. They hardly take a breath.

With Barry Plant refusing to take this matter seriously, the police are being called and online reviews are being left.

At night time, people want to, need to sleep. The bad tenants from Barry Plant real estate do not care about anyone but themselves.

Barry Plant are an unprofessional real estate agency in Melbourne Australia.

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Hi there, thanks for your feedback. If you would like to discuss your concerns further please contact either the Director of Barry Plant Preston, Anthony Cardinale, on 9478 6344 or myself on 9840 9555. We would like to assist in resolving your concerns. Kind regards, Olivia Campbell, Barry Plant Head Office

Highly recommend Barry Plant Rowville Team

We are extremely happy with the service we received from the Team at Barry Plant Rowville. Chad, Jacqui and Rob were outstanding. They gave us us their time and professional advice when we asked for it. We were given a price of what our house was worth and they lived up to their word on it for us. Everybody was very complimentary of our property and any concerns were considered and acted on immediately. We felt we were treated like family and we would definitely use Barry Plant again for future investments. Thank you to All

Worst customer service

Agent does not know how to serve customer. V rude. They can't handle flow of market. When it was up, all sold well but when it's sold they pressurise customer to buy telling that u have inspected 10+ property with us so now you will have to buy or having a go with you saying that you are confused and what not. Worst service, if u can not afford mercidese than sell it but they can't pressurise customer by stopping them not to inspect with their company because u have done 10+ inspection so now u have to decide. What rubbish. Think twice

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Hi Dushyant, thank you for your feedback. If you would like to discuss your experience further please call me on 03 9840 9555. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Barry Plant Head Office

Barry Plant Rowville - has made our dream in to a night mare...

We purchased a property through Barry Plant Rowville Branch. Unfortunately and sadly we had to deal with an unprofessional, rude and lying female whose initials are [name removed]. [name removed] has made out nice lovely dream buying a house in to a unpleasant night mare until we make complaint to [name removed] who finally took over the deal and dealt with a professional and caring manner.
[name removed]...... was rude and unprofessional. Each time we talk to her she acted like we were trying to waste her time. She never answered my calls but if I missed her call then she sends rude sms's telling me that I was rude not answering her calls. She even told the seller and my convayencer lies about me asking things in the house for free. I never asked anything in the house for free (I am not a big fan of someones used items). I got to know about this insult through my convayencer. Due to these lies the seller refuse to meet us even the key handing over date. I got a big list to go through about this unprofessional sales lady [name removed]. If you happen to meet her any sort of dealing with Barry Plant Rowville please ask for someone else at the very beginning otherwise this lady will make you experience in to a unpleasant one.

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Hi Russ, Thank you for your feedback. My name is Olivia Campbell, I am the Customer Service Manager at Barry Plant Head Office. If you would like to discuss your experience further please contact me on 03 9840 9555. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell

Rented for 3.5yrs

Rented house with daughter in Preston. Landlords first investment. Melissa Vitacca was the agent Throughout the lease period she was extremely professional, responsive and collaborative in arranging inspection dates. A highly experienced agent with great interpersonal and communication skills, Melissa appreciated us as careful tenants wanting to look after the property and gained our respect and high regards, actually to such a degree we no longer wanted to stay with the property when the landlord changed to a less experienced agency.

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Hi Duenorth, Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback of your experience with Melissa and Barry Plant Preston. I will be passing our congratulations onto Melissa and the Director of Barry Plant Preston for their excellent service. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Barry Plant Head Office

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Hi. How long does an application take to process? Thanks!
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I have 3 questions for Barry Plant Real Estate: 1. How much does Barry Plant charge for a Tenant Transfer fee? That is to say, when a tenant is moving out from an ongoing lease and a new tenant moves in. 2. Where on the Barry Plant website can I find information about the fee? ie, the exact fee amount, the fee brake down to explain what the fee is for. 3. Do all Barry Plant offices charge the same Tenant Transfer Fee amount??
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How long does it take to hear from Barry Plant on a house rental application?
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Hi Mini, All endeavours are made to respond to applicants within 24 hours – however it may depend on the ability to check applicants referees and obtaining the final decision of the landlord. Kind Regards, Olivia Campbell, Barry Plant Head Office