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Better results than listing with a Real Estate Agent

This service is truly wonderful and empowers you to do the marketing and sale or rental transactions. It does require a bit of effort but in my opinion easier and less frustrating than dealing with real estate agents who let you down on price and marketing. I have sold and rented many properties and the service from Property Now is better than going it alone or trusting a real estate agent.

Prospective buyers seem to like dealing with the home owner directly.

Your camera and the tools on the photo app make for great photos, Property Now give you tips. Save on fees and time waiting for the Real Estate agency to take them.

All the forms you need are there and you have the back up of your settlement agent (in WA) or your property lawyer for checking the legal stuff.

Property Now has great support after you pay the money, a wealth of info and responsive to questions plus Andrew the director takes the time to speak to you if you wish. They are really considerate in the way they allow a pause in Sales and a 30 day resumption in leasing in case it falls through.

Think twice before trusting your keys to a real estate agent. When I went to pick up my keys once they were in an open basket with other sets on the reception desk! Whilst there may be many real estate agents who are trustworthy and care about their clients the structure of paying high commission on a sale and not on a pleasing result works against you receiving value for money or even a sale as many agents latch onto buyers at home opens and try to show them other houses...your competition for a sale.

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WOW! Thanks so much for this excellent review! Hopefully it will encourage others who are considering our services to realize, as you have, that we simply don't need agents and their exorbitant fees. We look forward to working with you again in future and once again- thank you for the thorough review!

Easy As!

I've used PropertyNow twice to sell our properties. Easy to manage listing online. All paperwork is available to use and any questions were answered straight away. Will definitely use again.

Very easy!

This ‘do it your self site’ is really easy to use, I invested in a large photo board and a professional photographer and the inquiries started very quickly.
Good Luck selling!

It Works

Second time I have used property now to lease my investment property. Easy to use site, great support team offering advice along the way. I will use again and would recommend.


Perfect for self-managed property rentals!

First time self-managing our property and found PropertyNow an excellent platform for advertising on the commonly viewed rental websites.
Questions answered promptly and professionally.
I will definitely use this service again when it comes time to find a new tenant.

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Hi Elly, it's wonderful to hear about your positive experience, and we're delighted we were able to assist you in the process! We very much look forward to working with you again. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Sold and saved heaps.

This was easily the best way to sell a property, we got great advice from the support staff and saved approximately $15-18,000, and the open house was very personal, you have very little to loose by trying and a lot to gain when successful.

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Hi Nick, Thanks so much for the positive review and we're thrilled you were successful with your listing, congratulations on your sale and enjoy the those savings!

Very easy to use and the online support is great and very quick to respond!

I have used Property now twice to rent my house and have had a great experience both times. Any time I had a query my questions were responded to very quickly and resolved straight away. Will definitely use again and have recently recommended to a friend.

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Hi Shelley, thanks so much for your review! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed our service and found our staff to be efficient and helpful. THANK YOU for recommending us. We can't wait to have you back again. All the best. :)

Property Now works!

I had my house on the market for just over 3 months. During that time I had plenty of home opens to attract clients. The whole process is easy to set up and use. Property Now are very helpful if you have queries. I would recommend Property Now. I am very happy that I gave it a go and sold my house myself saving thousands in fees.

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Hi Alina, thanks for the positive review! We're thrilled you had success with selling your property. Feel free also to let us know if there's anything we could've done better to have received a 5/5. All the best!

100% Perfect Way To Sell Your Home

This service was recommended to me by a friend, which he had previously sold using Property Now. I was extremely happy with Andrew and the team at Property Now they were there to answer any queries I had, and also the website was easy for me to navigate as I am not computer literate at all.
The only reason it has taken so long to sell is there were four of us in the chain all waiting to sell, but it finally all happened without a hitch, and I add, I sold at full asking price considerably more than my three agents valuations.
I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone wanting to sell their home, and as I change my residence every two to three years, I will be contacting Property Now again. A BIG THANK YOU TO ANDREW AND THE TEAM

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Hi Gary, thanks so much for your detailed review of our services! We're so thrilled to hear of your success and money saved! Congratulations on a job well done. We look forward to having you back again next time and wish you the very best in the meantime. :)

property sold within weeks

My property was on the market for over 12 months with 2 agents. I decided to sell it privately with property now and it sold within 6 weeks. I would absolutely recommend using property now to sell your home.


Property Now was the perfect platform to sell my first property.

Property Now was easy, professional and helpful. I’m so thrilled to have sold it myself. I can strongly recommend Property Now. They addressed any questions I had quickly and the ad looked great in the realestate listings as did the sign on my land. Thank you Property Now!

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Hi Kristin, thanks so much for your review! We're so glad you loved our service and signage. Congratulations on trying something new and selling yourself. You're a rockstar. :)

Cannot fault

Didn't have much need to contact staff because had no problems. Have tried advertising indepedently in the past but "they" make it very expensive or impossible now, so the best part for us was the very cheap advertising on all the major sites over a long time (about 8 months). Besides, since you do all the preparation for inspections why pay an agent to walk through the prospective purchasers (as long as you have nothing to hide)? Conversely, when I'm on the other side, as a purchaser I would much rather talk and deal direct with the owner rather than an agent.

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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're often told by buyers, as well as by our clients, that it's a much better process when they can deal directly with the owner. As you said, you do all the preparations and know your property better than anyone; how could anyone sell it better than you? We're very glad that you enjoyed your experience with our service, and hopefully we can work with you again in the future. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Helpful & responsive when you have an enquiry or need assistance

Fabulous website, easy to navigate, even if you’re inexperienced. Staff have a ‘can do’ attitude, and are a pleasure to deal with. Although there are cheaper alternatives when advertising property for sale or rent, it’s definitely worth paying a bit more for the outstanding service that Property Now consistently delivers. More than happy to recommend this highly ethical & honest company, who have a well calibrated ‘moral compass’ so regrettably missing in many businesses today.

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Hi Greg, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! It really means a lot to our staff when they receive feedback like this. We work very hard to offer the best customer service that we can, and we're so glad you found our service more than satisfactory. Thank you once again, Greg! Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Don't be afraid to sell yourself

Selling by yourself is work. Bare in mind you have to be available and prepared to hold open homes / private visits, emails or phone calls. Cost us 795$ with the absolute basic package and It saved us approx 13,000$ (real estate agent cost) on a 340,000$ sale.

Positive :
The website gives you all the information you need.
You are linked up with realestate.com and other major real estate platforms. The updates to your ads are shown after 5 minutes.
You do receive calls and emails at any point you need it.
The office receives phone calls of inquiries and they relay them to you straight away.

Downside :
- It's difficult to upload pictures. They need to be a specific size which is quiet medium/low resolution. Also you will need to download a specific software for Mac (I did use iresize). Took me several attempts to successfully upload my pictures as the website is quiet temperamental with the size and format of your pics.
(My ad details took one hour to complete, and it took me almost double the time to upload my pictures)
- The contract of sale or offer which propertynow offered on the website wasn't legally binding. So we would suggest speak about obtaining a contract of sale with your solicitor.

Having said all of this we would definitely recommend selling yourself with propertynow if you live in or close to the property you are selling.
Another comment we read that we agreed on : "The buyers commented they preferred dealing with the seller directly and we also preferred dealing with the buyer directly."

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Hi A & M, thanks so much for your detailed review! :) We just wanted to run through a few things. Our core package is $694, a higher total would have meant an add-on would have been purchased, which is great! We have a lot of great additional services we can provide. In regards to the images, unfortunately, these are not our own site terms but Realestate.com.au's terms. They don't accept images over 5mgb and images need to be in .jpg format. They also have specified sizing requirement for best display of images i.e from Realestate.com.au - "For best results, we recommend a resolution of 2000 × 1500 pixels or higher, in a standard 4:3 ratio." - this is why our site restricts certain images, as your listing wouldn't feed over to Realestate.com.au until they were corrected. :) Our form mimics their own to ensure things run smoothly. There are many ways to resize images on both MAC and PC. If there's ever any difficulty staff are more than happy to assist with images if you email them through to us. In regards to the contract of sale, depending on your state we do have the legal forms, for example, REIQ in QLD. Our printable offer form and some other forms we have that are our own are not legally binding. It's absolutely always important to ensure you're involving your own legal representative and the buyers legal representative when it comes to finalising the sale to ensure everything is correct. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! We hope this clears up a few things. Congratulations on selling yourself and on such an amazing saving! :)

Highly Recommended

Best decision we made in using PropertyNow. Staff were helpful in all my enquiries. Was slow in the beginning with potential buyers but gradually picked up after period of time. Signage definitely helped. Would definitely use PropertyNow again in the future

Best decision we made

Selling via PropertyNow was the best decision we made, the site was easy to use and when we asked for assistance they were quick to respond and helpful.

The buyers commented they preferred dealing with the seller directly and we also preferred dealing with the buyer directly.

Highly recommend PropertyNow.

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Hi SJ, thanks so much for your feedback. We often have clients tell us that buyers greatly preferred dealing with them directly. A big congratulations on selling the property, and thank you again for taking the time to leave us a review. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Recommend Highly

Great to be in charge and conduct inspections one on one with the potential buyers . Property Now were very helpful and organised . Would use them next time if the need arises

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Hi Dan, we completely agree that having the owner deal with potential buyers is a much better method than traditional agents. We're very glad it worked for you and that you were happy with our service. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Easy as Pie and Works!

Our property sold within 10 days of listing at the price we wanted. Property Now were friendly, helpful and efficient. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone.

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Hi there, that's really wonderful to hear and we're very happy for you! Thank you so much for the recommendation, and for taking the time to leave us a review. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Highly recommended

Having never rented out a place privately before, and being hesitant to do so, would have to say I do it again without hesitation. Was so simple, and the support team-second to none. So quick with responses, a+ service. Huge thank you for making this so simple, easy to navigate around and affordable. Look forward to doing again with our next property. Your Superstars! Thank You.


Disappointing - no sale after two months and no responses at all after upgrading to the Feature ad on realestate.com.au

I decided to try selling via PropertyNow, starting with a standard ad for just over a month. Responses were fairly low for the opens I did every weekend for the first 5 weeks (sometimes on both Saturday and Sunday), so decided to pay extra for an upgrade.
The problem is that upgrading to the Premier ad is horrendously expensive via PropertyNow - almost 3 times that suggested by other real estate agents as their charge for a Premier listing. I incorrectly thought that paying for the more reasonably priced Feature ad upgrade might increase interest, however in just under a month - not even one show up to opens with the Feature ad running, so a total waste of $871.
I found that over 1/3 of the relatively small number of inquiries I received were from agents chasing a listing, and in general they all suggested that a Premier ad was the way to go.
I did quiz the agents who made contact with me on the valuation they would recommend for our property, and without exception I was told our price point was spot on (generally giving a range from slightly lower to a more favorable higher top end). Again without exception the agents were impressed with the quality of the property and professional photography, suggesting that interest and sales figures for Wakerley have been higher than in many other areas. Consequently I am at a loss to understand the poor response to my listing via PropertyNow although demand in the area is quite high. I suspect that the agents are correct in suggesting the Premier ad was the missing factor so have now deleted my PropertyNow listing and am going with a Premier listing elsewhere.

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Hi Graham, we hope you're well. We're sorry to hear that you were unsuccessful in selling. I've checked our records and can't see any contact from you to discuss your campaign. We would have been more than happy to assist, offer suggestions for boosting exposure or general advice if you were unhappy with how things were going, that's what we're here for. :) If you did speak to one of our agents/staff I apologise that they didn't assist you properly. A month is a short time allowance but we understand wanting things to move quicker, it's just not always the case with every property that they're sold quickly. I can see you've had around 12 enquiries (you've mentioned some may be an agent) from within your log. In regards to listing upgrades, we are definitely more expensive than your local agent, but this is due to Realestate.com.au and not ourselves. There are two reasons we're higher in price. The first is that your local agent is on a different subscription with Realestate.com.au that includes a certain amount of Premiere upgrades or discounted upgrades. They have this kind of subscription because they expect all owners to have an upgrade and are paying a lot more annually for this. We don't force upgrades on any of our clients as they aren't always necessary, depending on the suburb you're located in and can be an additional cost that's not needed. With the suburb you're in the cost for a Premiere is around $4000 - we definitely wouldn't push that at the beginning of marketing. We also want to keep our marketing costs as low as possible, so owners are given the choice to purchase an upgrade at any time should they choose to do so. The second is because your agent can afford to take a hit on an upgrade cost when they're charging commission. For example, if you sell your home at $750,000 with a 2.6 commission you're paying around $20,000 to that agent where we charge $694 in your standard package. Often times (depending on your agent) you're also paying additional marketing fees on top of the sale commission. You could have definitely opted for a Premiere listing with us and still saved a lot more than you will be saving with your agent by the end of the sales process. :) Upgrades can definitely be beneficial but a lot of the time, they're not at all. They get you higher in searches (useful if you're below page 5 or so) and give you a larger photo. We recommend upgrades mostly for those in areas that have a lot of properties currently on the market. We would have loved to discuss this more with you. If an agent is chasing an exclusive listing from you, they're very likely to tell you everything they believe you're wanting to hear because they have a stake in getting your business and the commission from the sale. Most commonly what will happen is you'll go on the market with the agent and then when things are slow with them also they'll push you to do a price drop. While we also believe your property is priced within the correct range, there are many reasons there can be a lack of enquiry. There simply might not be any buyers in your price bracket right now or looking for your type of property. There could be other properties on the market that are better value/lower in cost that are going first or it simply could be a slow market in your area right now, Winter is the slowest time of year. It's a good idea to do some research and see what's recently been sold that is comparable to your own property as well as what's currently on the market in your area. Staff can also prepare some free suburb/property reports and do research on your local market when alerted to a lack of enquiry/problem. We have noticed that you've left us a 1-star review which is disappointing - and we'd like to ask (aside from not selling) if there's anything we could have improved on with our services or systems? Thank you for your time and our fingers are crossed for you putting a SOLD sticker up soon. :) We're very sorry to hear that you didn't have success with us and we truly wish you a successful sale with your agent. If it doesn't work out and you'd like to come back later on please let us know. All the best.

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Questions & Answers

When you find someone to rent your property, do you them manage it completely yourself? Setting up your own open inspections? If the tenants don’t pay for a few weeks what do you do?
1 answer
Hi Mariah, you will indeed be acting as property manager/private landlord. This will involve conducting inspections, signing of the lease and dealing directly with the tenant. When there is an issue during the tenancy that can't be resolved directly with the tenant, the process will be the same as what an agent would go through. There are governing bodies that handle disputes, depending on your state and situation. We recommend doing tenant checks before approving a tenant as a precaution (an optional add-on) as well as reference checks either with us or of your own accord to check out the rental history of any applicant before approving them to come into the property. You would also be wanting to collect payslips and bank statement where available. If there is an issue during the tenancy, staff are available to chat with you at any time and run through your best cause of action dependant upon your personal situation and state, as above. :) If you go to www.propertynow.com.au and scroll to the bottom of the page you should see state specific leasing information that will be useful to you. I hope this helps! If you have any further questions you can direct these here, call us on 1300 664 773 or email us at support@propertynow.com.au, 7 days a week. :)

what is included in the $694 cost
1 answer
Hi Marie, as you've mentioned our core cost is $694 inc GST until sold. With our sale package you'll get an until sold listing on Realestate.com.au, Domain and 7 other Real Estate portals, a professional for sale sign, access to printable brochures, instant forwarding of all enquiries, our 24/7 automated phone enquiry system, unlimited changes and full control over your listing via your account where you can edit at any time, a property value and market report where requested, access to forms and templates where available, online private inspection booking service for buyers and you as well as an offline offer submission form for buyers and the biggest and most important part of our package - advice/support 7 days a week from staff, inclusive of licensed real estate agents, whenever you need it. There's of course absolutely no commission once you do sell also. :) You can read more here: https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately as well as see a range of our other available addons. We'd absolutely love to chat further and answer any questions you may have. You can email us at sales@propertynow.com.au or give us a ring on 1300 664 773 and press 1 to speak with someone between the hours of 9-6pm QLD time. :) I hope this helps.

Hi, there, heard about PropertyNow a minute ago. Could anyone tell me a rough success rate or whether it is suitable for 'young or family with teens'? What is the cost of selling through Property Now?
3 answers
Hi Liuxin, our core sale package cost is $694. You can read a list of inclusions here: https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately - in regards to a success rate, you can view SOLD listings here: https://www.realestate.com.au/agency/property-now-logan-reserve-VFLTYD?activeSort=list-date Unfortunately, we don't have an exact success rate as it's very difficult to get an accurate percentage as we operate Australia wide and owners will sometimes withdraw their properties instead of marking as sold. Our SOLD listings also we're logged with Realestate.com.au when we first started our business. Success in a sale will also be based around how you price your property, the current market in your area and a range of other factors. Productreview, Trustpilot and our Facebook page is a good place to assess the level of success we have from our owners. We'd love to chat with you more or give you a call to chat. You can email us at sales@propertynow.com.au or call 1300 664 773 and press 1 to speak with us at any time. :)Thank you for your prompt reply. I shall use your email to ask a few more questions.Fantastic, thanks for chatting with us Liuxin :)

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