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Excellent Service/Product

Property now is a great way to sell your property if you are prepared to do some work yourself.
You can tailor the requirements to meet your need and in my opinion a great way to sell a property.
Do you homework, price your property realistically and make sure it looks great when you do an open house.

Positive attributes.

I chose propertynow because they offered a lot of information up front without the need to register with a pushy follow up.
There have been a few problems but they have been quickly resolved

Better than any rental software real estate agents pay a tone of money for.

I was a real estate agent for many years, owning my own business. This product is better than any rental advertising service that we had available to us. Well done Property Now.

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Hi Liz, Awesome! We love reviews like this, we appreciate your honesty and are pleased to hear you were impressed with our service :) Kind Regards, PropertyNow

Saved thousands of dollars

Using this service saved us tens of thousands on real estate agent fees when selling our house. Although I personally think it is quite expensive for essentially facilitating access to realestate.com and domain.com, we did find PropertyNow very easy to deal with and communicative throughout the simple process and we loved the sign for the front of the house which did draw in a couple of interested buyers. I would use them again.

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Hi Jo, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We are pleased to hear we saved you tens of thousands of dollars selling your house! We are always looking at ways to improve our services, so we appreciate your advice and we wish you all the best with your future endeavours :) Kind Regards, PropertyNow

Excellent service

Re: rental property. Yes I would use this site again, easy access to realestate.com.au with no issues relating to communication with potential tenants.

A Great Service

Property Now gave me the avenue to sell our property. We got the price we wanted and saved a lot of money on Real Estate Agent fees.
I will definitely use them when I have another property to sell.

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Hi Jfs, thanks so much for leaving us a review and talking about your experience. Congratulations on selling! We can't wait to have you back again next time. :)

Agent used obscene language on buyer and then hangs up

I made an enquiry this morning regarding an online listing. PropertyNow got back in touch, informed me that I was 'confused' - I must have called the wrong number, despite me calling the one on the listing.
After getting frustrated with me simply telling him what i could see on the listing, he swore at me and finally hung up. Disgraceful behaviour and completely unprofessional.
The same person - who is within senior management at PropertyNow - has emailed me since and threatened to contact my employer if I leave this review.

Highly recommend Property Now

Once again we've been able to successfully lease our property through Property Now in a relatively short period of time. We have used Property Now exclusively for all our rentals for the past 4 years and continue to highly recommend for ease of use and support.

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Hi Andrew, thanks so much for leaving us a review. We love having you as a client and appreciate you sticking with us for so long! Fantastic to hear that you're happy with our services and we're excited to continue assisting you with your properties in 2019. :)

Great Idea for Selling in Suberbia but not for Remote Rural Residential Homes

Attempted to sell with Property Now for about 3 months. Had eight enquiries but only 5 inspections and no sensible offers. Company was very helpful and efficient and we would definitely use them if we were selling in a suburban environment in the future. The property which was a 5 year old, 3 bedroom brick veneer on a rurally located 1 acre block sold for the asking price 3 weeks after listing it with an Agent.

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Hi Lord, sorry to hear it didn't work for you and appreciative that you rated us based on the service regardless. We have actually sold a number of rural properties and this really should be no barrier but we'll give the feedback some thought and see what more we could do for remote property owners to aid in a quicker sale. Have a great weekend!

Best experience

It was great experience selling with property now they were supportive and very quick responding to all my inquiries. I will do it again and will recommend to anybody do not waste money on real estate agent because you know your house better then anybody else and you put the most efforts to sell then real estate agent because they look after another 10 property the same time but you have only yours. Thanks to property now i have saved over $20,000 and i am glad i did it. Thanks again

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Hi Bijan, thanks so much for writing us a review. We're so glad to hear of your success and happy to be a small part of it. Congratulations on taking the initiative and even bigger congratulations from the entire team on your sale and huge savings. It's so great to be able to help Australian's keep their hard earned money in their pocket, where it belongs. Wishing you all the very best.

I used Property Now on recommendation from a friend, and it was the best advice I could ever have re

This process was so easy.
I had no idea how to go about selling my house, but I received all the help I needed extremely quickly.
Signage, flyers and online in a matter of days.

So easy to set up my page, and Property Now did the rest.

I saved approx.$14k on agents fees, and could have open houses when it suited me, not relying on fitting in with an agents schedule.

I received an offer on the 3rd open house, and contracts were exchanged today.

Thanks so much for creating this site, it is fantastic

Hi Anne, what a wonderful review of our services. We get so many referrals and we love that people are talking to their friends and family about our company and how we can help with the selling process. Congratulations on your exchanging of contracts and your huge savings, we're over the moon for you. Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a successful sale. :)Hi Anne, what a wonderful review of our services. We get so many referrals and we love that people are talking to their friends and family about our company and how we can help with the selling process. Congratulations on your exchanging of contracts and your huge savings, we're over the moon for you. Wishing you a very happy holiday season and a successful sale. :)


Thankyou for your report. It gives me the information to go ahead and make informed choices regarding the sale of my home.

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That's wonderful, Che. Glad to be of service. :) Good luck with the sale of your home and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Saved over $16,000 in commission

We were selling two blocks of land and we had done our research on price. We were sure we could get a result quickly without the services of a real estate agent, even though we are on an extended holiday overseas. We wrote our own advertisement, we took our own photos and uploaded to the PropertyNow website.
Using PropertyNow the blocks had plenty of interest, even before the old house was demolished. Within two weeks we were fielding offers and both properties went to contract in 3 weeks.
In this case there was no service that a real estate agent could have performed that would have justified the commission. We saved about $16,000.
Very happy with the PropertyNow option of listing and advertising. I would not hesitate to use them again in similar circumstances.

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Hi Penang, Thank you so much for leaving such a truthful review :) We really appreciate your feedback! Saving $16,000 must be a terrific feeling, you can now go on another holiday! Thank you for choosing the better way to sell. From all of us here at PropertyNow, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

great service at an affordable price

the team was very helpful. they got my house listed on all the main housing sites very fast. i found it very easy. selling my house was stress free and i would use property now again. cheers

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Hi Russ, Thank you very much for leaving us some feedback :) We are glad to hear you found the process easy and stress free, we believe that's how it should be! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Kind Regards, PropertyNow :)

Thanks Property Now

Property Now gave us the opportunity to sell our home without stress. Their processes are straightforward, uploading photos and filling in details is easy, and they have no hidden fees. We are very happy to recommend them.

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Hi Fran, Thank you so much for leaving us a review :) We are very happy to hear your experience with selling your own home was stress free, that's how it should be! :P We would like to offer our personal congratulations for this wonderful achievement. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kind Regards, PropertyNow

Offers selling control

They are a great team very friendly and helpful. Property now offers a range of services to assist you in selling so you can be in control of your own property. Then there is the bonus of no commission. A great way to sell.

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Hi Gloria, we're delighted to hear that you're so happy with our team, and our product. We're very happy that you've had success with us, and really hope to work with you again in the future! Have a great day! Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Success again!

This the 4th time I have had success with propertynow, Can’t recommend them highly enough. Easy and streamlined and so much cheaper than using an agent!

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Hi Sky, Awesome! Thank you so much for using PropertyNow. We appreciate your continued business and would like to personally congratulate you on your continued success! Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours :) Kind Regards, PropertyNow

Great way to sell

PropertyNow have been very helpful throughout our whole sale process. It has been so much more peaceful without going through a Real Estate Agent and we have felt so much more in control throughout the whole process. It was also great to get to actually talk to the people buying our house. We would definitely go through you again for any future house sales and have recommended you to our friends, who have been equally impressed with you. Thanks PropertyNow.

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Hi Gecko, Thank you so much for leaving us such an awesome review, we really appreciate such positive feedback :) We are glad we were helpful throughout the whole process and it was peaceful compared to a traditional real estate agent! Thank you so much again for leaving us a review and recommending us to your friends! Kind Regards, PropertyNow

So easy. I'm going to buy a boat with the $20k I saved on commission

After trying unsuccessfully for 4 months to sell through an agent we decided to give PropertyNow a try. We sold our place within 2 weeks and saved $20k in commission. We were nervous in the beginning, but the online process was so simple and dealing directly with the buyers took away all the second guessing and mistrust both parties are used to when communicating via an agent.

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Hi Bernie, thanks a million for taking the time to leave us a review of your experience. We're so happy to hear of your success and wish you the biggest congratulations from the entire team. Thanks again for letting us know and definitely send us a photo of that boat after you buy it! ;)

Hassle free selling your home !

Excellent website and service, really easy to use, and i would definitely use this service again.
we achieved a price equivalent or more than what any other agent could have achieved.
very happy

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Hi Martin, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a positive review :) We really appreciate your contributions and wish you all the best with future endeavours! Kind Regards, PropertyNow

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Can you confirm what exactly websites the property will advertised? What's a level of success of sale the rural property? thank you Natalie
1 answer
Hi Natalie - our property was advertised on Realestate.com and on Domain.com and a number of other sites which I didn't recognise and can't remember, but those are the two key ones as far as I know. We sold our house on the first open day but I think it is highly individual and you cannot generalise about how long it would take other properties to sell. Hope that answers your question.

Hi. We are wanting to sell our home and have already spoken to a real estate agent. We have looked at your reviews about your company and are impressed. A little worried about legal side of doing it ourselves as we have never tried this before. Would we be better to talk to you and find out all the ins and outs? Regards Bev Breese
1 answer
Hi Beverley, it's wonderful to hear you're thinking of selling privately. To give you the most peace of mind, we would recommend giving us a call so we can go over everything with you. It's all really quite straight-forward, and much easier than you may expect, especially the legal side of it. You can give us a call 7-days a week on 1300 664 773. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

I have a place for rent at Lennox Head I’ve already registered Do I need to pay another $x to put an add up?
1 answer
Hi Bev, I can see you already have an active listing for a property at Brooklet. If you're wanting to list another property, unfortunately, there will be a new listing fee for a secondary property. You won't need to create another account, however, you'll be able to do this directly in your current PropertyNow account. Please contact us at sales@propertynow.com.au if you'd like to chat further. :)

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