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Ian Reid Vendor Advocates
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A true professional with a warm and friendly manner

I had been told how good Cameron Parker from Ian Reid was and now I have to agree
From the very start Cameron was totally professional and the combination of knowledge and his warm and friendly manner made me feel comfortable and confident with the process..I knew I could hand this over to him and not worry
Selling your home is an emotional time and Cameron was a trusted partner, providing advice and keeping me informed throughout the process.
I can't thank Cameron enough for his support and advice and I have no hesitation in highly recommending using Ian Reid Vendor Advocates to reduce the stress of selling and in particular Cameron Parker

Personal Service appreciated

We have been extremely appreciative of the professional approach we experienced with Ben. All details of our selling experience were handled thoroughly- finer details were pointed out in so many things that we had no idea about. We felt supported through the sage advice we received and really appreciated Ben’s input in bringing the sale to completion. God forbid we go through the process of selling a house in the future we would not hesitate to work through Ian Reid Vendor Advocates again.

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Hi David, Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to assisting you again should the time come. Wishing you all the best.


Cameron was excellent in the way he kept us informed and gave valuable advise on setting our house up. Have no problem in recommending Cameron for any future clients Mike & Delia

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Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to leave a review for Cameron! Congratulations on the sale and all the best!


We were extremely grateful to have had Nicole Rowe on our side. From start to finish, we were given a professional, informative and remarkable service. Nicole's diligence, patience and attention to detail were accompanied by a friendly and courteous demeanour - thus transforming the daunting process of selling our house into a simple and straightfoward process. Furthermore, Nicole was equipped with phenomenal skills of negotiation and applied them in realms where we, as the vendors, did not know negotiation could or should take place. We would definitely recommend Ian Reid Vendor Advocates to our friends and family - hopefully, they too will have the pleasure of dealing with an advocate as knowledgeable and caring as what Nicole was for us. Thanks a million Nicole and Ian Reid Vendor Advocates.

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Hi Ryan, WOW! What a fantastic experience! We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review for Nicole - congratulations on the sale, we wish you all the best! :)

Very pleased with the sale of our home

We were extremely happy with CAMERON PARKER. He was very Professional from the beginning to end.
Always kept us informed.
Happy to recommend him to family & friends.
Thank you Cameron, we wish you all the best.

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Hi Sonja & Bill, fantastic to hear you were extremely happy with Cameron! Thank you for leaving us a review - we appreciate you taking the time to do so!

Professional Advice and Excellent Guideance

Luke's guideance, honesty, expertise and experience really gave us piece of mind in selling our family home in a very difficult real estate market. Luke patiently took our many phone calls and reassured us every step of the way in our first time experience from selecting the best agent for us, to making our home shine in a plentiful market. We would with a doubt, highly recommend Luke to anybody seeking solid advice, excellent guidance in preparing for sale and brilliant industry knowledge. Thanks Luke for everything you did for us, in minimising the stress and supporting us throughout the whole process of selling.

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Wow! What kind words. Thank you for taking the time to leave us/Luke a review. Our main goal is to take the stress and uncertainty out of selling a home and its great to hear Luke did that for you! All the best :)

Saved my sanity

Michael from Ian Reid was constantly in contact, with advice from the eviction of a troublesome tenant right through to the sale of our house. On the couple of times I needed to vent he listened, and helped achieve a quick sale with a price higher than expected.
As we lived over 350kms from the house, using Ian Reid Vendor Advocates was the best decision we made, and won’t hesitate to recommend them to others..

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Hi Julie, that's one of the beauties of an advocate - you can allow them to deal with the selling process whilst you sit back, so this worked out perfectly for you being 350kms away! We are so happy that Michael got you a quick and great result! Thank you for leaving us a review, we truly appreciate it. All the best!

Using Luke Scanna through Ian Reid was the best decision we ever made

Luke's expertise and experience really shone through in what is a difficult and correcting real estate market. Luke guided us through with honesty and integrity and would recommend Luke to anybody looking for advice, guidance and minimal stress and a great result.

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Hi Billy, thank you for leaving us a review for Luke - we really appreciate it! We are so glad to hear that in a difficult market, Lukes expertise were able to get you a fantastic result. All the best, we look forward to working with you again, or anyone you may recommend!

Keeping us informed through all stages of the selling process

It's been a big step selling our family home of nearly 40 years, but after meeting with Nicole at the Rosanna office she quickly put us at ease. Her sense of commitment relieved our apprehension as to whether we were doing the right thing by using a advocate.
Nicole explained the whole selling process from picking the right agent, getting the house valued, staging the home right through to the negotiation process. Keeping us informed through all stages was a great feeling, particularly as we were overseas at the time.
We knew we had someone with great experience looking after our interests, the 3 week sale time was a lovely bonus.

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Thank you for leaving us a review vdobin! 40 years is a long time so we understand this was a huge step! We are glad to hear Nicole made the process easy and stress free, we believe that's how it should be!

Selling can be easier

Using Ian Reid was one of the best decisions we made after deciding to sell our house of 24 years. Some months before we were ready to market Cameron Parker came and helped us prepare with good sound advise, much of which we would not thought of. He then lead us through the process and kept us continually updated all the way. Not that it was very long, 10 days from first open house to sale. Could not be happier and would recommend the service to anyone, particularly Cameron's service.

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Hi Peter, thank you for leaving us a review - we are so glad we got to be a part of your selling journey! Congratulations on the sale - all the best!

Solid Professional Advice

Very happy with the service. Alex communicated very well and was able to distil the options down to a sensible, manageable choice. We ended up with a very good agent, selling the property in 10 days.
No complaints here!

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Hi Paul, thank you for leaving us a review. Selling a property in 10 days is almost unheard of these days - fantastic result! We wish you all the best!

Excellent Professional Advice

Used Ian Reid Vendor Advocates to sell my Dad's house. Cameron Parker provided excellent service. His advice prior to selling and throughout the sale process was invaluable. He worked hard behind the scenes to secure the sale for the price my Dad wanted, in a difficult market. He maintained regular contact throughout, right up to and including settlement. Highly recommend the use of a vendor advocate and particularly Cameron Parker. Thanks Cameron.

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Hi Michael, thank you for leaving us a detailed review of Cameron. We are so glad that you found his advice invaluable throughout the process! All the best for you and your dad!

Good advice

Nicole from Ian Reid was great to work with,communicated well and provided solid advice during the sales process.We also paid a lower commission than we would have been able to negotiate ourselves.

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Hi James, communication is key! We keep our vendors informed at all times, which makes it easier for everyone to work together! Thank you for leaving Nicole a review - we appreciate it!

Great experience.

Professional approach from the beginning of the process until the end. Sound advise and great market knowledge. All this combined achieved results above my expectations.

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Hi Sam, thank you for leaving us a review. The advocates have plenty of experience and knowledge of the market so its fantastic to hear you agree! All the best!

Ian Reid Vendor Advocates - Nicole

Nicole from Ian Reid did a great job for us. We had absolutely no recent experience in selling, so decided to get help from Ian Reid to sell Dad's unit after his passing. Nicole made suggestions and assisted us in making decisions to maximise the sale potential of the unit which needed a fair bit of work. The end result was that the unit looked mint, could have lived there myself!! It was sold just after the auction for a price that was at the midpoint of expectations, a great result. Thanks, Nicole!

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Hi Baldy, thank you for leaving us a review. What a fantastic job by Nicole!

Great result.

Alex was fantastic! He worked hard to get a great result for us.
Would not hesitate in recommending Ian Reid's vendor Advocates.

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Hi D & M, thank you for taking the time to leave a review about your experience with Alex. We wish you all the best!

It was a breeze working with Ben Reid

Working with Ben was delightful and he made the process of the sale of my property less stressful. Thank you Ben.

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Hi Amanda, thank you for taking the time to leave Ben a review - we are so glad he made the process less stressful and a breeze. Good luck with your future endeavours!

Third Successful Property Sale

We have just sold our family home downsizing for retirement. With great success in challenging market for two apartments, we relied on this, the big one to be successful as part funding for our retirement. Again I can only thank Floris Antonides of Ian Reid Vendor Advocates for his professional advice and guidance throughout the whole process. In what had just become a falling market we were able to achieve a good price after a 5 week campaign.

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Hi Adrian, in a falling market a 5 week campaign is fantastic! Congratulations on the sale and enjoy your retirement! Thank you for leaving a review for Floris - we are glad to hear he provided professional advice and guidance through the whole process!

Excellent Company to sell Real Estate, keeping us well informed.

We were very happy with Ian Stewart. He worked very hard alongside the Auctioneer to get the best posible result for us. We would definitely recommend Ian Reid Vendor Advocates. They took the stress out of selling our property.

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Hi Gordon and Lyn, Ian Stewart is a very hard worker! Congratulations on the sale of your home. We would be so appreciative for anyone you could recommend to us. All the best!

Professional and great communication, keeping everyone in the loop

I found Cameron Parker to be of great assistance in the process of selling my deceased mums home. He explained the process and the reasonings behind each of his suggestions. He kept us up to date through the entire process. This was the family home for over 50 years and a big family so mixed emotions to be dealt with. Cameron did all in his power considering the sudden drop in the housing market to get us the best possible price. A crystal ball for us all would have been handy! I would recommended him to anyone considering selling. A buffer between seller and appointed real estate agent is helpful.

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Wow, thank you Kerry for leaving us a fantastic review for Cameron! Through what would have been a stressful and emotional time for you, we are so happy that Cam kept you in the loop and was able to get the best possible price for you. We wish you the best!

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Questions & Answers

Hi I need to know what are my rights as a property owner, I have a tenant that is stating that he can leave my home, his lease was up on the 31st December 18. He has broken the lease agreement, 1) he hasn’t kept the house in the condition that he walks into. There was too be no dogs,he has 3 of them and they have destroyed my gardens and yards, he has broken things in the house. I have photos of the condition of the property. When my husband passed away I thought I would lease out for a short time. Pls can you give me some information that can help me, the real estate said that I have to wait another 2 months as she forgot to put a form in, I’m assuming to the courts and forgot to submit them on time she was two days over the time frame.
No answers

I need to sell a property in Queensland, which is currently being tenanted but it is inbetween getting a new tenant, the home has just been fitted with new carpets and had painting done. How do I go about selling, never done this before, can you please assist me. Conrad
2 answers
Hi Conrad, thank you for your enquiry. We can definitely help you out. If you could please pass on your contact details and property details we would be happy to do some research and give you a call. Alternatively, you can give our team a call on 03 9430 0000.I just sold a tenanted property. Just contact Ian Reid Vendor Advocacy and they will walk you through a stress free procedure. They will help you to pick an estate agent for sale. You do not have to pay them. They get paid by the selling agent.

our estate agent knows we won't sell under a certain figure, but still put in his contract to sell our property, a lower price, 70k bellow what he knows we will accept, is that legal and ethical???.
1 answer
Hi Mick, Your agent is required to give you an accurate estimate on what he/she believes your property will sell for and this price cannot be a range greater than 10%. This price may well be below your expectations. However, if you have stated a firm minimum acceptable price to your agent, then it is illegal for your agent to advertise your property below this amount, even if they believe that this price is above market value. The agent must immediately adjust the quoted range when they become aware their advertised price range is below the vendors acceptable price. i hope this helps you. Please advise if your property is listing with an agent through Ian Reid Vendor Advocates, so that we can follow up on this and address the advertised price. Kind regards, Ben Reid Managing Director

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