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Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black

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Absolute disaster!!

This purchase of a Beautyrest Black Georgia mattress has plunged me into hellish circumstances- it started with the Montana model - like sleeping on a furnace - any skin that comes into contact with mattress becomes overheated in 40 minutes - you strip off your covers and the skin not touching mattress is freezing - we paid $1200 more to “upgrade” to a firm Georgia apparently I was sinking into mattress too much - well firm is so hard that I now have constant neck pain as well as being overheated. Prescription medication from doctor is not helping ; I am taking days off work due to sleep deprivation and Harvey Norman will not refund or replace with another brand - disaster

Purchased in February 2019.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionFront
Adjustment PeriodI never got used to it!
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention Yes
Perceived FirmnessVery Hard
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Hi Allen, We're sorry to hear about this. Can you send your claim number to us at marketing@thecomfortgroup.co so we can investigate further? Thanks The Beautyrest Team

Terrible waste of money.

do not buy this mattress.it looks great and feels firm and supportive in shop but it definitely isn’t. The only good thing about mattress is no sleep disturbances from husband but since sleeping on this mattress We have both had nothing but back pain and neck pain. We sent in photos etc and they want us to send away for 2 weeks review for them to only come back and say nothing wrong. What do we do in the meantime? I dont understand why it can’t be assessed in home. Total waste of money wish we purchased sealy or tempur now.

Purchased in April 2016 for $6,500.00.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessSoft
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Hi Ange Can you please advise your warranty claim number so we can review your case? We are unable to inspect your mattress in your home because if we need to open it up to check the insides, we have no way of putting it back together without our machinery. It sounds like the mattress is the wrong feel for you, have you been back to Harvey Norman to discuss this with them? Alternatively, neck issues can also be due to pillows and how they work with the mattress. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks The Beautyrest Team

Worst mistake !

We bought our base/mattress just over 1 year ago .. with both of having neck /hip and back issues since purchasing this god awful mattress..
The mattress after apparent testing by sleepmaker is arriving back this morning to us .. they couldnt find an issue at all with it ... no sagging they say , and a comprehensive check of your mattress which they will not give you the testing results ..
It took 2 weeks to get the mattress picked up .. with 95 percent emails from customer service ..
We will never waste our time or money on sleepmaker again. and our story seems to be wide on this forum.. same issues.
We have let everyone around us know of our expensive terrible buy.

Purchased in October 2017 for $3,000.00.

Value for Money
Adjustment PeriodI never got used to it!
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention Yes
Hi Jeannette Can you please advise your warranty claim number so we can review your case. I also need to confirm if your mattress is SleepMaker or Beautyrest as your review is under Beautyrest Black but you've mentioned another of our brands in your review. ThanksSvc RMA API (SleepMaker Australia) Feb 19, 13:58 NZDT This is confirmation that a collection date has been arranged for 20/02/2019 This is confirmation that a drop off date has been arranged for 20/02/2019 The following items are scheduled for despatch 1 x Carrington King Matt on 20/02/2019 Kind regards. The Customer Care Team. Claim (# 581424

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on!

I am amazed at all the negative reviews on this mattress that I had to give my 2 cent!
We bought the beautyrest black firm from Harvey Norman 4.5yrs ago and absolutely love it! Never had a problem with it, always had a great night sleep both myself being small/light and my hubby being big/heavy.
Individual pocket springs gives us undisturbed sleep if partner turns or comes to bed late.
This mattress has served us well since we’ve had it, it’s been very comfortable and supportive, no signs of sagging or changing shape and gives us a deep restful sleep every day.
I would not hesitate to buy this mattress again.

Purchased in October 2014 at Harvey Norman for $3,500.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessHard
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Hi Ema Thank you so much for taking the time to review your mattress, we really do appreciate it! The Beautyrest Team

An expensive mistake

I loved my medium Montana in the store but from night 1 it was apparent I’d made a huge mistake. My neck was in absolute agony and it was a relief to get up - for weeks. It’s lovely and soft and my hips loved it but it has no support at all. I tried 11 different pillows but couldn’t find one to counter the bed sagging so much under my (completely average and healthy) weight. The other issue is heat - why is it a million degrees? It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever encountered...in the most negative way.

Harvey Norman agreed to exchange for something with better pocket springs, but I honestly wish I’d bought a different brand somewhere else to begin with. Waste of money.

Given the number of negative reviews saying the same thing, perhaps you should look into your springs and heat issues?

Purchased in December 2018 at Harvey Norman.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodI never got used to it!
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Discomfort Yes
Heat Retention Yes
Perceived FirmnessVery Soft
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Hi there Can you please advise your warranty claim number so that we can review your case? We often find that people feel the mattress is unsupportive because the mattress is too soft for them. Heat will also be a problem when the mattress is too soft for you. We sell thousands of mattresses every year so the number of reviews on here aren't a fair representation of the total number of happy sleepers we have. We look forward to hearing from you. The Beautyrest Team

The worst mattress EVER!!!

The worst mattress EVER!! Please do yourself a favor and buy any other brand name. This company can not make a bed to sleep for a night. my back hurts every night in this bed. I go away and dont want to come home knowing I have to come back to sleep in it. I haven't slept in a year. big divits where our butts are, big hump inthe middle, they have already replace 1 under warranty to have the second do the same thing again. my husband is 200 and I am 160. Average man and woman size. I went with a firm black so I stayed on top of the bed not half way inside it. Terrible quality, Terrible sleep

Date PurchasedApr 2017
Hi Michelle Can you please provide us with your claim number so that we can review your case details? ThanksEvent ID 2790673Hi Michelle We do not have a claim with that number. If you can advise your full name that the claim was raised under, I can search it that way. Thanks

where's the 10 year warranty

Mattress purchased from Harvey Norman in O'Connor and started off superb. My issue has now been addressed. Please delete this review

Date PurchasedAug 2011
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Hi Ang Reviews can't be deleted but we do appreciate you taking the time to update. The only way to reverse the review is to do another one and give it 5 stars. I'm glad we could address your issue.

A lemon with horrendous after service from the comfort grouo

We purchased our black beauty rest with a 10 yr warranty. At the 6 yr point our mattress was a nightmare to sleep on. Sent off for the warranty and the grouo wanted pics to prove the fault. Got it sent in and discovered all the springs were broken. They offered a repair. After 6 weeks they delivered a the wrong mattress. They agreed to replace with a new one in the gold range an inferior mattress. This claim was placed early Sept and we got an email on Friday to tell us they are making our mattress. Absolutely appalling service . Harvey Norman have been fantastic, they are smeared by an impersonal and flawed customer care team at the comfort group. We are grateful the Harvey Norman have sent us a mattress from their warehouse to sleep on because they to know that our treatment has and continues to be appalling. Buyers beware! We are extremely disappointed.

Date PurchasedMar 2012
Hi T Lee W We are so sorry to hear of your experience with us. We did have issues with our customer care team earlier this year but have since made significant improvements. Hopefully you can appreciate that we are all humans and sometimes make mistakes. If you would like to advise your claim number I would like to investigate what has happened here. Thanks The Beautyrest TeamWe would certainly like to speak to your team our claim our number is 553778. We have recieved a Plush Black Beauty Rest, but it is like sleeping on a concrete slab. We are so very disappointed, the mattress is nothing like the mattress we tried in store and nothing like our old mattress prior to it becoming faulty. We are so very disillusioned and simply want a good night's sleep.

To be honest, this bed has been awesome.

I purchased my bed from Harvey Norman back in Nov 2017. The reviews here group them all together but their is different models of Black and obviously different firmness, as well as changes in design from year to year. We picked the medium firmness and this is a queen sized bed. After the purchase I too was a bit worried like others you will read on here saying they came to this site and saw so many negative reviews. I have to say though, a year later and this mattress had been great from day one, no issues. There was quite the smell initially (I think it is the latex in it) but speaking with the sales people at Harvey Norman they said this was normal with these coming straight from the factory and being sealed and you just need to air it out for a few days before using it. They were correct, it didn't take that long and that smell totally disappeared. The top is warmer than the previous mattress we had but this also is not an issue, especially being in Dunedin, NZ where it doesn't get that warm anyways. I have been good about rotating it every few weeks which of course is recommended. I am by no means a light person (I weigh around 105kg) and there have been zero issues with this mattress sagging anywhere. I also wonder if they have possibly made improvements to the models over the years correcting possible issues in the past, and also if more people are having issues with the softer mattresses, as they tend to give less support and are maybe more prone to sagging overtime, I don't know. We also picked up the Beautyrest Black pillows with it which were expensive but are they ever comfortable! They go great with the bed ;) I wanted to write this because I don't think it's fair to see so many poor reviews for something especially when I am using this product and think it's great. It is true that people are more likely to complain then give praise and for every one complaint there are probably 100's of people that are satisfied and happy with their purchase.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi - thanks so much for taking the time to review your mattress. We're so pleased you're happy with it. Enjoy! The Beautyrest team

Beautyrest black delaware firm mattress

Worst buy ever!!!! Had to return it as it was softer than anything I ever bought!!!
After replacing it with a new one, which was not much better than the first it was taken away to be reinforced with extra foam and upon return. Still no better!!!!! I will be selling this mattress and will never ever buy from beautyrest again!!!! Worst mattress ever made!!!!

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi Vikki We are sorry to hear this, hopefully you can find another mattress that suits your needs.

Dreadful and disappointing etc etc

Never had a bed like this so mountainous in the centre and dipping on each side. They won’t send a human to look at it and the photos don’t show what it actually looks like.... was $10,000 bought it for $5,000. Nothing like the bed we tried in the store.
Should have read the reviews before we bought it.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
Hi - as you know we've been resolving this issue with you privately. Please refer to our communications for further responses.The company has agreed to remove our mattress for repair and lend us a replacement whilst this happens.

So disappointed in our purchase

We purchased the beautyrest black Tribecca mattress in November 2017 from Harvey Norman.

We decided to not spare any cost when purchasing a new mattress as my partner has pre-existing back problems.

After trying numerous brands and models in store, we decided that the beauty rest Tribecca in firm was the best choice for us. In store it felt firm and very supportive.

However, it wasn’t long before we first noticed issues, possibly only a month or two in. We decided to persevere, rotating the mattress on the bed base every so often (what else can you do really?) but there has been no resolve.

We are not big people and yet the mattress dips heavily in the middle of the bed, offering no support for the lower back or hips- Not at all Something you would expect from a firm, quality mattress. We both constantly experience lower back and hip pain and terrible stiffness, it is extremely difficult to turn in bed. Not once have we had the kind of sleep we imaged we would on this mattress.

We couldn’t be more disappointed in our purchase. We work hard to buy ourselves nice things and this to us felt like a good investment. After purchasing a mattress retailing over $5000 AUD (thankfully on the day of purchase Harvey Norman had 50% off mattresses!) our experience has been nothing but a major let down.

We honestly had a better quality sleep on our cheaper mattress that we since regretfully sold.

Admittedly, we had not researched mattress brands or read reviews prior to purchase, if we have of read the reviews for beautyrest we would’ve steered we’ll clear of the brand. Buyers beware.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Dear Taya, I am sorry that you have a concern with your mattress. If you could Private Message us your contact details, we can get one of our team to give you a call to discuss your issue further. Kind regards Beautyrest Customer Care

Extremely happy with our purchase

We purchased our beauty rest carrington black medium/soft from HN in March 2018, we did see several negative reviews however we were aware thousands must be sold each year and would imagine the majority of people who love their mattress would not think to write a review as they are happy with their purchase. We are extremely happy with our mattress, it is exactly the comfort and support we expected, I believe changes were made several months ago to improve the spring and support system which we have, I love sleeping on our new mattress and would highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hi Ker - thanks so much for taking time out of your day to review your mattress. We're very pleased that you are happy with it and wish you many more nights of great sleep. Sleepmaker

Worst expensive purchase ever

Carrington plush king mattress sagged after a few weeks. Has high ridge in middle. It's very saggy and uncomfortable and has caused injury to both my husband and me. Hips neck and shoulder. No warning prior to purchase from Harvey Norman. No warranty after purchase from Beautyrest. They claim this is normal. With so many people complaining this is NOT normal.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi there, Can you please let us know either your claim number or the name your claim has been made under? Body impressions are quite normal to a degree in mattresses as the highly lofted quilting on top can condense over time after being slept on for ~8 hours every night. The fact that some people complain about it doesn't mean its not normal, they just don't like it. We always encourage our retail partners to discuss this in store so we apologise that this has not happened. However, we will review your claim to be sure and come back to you. Thanks, The Beautyrest team

Very bad worst mattress ever

Brought this mattress 4 years ago have tried to put claim in being told that there is nothing wrong my husband and i have had nothing but bad night sleeps mattress has 2 big oversized dents have tried everthing to flaten out hump in middle i will never buy this brand again so expensive too

Date PurchasedAug 2014
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Hi there, Can you please let us know either your claim number or the name your claim has been made under? Body impressions are quite normal to a degree in mattresses as the highly lofted quilting on top can condense over time after being slept on for ~8 hours every night. Hopefully you were made aware of this at point of purchase. However, we will review your claim to be sure and come back to you. Thanks, The Beautyrest Team

Worst mattress we have ever owned

We have persevered with this mattress for a number of years. We rotate it regularly as it cannot be flipped due to its design. We bought it from Bed Shed and when we tried it in the store it was very comfortable. We had previously had a Simmons beautyrest matress And base which had been wonderful. This new matress nowhere near lives up to expectation.
There are deep dips where we sleep and a high ridge in the centre of the bed. Both my husband and I have developed significant hip and lower back pain and have not slept well. The matress makes you feel extremely hot even in the winter months. To top it off the stitching has come undone.
The matress comes with a 10 year warranty and we are only half way through this. I thought that we were being over critical. However, reading these reviews our experiences seem to be identical to many others. I bought this mattress because it was made in WA. WE ARE EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. The mattress was not cheap.

Date PurchasedSep 2014
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Hi Cathy - it sounds like there are a few things happening and we would love to be able to address these for you. Dipping is a normal occurrence in our beds due to body contouring. The more plush your mattress is the more contouring you could have with your bed. Have you been in contact with our Customer Care team to address all of your issues? If not, you can send your details to reviews@sleepmaker.com.au and one of our team will be in contact. Regards Sleepmaker

Too soft - back issues

We had one that was exchanged soon after as it was soft and saggy within 4 months. Too be honest, we are about to get the replacement refunded. It's bad for our backs.
It's way too hot so you use less blankets and then you get cold on top.

November 5th 2018 Update: 2nd one taken back

Our 2nd Beauty Rest Black bed is being returned for a full refund. I've seen them say the BRB beds in Aussie are different to those in NZ yet the complaints are all exactly the same, lumps, uncomfortable, sleep issues and excessive heat. Thumbs up to Harvey Norman for paying out in full after a brief email exchange. I've learned that the dearest most luxurious looking beds (and they are definitely presented well) are just not living up to the hype, expectations or advertising. In Rotorua on holiday recently I had a better sleep at resort on what most would deem to be a budget bed. The BRB bed (advertised at $11k) gave us both back problems, sleep problems, heat issues where you woke up too hot and had to get out of bed to cool down, and it sagged and felt lumpy while the middle remained a mountain. Now we have a chance to get something that will allow us to sleep and live life without being tired 24/7 and this time we will research every review on what we think we like, before buying. A bed is the most important purchase - always reads reviews first.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi there, Please advise your claim number, we will be in touch. Thanks

Most terrible mattress ever

Purchased this mattress as an upgrade for an 8 year old mattress.For a firm matress it is just soft and me and my partner both wake up with sore backs in the morning something our old mattress doesnt seem to have a problem with this mattress was soft since day one...Sleepmaker have picked up mattress for testing claiming it performs to their specs ... after reading this site it seems a common problem with people having sore backs and they are just trying to rip people off ......now they are requesting we pay more money to make mattress firmer throwing more good money away .......

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Hi Mick - it sounds like the mattress just isn't the right type of firm for you, not so much that there is something wrong with the mattress itself. Given we aren't in the shop at the time you try and purchase, its near impossible for us to ensure the correct mattress is sold to you from the 40 odd models we have in Harvey Norman. We sell thousands of these every year and only have a few people that the mattress doesn't seem right for who make comment on here. Please let me assure you that we are not trying to rip anyone off and have fixed every issue we become aware of through Product Review. We know how important a great nights sleep is so will do what we need to in order to get you sleeping well again. Can you please let me know the name your claim would be registered under and we will be in touch.Sorry but this mattress is a lot softer than the firm one we tried in the store and me and my wife both have sore backs from it and have not had a sore back from our old one the name will be under Mirko......im just dissapointed that they are asking for 300 dollars to make mattress firmerThanks, I'll pull up the notes and get back to you. I assume the claim was first made when you purchased back in 2016 if its been an issue since day 1?

Great bed

My partner thinks our bed gives the best support and sleep she's had.
The support, comfort value for money is very good.
We are very happy that we bought this bed

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hi Pete - thank you so much for taking the time to review your Beautyrest Black, we really appreciate it and are so pleased to hear you are sleeping well. Enjoy! The Beautyrest Team

BUMPS stick in to my body, affect my severe, advanced Osteoporosis bones and I wake up with chronic

My Beautyrest TruEnergy Black Range mattress was purchased from Harvey Norman Fyshwick ACT less than 3 years ago. We thought the 'bumps' sticking in to our bodies would diminish over time and my husband moved in to the second bed. * I have severe, advanced Osteoporosis, the mattress 'bumps' stick in to my bones making minimal 'sleep' a painful experience and I need to take Zaldiar pain killers in the morning. I am a 70+ Pensioner with no other income and I don't know how to fix this!

Date PurchasedJun 2015
Mattress becomes very warm at night!Hi there We're sorry to hear about this. Are the 'bumps' you are referring to the quilting patterns, or is there something else going on? Have you been in touch with our Customer Care team? We would always recommend this as a first step so we can determine what is going on and how we can remedy the situation. If not, please contact us via reviews@sleepmaker.com.au Thanks, The Beautyrest TeamI roll down hill to the outer edge of the bed (on both sides) and feel the rolling pattern. Purchase details are recorded at Harvey Norman Fyshwick and I have had a chat with the senior sales lady. I need to replace and am discussing current issue with a number of retail mattress outlets. My husband continues to sleep in the spare bed as impossible to share the BeautyRest True Energy.

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Hi there, we just purchased a beautyrest black Whitman mattress and base in king size. I was wondering when this mattress first came out, as I have seen alot of good and bad reviews for beautyrest black beds but can't find any for the Whitman mattress and want to make sure this one didn't come out around the same time as all the bad reviews?
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Hello we purchased our mattress Beautyrest Black Carrington Plush Super 22/12/17 from Harvey Norman in Whyalla we just moved house and the handles on 3 have ripped how does this work with warranty I would have thought a $4500 mattress would last a lot further
2 answers
Hi William, you will need to contact beauty rest (SleepMaker) I like yourself am also a customer. Either obtain their number through Harvey Norman or just google beauty rest or SleepMaker customer service phone number, I'm sure you will find them very helpful. We are still extremely happy with our mattress. KerryHi there William, Thanks for your help on this one Kerry! William - the handles are designed to help with positioning the mattress but sometimes if they are used to lift the full weight of the mattress they will struggle to carry the weight. These are top end mattresses with lots of good stuff in them so they are very heavy. Please give us a call on 1800 633 358 so we can get this sorted for you. Thanks, The Beautyrest Team

Hi anyone know if what the salesman in HN told me that the beautyrest carrington plush has a new spring system fittted in the last 6 months is this true or false
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Hi Jim, I can confirm that we made vast improvements to the Beautyrest Black spring in August last year by changing the geometry of the spring to make it more supportive and durable. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, The Beautyrest Team


TypeMemory Foam and Pocket-Spring
Release dateJun 2007
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