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Beko DPU7360GX

Beko DPU7360GX

3.6 from 14 reviews

Hassle free

I've owned this dryer for nearly 4 Years, and couldn't fault it. It's lived up to every expectation. It's never broken down and never been serviced and still going as strong as the day I bought it. Well worth the investment.
The foam filter will perish after a couple of years, head down to your local foam distributor and purchase something of similar thickness and you can easily cut out a new one.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Very Happy

Absolutely love this dryer. One of the best purchases I have made. I always look after my appliances. Only use the dryer when I need to, winter mainly. Where can I purchase another filter? Not urgent but like to have another on hand. I will probably get a Beko washing machine when my packs up.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

What a disappointment

We brought one of these dryers 4 years ago through Bing Lee, it has just in the last week yet again broken down for the 4th time. It is always the same thing, the heat pump stops working so it won't dry the cloths. Yet again we are going to have to wait for it to be repaired, typically takes two weeks. If my experience is anything to go by, the quality of these dryers is very poor.

I would not recommend this purchase of this dryer. Heat pump dryers work really well, but Beko have a lemon with this machine. The real disappointment is, broken down 4 times and I can't get it replaced.

Date PurchasedNov 2013

Beko not worth it

Our Beko heat pump dryer lasted 3 years 6 months and is to expensive to repair according to Beko repair team, worked well but for an $1500 appliance should last longer than three and a half years. There must be a reason why Beko discontinued this specific model of dryer

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Awesome dryer. No plumbing needed

Great product. Largest capacity in water tank. Can do 3 - 4 cycles before emptying. Very simple to empty. Otherwise if you have a sink nearby get link it up to the drain pipes.

Drying is ok to good. Sometimes have to put an extra 20 after it finishes for towels but not too much of a hassel. Other than that no issues. Finally love that it has an internal drum light!

Date PurchasedDec 2016


I bought the BEKO DPU7360GX 1 July 2013. I was very happy with it until it "died" around August/September 2015. Just out of warranty. Turns out there was a gas leakage. I would think that would be a manufacturer's fault and should be worthy of a replacement as it was deemed too expensive to fix! I wouldn't recommend this dryer to anyone, unless it came with a 10 year warranty!

When you pay $2200 for a dryer you expect to last more than 3 years

After 3 years of light service this dryer died. I bought it because I wanted it last a good 10 years, thats the average for whitegoods in Australia. So when it dies Beko customer service say, nope pay for it yourself. That's despite statutory warranty conditions. They also said 'things arent made the way they used to be' - absolutely that's why people go for more expensive products where it reasonable to believe you will get what you pay for.
Steer clear of Beko products.
Poor quality and poor customer service


I went from using an LG washer dryer combo to using this dryer and i cannot believe the difference. I wish i had bought one sooner. No lint, heat or steam in the laundry. Prefect!

Not as good as I had Hoped but not Bad

As this is a running review I have upgraded by one star because it is now June 2016 and despite a few niggles it has worked flawlessly.
Review below was 2014
Well this replaced my old Westinghouse dryer.
The reason or one of the reasons I bought this and not another brand was the fact it has a reversing drum.
This is misleading and something that must be mentioned in this review.

After speaking with a Beko representative on the phone and then a Tech I had it confirmed that the drum will only rotate in one direction, it then stops and does one turn in the opposite direction and then goes back for another 15 to 20 minutes in the clockwise direction and then repeats the sequence.

The old Westinghouse would go a few minutes in one direction and then a few minutes in the opposite direction resulting in sheets coming out untangled.

The Beko in this case with my bed sheets, twisted and knotted one sheet, and did this with anything over a large bath towel size.
I tried it on different cycles and on the three occasions I have done the sheets the results are the same. Which means untangling the sheet and sticking it back in the dryer to dry.
Apart from that the dryer so far works as it should.
It is not quiet like my dishwasher or Fisher and Paykel front loader all new appliances, but is a tad quieter than my old tumble dryer from Westinghouse.
It is easy to forget to empty the reservoir when more than one person uses the machine and of course the machine stops when the reservoir is full.

Now onto the drum.
The size is enormous.
I thought if this is 7KG how come my 7.5KG front loader is smaller.
Very strange indeed it looks more like 10KG then a 7KG so the bigger dryers from Beko must be humongous.
The light on the front panel is adjustable as I have heard people say it is not bright enough but in reality it is as bright as need be and quite easy to read.
Controls are easy and some serve a dual function, so read the manual otherwise you might not find some of the features.
Also you have to remember that there is a filter for the clothes in the drum and a filter in front of the heat pump unit where the air passes through, so even though this does not have to be cleaned every time you use the machine it does need to be checked in case of clogging which can cause damage.
I am watching my power bill and I am at the start of a quarter so I am expectant that their will be some savings and the payback maybe 5 to 8 years depending on your use of the machine.
November 2017
I can't really find any faults at this stage it runs and doesn't miss a beat.
I do use just the one cycle of one hour forty and that seems to be the sweet spot .
Since I have installed solar I have been monitoring consumption .
Of course I only run it during the day but the power draw is very light around 354Watts but it varies depending on what part of the cycle it is in .
Does the job reduced power consumption
The drum does not reverse as expected it just stops goes back one rev and then continues on resulting in twisted sheets

Date PurchasedAug 2014

My new best friend!

Made the investment in the interests of long term low energy use and ended up with the best dryer ever. Despite reviews which say it takes longer than normal dryers, I disagree. The time displayed at the beginning of the programme is rarely the length of time it actually takes. I have found it is consistently shorter in reality. It's almost silent. No steam, condensation or heat in the laundry, which is awesome in sub-tropical Brisbane! The laundry comes out soft and fluffy, few wrinkles, and though it can feel damp at first, when it has cooled, it's clearly dry. Can't tell you how impressed I am. Love it. Love it. Love it.
Super energy efficient. Quiet. Easy to understand controls. Steam, heat and fluff free laundry.
Expensive to buy, but will pay for itself with low energy use.

Hi Linda, how's your new dryer doing? Would you still recommend it? Cheers. I love it completely. Its the best thing i have ever bought for my laundry. Its dries quickly, is. Gentle on clothes. Makes even old towels sof and fluffy. Is almost silent. No heat/steam/mould. LOVE it!

Expectations met!

We replaced our Beko condenser dryer with the heat pump model because it was just not working. Just tried it for the first time and very satisfied with the results. Using the same setting of "cupboard dry" for cotton, the dryer ran for around 2.5hours but at least this time, my clothes came out almost completely dry. Vast improvement from the condenser dryer model. The display panel lighting is still quite dim and hard to see but I can live with that. Very happy with the results and even though the price is much dearer compared to the vented and condenser dryers, I think it is worth it for the energy efficiency in the long run. At least the Beko heat pump dryer is still a level cheaper than the other brands and works well.
Expensive but probably worth the price until technology advances again

Worth the money

This is my first heat pump dryer but not my first condenser dryer. I started with a Creeda/New World sensor dryer which didn't miss a beat for 21 years, and by the time I needed a repair they had gone out of business. I replaced it with a Bendix condenser dryer which after 12 years needed a repair but once again they too had long gone. You can't go back after a condenser dryer so I bought a Bosch which I returned in less than a week and replaced it with the more expensive Miele. The Miele only had one problem and that was that it simply didn't work, and no amount of repairs could remedy the problem. After 18 months I requested a refund and for the same amount I bought the Beko. I must say it is a handsome looking machine with it's black glass door and the light inside. However, it is noisy and it isn't just one noise, there is the noise of the drum turning, and the blowing as well as a hum which my husband says is the compressor and a vibration. You can't fail to know your dryer is working. it seems to have plenty of different drying cycles for every fabric imaginable and so far every cycle I have used has worked, but I won't really know it's true potential until I have a full wash day to dry. But, so far so good.
I like the look with the glass door and inside light. I also like the buzzer which isn't intrusive or constant.
It is noisy.

Well Made And Still Working Great

I’ve been using the Beko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer now for about 3 months and so far so good. At first glance and feel when opening and closing the door of the dryer, you can see it’s well constructed, modern looking and made to last. The control panel is easy to understand as most of the settings are self explanatory, so you really can’t go wrong.
The dryer is pretty quiet running, and as stated in the manual you will hear a little sound from the compressor and the water pump now and then, but this makes very little difference.
After using a vented dryer for so long it was great to have a dryer that didn’t make the laundry room hot, or leave condensation, steam build up on the walls, so now I don’t need to keep windows open at night in winter.
It comes included with a small drain hose which was just long enough to go behind the washing machine to the laundry trough / sink, so you don’t need to empty the water tank after every use.
Not to forget a “6 Star Energy Rating” so compared to the old vented one, I’m saving money already too.
One thing I would have liked to see for a $1700.00 outlay was the (settings) (buttons) and (knob) back lit so it was easy to see in low light, and also for that bit of (WOW) factor.
If back-lighting was included and a multicolored control panel, you would not only know but see why you bought a dryer nearly 6 times more expensive than the cheapest ones.
Overall I’m very happy with the dryer and how it works, and I hope it will pass the test of time and give me years of “After Warranty Expires” reliable service.
Energy Efficient So Saving Money, No Venting, Easy To Use
No Back-Lighting For Settings And Buttons, Expensive

Can't go all out just yet

We've been ridiculously pleased with this dryer but I don't want to rate it 5*'s until we can see how it lasts.
We bought this dryer in June when the weather was too cold to dry the clothes outside.
On choosing the Beko we weighed up a number of options - a cheaper less energy efficient dryer or a more expensive energy efficient dryer that had reviews (Bosch, Miele). In the end we decided to spend more on the machine for the energy saving so we wouldn't feel like we couldn't use it as much due to the running costs.
The cheaper of the energy efficient dryers with the reviews (Bosch) was out of stock for 10 weeks and we couldn't warrant paying almost double for the Miele, so we went with the Beko.
Its been superb so far, the running costs are minimal and there's a variety of settings for most clothes, I also love the 'refresh' setting for clothes that just might need a little lift.

If you're renting this dryer is also ideal as not only does it not need a vent (as its a condenser) but you can choose whether to plum it in to get rid of the water or it can be collected in the reservoir in the dryer and be emptied manually.
Energy Efficient, No venting needed, No plumbing needed, Drys clothes well
Expensive to purchase

I'm looking at purchasing this unit, and would appreciate any further feed back on how the dryer is going so far before I invest $1700.00. Thanks.Would you recommend this dryer after a couple of years of using it? Cheers

Questions & Answers

This machine never dries anything, and no water comes out of the tube or in to the tank. Any ideas?
2 answers
You might have to recheck your settings remove the tube let the water pass into the reservoir. If the reservoir is full it will not operate .If your clothes have not been spun dry you will have a problem as the cycles are dependant on the fact that you have used a particular spin speed .The clothes will always feel a little damp when removed this is normal and a few minutes in the room air they will feel dry.If the reservoir has water in it after a cycle you know it is extracting the water .Then reconnect your hose if there is water in the reservoir the drain hose cannot be fixed any higher than 800mm(80cm) otherwise its like trying to push shit uphill.Make sure all your filters are clean.let me know what happens other than that you may have a heat pump problem which will require serviceMan, I've only just seen this reply. Checked everything and still no water being extracted. Couldn't find a repair agent who knows anything about heat pump condenser dryers so it's just sitting in garage now. Thanks for the reply.

I have this dryer and I am about to do a review .I noticed all my sheets come out twisted and tangled.It looked to me that the drum was not reversing so I timed the drum over a everyday cycle of 1 hour twenty minutes.After 15 minutes the drum stopped and reversed for about one revolution then went back into the clockwise direction.Have I got a faulty machine?
5 answers
Hello, I had this problem with the other Beko condenser dryer but not with the heat pump dryer (which I upgraded to because of this issue with the condenser dryer). I didn't notice too much tangle but it definitely will still tangle to a certain extent. Was just happy that my clothes came out dry unlike the condenser model. I didn't take note of the reversing feature too much though because I walk away for the whole duration so I can't help you there though it sounds faulty. Maybe you can ask the sales person who sold you the machine or someone from Beko support to see if this is what it does or if the machine is faulty.I just spoke to a Beko representative who referred it onto a technician who said that is the way the program operates.It does not go for a few minutes in one direction and then a few mintues in the opposite like my old Westinghouse.The Beko goes for 15 to 20 minutes in one direction which is clockwise and then stops and does one reverse turn then goes back in the clockwise direction for another 15 to 20 minutes.The operator I spoke to said it was news to her and something she did not know and was apologetic. never the less those sheets come out twisted and tangled and I will have to mention this in my review.Thanks for your replyI have not experienced this problem but it doesn't sound right. I would be requesting a service call.


Price (RRP) $2399
Energy Rating6Stars
Wall MountableNo
Release dateMar 2012

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