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My husband and I was looking at a property in hepburn springs but never get a return phone call from Daylesford Office , I have to always contact them myself and keep getting told " someone will call you back " ! useless customer service! I have to chase them when I am the buyer who wants to buy a house!


Absolutely pathetic service

Jo from the Wyndham city agency is pathetic. Dos not return phone calls, always away overseas. No fallback position and useless customer service. Never ever use this agency for anything

Totally rubbish

Took money out of my accounts 8 weeks after I recieved bind back. Not nice people at all typical stuck up Victorian real estate agents. Weren't even apologetic. Selfish and I wouldn't trust anyone from here.


Difficult to deal with when renting - Maribyrnong

I honestly thought I'd written a review previously.

We had a lot of issues when renting... Should have seen the flags when inspecting.


- first inspection I was the only person there which seemed extremely unusual and the same on the Saturday after when my partner came with me.
- agent assured us we would be able to get a cat and he'd do everything to ensure we could
-begin lease mid June
-discover major gap in bedroom wall (ceiling to windowsill in the corner) - could fit our hand in
-aircon not working
-report and request repairs
-no response
-aircon repairs conducted and new remote provided
-request update on wall
-no response
- discover random man on balcony when home sick (he was sent to repair the outside... Which isn't the actual problem).
-Contact Biggin Scott again
-no reply
-no reply
-send breach of duty letter
-they arrange with body corporate to have repairs done (this was in September - 7weeks or more since we notified of urgent repairs required)

-receive letter to say inspection will take place
-partner takes afternoon off work to be home (we knew we had the only two fobs to access the building and mailboxes inside building as the body corporate had signs up saying they only issue two per apartment)
-property manager fails to attend during time frame specified
-property manager avoids calls
-call manager who tells us that property manager attended at 3.30pm and no one was home so he left his card in the mailbox
- I tell her that partner was home at least half an hour prior to the time quoted and ask her to hold while I check mailbox
-mailbox is unsurprisingly empty and I explain it would have been impossible for property manager to put card in as it is inside locked building
-manager says she will come to complete the inspection (it is after 6pm by this point)
- manager completes inspection and tells us that it was the property manager's last day in that role and he was moved to sales.


New property manager

- don't remember what the repairs were but I recall taking in a breach notice and the property manager commenting 'thanks, now we can do something about it'
- during the winter (start of August) there was a gas leak in our apartment (our building had a sign with the details of 24hr emergency utility services ie plumbers and electricians and a note to call the body Corp manager... we called the plumber number. The person who answered was rude and told us we should call the fire brigade if it was so bad. The smell was isolated to our apartment and we had family close by. Scared we would be charged fees by the plumber or fire brigade (huge signs saying that false call outs resulted in fees) we stayed at the family member's home. The next day we felt sick and had headaches--saw a doctor and were cleared.
- to property manager credit, she agreed that duty of care meant the plumber should have attended.
-plumber for Biggin Scott attended on the Thursday and said he could detect gas but didn't know where it was, then said that he could not do anything as it was body Corp issue. He told us there were no isolation taps for each apartment and to do any work the whole building needed to be turned off.
- new plumber attended on the Friday and told us that there was water pipe installed instead of gas pipe and thus it had corroded.. He replaced it
-one of them placed an isolator in the ceiling outside to isolate the apartment.
-gas leak returned days later - it was determined eventually (by my suggestion to investigate gas fitting in neighbouring apartment) that our neighbours landlord had arranged for a relative to replace the gas stove top and had not done it correctly

-during this process a huge hole was found in the wall behind the stove (we also had a bad cockroach.problem)- Biggin Scott response was "you wouldn't have know if there wasn't an issue with the gas, so we aren't having it fixed"

- had our storage cage burgled several times (no one cared)


We bought a house and were moving out:

- a sales rep called me demanding to inspect so he could value the property (told him no as we had boxes everywhere and had to climb over them ourselves)
- took their time to conduct final inspection (even though they put the property up for sale with pictures taken inside after we left)
-they denied that putting the property up for sale meant the inspection had occurred/found no fault
-finally got the bond returned

They never directly said it was difficult to contact the owner... But I have to assume that it would have been the excuse if we pushed and went to VCAT (which I wish we had).

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I should add, at the end of 2016 after new property manager took over, she spoke to me and assured me we could get a cat (at that time it was necessary to have permission... Now the law has changed). As we intended to adopt, we needed written confirmation that the landlord agreed. Several months later the property manager still hadn't given an answer (though told me there was no legal recourse if I just did so anyway). It was probably February 2017 when she told us the landlord had said no. NB: new laws mean that renters can get them without permission now.

James B is a great agent - always helpful, pleasant and responsive

Very happy with the service provided by James Burton. He is helpful, pleasant, responsive and gets the job done. The property has met our expectations and beyond and nothing is ever a problem.


Worst Real Estate Agents

We bought our first home under Biggin and Scott Keysborough and i would rate it as the worst decision that my husband and I ever made. The agents were rude, obnoxious, entitled and pushed us around with unnecessary demands from the previous owners. They did not allow us to inspect the house even once before we bought it and the day we were supposed to get ownership, they fought with us and yelled at our family for speaking to the manager of Biggin and Scott about this behaviour . I have never been so humiliated and angry in my life. What should have been the best day of our lives, turned into the worst nightmare imaginable, all thanks to the real estate agents of Biggin and Scott. We had already made a big deposit against the property so we could not even back off when they decided to attack us, on the day we were supposed to get the keys to the house. Never again! We bought the house months back but I never had the heart to post about what they had put us through. The previous owners left the microwave, vacuum and other fixed things damaged and till now we are fixing the things that the agents never let us inspect. Cannot emphasise this enough, may you never have to deal with these obnoxious agents. Worst experience of our lives. The agents kept putting forth weird and unnecessary demands on the previous owners' behalf and we simply kept cooperating till we were pushed around like we were buying the house and property for free. I would love to name the agent who misbehaved and called my husband a liar for calling her out on her horrible behaviour with her branch manager. She yelled at my mother in law and insulted us and I can never get that confrontation out of my head. Horrible. Bitchy. Rude. Obnoxious.


Seaford. Good rental agents have turned bad

For several years LJ Hooker managed my rental unit and all was good.
Now biggin and scott all is bad.

I have just found out my tenant has a list of items that need fixing which I am happy to do. The tenant has made many requests to manager all of these requests have been ignored.

My partner has three rental units with them and none of her maintenance requests have been forwarded to her either. This eventually caused disaster when a tree that had fallen on the roof had broken roof tiles. Weeks latter when it rained thousands of dollars damage was caused, which could have and would have been avoided if she had been told of the tree in the first instance.

I was in the unfortunate situation of needing to make a claim on my landlord insurance. Only a fraction of my claim was approved as I am now sure the managing agent made no attempt to follow up my claim.
Again a situation that cost me money.

In attempting to bring these matters to the office manager his attitude to us has been nothing but rude and arrogant.

Very glad to have found another agent.

Lazy, Arrogant Property Managers at Seaford

Been with the Seaford agent for 10 years but felt service had been going downhill since they’d changed to Biggin & Scott 2 years ago.

It all came to a head last month when water came through the ceiling of one of my units. I found out from my tenant that a branch had come down on the roof when a tree tipped over 6 weeks earlier. He sent texts & photos to “M”, and told me he’d called several times, left messages, spoken to her, and finally visited the office and spoken face to face, all with no action.

3 broken tiles, it didn’t rain for weeks. Thousands in damages could have been avoided by responding. A large tree was leaning against another tree in an extremely dangerous position for weeks, with a branch resting on the roof. I’m lucky it didn’t fall and take out a corner of the unit. I’m doing all the running round sorting out and fixing everything, but they’re still happy to take out a “management fee”.

I wanted to pass on my serious concerns to the director etc., no response to my email, so I contacted Corporate Head Office, and finally had a response after four days. He was so arrogant and dismissive when I spoke to him I knew there would be no resolution. He accused the tenant of lying and has a favourite catchphrase, "there are two sides to every story". He blamed the tenant’s for not saying the branch was on the roof and had caused damage. He’d sent photos and texts, I saw them.

My partner and I have just taken a total of 4 properties elsewhere. Out tenants are very relieved and we're getting feedback about maintenance issues being ignored and “M" being arrogant. One tenant, took in a complaint letter for the director, unsurprisingly, she has had no response.

They are not only arrogant and dismissive to tenants, but to landlords as well. A big heads up to the director for also choosing to warn our new agent about me, but I guess there are "there are two sides to every story". I’m obviously unreasonable to expect tenants concerns to be passed on, and you obviously don’t want our units on your books, and nearly $4,000 per year in management fees is nothing to you.


I was warned

Sunshine Office is full of rude, bitchy, entitled white women.
They throw my emails off to each other and one of them even blocked my email!! Disgusting behaviour. Even the tradesmen refuse to come to the property for maintence after being threatened by Biggin and scott Sunshine



Very disappointed and disgusted on the way I was treated me as a landlord when moving from another agency to biggin & scott they were terrific. I asked for them to hold funds for major maintenance which they were doing. When I decided to move Simone Speakman became a very nasty, vile vendicive person who instead of transferring the funds to the new agent she transferred it to my ex. I was asking her to hold funds she then play the by law card stating she could not hold funds. Please don't use any agency that would hire Simone Speakman as she will not look after you as a landlord or your business. Very disappointing for biggin & scott for hiring such a nasty person who takes pleasure in hurting others


Incompetence at its best!

Biggin and Scott handled our rental property In Boronia for several months. After we made a complaint about the way they where handling the properties, they cancelled our agreement. Lack of commutation, disorganized, rude and incompetent real estate agents. We paid a lot of money to them to handle two rentals and we didn't get value for money. The property manager was the most incompetent of the lot and we got a complaint from the tenants about them as well... that says a lot really.


Excellent Agent

I am a tenant from China.I have just rented out a property in Elwood through Biggin Scott.Thankful My Agent was Catherine Naud.She was super nice from the beginning.Ms Catherine didn’t refuse me because I didn’t speak English well. She has been very helpful,easygoing and friendly to deal with. Her actitud made our experience renting our house so much easier . The move in to the property has been seamless. I found Catherine to be a very capable,conscientious and professional property manager. I am very happy with Catherine’s service.Thank you for all of your hard work.
Liyan Gao

Disgraceful & Unprofessional

As a first home buying wanting to secure a property there is nothing more frustrating letting agents waste everyones time with underquoting and false advertising. A property that is advertised for $599,000-$659,000 goes to auction and gets passed in at $675,000 which is above the highest price range. The agent then informs us that the vendors reserve is $800,000 which is $150,000 over the highest price. What a disgrace and appalling display of professionalism. Furthermore the comparable properties which were used to quote this property did not go over $650,000 so its pretty clear this is another case of dodgy agents underquoting. Do not deal with Biggins & Scott Knox.

The worse real estate agent

Wish I come across to this review side before experience worst agent service Adam Flynn. He's dishonest, fool and full of trick.
Unforgettable worse service. I learned big time though. Search well till give my trust to a RE agent.

Good Service

I have being using the St.KIlda office as an agent for my rental property for over 10 years and during this time, I have had good service.
I am especially pleased with the current agent, who has managed the departure of tenants and the re-letting of the property to new tenants. She has performed the role in both a timely business-like manner.
At all times I have been informed of the status of the changeover.

Great job!

James you are brilliant!! Always reliable, you get the job done with little fuss and great professionalism. Thank you for all of your hard work, we really appreciate it.
Terry and Diane.

Great Property Manager- Catherine Naud

I highly recommend Catherine to look after your rental property, I have found Catherine to always be available, attentive, and well resourced to sort our problems. I am very happy with Catherine's service and I look forward to working with her in the future and would trust her with any future properties I am looking at.

Do not deal with people!!!!!

Biggin & Scott Whitehorse should be avoided.

They are highly unprofessional, the worst customer experience I have ever had; they do not return calls or emails, will lie over the phone and put nothing in writing.

At the time of writing this review, I am still owed monies from rent paid in advance, from well over a month ago.

I have experienced the same staff members using different names over the time period I had to deal with these charlatans; when they get cornered for anything will blame the overseas (Chinese) owners not being contactable.

Always helpful!

I've been with Biggin & Scott in the same property for nearly over eight years now and I have to stay we have never had any issues at all. In fact, our agent Catherine and team have been amazing with the management of the property along with any issues we might have had along the way (which have been minor) but always attended to. Would recommend B&S in the future. :)

Excellent Agent

I found Catherine to be a very capable, conscientious and professional property manager .
I would recommend her highly to all and sundry.
Catherine is always willing and able and is always very available.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone had issues with BIggin Scott in Cranbourne (Casey office)? I’ve had issues and felt like they weren’t managing my property effectively. Eg. no communication regarding lease renewals, no property inspections done unless I had to follow up, plus, unpaid landlord insurance for nearly 8 weeks. Now I’m trying to get rent money transferred to new real estate agent. Initially was told that they never received the funds. But tenants have proof of payment! Still waiting for the transfer & it’s nearly been 7 days. Also, I’m new to investing so I’m still learning. After issues I’ve had for the last 6 months, I’m seriously considering learning property management myself so I can do it myself.
No answers

Anyone had any issues with B&S Dandenong, have had a few people approach with similar issues, currently working with someone who is about to take them to court?
1 answer
I have used Biggin Scott St Kilda for 10 years as a letting agent and they have given me excellent service

As anybody else out there that has had a bad experience of not getting the asking price for there home with B&S Yarraville through Rita Galati she looked after the purchaser, and not the vendors.
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I think you may find that it is B&S as a whole. There seems to be a lot of B S for both the buyer and seller. I think that they need a serious government review, I protected myself after finding how full of B S they were and asked a higher than normal reserve in auction otherwise I could have lost 50k+ by the incompetence and unprofessional behavior of their staff.

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