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Absolutely terrible grrr

Movie keeps buffering for 10minutes to get 10secs of play time not happy at all. I waited to see bohemian raphsody at home instead of going to movies as I have chronic pain and disability. Spewing never again bigpond never again!!

Product Quality

Telstra - Movies and everything else

Telstra is a disgrace.From their movie rentals which nickel and dime you ($1 extra for HD in this day and age) to their late fees to their crap nbn service that drops out whenever a shower of rain threatens (no you can't have a 4G modem to overcome our service failures unless you pay another couple hundred sir)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Worst streaming service EVER

Horrable unreliable service get it together telstra. Cant even watch half the movies I get, so many credits then I get another movie after ruining my last Saturday nights plans to get another dud and they say it my internet connection which it is not and I am with telstra nbn. Yea

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Bigpond search facility

When i try to use the search facility I get frustrated because going through the letters is so SLOW. PLEASE change it to some sort of keyboard!!!

Ripoff scam and uncontactable

Got double charged for a movie which took over half an hour to show up in our library. Rang on the night and sat on hold for nearly an hour before the call centre closed for the night and they hung up on me. Sent an email and also complained on twitter, no response. Got on Telstra chat who refused to deal with it and put me through onto the same phone number where I have now sat again on hold. Utterly disreputable.

Absolutely terrible un-usable service

After an hour on the phone to support trying to authorize our payment, they gave up and just credited the account, then I bought a movie and it’s not showing in library - one hold for 30 minutes again. Service is absolutely terrible and it doesn’t work.

App doesn’t load - terrible app!

I have tried for 2 days to play a movie I purchased through bigoond movies - and it’s still loading. The app is not compatible with chromecast - absolutely rubbish!
Tried talking to their tech team to arrange a refund only to get a 360 run around and no help.

What a joke

Telstra strikes again zero service zero care factor zero everything actually please call us and offer us something for free so we can say no thanks guaranteed whatever you offer won’t work anyway!!!!!!!

Telstra you need to change

Not a bad service initially
Constant faults - Cc details would some how disappear from the system so would have to put my payment details in again and again.
Customer support stated system crashes and provided voucher
However they still charged me for multiple attempts to purchase movie even though it said payment not authorised.
Still there customer service were nice and that’s what kept me - we’ll done
Now through no email no other correspondence
They no longer support Samsung TVs bought in2015 WTH? My whole house has them!
Telstra I run 4 businesses and would not treat my customers like this!
The funny thing is all my businesses are with Telstra and to be frank they have been down rite ruthless and misleading - which has lead to 2 years of wasted time and $1800 in refunds to me.
Doesn’t come close to my time wasted though

Telstra. Directors need to stop wasting money and focus on values, stick to the values And customers will stay with you through good and bad times
Product is great delivery terrible
Everything I discuss with Telstra I have is documented and recordings and conversations - no other business I have to do this with ?

funny thing is in friends with a director and even she says it’s crazy.


I have had my bigpond account for only 2 months and I have chosen to buy a few movies through 'telstra bigpond movies' which you would imagine buy means like keep, I opened my bought movies today and come to see all my purchases have just been wiped! No explanation nothing, and I paid over $50 for these movies all up, and am not happy they can just decide to wipe the movies you have purchased a month later randomly. NO NOT PURCHASE MOVIES THROUGH TELSTRA BIGPOND MOVIES ITS A FRAUD!!! bogus system and no explanation
Sincerely Cameron

Telstra fixed the issue quickly

We are still on ADSAL but Telstra worked out the issue for slowness was the modem so they upgrade us to another version, speed is as good as you can get on ADSAL.

Buffering... buffering.... oh wait! Nope - buffering....

Every time we try to watch a movie as a family on our TV, which is a 2 year old LG, we see nothing but pixilated, buffering images and end up waiting and waiting and waiting until it’s the kids’ bedtime and we start all over again the following day. Checked our speeds, reset the router, reset the wireless connection, nothing. It’s at BIGOOND’S end the issue lies at. Terrible service. Never again. Get your act together. This is disgraceful service and results at such steep rental prices.

buffering like crazy

My god, how can a premium streaming service be so slow? Rented Solo to watch with my kids and it's buffering every couple of minutes. Left it on pause and came back, and it was good for 10 mins before the buffering started again. We stream through a bunch of different services here - Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan, YT - and none of them have this problem. How can the biggest isp in Aus screw this up so badly? Anyway, got the movie downloading from an alternative source and it will be done by the time I've written this review. Good job Telstra.

I wouldn't even use BP Movies except I was a Telstra customer over a year ago and still have funds in my account because their reps can't manage a simple refund and I got sick of ringing them about it.


Updated to NBN in June 2018 and received email from Telstra in July saying that I am now successfully connected. Had to reboot everything. Went to try and rent a bigpond movie but was unable to. Rang tech support and was told to watch out for email with instructions. Followed instructions to download new software (probably as a result of NBN). Nothing worked. No update happened. My TV is an LG and is brand new, only a couple of months old. Sent Tesltra bigpond movies support a detailed email with screen shots of TV showing the blank screens that appear. Two weeks later still waiting for reply. No assistance and bigpond movies still not working. I would recommend you do not go with Telstra bigpond movies. It is rubbish. I will get my movie from Netflix and may in the future give Telstra the flick altogether. They really need to clean up their act. It's not a service. Very disappointed.

2 weeks waiting time

Tried to watch a movie and all I get is 2 weeks might be able to sort the problem absolutely horrible time frame and I guess they have to many issues to fix by the time I wait I’m sure my movie will be on Netflix never an issue there.
Very poor service that’s for sure.

Long time CUSTOMER. Treated like dirt

After many many years we have been told our account will no longer work with our 2 year old TV. We have purchased many movies. Not for rent but for life time viewing. This is a warning to all that purchasing a movie through Bigpond is only a rental as they will update their software and leave you up ship creek. Best to stick to the old fashioned DVD as Bigpond clearly have no interest in their customers

Its a sad, sad service - service......should I call it that??

August 23rd saw a message appear on our 4 year old Samsung smart TV - "your device is no longer supported for Bigpond Movies". "You can still watch bigpond movies on laptop and mobile devices", BUT if I want to continue watching on TV "I need a new TV".
Gee, perhaps its just me, but 4 years old is not an outdated smart TV - is it??? At $5K per unit............... Really, is Telstra going to subsidise the purchase of yet another TV - rhetorical musing on my part. I guess Telstra wants us to use other streaming services, ones that are more efficient at delivering than Bigpond.
In any event, we had stopped trying to use Bigpond Movies on a regular basis about 3 or 4 years ago because the buffering was terminal; it made the watching of a movie so unpleasant that we would give up completely.

We live in an area with sad sad internet service; ADSL2 - yep! On a Friday and Saturday night, you can barely send an email let alone watch a movie online.

I should not be surprised, but I am very angry at being prodded into consideration of another $5K + spend if I want the service I pay for through my plan. Grrrrrrrrr. Thanks (not) Telstra.

Never again

Used BigPond to watch Battle of the sexes as the movie is no longer available on Apple TV Australia account for some reason. Never again. Constant buffering ruined the movie.

Telstra "don't support Chromcast"

Used bigpond movies for about a month. Then purchased a movie. When I tried to watch it I got an error message "Unfortunately Bigpond Movies App has stopped working". So I yes, shut down the TV and restarted. Then I rebooted chromecast, and finally removed the Bigpond App from my phone and reloaded. Got the same error message. Rang Telstra/bigpond movies and was told they cant help me because "we don't support chromecast customers". I suggested they put that important information on their website ! They said they would get "Tech support" to ring me. That was 9 days ago. Lucky I'm not holding my breath. I just want my $20 refunded off my account, but they wont do it. Keep insisting I speak to Tech Support (remembering they dont support chromecast, so unsure whats the point of them calling me).

Completely hopeless

Big Pond movies worked fine until about 2 months ago ... now every time I think I'll give it another chance something always goes wrong. From not accepting my payment, buffering (this is endless!) and tonight it has told me I'm playing a movie on more than one device ... which I'm not. Sat on hold with tech support (after having to search for the number cause it's not on their website ... and yes this is Telstra a telephone company!) only to be told there is an outage this evening and to try again in about 24 hours.

I realise there are really terrible things happening in the world and on the overall scale of things this is absolutely nothing ... but Telstra/Bigpond don't hold yourselves out to deliver a premium service then just not do it. Seriously ... it's all you do how hard is it to get it right!

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Questions & Answers

Will the new bigpond movies work on the Apple TV or will I need two devices, one Apple tv plus one BigPond?
2 answers
Yes you will need separate devices an Apple TV and a bigpond compatible TvThank you

Since I Upgraded to windows10, every movie I have watched so far had many interruptions. I use windows explorer as Microsoft edge and google chrome don't work with bigpond movie plug in. How can this be fixed?
3 answers
Hi Rami I stream bigpond thru my tv not the computerso not sure how to help you there but you could try using the latest internet cable "cat 6a" much faster and more bandwidth connect it between modem and computer cost about $11 /3metre I like to use google play for movies can download instead of stream so I can view on any devicethanks Kevin, will try.I rang telstra because I couldn't view with my google chrome anymore and they told me that it was no longer compatible so I had to install Mozilla because I don't like Internet explorer or Edge. Google chrome used to work though.

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