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Very fast delivery

Needed a camera adaptor for an Az3 mount. Rang Bintel and had the item in my hands 2 days later (I live in regional Queensland). My C90 Mak now sits snugly on the mount.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Took A Call From A Guy In Texas

I’ve just bought a Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 and CGX mount. The mount had a bad dec motor right out of the box, so 2 weeks have gone by while the mount was shipped back to Celestron in California, they did a quality check on a new one and then finally shipped it back to me. The first night I get it back it’s 12 degrees below freezing, but the skies are clear, so I set it up. I take off the 1.25 inch adapter plate on the back of the OTA and proceed to put on the T-adapter, but it doesn’t fit. I check to make sure I have the right part, and I do, but it doesn’t fit, not even close. Celestron is closed for the day and so is the place I bought it from. I scour the Internet looking for a solution but I really don’t know how to phrase the search to get back results that could explain what was going on. Now I’ve got myself so worked up that I’m freaking out. So, I look at the clock, it’s 9PM in Texas. That means it’s 3AM in London. Crap. But it’s 2PM in Sydney, and that dude on YouTube, from Byron Bay, is always talking about that Bintel place in Sydney. I could give them a call. And I did! I explained my situation to the first guy I talked to, and eventually got transferred to Don. Don knew exactly what the problem was. The baffle lock nut, the part that doesn’t come off the back of the OTA, we’ll, it not only came off, but it got stuck in the adapter plate. He gave me a few ideas of how to fix it, and a little over 24 hour later, it’s fixed. The T-adapter is adapting now, and all is right in my astronomy world. I’ve never been to Bintel, I didn’t buy anything from Bintel, their website doesn’t even allow me to add a shipping address to the US, but they still took the time to help me through a situation, and they gave me a peace of mind when I was at my wits’ end. This is the kind of place that, if I lived there, would totally get my business.

Wade P.
Texas, USA

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No manuals at all

I bought my first telescope, collimating eyepiece, telrad and some other equipment from Bintel. None of them came with manuals or any assembly instructions. Although there are videos from others on youtube, I could not find anything that matched exactly the type of equipment I purchased. Eventually, I assembled everything myself, but it took longer than it should have. Still, I would like to have a proper manual on how to take care of the equipment etc. I would expect when you pay more than 1000$ for a piece of equipment, it must come with instructions.

Home of the experts

Only place I would purchase a telescope from in Australia. These are the experts who will give you the support you need whether getting started or moving to the next level.

Tech Help

I purchased a Starsense from BINTEL via the online shop. When it arrived it did not connect to my Celestron FI scope. I called the shop and spoke with Ed who knew right away what the issues was (update). I have a Mac computer and was advised that a PC would work better. After a long battle with my out of date PC, I had a further fiddle with the Mac version and figured out how to get it to work.
1. Open CFM and allow to upload all packages. Ignore warning message of not finding any telescope etc.
2. On the CFM go to Options and then connections and change from Serial to WIFI under the connection type heading. No other changes needed.
3. Connect Starsense and turn on telescope.
4. Change from your home network to Celestron (connects Mac to telescope) via the fan symbol top right of your screen. The CFM then populates a list of 4 items , Camera, Wifi controller, Telescope & handset.
5. Click on activity UPDATE and off it goes. Handset goes into update mode.

Make sure you have a steady power supply for the scope as it takes a while.

Once it was done the Starsense operated as it should have done on the initial startup.

I called Bintel to advise of the "WIN" with a Mac and they were very happy to receive the information, albeit another member of Staff.

Thanks Again BINTEL for sound advice.

Awesome stuff, mediocre staff

I bought my first telescope from this place i was real excited with the kids. We were standing there ready to be served but the man at the cashier just looked at us with out any interest while he kept on serving other people that just came in. I was mad and wanted to leave. They have enough telescopes but only selected eyepieces.

Great friendly service

I found the staff extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to take the time to discuss how to get the best results with my specific setup.

Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Bintel went above and beyond in ensuring that I received the telescope that a purchased online. After delivery being delayed by Australia Post they were able to ensure it was delivered that same day in time for Christmas.

Thank you Don for your help I really appreciate it.

Brilliant service

i just purchased a eq5pro tripod with a go to mount Bintel was and is a great company to deal with I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on the Monday with tracking on the product .it was well packed and delivered with out a scratch.I can guarantee Bintel as a first rate company to deal with and I will buy again from them.

Can't recommend these guys more highly

I purchased my first EdgeHD telescope and NEQ6 mount from these guys. They give great product advice and competitive pricing. I've subsequently bought a number of items from them and they typically get delivered the next day all in secure packaging. John Mills is fantastic and super responsive. I can't recommend these guys more highly.

Fantastic Service!

I have purchased High Quality Telescopes, thousands of dollars of Teleview eyepieces (Ethos & Delos) and numerous accessories. Bintel probably has the best selection of top end astronomy equipment in Auz.

I have had many discussions and sound advice from a few advisors but in particular a chap called John Mills who i can't speak highly enough for advice, he always make time for me and explains the technical aspects in great detail, some of the best customer service i have had in Australia and great value for money.

The guys ship the gear to me in Perth at very reasonable prices, it always arrives in perfect condition and well packed. I am a super happy repeat customer who highly recommends this supplier.

Poor customer service in regards to responding to emails!!

I have tried to contact BINTEL numerous times regarding there products with a view to buying them and every time they have failed to respond until I begin calling. I am now looking elsewhere for a business that wants to help and get a few sales. I'm not sure who monitors there "contact us" section of there website but they need to be moved on!!!

Prompt replacement of failed power unit

The salesperson in Melbourne (James) responded very quickly to replace a failed power supply for a dew heater. I contacted him and at his request mailed him the defunct unit. The replacement unit (supplied at no cost) arrived within three days. The replacement is working very well.
The Televue 19 mm eyepiece was supplied very quickly and is an excellent accessory. Yes, I am happy to recommend the supplier.

Awesome !

These guys know their stuff and have helped a novice like me with the best advice and friendly service. I was buying a dobsonian and asked about the 12 inch model thinking it was heaps better and as I live in the city, they explained the size of it making it harder to transport and explained that a good eyepiece on a 10 inch dob would be better than a 12 inch dob with a cheap eyepiece not to mention that as I live in the inner city' the lights and pollution would play a part restricting it;s full potential/ They also pointed out that I can put a 10 inch Dob in my car and take it to a cleaner area and enjoy it's full potential where as a 12 inch won;t fit in most cars/ I commented to them that I was amazed at their honesty before profit attitude and they said that their main priority is making sure the customer is happy and hasn't paid more for something they won't need. In all y years in sales. it;s very rare to see a proper sales person who qualifies firs making sure the product suits the person rather than suiting the person to the product.
I wish all other businesses had the same attitude. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with these guys and I;m a very very happy Bintel 10 inch Dobsonian owner. I feel at ease knowing that I have the great support from a great bunch of guys.

Excellent Service

They are very good and I wish they have a store in Brisbane! Pricewise they are very reasonable as well. Their Delivery speed also excellent.

I got what I wanted at a reasonable price.

I got what I wanted, at a price I could afford. But Remember, you only get what you order. Staff seem to know the trade well. Although I did notice staff were reluctant to discuss anything about PushTo kits for Dobson scopes. I got the distinct feeling if you wanted something like that, then what you really needed was to buy was a proper Goto system - which, of course is very much more expensive - for you - and far more rewarding - for them!
Quality and function of items I purchased was never in question.
Just remember, Caveat Emptor! Let the buyer beware!
It pays to speak to, or join an Astronomy Club or Society, if you are interested in the sky. The members are generally friendly and have "seen it all before." It will save you more than it will cost.
Had what I wanted, at prices I could afford.
If they don't stock it, they seemed to not be interested in it.

Generally a really good store but one of the salespeople's attitudes stinks

Generally I've found Bintel a first rate supplier of astro gear. They've usually had what ever I wanted in stock and shipped it quickly (usually the same day) They also offer US goods at internationally competitive prices which is excellent for an Australian retailer. Most of the staff are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. 5 stars so far!

However one salesperson at the Sydney store is just horrible to deal with. She's rude, bad tempered and has a really shitty attitude. I assume she's one of the owners because I can't imagine why else anyone in their right mind would employ someone like her. She single-handedly bought my rating down from 5 to 3 stars and sent me looking for a new place to spend my 10 grand.

My advice. If you call the Sydney store and get her, just hang up. Wait half an hour and try again. You'll probably get [names removed] or one of the other helpful people instead and you'll be fine from there.
Good range, good prices, fast service
Rude salesperson

Very knowledgeable but no customer service skills

Upon my second visit I was ready to make a purchase but the salesperson at the counter was quite short when I said I had a couple of questions. They replied " He explained it all to you the other day!" As a novice I just wanted to be certain I was making the correct choice and getting value for money. In retail you should never under estimate your customer.So much for a tough economic climate! Zero people skills.
Very knowledgeable
Bad attitude toward customers, no people skills

Good service but don't have what they advertise on their web site in stock.

This shop has good service and knowledgeable staff, and gives good after sales service. However, I recently rang to buy a 12" Dobsonian telescope from them and was told they were out of stock, I then asked for a 10" version and was told the same thing. A week later I rang and asked to buy a Glatter Tublug and was told they were out of stock! They should have a stock status on their website, or stop advertising stuff they don't have.

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