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Blackmores Conceive Well Gold

Blackmores Conceive Well Gold

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KimMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Not impressed!!!!!!


Purchased this to prepare for conceiving baby #2, unfortunately it has completely messed up my VERY regular cycle, which is now not regular at all. Not great when you are trying to conceive. I was really worried so started to do some research and it actually has happened to many women. I am so disappointed and wish I had not tried this product.

Obviously this is just my experience and other women have loved it, not saying don't try it BUT be aware it can change your cycle!!!!

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $22.00.


ZaraSydney Surrounds, NSW

Periods back after three years


I started taking Blackmore conceive well gold for two months and my periods come back after three years. It’s amazing. Still continuing. Brain fog and stress finished. Can’t believe. Fantastic.

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $22.00.



Pregnant after 1 month on conceive well.


We had been trying for 4 months with no luck so I tried something different and started on blackmores conceive well gold last month and now I'm pregnant. Tip : It's best to take the capsule tablet 1st that way it won't repeat on you.

Purchased in August 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $21.24.



I started taking bcwg and it had made my period irregular, and I bleed for only 2 days sometimes. Do I carry on taking them? I have stopped.. My period was regular but now its all stuffed up I don't know what to do.

Purchased in February 2019 for $29.99.


HollyCGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Think twice


I took the tablet and capsule as directed. Within 30 mins I was nauseous and burping. Within the hour I was shivering and had vomited 3 times. It got worse..

Purchased in April 2019 for $25.00.


Essiac4Northern Region, NSW

Nauseous, late period etc


I took this for a month. Made me nasous regularly and made me feel pregnant. Period was fourteen days late, negative tests. Now a month since taking it and period is 15 days late.

Purchased in February 2019 for $40.00.

C Johora

C JohoraSydney, NSW

Fall pregnant with one and half month!


Me and my husband started trying with both male and female pre-conception vitamins.I am so happy with the results,didn't expect my pregnancy so early.I didn't have any noticible side effects and had regular periods.My husband started with menevit first but then he switched to blackmores male fertility one.I think both the combination worked great.

Purchased in December 2018 at Chemist Warehouse for $21.99.

Just a supplement


Makes my body feel heaty after taking the pills and delayed my menstruation. Gave me false hope as I was 5 days late. My cycle has been regular. Stopped taking and it’s back to normal now

Purchased in November 2018.


MartyB91Holder 2611, ACT

Within a month i fell pregnant


I gave this a go 5 years ago when i was trying for my second and within a month i was pregnant
So now im giving it a go again just started 2 days ago, pills smell worse than i remember but if it works again i will be estatic... Been trying for months without using anything and no luck l, so if i fall pregnant instantly again i will know it works!! Wish me luck ladies

It really worked within one month!!


Hi, i had one miscarriage before, trying to get pregnant since one year. Just one day i was scrolling and saw reviews on blackmore concieve well gold and gave a try. I bought one box and took everyday after meal. I took for 3 weeks and i found out i am pregnant. I am so gald i found this product. I didnt even finish one pack and i fall pregnant. I still remember a month ago i was looking at these reviews and cant believe it really works. I would highly recommend to anyone trying for a baby. good luck

Laura Williams

Laura WilliamsWA, 6169

  • 3 reviews

A bit strong


Does anyone find the tablets a bit strong. Makes me feel like I have baby brain when I take them and generally feel off when taking them. I guess for some it works and others it does not. Might try fertil F phase one tablets from amitamin and see how they go.





For a year now we’ve been trying to conceive. Honestly as a female in her early 20’s I thought something was wrong with me. So I figured it was about time I added vitamins to my diet. I asked my sister in law about these conceive Virginians and she actually told me she took these and is now 8 months pregnant. So here I am now, a month and half into taking these I’m PREGNANT! I remember reading these reviews thinking “what If its all a lie” nope! These are amazing and I recommend them to every single women who’s trying to get pregnant! Good Faith ladies!



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Late period!


I have used 1 and half packets and i havent got my period. I get it ever 28 days so i am 5 days late and i got no idea if i am going to get it. I was previously on elevate for 4 months and no problem but now i am worried it might have wrecked my cycle. If i dont get my period in the next 2 days then i will stop using this product. Anyone had the same experience

Conceived on 2nd Month


I used to drink blackmores folate since december but then i saw this on sale 3 for $99 here in singapore, i conceived on the first month of our TTC but ended up chemical, but ended up pregnant on 2nd month. Currently 5 weeks.

The meds smells bad but i think overall its a good choice if you're trying to get pregnant.

And now im using Blackmores Pregnancy.

Kathleen M

Kathleen MMelbourne

Noticed a difference after only 1 month


I have always had irregular periods and so decided to give Blackmores Conceive Well Gold a try. While I’m not trying to conceive now, my partner and I would like to try in the next year and so I thought I’d get a head start on taking regular vitamins to support healthy ovulation and pregnancy. Within a month of taking these vitamins daily I very obviously ovulated and got my period exactly 2 weeks later. This is truly abnormal for me. I’m so happy that a natural supplement has been the answer to my irregularities as I am very anti-hormonal birth control. I would definitely recommend theee to anyone looking to regulate their period as well as conceive.

Bernadette L

Bernadette LAU

  • 4 reviews

Feel nauseous within 2 minutes of taking them


After being on another more expensive brand for the past few months I thought I’d try Blackmores. For the past two days I’ve been nauseous after taking them, I’ve followed the instructions and still they make me feel sick. I won’t be using them again and will return to the other brand.

Not too sure if it is good yet


I took this for a month. The weird thing is that while most people who had issues with it had later periods, but mine came about 3 days early! Instead of a 32-day cycle, my cycle this month became 29 days. I don't understand what happened. And I agree that the pink tablet is smelly, but I have kinda got used to it. Some days after taking them I felt nauseous, some days I'm fine.

2months in, late periods and messes up cycle


I've been taking these for two months and both months my period was late. I was regular to the day every month, 27-28 days. First month I was 6 days late, second month I had a 40 day cycle!!! Then when it finally came I had some spotting then disappeared for two days and then back again w really heavy bleeding. Now I have no idea when I'll ovulate. I think I'll switch to elevate once the box is done! Any one else had this? Seems like a common side affect from the reviews...



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First Month A Success!


We had been trying for a baby for 18 months with no such luck. I was losing hope so thought we would give Conceive Well Gold a go as well as my partner tried Conceive Well Men and surprise surprise! I am 5 weeks pregnant. First month trying this product and it was a success. I cannot recommend Conceive Well enough!



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Will see


I have been trying for three months decided to take these on top of it to help, I also have been tracking my period and noticed my cycles are all over the place .. I don't like the pink tablet it smells terrible and makes ur urine smell like a urinal ... I think it can only help ...but it's all about timing in the end

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Do these really help you fall pregant ? And if so how long do they take to work.

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As I mentioned I lost my periods around three years back due to extreme stress level. Later I visited multiple specialist for getting back my periods and wasted thousands of hard earned dollars. Everybody said it’s premature ovarian failure for unknown reason. Then I started taking Blackmore conceive well gold. After two months of starting this supplement I got my periods back and feel 200% control on my life and circumstances. Brain working sharp never worked before. I am not trying for baby yet. May be later. This supplement gave my happiness and confidence back.

Cynthia K.

Cynthia K.asked

Hi can i take both folate & conceive well? Thanks!

No answers

lyra g.

lyra g.asked

I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now. I want to have a baby so bad. My partner has had 2 kids already so there is nothing wrong in his end. Which it making me think it's me .. he said his ex took them and it helped her im just hoping it will help me to...

I have never taken them before and don't know what they are like and would do to me.

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Amylee D.
Amylee D.

Hi hun, I'm not a doctor but myself and my partner have had 2 kids and were trying for a 3rd. But we got him tested and found out his sperm isn't active. So may be worth while getting him checked anyway. Won't hurt

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