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Poor customer service - you'll be ignored - do not use Blurb

Recently ordered a book for a special birthday of a relative. Two minutes after our order was placed we realised that a few errors needed to be fixed. Contacted Blurb them through customers support straight away. Our contact was ignored for two days then our order was shipped without the decency of even contacting us. A waste of $90.

Idk why the other reviews are bad

My friend and i wrote a book together - it was such an easy process, like unbelievably easy. they have free book editing software.

The pricing of the book was really really really cheap, even though we got just 2 units - and it took 3 Days to come !!! kinda insane. Could not be more happier

*Note for improvement* It would be great if there was a collaboration feature to edit and share the editing process with others.

Very poor quality photobook. So poor I'm doing it again.

Don't do it. Just use another service, like Mixbook. Thin stock. Rubbish cover. Poor photo reproduction. Expensive book to print and expensive to ship. I'll never make that mistake again.

Little bit good, little bit bad

Recently ordered a phonebook from Blurb Australia. The process was easy, and the book arrived in less than a week which was amazing. I was disappointed with the print quality however, quite a lot of graininess - even on the professionally shot images, which is OK for the purpose of this particular book, but I wouldn't want to product an important photography album or wedding album using this service. I work with printers on a daily basis and the digital printing equipment they must use to product such low quality prints must be very old, or very cheap.

Low print quality at Blurb Australia

Had an unpleasant experience with Blurb Australia. Ordered a photo album from Blurb Australai while there was a 40% discount offer. Quality of the print is very low, I think I could have done a better job with an office printer. While I was disappointed with the print quality of the photo album, I was very happy with the work done by Blurb USA. I have used Blurb USA to order a photo album for a gift and I couldnt have been happier with the result. Used most of the same pictures for the photo album ordered at Blurb Australia but the print quality was below average. Customer Service support is un-helpful and do not take into consideration customer satisfaction. I would not recommend Blurb Australia to any of my friends and will definitely not order again from Blurb Australia.

Amazed at the quality

I used the Blurb Book Smart program to make a photobook.

Why I chose them:
I wanted a program that had a lot of text layout options as well as photo layout options. I am not a professional & I don't have technical knowledge, I have made plenty of photobooks before but this time round, I had my dad's life story I wanted to print up & it ran to 50 foolscap pages he wrote before he died. I wanted the security of knowing I could pick a layout and it would work without me having to fiddle with it or work out anything. Plus I wanted to add some family history & photos.
If you want a program that allows for a lot of text, I would recommend Blurb.

The program itself:
I downloaded the program and at first found it a bit tricky to get used to but once I worked out my way around it was easy enough. It just works a little differently for eg editing, than some other companies, that's all.
Technical help. Any time I had a question, I had a quick response via email.
One option I loved was the header/footer for adding title & page numbers. Just a head's up though, if you use them add them last thing when the book is finished.
I chose BookSmart as it had different background options, frames & decorations. I wish they had that on all their programs.

My book:
It is 230 pages long & I opted to have the better quality paper, which was about an extra $17, but only available for books up to 240 pages.
Let me tell you, I was worried about my book
What would the paper quality be like, what would the colour be like, would some of my family tree charts print up okay. Was the paper going to be too thick for the book, since it was pushing at almost the maximum.
I was amazed at the quality. The paper is very nice, a slight gloss.
The most impressive thing for me was that the photos came out exactly like they look on my computer screen. In the companies I usually use for photobook (photobook Australia & photobookshop) that is not the case. They often come out a bit darker & you have to make your photos a bit lighter to allow for it. Not with Blurb.
The text came out very clear too.
I was very impressed.
Remember, I got 230 pages and for this, I paid about $60 per book, plus extra for tax & postage-about $80 each in total. (I ordered 2)

Join their email notification & you'll be sent special deals every other week. My book was almost half regular price. What I did was I worked on the book for ages then when it was finished I just waited for a special offer and uploaded.

What I would like to see:
The size of the book I got is not bad but they only had 2 sizes for me in the Book Smart program, as I wanted a portrait orientation. I wish there had been a middle size available, slightly larger than the one I chose.

Books published exactly as I expected

I have created photobooks using Snapfish, Shutterfly (American) and Blurb. The last 5 books I have created, however, have been with Blurb. Here's why.

1) The books are well put together, with quality binding, nice end papers and a spine which fits the book exactly (unlike the ones from Snapfish). The printing is good quality and matches what I see on my (calibrated) monitor.

2) I like being able to work on my PC and then upload the pages when I have finished the whole book. That's because it's easier to move things around and make changes. It also means that you can work offline. Blurb allows this (as do some others).

3) I found the Blurb software easy to use. There are many layouts provided, but it's possible to further customise them if you're not happy. You do have to download it, but it's not much trouble.

4) Blurb (and Shutterfly) allow me to totally customise the front cover, back cover and spine. Snapfish has more limited options.

5) I love the amount of support and technical information provided by Blurb. If I want to know the exact dimensions of a page, including the "bleed" and "trim" then the information is available. Shutterfly also provide it, Snapfish didn't last time I looked (and asked).

6) I like the choice of different papers. I have experimented with the more expensive papers (and like them) but I have to say that the cheapest paper is fine.

7) I said that the Blurb software is easy to use, and it is. But Blurb also provide a module for control freaks like me to create their book using Adobe Indesign (which is what I now use).

I recommend Blurb for those who want to take a bit of time to create a good quality photo book. It's not as cheap as Snapfish-on-special, but for something which lasts, the quality is worth it. I'll still use Snapfish for a quick, softcover memento of a weekend, or for gifts like mugs and calendars. Especially when they have a 40% off sale! But for now. I'm using Blurb for my "keepers."
Good quality, good technical information, lots of design freedom if you want it. Tracking info provided.
Would be nice to have a more 'rectangular' book size in between the 'standard' and 'large' sizes.

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