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Quick delivery

I ordered two beautiful bras yesterday and they arrived today. Quickest delivery ever! Great priced sale items in my size, 16D, which is hard to find of good quality and price elsewhere. First time customer but will definitely be a repeat one. Thankyou!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationOnline
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

The most discomfort I have ever felt in a bra

Brought two bras yesterday that fitted well in the shop, so I made my purchase. Put one bra on at home, within 5 minutes VERY uncomfortable under neather my breasts where the wire is.. I tried adjusting and just had to undo the bra because I couldn’t stand it. Put the other bra on for work today, appeared to be comfortable, APPEARED. I had the most uncomfortable day due to this bra. It was incredibly uncomfortable, it was continually cutting into my skin under my breasts. It was awkward and embarrassing constantly adjusting my bra and trying to be discreet infront of fellow staff and our patients... I was trying to ignore the discomfort but it was driving me insane!! It’s also triggered a memory of why i haven’t been buying from Bras N Things for so many years, I now remember an identical situation with a bra from this store at least 12 years ago. And Now I discover I did not even get a receipt! Just a paper “receipt” that only offers $5 off next purchase. I will be at this store promptly in the morning...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised


I would have assumed an outlet this big would not discriminate someone of a size 14-16 with a C cup! Apparently!!!! They don’t make bras for my size! I was not only appalled but embarrassed when trying to find something Special! This store should be ashamed of itself and the buyers need a hard slap into reality, we are not all size zero!

Product Quality
Store LocationWendouree Ballarat Victoria

Nice to receive good service

I was very pleased with the service received by Bra’s N Things. It is great when a company has policies that really put the consumer first. I bought 3 bra’s mid last year and unfortunately the wire had popped through 2 out of the 3 bra’s by December making them unwearable, which is unfortunate and I was quite annoyed however, when I contacted Bra’s N Things they said they would replace them. I was able to go into store with the faulty bra’s and have them replaced. I couldn’t have been more pleased and this service will keep me coming back.

Click and collect is horrible

Never order online click and collect, it's not same day or even next day. Due to the orders being dispatched from the warehouse it takes 5 days. The supermarket is same day click and collect.

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised

Such great customer service at Castle Towers!

Very satisfied with the service I received yesterday at about 3pm by two lovely ladies at the Castle Hill store. I had done an Afterpay refund and it was quite complicated and I was having issues but the ladies got straight on the phone to their customer service line and sorted me out straight away while still serving customers, I was super impressed! The two ladies at the counter so sorry I don’t remember your names but you gave me more than enough info that I needed to claim my refund from the bank! I’m so grateful:)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Isabella bodysuit and Entice playsuit

Just want to say thanks for the fantastic service from the manager at your Lower Hutt store. She was extremely helpful and had fantastic knowledge of your product.

Very pleasant to deal with and can'twait to return.

The bodysuit and playsuit are gorgeous and fit perfectly.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Very disappointed

I bought a waist shaper from cat and fiddle Bras n Things store. I wanted it for a fancy dress party but ended up getting a costume. It cost $70 and I was told I could exchange it if I wanted. I had only tried it on and had cut the tag off to make this easier but I hadn't worn it other than this. I was told by the lady who keenly sold it to me that it couldn't be exchanged as the tags have been removed. I have never experienced this treatment before and I will never shop at such an unloving store again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Excellent service, made me feel at ease. Thank you.

Bethany from your Ingle Farm store in SA was fantastic. As a guy shopping for myself it was refreshing to have assistance and someone willing to find a item to fit me correctly and assist with instore fitting. My wife loves them and was glad to hear my instore experience went well.

Loosing this bet with my wife to wear her panties was a blessing in disguise, so much more comfortable than what I've been wearing all my life.

Great staff member

I went to bras n things at Orien on Saturday 19/01/19. I was served by a lovely girl, her name was Jacqui. I have never been in these stores as I thought I couldn't get my size as I am bigger build, but she made me feel at ease and found me a wonderful bra that I love. She is an asset to the company. Thank you Jacqui.

Best bra I ever owned!!

The body bliss bras are the best thing since sliced bread, I tell you.

I bought this bra in the middle of 2016. It’s pretty much been my everyday bra.

I’m a small person, but I make up for that in the chestage area. This bra has been my go-to for 2 and a half years. I wear it to work, to class, when I walk my dogs - everything!

It’s terribly stained from years of wearing it, and even when it was stretching and the fabric on the cups started to sag, I still wore it all the time. This evening, (18/01/19) it finally gave up. A massive tear from the cup to the clasp. Best bra I ever owned. Can’t wait for my next one. Just wish it was more affordable.

Horrible customer service at highpoint

Waiting for assistance was a ridiculous wait when shop assistants were doing very little. Very poor customer service. Had a voucher to spend and left without a purchase.


Went to shop at Marion SA on New Years Eve, waited for staff assistance for a fitting and help with products. Waited 10 min but nobody even looked up to help. I left. Went to Harbourtown on New Years Day and went to other bra shops which one was not open and the other did not have nice products. As a last resort I then decided to try Bras and Things for the last time due to bad experience the day before. I then started looking around as there was only one staff member on. This lovely young girl named Chiara asked if I needed any help and from there she assisted me extremely well and very professional. She was great at fitting bras and making you feel comfortable. Whilst she assisted me she was also running around helping others. This young lady is fantastic at her job and an asset to your store otherwise I would never go to bras n things again. Thankyou Chiara you are an asset to this store and I have very comfortable bras.

Staff Seemingly Acting Crazy

I've had a few strange issues with staff in one of your stores. Firstly, I popped in the other day to try on the blue robe and I took the small and medium into the change room. When I came out, the girl actually said to me, "So I'll just ring BOTH of those up for you shall i?" Is that a joke? Does she not realise that you take several sizes in to try on and only buy one product. What do I want with two exactly the same robes and is she working on commission? I would certainly go out of my way to buy online just to avoid paying that woman commission. What if I took two of the same bra in there; would she expect to charge me for all of them? Madness and it was just so insulting!

Secondly, not long ago I went in there and a new sales woman gave me one hell of a fright when I saw her face - she was made up literally like a clown. I was trying not to laugh. The make up was so heavy and she had stripes all over her face and the eyes were just like black pits surrounded by layers and layers of makeup. I couldn't believe she would leave the house like that. Admittedly I haven't seen her back in there so maybe she was given the flick. Please hire SENSIBLE girls for your stores. I like the girl who has been there for years, she's always friendly.

I do like your website a lot and the sales you have there, but I seem to get at least one email a day from you announcing the latest sale...you seem to forever have the same sale going (either 20% or 30% off)even though it will "end at midnight, get in now". Yet the sale keeps going for another week? No one takes these emails seriously. You need to email a lot less, maybe only twice a week in order to have more impact. Other than that, I enjoy ordering online as the items always arrive quickly.


I have to agree with what other people have written on here. Staff lovely but have no idea how to mesure someone probably. I brought two bras on Saturday and order two in and when I got them on after a few hrs I’ve been in pain. I have always brought from bras and things but I dont think I’ve ever been fitted right. I find the bras are not well made and are over priced. I won’t be shopping there again after I get my full refund. But as I said before staff are lovely but I think it’s not probably trained is the problem.

Walked into the shop at Pacific Werribee and one staff standing behind counter not busy but no ackno

Terrible experience no acknowledgement when I came into store and girl was not busy she could not even ask if I needed help won’t be recommending that store to friends or family

rebecca at shellharbour 5 star service

I have worked in retail for over 15yrs and must commend Rebecca on her great customer service.
well done for standing out above the rest caz I found your service the best

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Hi Amy, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us! We have passed your feedback onto the rest of the Bras N Things team and Rebecca will be commended for her great work! Thanks for shopping with Bras N Things and have a wonderful weekend! Francesca @ Bras N Things x

Poorly made with mistakes

The slip I purchased has was made very cheaply, with loose stitching and the lace detail on the chest area was crooked and uneven! The design is nice but it's such a shame that an item was sold with such an error... I hoped for a better quality for a $49.99 purchase.

Hello Julia, We are so sorry to hear this has been your experience! You can certainly return any products you are not happy with - this is no problem at all! Please bare in mind, if you no longer have your receipt we can only exchange or transfer the value onto a Bras N Things Gift Card for the price the product now scans at the register. Just pop into a store at a time convenient for yourself and the lovely team will be more than happy to assist you. Kind regards, FrancescaI have already cut off the tag, is it still ok to exchange the item?Absolutely Julia! Just pop into store and the team will be more than happy to help you get this sorted :) Francesca @ Bras N Things x

Disappointed with Product

Purchased Backseam Stayups (stockings), was assured by retail assistant it would 'stayup'. After wearing it for ten minutes it had slipped down to my knees several times. $19.99 should have been spent elsewhere. Don't waste your money with this product.

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Hello Andrea, Thanks for taking the time to provide us with this feedback, we are so sorry to hear that this has been your experience! You can certainly return any products you are not happy with - this is no problem at all! Feel free to pop into store at a time convenient for yourself and the store team will be able to assist you with the return of the stockings. Hope this helps and thanks for shopping with Bras N Things. - Francesca @ Bras N Things x

great customer service

working in a customer service industry i know how quick people are to complain so want to take time out to praise the 2 staff members at the Gateways Store. Unfortunately i didn't get the name of young lady that served me but she was extremely considerate, polite & helpful without being intrusive or pushy. They greeted me when i walked in but were happy for me to browse until i was ready for assistance which is what i like. She made me feel very comfortable & knew exactly the most suited style to my somewhat larger frame. She went out of her way to make sure I walked out of there satisfied & i did as i only intended to buy 1 bra but ended up buying 2 as i was very happy with the choice i made with their help & colour so got one in each colour.

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Hello Maria, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such lovely a review! We are so pleased to hear that you had such a good experience in our Gateway Store and we will ensure the team are praised for their actions! Thanks for shopping at Bras N Things and we hope you love your new purchases! - Francesca @ Bras N Things x

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What does the packaging look like when delivered to New Zealand?
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Do bras and things still do the exchanging old bras for new ones?
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If your bra is worn out BUY A NEW ONE! Do you return your car or shoes when they get old? Like if you've worn it out why be scabby... Bras aren't designed to last forever. They do return faulty items but if you've worn it out that's literally life and time to go shopping!

Hello I'm a always seeing nice sexy bra's for the younger girls who aren't big busted and nothing for the larger size women. I am a size 22 B or C cup I would like to see some sexier bra's for the big bust women in this country .I have seen some nice bra's but they don't make them in that size or bigger sizes I would like it if your company would think of the larger women and make them in larger sizes would be very appreciated if you can think of the women like us and do what we would like? Thank you Cherie
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