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Wonderful experience

I was in Sydney to shop for beautiful bras for my grand daughter and White Ivy in Double Bay recommended Brava Lingerie for the size cup we were seeking. What an incredible find. I knew how wonderful European bras were to wear myself and wanted my grand daughter to enjoy the experience of a perfect fitting and something beautiful. Luckily we arrived when the store was quiet and Ros gave us undivided attention, finding the perfect fit and a range of beautiful flattering styles.
The service Ros gave us was so good I purchased two beautiful bras for my grand daughter and the whole experience from visiting the store put us both in an uplifted mood to enjoy the rest of the day together.
Thank you Ros, you were fantastic and we will return.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSydney
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised
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Thank you for your excellent feedback! Brava Lingerie was started by a mother and daughter team, and we love being able to help other families of women who want to share the experience of a well-fitted, beautiful bra. Thank you for bringing your grand daughter in to our Sydney store - we hope she is enjoying her purchase. We will pass your lovely feedback on to Ros.

Bravo Brava! You're the best

I have bought several bras from Brava and absolutely loved every one of them. They fit well, the ladies have been well informed and fitted me correctly. I am not a big person but have a full cup so it makes a big difference to have a well-fitted bra. Nothing compares to Brava.

Bravo! I have recommended you to all my friends.

Only one thing I would say, it would be great if you have a sale, I feel this would be a great incentive to the customer. Your bras are brilliant but expensive so a sale every so often would be advantageous.

Thank you once again.


Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationHighpoint
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Thank you so much for your kind feedback Elizabeth! We're happy to have helped you find your perfect fit, and we really appreciate that you've recommended us to your friends. If you didn't give your email address to your fitter whilst in-store, I recommend signing up for our newsletters on our website as we offer sales events throughout the year and this is the best way of haring about them first.

Finally after years of no hope

I have huge breast and find it impossible to get a bra my size. Thanks to you I finally look and feel fantastic, no more tears. The first bra did not fit but you had no hesitation in finding me one that would, and sorting out my exchange. You have no idea how fantastic I feel now. I have recommended you to every one with big boobs, and will be ordering many more. Thank you for turning my life around. No more saggy boobs. I will be back on line next pay day. The bra is so beautiful, I feel feminine again.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store Locationon line
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised
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Thank you for your great feedback Karen! We're really happy to have been able to help you find the support & comfort you deserve. It's so wonderful to hear that you're enjoying your purchase - thank you.

Brava starver service

Mock Service upon complaint. Protracted. Awkward. Demeaning, after 10 months due to being in UK. Only interested in selling Highpoint and Melb CBD. Fantasie bras broke upon home fitting. Only 6 month guarantee on bras costing 3 times ($150) as much as specialised bra in other business's ($50)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Very large
Product Appearance Not as advertised
Hi Brian, We'd appreciate the opportunity to look into this further and address the situation with our team. Would you mind sending us an email with the date of your visit and any further information you'd like to provide? You can reach us at linandmaxine@bravalingerie.com.au. Thanks for your feedback and the opportunity to improve.Highpoint West shop supplied 8 x bra's at over $950.00. Possibly in November 2017. The lady had to return to England - with her bra's. The 2 Fantasie bras had strap clip holders break on 1st fitting in England; post the shop fitting. We had no 'return-date' for my lady partner. The partner (me) Brian Cormick rang from Niddrie, Victoria, Australia - where I live and have been since the purchase, called the shop within a month or so of purchase. I became restless as the business approach on the phone is 'upsell' i.e. an assertive 'push' to scrap those 2 bra's at no refund & buy another 2. Service I had hoped for was absent AND the faulty product is 100 to 150% of average cost. It was explained to the shop girl, Brava appears as a 'high-end' shop which could offer great after sales service; without restriction. A business technique to capture 'word-of-mouth' advertising (free). The information supplied by Highpoint Brava was to bring the bra's in upon her return with her bras. The lady returned in October 2018. This mock service (6 month guarantee if have not worn the bra) is common place in a technological age and is generally regarded as aggressive/abusive. The battle to achieve anything just outweighs the effort - leaving only word-of-mouth and 'speak with your feet'. Further this is supported by one of the owners in email _ "I am incapable of succour". If this request is sincere and some 'amends' offer from Brava is your intention.......... this will bring a willingness, to elaborate to offer feedback for business improvement at the 'back-end' of the Sale i.e. any business greatest advertising - outstripping all other - is word-of-mouth. Brava presently has failed dismally.

Wonderful Help

My normal bra store moved to be an hour’s drive away but luckily discovered Brava. Online order was quick and beautifully packaged. In their Sydney store I was helped by Roz for more than an hour and she wasn’t impatient and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Will ask for her next visit.
Note the Sydney store is hard to find. I walked past it twice. It’s a tiny office building type entry and you head up in the lift.
The only reasons for my 4 stars not 5 is that being in the city parking is an expensive nightmare. But I can see how it would be convenient for most.
The other reason is the Sydney store is quite small and didn’t have a lot of the range online or that of heir Melbourne stores. It is a small store space but given that I’m not sure I would charge customers postage for items not in stock at Sydney. But then again they are a fairly small business.
Anyway, I will return!

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Hi Amanda, Thank you for visiting our Sydney store. We’re always looking for ways to improve the online & in-store shopping experience for our customers, so we really appreciate your feedback. We look forward to seeing you in-store again soon. Best Wishes, Lin & Maxine

Poor customer service

I had gone to the store and Highpoint, knowing the brand of bra I preferred. I explained I had lost weight and needed to update what I had. The lady was not helpful at all. I specifically explained what I wanted to try on. 10 bras later it was suggested that I wait till I lose more weight and get fitted then. I will order the same brand I always have and do it online through somewhere else. Would I recommend them. Perhaps another store but doubtful.

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Hi Kay, We're very sorry to hear how disappointed you feel after visiting us as it's the opposite of the experience that we exist to provide our customers. We'd appreciate the opportunity to look into this further and address the situation with our team. Would you mind sending us an email with the date of your visit and any further information you'd like to provide? You can reach us at linandmaxine@bravalingerie.com.au. Thanks for your feedback and the opportunity to improve. Best wishes, Lin & Maxine

Essential lingerie, I can’t live without it!

Store was clearly laid out, customer service is excellent. I love the styles and ranges. The quality of stock is high.

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Thanks for your wonderful feedback & support Donna! We really appreciate you taking the time to share it.

What a find

Who would have every thought bra shopping could be a positive experience. Left a large dept store in tears and empty handed after a not so happy bra fitting experience, Stumbled across Brava and reluctantly entered. Needed bras for travelling. Well what a find. Felt so comfortable and the assistant knew exactly what to show me and more importantly put me into the right size. I cant think of a time when I have previously said bras were comfortable. My new bras feel like I have nothing on, no digging or pinching. Friends have commented on my change in shape. Am over the moon.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! We're so happy that you stumbled across us and we're thrilled to hear how much you're enjoying your new bras. Brava was born out of a desire to provide fuller-busted women with a positive bra shopping experience and a great selection of beautiful lingerie & swimwear, so it means a lot to hear how much better you feel now. Enjoy!


Staff member Gracie G who assisted me was extremely helpful

I wanted to say that the staff member that helped me was extremely helpful. She gave me suggestions as to what will be the best for me. The bras I bought are extremely comfortable

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Thank you for taking the time to submit a review. We're so happy to hear that you are happy with your visit. Enjoy your new bras!

Very pleased to find Brava stocks Empriente

Empriente Melody is currently my favourite Bra so was very pleased to find that I could order it on line in Australia. My purchase arrived within a couple of days and because it is an expensive item it was an added bonus that postage was free. I was sorry I missed the fact I could have claimed the voucher I got for signing up to the website until after I had placed the order. Will definitely order from Brava again and visit the store near Town Hall when I am next in Sydney.

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Thanks for your great feedback Patricia! We love the Empreinte Melody too. Enjoy your new bra.

Thank you to your staff

I just really wanted to provide some feedback for the staff who were working at the Prahran store yesterday. When it comes to bra shopping, I start to despair - I am quite large and trying on bras can be very frustrating after the 9th bra you try on! Yesterday I was greeted as I walked in to Brava, with a big smile from a lady who was about to provide me with the best possible experience in finding the perfect bra. I only walked in to get one bra, but ending up walking out with three excellent fitting bras that will help support myself. Being a bigger breasted woman, I can be quite difficult to fit. However she didn't seem to think it was a problem and made me feel comfortable with trying on various bras. She was very experienced with fitting and it's that service that would make me feel comfortable with returning on my next bra hunt. If you could please pass this feedback to the store directly as words can not express my gratitude yesterday to this woman!

Very happy!

Just wanted to give you some feedback on my awesome Brava experience last week! I hadn't bought a bra since the birth of my first child, who is now two. I've recently lost some weight after starting a new health kick and realised my bras were too loose. After a deflating experience at a department store the previous day, I got to Brava ready to dread the whole experience, but I loved it! It was the service and the final outcome that nailed it - I came home with four beautiful and comfortable bras in my actual size (10DD and not 14C). I love them. And the lady who served me was attentive without being pushy and knew her stuff. I will be back and I will be recommending Brava to all my friends.

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Thank you for visiting us and for sharing your wonderful feedback! Our fitting team love to help other women feel fabulous, and they will be pleased to hear how happy you feel. Enjoy your new bras!

Wonderful experience at your Prahran store

Wonderful experience at your Prahran store, for years I've been searching for comfortable (non granny) bras. I've known for years that I've been wearing the wrong size but had accepted my fate because of my fear of the styles that E+ comes in. When I came in I was greeted instantly, I gave a run down of what I was looking for and within a few minutes I was in the changing room fitted and armed with a range of styles to try. My fitter was so patient and helpful! Thank you brava, I can't wait to come back!

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Hi Kaylar, Thanks for sharing your experience! Our team are all really passionate about helping other women, so it means a lot to us to hear how happy you feel. I'll pass your thanks on to the team at our Prahran store. We hope you're enjoying your purchase! Best wishes, Lin & Maxine


Was fitted into the completely incorrect size. Far too small in the back and far too big in the cup. The bra left horrific marks on my chest and was incredibly painful after wearing for only a couple of hours (which is recommended as a good time to try wearing it). The assistant initially looked at me up and down and told me I am far bigger than I thought. This is such an INSENSITIVE thing to say to a client and very unprofessional. When I brought back the bras and explained my painful experience, she explained to me that that was a normal occurrence for a new bra and it was me that has to adjust. There is a difference between tight and physical pain!! I was re-fitted to a more comfortable size (the one I said I was) however the whole experience has made me never want to return or embrace the Brava way in any way.

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Hi Kellie, We’re really sorry to hear about your experience as it’s the complete opposite of the bra shopping experience we exist to provide. It’s always best to be guided by how you feel when trying on bras – if it isn’t comfortable or even painful, then you absolutely shouldn’t persist in wearing it. We’d like to investigate your experience further, so if you’re willing to provide some more information to us at linandmaxine@bravawoman.com.au we’d really appreciate it. Although we’re saddened to read it, thank you for letting us know of your recent experience. We hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes Lin & Maxine

What the???????

Purchased a Panache Sports Swimsuit on 9/4/2017. Fitted great except DD cup was a bit small. Wore it bike riding to my local pool to do my laps. I arrived got of my bike and shock horror the elastic in both the leg holes lost its elasticity!! The swimsuit now looked like 2 legs could fit into each hole! They had become that big. I relayed this info to BRAVA and responded they cannot understand what happened and also that the swimsuit was made for swimming not bike riding!!!! How ridiculous, I have worn many swimsuits on my bike over the years and NEVER did I come across this problem! A waste of $90 because I could not exchange/refund the swimsuit as it has been worn. They accept returns or refund requests only if swimsuit has been tried on and with tags still attached. All well and good but what about if the suit malfunctions thru not fault of the purchaser especially if you have used it the first time?? I bought another from them and hope that this incident was a one off.

Never again

I've had trouble finding a comfortable and well fitting bra for a while, and was directed to go here, being told their fitters were really good. The sales assistant I got scoffed when I said I was feeling constricted in my current size (with a sideways glance at my chest), and proceeded to pick me out smaller band sizes in the same cup letter. I told her they felt way too tight and she said that 'that's how a bra is suppose to fit'. I wasn't convinced but was feeling a bit embarrassed after trying on 30 or so bras and not loving any of them, so I left with 2 bras under the promise I could try them on at home where I felt more comfortable, and if I didn't like them I can just return them.

Well after wearing them each around the house for half an hour or so I felt like I was inside a corset. Drove all the way back out to return them and was told 'we don't do refunds'. What the hell! I complained that I only bought the bras on the basis I could easily return them and basically got a 'too bad' reply and some store credit for nearly $200 that's worth nothing to me.

To summarise: felt very uncomfortable with the fitter, couldn't find a bra that fit (but maybe I should have tried options aside from what she brought me), and was basically conned into wasting way too much money on nothing.

Excellent Service, Quality Product

When I arrived at Brava I had been wearing the wrong sized bra for quite some time. I had been incorrectly fitted by bras n this as a 10DD when I am actually a 6F (I'm guessing bnt fitted me as a 10 due to not stocking 6's?)

My fitter was so helpful, she spent and entire hour helping me to find the perfect bra. I was so happy to walk out with such a comfortable, supportive, quality bra that gave me the perfect lift and shape that I desired.

Yes they are expensive, but you get what you pay for!

Great Range of styles and sizes

I discovered Brava Lingerie on a web site a few years ago. I was very impressed to find a store that provided the larger fitting ladies with some pretty and sexy bras, knickers and swimwear. I have bought some items on line and was very impressed with the quick service. I was also delighted to get an email wishing me a Happy Birthday and a $20 voucher to spend. I haven't found a store yet, but will search out one in the city.
So many people hate shopping for lingere as they are embarassed about their size. I wear a 10F bra and the choice in most stores is extremely limited, so to visit a store where I feel more normal will be great!
great range


I dont have a bad word to say, the whole experience was unreal, I also now buy some of my bras on Brava's website, great customer service, I was contacted by email the same day saying my bra would be just one day late. Just one day and they let me know. Great cup sized swimwear too.
I was referred to Brava by my physio and it changed my life. I was wearing a 14DD but was fitted into a 12FF and what a difference it made to my back pain. The fitters are so warm and friendly and the choice is incredible, really pretty bras. First time I have ever had a positive exoerience with bras.
That there isnt a Brava in every state. I live in Sydney so travel down just to see them, well worth the trip.

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